One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 6

Every Night Is Another Story

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2003 on The CW

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  • this episode initiates two friendships that will become SO great later.

    love this epi and laugh every single time I watch it! it really shows that one night can change a lot. well, worked it or not we'll find out only in the next episodes...

    Lucas and Nathan are working together as a team for a first time but not during the basketball game. and they have pretty nice moments together -- like when Luke sits in the car to help Nate, or when he gives him his sweater, or when Nate tells Luke the story about Dan from the childhood.

    and Haley and Brooke. so cool, so cute and so funny moments! Brooke is smth!!! and actually I loved to see in the beginning of epi some kind of Breyton friendship we used to see before.

    parents had their good moments, too. but this is another story that wll be told not by me.

    FAVE SCENE: every single scene with Brooke after she took the pillows: "Lets call you Brooke!", "Answer the question, Brooke!", "Did you mean Nathan?"

    FAVE QUOTE: Brooke (to Peyton): Wanna know what I think? I think Nathan likes tutor girl. But I think tutor girl likes Lucas. And I know I like Lucas. And I don't know who the hell you like anymore. This is all turning into one big love rectangle plus one, whatever that is.
  • Everyone comes together!

    Very good episode because it but everyone in different situations and with unusual people.

    Lucas and Nathan. The fight at the game was a long time coming but it was cool to see them working together and open up to each other a bit. But will it last? Doubt it. The other team calling each other Thing, Thing 1 and Thing 3 was funny. Was slightly amused at how much the writers had Lucas and Nathan shirtless but...won't complain, I suppose. They seem to have an understanding about Haley too.

    Peyton, Haley and Brooke. So this was probably my favourite part of the episode. Brooke was hilarious on those pills - especially when she renamed Haley Brooke. But ir was really good to see Peyton and Haley bond and get to know each other. You can see why'd they'd be good friends. But the ending was quite sad because Brooke points out that they won't be friends at school, and when Haley does see them the next day, they won't talk. Well written I think.

    Keith, Karen, Dan and Deb. This was awkward but well done. Dan and Deb are still fighting over Nathan. Keith tells Karen he loves her when he's off his face - come on Karen, Keith's a really nice guy. But they drag it out, as usual OTH does...

    So yeah, a great episode for character and relationship development.

  • The Fighting Scott Brothers

    All the Scott Brothers are fighting in this episode.

    Lucas and Nathan get thrown out of an away game and later the bus after they get into a fight on the court. Later they fight each other to amuse the Pickerington morons. Dan and Keith fight at a small business dinner.

    The girls (Haley, Peyton, Brooke) end up in a car together on their way back to Tree Hill. Brooke is high from some pills she took to deal with the pain of getting trampled on during the fight at the game and becomes silly. Haley and Peyton sort of become friends. As weird as it is this episode sort of marks the beginning of the friendship between these three girls.

    Although I'm sure we all suspected it, in this episode it is confirmed that Keith in fact loves Karen. And we get to see Lucas and Nathan working together which is nice!
  • :)

    When Whitey throws Lucas and Nathan off the bus for misconduct, the two boys wind up stranded thirty miles from home. On the long walk home, they encounter a carload of punks who kidnap them at gunpoint. Injured during the game, Brooke needs Peyton to drive her home and Haley reluctantly accepts a ride with them. Meanwhile, Karen and Keith attend a business function, and tempers flare when Dan and Deb are seated at their table. I love the start and the way we have to watch the whole of the episode to find out the start. I love the way Lucas and Hayley has fixed eveything. I love the way Nathan is really sweet to Haylet. I love the scene between Dan and Deb and the way they have to miss the game. I love the scene bettween Lucas and Karen talking about Keith. I love teh scene between Brooke and Payton make up, kind of. I love the way Brooke is, analysising everything. I love the way Nathan and Lucas brawl, I loved that storyline. I love the whole storyline with the two Scotts getting thrown off the bus, I love the scene with them both, there amazing together. I love the way Brooke is because of the tablets. I love the scenes with the girls. I also love the scenes with the boys. Ilove the parents scene. Yum, the Scotts half naked, delicious. I think Brooke is hilarious. I love the whole storyline, especially when Lucas and Nathan work together with the fighting. All in all, another awesome episode.
  • this was a good ep

