One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 19

Every Picture Tells a Story

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on The CW
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On the eve of Quinn's big gallery opening an uninvited guest ambushes Clay. Nathan spends the day with Jamie, while Haley struggles with life after her mother's passing. Brooke and Julian each receive a shocking surprise. Meanwhile, Skills learns the truth about Lauren and Mouth.

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  • Good set up for final episodes of this season.

    Every Picture Tells a Story was more fun than anything. I liked the drama with Brooke, Victoria and Alexander. I loved how she told them off. And the reveal that they were sleeping together at the gallery was priceless. While the Mouth/Lauren/Skills triangle is pretty clichd, it was a much more entertaining way to use these characters than usual. The sextape stuff was interesting too - even though it is so obvious that that actor guy was to blame for it all.

    They showed growth in Brooke and Julian's relationship when she allowed him to 'save' Alex one last time. I liked that. Then there's this weird storyline with Katie making herself look like Clay's dead wife. Where the hell do they come up with stuff? Nathan and Jamie were too filler here, except the touching scene when Nathan told Jamie to look after Haley, because deep down she's still very sad about Lydia dying. You could kind of tell that Haley wasn't herself...but that last scene where she can't sleep and just cries. Tragic. The beginning of an emotional but excellent story arc for Haley.

    Nice set up for the last three episodes.

  • Quinn's Gallery Opening

    The movie has wrapped, but a sex tape starring Alex and Josh could ruin everything. Quinn opens the gallery her mom rented out for her. It goes great with a few hiccups along the way. Crazy Katie shows up and buys a portrait of Clay. Mouth and Lauren's possible relationship comes out and Skills doesn't take it well. And Brooke finds out in front of everyone that her mom has been hooking up with Alexander.

    Haley is struggling with the death of her mother. She is telling everyone she is fine, but ends up sneaking out in the middle of the night to cry outside alone. I wish she would open up to Nathan or Quinn and let them help her. I was really hoping she would be pregnant. They need to have another kid, but I'm sure it will happen soon.

    I love so much that Julian and Brooke are back together. I hated it when they were apart.

    And this Katie girl is completely psychotic!! Possibly even more then the other psychos we've had on the show before.moreless
  • Strangely...I quite enjoyed this...

    I know, I know...that's pretty weird. Usually I can do nothing but complain about Tree Hill but something clicked here. I enjoyed the different storylines on show and was able to enjoy the episode past the shaky dialogue and acting.

    I actually liked the Mouth/Skillz/Lauren triangle - wtf? I hate Mouthy but his connection with Lauren was kind of easy to believe. I even liked Miranda and Grubbs...Quinn was less annoying than usual...the psycho story is very stupid but not awful. I love how the writers are actually using Haley's character now, looking forward to this depression storyline.

    Julian annoys me...he was probably the weak link of the episode. He can't act and I don't see any chemistry between him and Brooke. The sex tape thing was alright though. For once I'm actually looking forward to more One Tree Hill...moreless
  • every picture tells a story

    If you are looking for an episode that features every single drama cliche than this One Tree Hill was for you. The friend fighting out his friend was seeing his girlfriend and punching him, the cougar affair coming out in an embarrassing way, the guy marrying the girl so she doesn't get deported, it was all in here.

    I remember the days when One Tree Hill used to innovate; now it emulates.

    The last straw for me was that ridiculous scene with Nathan and Jamie wearing Kiss face paint while playing Guitar Hero.

    I watched this show for seven seasons, and we are entering the stretch run. It may not get an eighth season, and yet I don't even know if I can power through enough to watch the last few episodes.moreless
  • Not the come back I was hoping for........

    In this episode of One Tree Hill, the following happens. One Tree Hill returns for the final few episodes of the season (and possibly the last ever episodes), and I am the first to admit that I was disappointed. We see Haley still struggling with the death of her mother, and we see Quinn's gallery opening. But there is a surprise guest, Clay's dead wife's "twin" turns up. Also during the opening Skills learns that Mouth and Lauren are an item. I was hoping for more from this episode, but that simply didn't happen. After the 3 previous episode which were excellent my expectations were high, possibly too high. So hopefully the next episode will be better.moreless
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Paul Teal

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Aaron Mills

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Antwon Tanner

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    • Jamie: (talking about shaving) It seems like a lot of work. Am I going to have to do this everyday?
      Nathan: If you want to attract girls.
      Jamie: Is this how you got mom?
      Nathan: (laughs) It took a lot more than close shaving to get your mom to fall for me.
      Jamie: Really, why?
      Nathan: Well, when I met your mom I wasn't exactly the nicest guy in the world. It's true. I was a bit selfish and I fought a lot.
      Jamie: But you're not like that now.
      Nathan: Being with your mom made me a better person. And you know what, now that I think of it, your mom and your uncle Lucas did.

    • Julian: Every night I spent away from you, I dreamed about being back here. In this room, in this bed, with you. I dreamed about us, Brooke. And now we're here. We're back. And you look even more beautiful than in my dreams. I love you. I never stopped loving you, not for one night, not for one moment. And I never will. Nothing can ruin us, Brooke Davis.

    • Haley: So, you excited for tonight? How do you feel?
      Quinn: You know, if there's a feeling of being half totally excited, and half completely ready to panic, then that's how I feel.

    • Jamie: I'm bored.
      Nathan: You can't be bored. You're 7.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Monday, October 18, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 on FEM

    • Although credited, Lisa Goldstein (Millie) does not appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "All for the Taking" by Turtle Giant
      "August Moon" by Dylan in the Movies
      "Black Tables" by Other Lives
      "Car Crash" by Wakey! Wakey!
      "Control" by JJ Heller
      "Enough to Let Me Go" by Switchfoot
      "Let You Go" by Noush Skaugen
      "Make You Feel My Love" by ADELE
      "Rock and Roll All Nite" by KISS
      "Substitutes" by The Windupdeads
      "Who Who" by Midnight Hour
      "You're Gonna Break My Heart Someday" by The Idyllists