One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 11

Everything In Its Right Place

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2007 on The CW

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  • Better than last episode.

    Not much happeneded in Everything in Its Right Place but it was a lot better of an aftermath episode than the previous one.

    Peyton worries that Lucas will leave her...or that he'll die. But eventually others get through to her and they embrace in the school, making their new relationship official. Lucas is also still thinking about what Keith said in his dream - dragging it out a little, aren't we writers? Haley finds out about Nathan's involvement in the accident and freaks out. Fair enough. I'm glad they sorted it out in the end though.

    Deb breaking out of rehab only to find out it's voluntary was really funny but this drug storyline is seriously dragging on now. Plus Karen and Dan continue to get closer (interesting) Mouth and Gigi breakup (why should I care) and Brooke and Rachel steal a calculus test only to have to join to Clean Teens as a cover up (very amusing).

    A better episode.

  • I Think We've Waited Long Enough

    Lucas is back at school after his heart attack and is anxious to tell Peyton he loves her, but she keeps ducking out of fear of things ending badly since "people always leave" I don't blame her for being hesitant, but Lucas and Peyton belong together so she shouldn't be worried.

    I'm glad Nathan came clean to Haley about all the Daunte stuff. I don't blame her for being mad cause I would be pretty ticked, too, but in the end she forgave him because she loves him and they are perfect together!!

    I'm sort of glad Dan is out of jail. He belongs there for killing Keith, but Daunte died in the accident. I knew that from the beginning.

    Brooke and Rachel are forced to join clean teens after they get caught sneaking into the school. It turns out Brooke is the one who was failing and needed tutoring but Rachel decided stealing the tests would be a better option.

    The ending..that kiss with Lucas and Peyton in the hallway, him lifting her up and the spin was so sweet! I loved it.
  • Season 4, Episode 11.

    This episode had its ups and downs. The downs were all the goofs on Mark's part, like the dates on the tombstones. Otherwise, this episode was cool. I liked Brooke and Rachel's storyline, as well as Nathan and Haley's. I wasn't a fan of Peyton's paranoia and Lucas really didn't have a plot, he was just there, associated with everyone else and their plots, in one way or another. Brooke and Rachel become virginal again. I love Brooke's comments about Rachel being a slut. It was obvious that Daunte died from the impact, and that Nathan didn't kill him. Good episode.
  • Lucas seemed to recover pretty quickly!

    Peyton has trouble letting Lucas all the way into her life because she fears that he'll leave like everyone else. It turns out that Daunte died on impact of the accident. Dan is released from prison. Nathan tells Haley the real story between him and Daunte. She stays with Karen and Lucas. Nathan gets her back and she forgives him. After Brooke fails a math quiz, she asks Rachel to help her break in to get the answers, even though she was against it before. When Principal Turner catches them, they have to make up an excuse as to why they're there at school so late: they want to join the Clean Teens club. Rachel and Brooke become members. Deb tries to break out of rehab, but then she realizes that all she has to do is sign out. Whoever knows that Dan is a murderer has done it again. Karen takes them down, thinking they're from what happened with Daunte. Gigi wants to break up with Mouth because of their age difference, but Mouth doesn't want to break up. Lucas tries to figure out what Keith told him in the dream about his death.

    This was a great episode! I really like Gigi and Mouth together, so I don't want them to break up. I'm glad Nathan is telling the truth to Haley. The situation with Rachel and Brooke is funny! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
  • I wuoldn't say that loads of important stuff happens in this episode but it was still very cute!!!

    I have been waiting sice season one for Luke and Peyton to finally cop on and admit their feelings to each other, so it's nice at long last to see them together. But I feel sorry for poor peyton- I know some people think she's a total drama queen but look at all the horrible stuff thats happened to her!! Both of her moms died, she was shot at, attacked in her own home... and then the guy she loves almost dies when they finally admit that they like each other. Which has happened before, if you go back to episodes 13/14 in season one. It's just really nice to see Leyton together, and I hope they mangage to make it work this time!!!
  • Haley finds out about Nathan's invovlement with Dante

    I was not happy with this episode. The whole thing to seem boring to me. Nothing interesting happened in it. The only part i really enjoyed was Brooke and Racheal joining cleen teens and that is because it was something you really did not see coming. The whole Lucas and Peyton storyline was not that entertaining. I was excepting flashbacks to when he was visited by Keith but there was no flasbacks. Evan the Haley and Nathan storyline was boring. If my husband told me he had a big part of me getting hit by a car it would have taken a lot more explain and gravling coming from him in order to get me back home. I really could not believe that she took him back so easily. i was really disappointing in Karen that she would go to see Dan.
  • "Where is the bed sheets Deb" Hahahaha