    on the way coming back lucas and nathan get thrown off the bus becasue of there fighting with each other nathan is mad at the coach for doing this and while there making there way back they get kidnapped by a group of guys with guns and they must work togeather to get out of it and meanwhile karen and keith attend a bussniess fuction but turns out its start to go bad when deb and dan are at the same table . this was a good ep i thought and it shows the show is really going some where
  • Every episode just gets better and better! This episode was hilarious!

    I really loved this episode! Everything about it was absolutely perfect! It was good to see Nathan and Lucas finally starting to get along. I wonder if the friendship they formed at the end of the episode will continue later on. I love how they tricked those stupid guys and then when their plan backfired they decided to fight them. That was really great. And I really hate Dan. He is a total jerk. No wonder Nathan is so mean to Lucas when he has Dan as his father. I wish Dan would start acting like a father to Lucas and Nathan. My favorite parts of this episode were the parts with Peyton, Brooke, and Haley. Brooke made me literally laugh out loud when she took those pain killers. She was acting so crazy, it was hilarious! She had no idea what she was doing. And then when she woke up asked Peyton what Haley was doing there and Peyton said "You invited her," that was probably one of the best moments of this episode. This was a can't-miss-episode! I've gotta say this was the best episode so far!
  • Season 1, Episode 6.

    When Whitey throws Lucas and Nathan off the bus for misconduct, the two boys wind up stranded thirty miles from home. On the long walk home, they encounter a carload of punks who kidnap them at gunpoint. Injured during the game, Brooke needs Peyton to drive her home and Haley reluctantly accepts a ride with them. I liked how they showed what happened and then went back 12 hours. You can tell that Nathan is trying to go out with Haley. I love Brooke! Haha, she showed the webcam her underwear and her clothed breasts. "It's a webcam, it's what they're for." LMAO! Great episode.
  • This series is known for making these type of episodes where you know see what's gonna happen but you don't know how it happened until you watch the whole episode. This episode was not boring nor stupid it was great.

    Every Night Is Another Story is the sixth episode of the first season and the whole series. It aired on the WB on October 28, 2003. It is a great episode because we finally see where Peyton, Brooke, and Haley stand and we see a good and smart side of Nathan. The way it's started was really cool, interesting and unique and just what One Tree Hill is known for. This episode never made me get bored and always made me want to be there. Brooke finally showed her fun and messed up side and we saw Lucas and Nathan in different perspectives. I love this episode and I love this series.
  • One of the best episodes on season 1.

    The gang altogether on the end. all 5 of them, it seems so cool and it feels like it was the start of a new beggining of friendship & love.

    Nathan & Lucas seems to be getting along with each other. Brooke was high and it was pretty funny. The girls hang out together, and it was so cute!

    So far it was the funniest episode on Season 1. The Last episode was pretty dramatic and this episode changed the wheel a little bit. Still with interesting story plots which may be a character development and help us to see what would happen in the future :D

    Will always remember this episode
  • After an Away Game we see some unusual pairings. Lucas and Nathan are thrown off the bus and must work together to ge thome. Haley and Peyton develop a friendship when Peyton and brooke give her a ride home.

