One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 20

Everyday Is a Sunday Evening

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lucas and Karen head out for a trip on the road, and no-one know where they are. Someone else is not in town: Peyton. Yep, Goldilocks is in Savannah, at Jake's. Jake shows her around; he brings her to the court room where he tried for custody of Jenny, and then brings her to the place where he works, showing her he can play the guitar and sing very well. Eventually he brings Peyton to his house. Peyton would like to stay with him but he tells her he has to stay in Savannah and she will be gone by Monday, because she belongs to Tree Hill. Peyton points out: "Every song ends but that doesn't mean that you should stop enjoying the music". Jake figures she is right and they end up sleeping together.

Nathan faces the responsibility of the basketball team with Lucas' help out of the picture. Ravens have an important match, that could get them to the play offs. Nathan meets and old rival who plays the match dirty. Eventually, Nathan manages to win the game, thanks to a free throw.

Mouth has to deal with a broken heart because of Rachel. Brooke wants revenge since she can't stand Rachel and wants Mouth to help her. "Welcome to the dark side my friend, deception for lunch, payback for dinner and pie for breakfast". In the end, Mouth backs out. Yep, Honey Mouth cannot do anything against Rachel, since he want her to be happy, after all.

A restraining order is placed on Dan and this gets Dan to discover a softer side of himself. He does tell Nathan that he is proud of him, that he loves him and, surprisingly, he also tells him he figured Haley is definitely the right person for his son. Nathan and Haley are stunned.

Cooper finds out Rachel lied about her age and breaks up with her. Anyway, Rachel manages to make him give in to temptation."You know you still want me Cooper. You know it, I know it".

Breaking news... Peyton proposes to Jake.