    Deb Scott is a crack up!! She escapes from rehab...only to find that its a voluntary facility and she just had to sign out. Peyton doesn't want to get close to Lucas because she thinks she caused the heartattack (get over yourself). Rachel & Brooke get caught leaving the school after steeling a test so they lie to the principal & say they were there for the "Clean Teens" meeting. This should prove to be an amusing storyline. Lucas ponders his out of body experience, trying to figure out what Keith was trying to tell him. Nathan tells Hayley the truth about why the accident occured & about his involvement in Dante's death. Dan is set free because Dante died from the accident not the beating.
    Heyley forgives Nathan & moves back home.
    The title "Everything in its right place" is almost accurate. But Keith is still dead and until the truth about Dan comes out I think the title is debatable.
  • I love one tree hill!!

    This episode is one of the best ones ive seen so far. I know for sure that Dan still had feelings for Karen, im sure he always has, so i thinl that something will happen there. sooner or later someone(like lucas) will reveal that Dan killed Keith. Finally Peyton and Lucas are back together, and i think that the song played at the end of the episode when when the bell rings and payton and lucas meet (the song "wait for love") was perfect!! Finally Nathan is free from that secret and she forgave him!!! ah, true love, its the best! Leyton and Naley forever!!! This is one of a kind show.
  • As the title says everything is in its right place in Tree Hill in this episode.

    An episode that starts and ends with Lucas and Peyton. Seeing them together really does make me feel that everything is in its right place. Okay then, it's time to dissect and discuss.


    During the hiatus I predicted that Peyton will pull back a little claiming that she is bad luck to every person she loves. And it happened. And I think it is only right that it happened because Peyton has a superstitious streak to her and when you think about it, when they got together in season one he went into a coma after the accident and this time when they finally, officially got together, he again went into a coma. I love how happy Peyton is. It is a pleasant change and though I don't like the dangling earrings she wears, they do symbolise her new found happiness.

    The scene where Lucas told Peyton that he loves her and that she saved her was very special. It is a moment I have waited for ever since I started watching OTH and the writers were spot on with the episode title.

    The closing scene was perfect. The music, the way they looked, the way they looked at each other, the twirl, everything. It was a really good episode for Lucas and Peyton. Lucas confessed his love and Peyton finally decided to open up completely.

    Nathan and Haley

    Haley did not react to Nathan's confession the way I expected her to. As in, the initial response was accurate but the rapidity with which she forgave him was quite uncharacteristic. In Season One she made a huge fuss about finding those bookmarked sites on Nathan's laptop and then in Season Two she overreacted to the Nathan and Taylor tryst that happened way before he met Haley. So I can only hope that she is just growing up and maturing.

    I was touched by the scene where Haley talks about becoming a mother. It gave good weight to the fact that she will make a good mother and also the fact that this is not another teenage pregnancy.


    So Dan tried to avenge himself for his own sins but he was lucky. I will never look at Dan in a good light, not after he killed Keith. I just find it unnatural that he has become 'reformed'. I just hope the truth comes out about the murder very soon.


    Deb was just hilarious. The stunt she pulled with the bed sheets was priceless. But I do hope she gets better soon because I miss the Deb from Season One.


    So Karen's feelings for Dan are resurfacing slowly but surely. I guess she is desperate for someone in her life now that Keith is not there but I never thought she would become so desperate as to choose Dan to be that person. She is going to get badly hurt when she finds out the truth about Dan and I feel so sorry for her.

    Mouth and Gigi

    It's a shame about them but what Gigi says makes sense. Luckily this time Mouth didn't fall in love so hopefully he finds another girl. I loved the shot with Lucas, Mouth and Haley lying on the bed.

    Leyton and Naley

    It is nice to see Peyton and Haley get close to each other. And Haley's cast looks pretty awesome too. And I always love scenes between Lucas and Nathan and I love how far they have come from bitter enemies. Speaking of bitter enemies who have come a long way.......

    Brooke and Rachel Those cat suits were genius. They did something wrong but at least they looked good doing it. And if the theft was not funny, then them joining Clean Teens definitely is. The irony of them in the tshirts was overpowering.