    There is an Away game and during it Nathan and Lucas brawl and get thrown out of the game. In typical Whitey fashion he throws them off the bus, miles form home to think over what they've done. I really enjoyed this aspect of the episode, we have seen so much tension and angst between the two. Now they must work together when they are kidnapped by some of the opposing team. Brooke hurts her ankle and so her and peyton are late leaving, when they run into haley and end up giving her a lift home. Brooke has taken too many Painkillers and is very tipsy. Brooke's lines are the best in the episode and I was rolling around laughing at some of them. Haley and Peyton must also walk for a mile or two when the car runs out of gas. The two characters have never really spent time together and they have really good chemistry and this episode really sets the foundations for a strong friendship bewteen the two. Overall this episode was excellent. The fact that it wasn't in Tree Hill really made it stand out. The Characters kind of came out of their shells a little and branched out.
  • Lucas and Nathan bonding?

    Whitey throws Lucas and Nathan out of the bus after fighting at their first away game and threatening their unbeatable streak. They must work together to get home, which is 30 miles away. They encounter punks from the opposing school. Brooke gets injured and takes too much medicine, making her a little high. She and Peyton allow Haley to ride home with them. Haley and Peyton start becoming friends, but at school, it's as if their friendship that night ever existed. Nathan and Lucas get along when trying to stop the punks. Keith and Karen are at a business dinner and get seated at Dan and Deb's table, which causes Keith and Dan to fight. Keith and Karen express their secret love for each other.

    This was a great episode! I think Keith and Karen are good for each other. Haley and Peyton would be good friends. I actually kind of like it when Lucas and Nathan fight, but they get along okay too. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • a very special one Exacitly why I watch this series

    scott Brothers fight with chicks int he middle nathan and Lucas during in away game witch gets them trown of the bus by whitie causing them to find a way home
    after geting heart in the game brooke takes to many pain killers and peyton asks haley for help dan and deb attend a bisness dinner deb books a room in the hotel because they're inneed of alone time if he promises to forget about basket ball keith and karen are seated at the same table dan and keith fight keith half a sleep tells karen he loves her Awesome
  • Really great

    So Lucas and Nathan get stuck walking in the middle of nowhere. Nathan gets offered a ride that Lucas warns him not to take. He should have listened. They get stuck riding with some of the team members of the team they just went against. Nathan and Lucas have to put their differences and feelings for one another aside and work together. Nathan gets Lucas's clothes back [which was so sweet. yea im aware im a sap] and when Nathan gets cold Lucas gives him his sweatshirt [aww!]. They then hitch a ride with Haley, Brooke, and Peyton.....

    Brooke was absolutely hilarious in this episode. I also really enjoyed Peyton's and Haley's little scenes. You can tell they want to be each other's friends.
  • Multiple storylines. Brief truce for the Scott brothers, comical Brooke, tentative Peyton/Haley friendship, and a great storyline for the adults as well.

    I loved the Peyton/Lucas scene at the beginning, but at this point in the series I was still a Brooke/Lucas fan. Although the episode started out really well it just continued to get better. Seeing Lucas and Nathan fight was great and the girls story line was just as intriguing as was the adults'. It was clear from the pilot episode that there was something between Karen and Keith, but to have it confirmed in this episode was really nice. Also, the reprieve from the all out hate Lucas and Nathan seem to have for each other was nice and seeing Peyton and Haley bond was the capper. The end of the episode was great too. An instant friendship between Peyton and Haley would have ruined the show and the way they shared a look seemed appropriate.
  • This episode is one of my all-time favorites!

    This was the first ever episode of One Tree Hill I ever watched. I’m really glad it was, because it convinced me to continue watching, mainly because of one thing – this episode is hilarious! Everything about this episode is entertaining – starting with Brooke on pain meds. I was glad to see Lucas and Nathan begin to end hostilities after Whitey forces them off the bus back from a game they were ejected from (for fighting). They have to put aside their differences to outsmart their kidnapers on their walk home. Haley has to get a ride home with Peyton and Brooke after the bus leaves without her, which leads to the beginning of their friendship (although its set back to square one the next day at school when everything returns to normal).

    This is a really enjoyable episode, and a highlight of both the season and the series!
  • Season 1 Episode 6

    This is one of my favourite episode in season 1. It's actually the first time the characters starts bonding and it was nice to see it.

    After Ravens' first away game the Scott brothers get into a fight and Withey throws them off the bus; Nathan and Lucas aren't exactly happy to walk home together, of course, and their angry remarks are just priceless. (LOL) Then the members of the other team kidnapped them. I liked how they worked together to get rid of "Thing, Thing one, Thing three". :D

    After the match, Peyton and Brooke give Haley a ride home. Unfortunately Brooke's car runs out of gas and Team Peyton-Haley have to works things out. I think Peyton and Haley's interaction was really nice. Haley's line about Lucas and Peyton "Tortured artist meets tortured athlete" was the best part. I also loved wasted-Brooke's scenes... She is so funny!

    And it turns out Keith loves Karen. What a surprise!:D
  • Basically, this is when basketball got the boys in trouble and the only way to fix it was by making them work it out like men... in the woods. The girls got to have some fun and find out how the other side lives. A great learning experience for everyone.

    When I first watched this episode all those years ago I remember I couldn't stop laughing at the "Thing's". It was stupid and yet there are always people like that out there. This was the first real time that Lucas and Nathan started talking and acting somewhat like brothers. It was sweet. Than, there was the 3 girls and that interesting ride home. It was awesome. You got to see them interact when they normally wouldn't. It was funny especially when Haley sucked the hose for gas. I still can't forget that. It was one night where school and all their social status didn't matter. It was one night where they were able to be themselves no matter who that may have been. It was one night that changed their lives forever.
  • Nathan and Lucas get in a fight at the away game and Whitey forces them to walk home. Haley gets a rid home with Peyton and Brooke.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. It is so much fun and interesting to see the characters start to bond with people they didn’t like before. I love how Whitey just throws the boys off the bus for fighting. It is a great punishment that will force them to work together. It is so exciting and funny when Lucas and Nathan get kidnapped by members of the other team. It is really entertaining how they have to go into a store, half naked to buy girly products, and how they have to fight each other. It is also so great to watch them work together to overcome the enemy. I think it is really clever that they pretend to fight so they can steal the keys and end up getting there clothes. I also like how they pretend to throw the keys into the woods and then they plan to sneak to get into the car. I really love how they work together and start to actually talk to each other.

    I also like how Peyton and Haley start to get to know each other and start bonding. It shows that outside of high school they would probably be good friends. I also love Brooke in these scenes; she is so funny and out of it. I love how she decides to call Haley Brooke; it is so hilarious. The storylines going on with the adults are not as good compared to the kids, but they are still enjoyable. It is interesting to see Karen and Keith sitting at the same table as Dan and Deb. It is so funny to watch the two brothers argue and fight. It is also so cute that Keith tells Karen he loves her. Overall this is a great episode and it is interesting to see people bond that did not get along before.
  • This episode is one of my absolute favorites.

    I love this episode. Brooke on the pain medication is hilarious. Every Night is Another Story is just so much fun to watch, I especially love the kidnapping of Lucas and Nathan. Even funnier I think, than Lucas and Nathan being kidnapped, is their kidnappers. I also think this episode provides plenty of character growth. This is the first episode where Peyton and Haley really get to know each other and begin a friendship. The same could be said for Lucas and Nathan. I didn't particularly enjoy the fight between Dan and Keith, but I believe it provided insight to their sibling rivalry, which is pivotal. Deb's character is fleshed out a little more as well, and this episode is just so out of character and so much fun to watch, that I would reccommend it to anyone.
  • Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Hailey, and Peyton have a bizarre night.

    I thought that this was a funny episode. i thought that it was great that Whitey made Lucas and Nathan walk home and try to get them to get along. I thought that it was good that Lucas and Nathan was working together and actually getting along it was good to see. It was good to see Peyton and Hailey bonding i think that they would be really good friend if they gave each other a chance. It was really nice to see Karen and Keith together i think that they would be a perfect for each other. I also think that Dan was jealous to see Keith with Karen and them enjoying each others company. I thought that it was funny that Deb aranged a weekend away with Dan and he could not manage to spend any time away from basketball highlights.
  • Told in a non-linear order, this episode is the story of one night that changed everything between Nathan and Lucas and Haley and Peyton. At an away game, Lucas and Nathan both get kicked out for fighting, each other.

    Once you\\\'ve seen Dawson\\\'s Creek, Saved By the Bell, and The OC, it becomes pretty obvious what producers of these shows are thinking. Take a set of issues provided by someone high up in the network, add some attractive 20-something actors who pretend to be teenagers and come up with a thin way to link the two. Except, this show is the best written teen drama I\\\'ve ever seen. It\\\'s a laugh a minute, it doesn\\\'t try to ride the charisma or the attractiveness of the actors/actresses, it has genuinely funny short-term plots and climaxes to long-term plots. Not having American TV, I have to watch this type of teen show specifically from buying the DVD and this one is really engaging show-to-show, not jus a weekly dose to shut up fans. The slightly over-played basketball references about \\\'the game\\\' are a bit tedious and so\\\'s the obscene over-emphasis on Dan Scott being an ass but this type of scene is usually followed by a funny pick-me-up scene. Definitely worth a watch.
  • Whitey kicks Nathan and Lucas off the team bus after a fight at an away game. Brooke, Haley and Peyton ride home together. Hilarity insues.

    The was one of the funniest episodes of the show ever. I couldn't believe that the coach actually kicked them off the bus. I don't think that a coach cold do that in real life but it makes for good television. The bullies were hilarious as well. Thing, Thing 1 and Thing Three Lol. They were so dumb too. I can't believe it. Hayley seemed a little unsure of herself when she got into the car, but seemed to have fun after a while. At least, Lucas and Nathan seem to be getting along better after this. It was about time that they let their father's sins remain in the past instead of them affecting their future with each other. After this episode they become more like brothers. Nathan really changes the way he acts as well. I was rather pleased with that.
  • Hilarious!

    Nathan and Lucas fight on the bus after the game and Whitey throws them of. They start walking and some of their opponents on the basketball game get them to get in the car. The punks say if tehy wanna get home they have to do what they say. So they threaten Nate and Luke with a gun. They go into a shop with only their boxers and have to buy some girl stuff. Once they got it, Nathan finds a way to get the keys of teh car when they make him fight with Lucas. Haley rides with Brooke and Payton, but when they run out of gas, Haley finds a way to sip some ou of another vehicle and transfers it to their car. Brooke is extremely wasted and funny! Keith and Dan don't see eye to eye and they just get onto each other's nerves...
  • Wow! I was confused and then I couldn't stop laughing!

    Great episode! One of my all time faves. At the begining when it shows you Lucas and Nathan obviously trying to steal a car and Haley in the car with Peyton rocking out, I was just "huh?" I could not leave the tv until I knew what was going on. I loved the nod Nathan gave Haley that had Brooke going on. The fight crashing into Brooke and two of the stars on the same team getting thrown out of the game and off of the bus 30 miles from home at night in the woods. It was perfect when they were left without their wallets and cell phones. Then they get picked up by some hicks, threatened, de-clothed (those were some nice bodies by the way) and forced to go shopping then be gladiators. Nathan tricking them with the keys was awesome! Then they are forced to band together for a little while. Man I loved this episode! Jeez, Brooke. Pill popper much? Sophia Bush was very convincing, it was hilarious! I liked Haley and Peyton banding together. I was a nice set up for things to come. Then when the guys and girls all run across each other there disbelief was very believable. And then the end when they are driving off into the night, and you see them the next day at school not quite acknowledging each other. Great things to come.
  • My favorite One Tree Hill episode to date.

    I absolutely adore this episode, it has some of the funniest quotes and it\'s such a bizarre premise. I love that all the girls are thrown together including Haley and that Lucas and Nathan actually have to work together and act like brothers for once. The game was so funny, with Nathan winking at Haley and Brooke babbling about the love rectangle plus one. Then Lucas and Nathan get harassed by those stupid Pinkerton Hicks- Thing, Thing 1, and Thing 3= Priceless. Then Haley and Peyton leave Brooke in the car and Brooke naming Haley Brooke. This is a series classic and many lines that people associate with One Tree Hill come form this episode. The only thing that pisses me off is I would have loved to see what happened in that car ride back to Tree Hill.
  • This is the best episode of One Tree Hill

    This is the best episode of One Tree Hill.

    I always liked One Tree Hill Before it, but this episode made me love the show. It is absolutely hilarious, especially Brooke.
    It shows Nathan and Lucas working together after they fight during a basketball game and are thrown off the team bus.
    This episode finally gave Brooke more time on the show and started using her as a big character. With her on the pain killers after hurting her ankle she is absolutely hilarious, Sophia Bush did a brilliant job in her portrayal of Brooke in this episode.
    And Peyton and Haley start to become friends when they are making their way home from the game.
    This episode was the one that got me addicted to the show, it is pure genius.
  • nathan and lucas get thrown off the bus and start acting like brothers, and haley and peyton grow closer, whilst brooke judges hayley!!! tension grows between the parents and keith confesses his love for karen!!!

    this episode is great!!!!! we finally see lucas and nathan, peyton and hayley get along!!! i luved brookes lines in this episode they r classic, i think karen and keith are such a good couple but dan is getting jelous that keith gets along with deb too. the fact that brooke tells peyton she likes lucas puts peyton off tellin her but she later on discovers that lucas cares about her!!!! in this ep brooke ditzy but it shows us she is diferent from peyton who is very broody. we also see hayleys wild side when she pumps petrol out of a truck to use for brookes beetle!!! this loosens up up the relationship between her and peyton!!!
    one of my favourite episode of the season!!
  • THE BEST episode of One Tree Hill ever!

    This was the first episode that I had seen since the pilot when OTH first came out and I have to say this is probably the best One Tree Hill episode ever. I love how they put Thing, Thing 1, and Thins 3 in there. I thought there storyline was great and the love rectangle plus 1....priceless
    Change partners. A fight during an away game culminates in some unexpected groupings. Peyton drives brooke and Haley home while Lucas and Nathan are forced into a tentative alliance in the woods
  • My favorite episode of the entire series; definitely one of their best.

    "Every Night is Another Story" is one of the show's best episodes. The interaction focuses on Nathan and Lucas, and Haley and Peyton. The best parts of this episode are between the brothers; after all, that is what the show's about.

    Lucas and Nathan get kicked off the bus after an away game, 30 miles from home, and end up getting grabbed by some boys from the rival team they just beat. The two have to work together to get themselves out of their situation and back home, and along the way they learn a few things about each other and hash some things out. Both Lucas and the audience learn more about the kinds of things Nathan's had to deal with having Dan as a father; Lucas is realizing that he was actually the lucky one. All this is great stuff between these two, and exactly why I love this show!! Definitely among the finest.
  • This episode is priceless.

    I loved this episode. It was so interesting. The beginning was perfect with Lucas and Nathan fighting. We were all just waiting for that moment to come. When Whitey kicks them off the bus, I was so suprised. When those Hicks drove up and took them, I was like "what's going to happen next". I am so happy the Hicks stripped them both down to their boxers!! That just made my night!! :) When they were playing "gladiator" I couldn't believe that Nathan punched Lucas and then did it for a reason. I would have never guessed that Nathan had a plan up his shorts (hahaha). Nathan and Lucas really come together in this episode. They begin to accept eachother. They realize they don't need to be mad at eachother. They need to fight against the "Dad" and not eachother. Neither of them have reasons to hate eachother!
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