    I do feel sorry for Brooke though. She is the kind of person who tries hard but then gives up if she doesn't succeed the first time itself. And that's what she did with studying for calculus.

    The murder mystery still has not been solved so I guess the writers are trying to stretch the happy moments in Tree Hill as much as possible before drama ensues again.
  • Nathan tells Haley the truth about Daunte. Dan gets out of Jail,and Deb escapes from rehab.Out of nowhere, Gigi breaks up with Mouth. and Peyton finally opens up to Lucas.

    Another great episode by Mark. I have to say this was an awesome episode. I absolutely loved it. It had funny and cute parts. I thought it was funny when Deb escaped from rehab, but came to find out that you volenteer to go in. lol. She thought she was trapped. Dan gets out of jail because he didn't kill Daunte, but he should have stayed in, because he really did commit murder. But actually, it would be totally different if Dan was always in Jail insted of causing trouble in tree hill......
    I absolutely LOVED the Naley scenes. They were just soooo adorable. especcially the last scene at Karens house. i thought that was so cute. I really actually think that Haley was tearing up. lol so cute!! i love Naley so much. =)) Even though im not the biggest Leyton fan, i was kinda happy that Peyton finally opened up to Lucas at the end of the episode, because all throughout, she was sortof backing off. Anyway, loved everything about the episode. Cant wait until next week. The promo looks awesome for next week. funny too. =)
  • Haley finally trusts Nathan again!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!! i cried in the commercial for this episode, i was sooo sad cuzz i thought nathan and haley were going to split... i was soo sad goinng to like hate the show if they did make them break-up. I am soo happy they are still together!!!! there is no one tree hill without them. I do not know about you guys but i think peyton and lucas are not that good together. brooke and lucas are the best for eachother and peyton needs to not let go of jake! i miss him, he shold come back to be with her, they make a cute couple.
  • And the story continues..

    I thought this was a good episode. It's definitely not the best but then again who could really top the last episodes before the hiatus. I still can't believe I missed it the night it premiered but thankfully I found it online. It was good Nathan told Haley the truth and obviously it was cute that they worked things out. Deb really should get herself fixed up because I'm tired of her drug problems it's really getting annoying. I can't believe Karen is starting to feel sorry for Dan. Dan should just turn himself over it's not as if he isn't feeling guilty already so he might as well confess since he knows he's guilty. All in all it was enjoyable to watch.
  • I'm not really sure what I made of this episode to be honest.

    The Haley/Nathan parts were heart renching. Those pair can never split up! They are far too good together. But I agree with some of the stuff people have said about Lucas/Peyton. In one episode he was saying Brooke was supposed to be next to him when all his dreams came true and then in the next he's head over heels in love with Peyton?! Can that boy get over love quickly or what? I know the pair of them have a history but the guy didnt even pause for breath before declaring his undying love to her. I kind of thought Lucas' recovery was an anti-climax. Ep 10 left me excited to see whether he had remembered anything and if Dan was going to finally get his comeuppance but nothing happened. I know the writers have to build tension but even so I was left feeling a little deserted. I'm not sure about how Brooke's character is developing. Although her and Rachel are pretty amusing together she seems to have lost her importance in the show since she split with Lucas, which is a shame because I love Brooke.

    Although I have to say when Deb tried to escape Rehab i was in hysterics. I think that scene was the funniest thing I've ever seen. I cant imagine my mum shimmying down bed sheets!

    Even despite the few moments that were great (mainly Haley and Nathan's storyline), the majority of the episode was sort of disappointing. Maybe I'm greedy but I was expecting more.
  • Lucas is back in school.. Nathan tells the truth and Dan is set free!

    To be honest, this episode didn't do that much for me.

    Of course i loved the Lucas/Peyton stuff because they're great. It's typically Peyton for her to think that everybody around her will die/leave, because they usually do. So I liked that

    The whole Rachel/Brooke thing with stealing tests and joining the Clean Teen thing, didn't do much for me. Sophia Bush deserves a better storyline then that, and even the tests thing could be an interesting storyline, but it isn't done well.
    Btw, when will Brooke and Peyton become friendly again!? I missed that in this ep, especially seeing how they talked last episode. I didn't see anything of that in this ep.

    Nathan/Haley, they're cute but I didn't like the way they were written. It didn't come off as appealing if you ask me.

    Dan was nice though.. I liked him! Though some lines were just cliché.. lol.. I have quite some complaints lol

    But overall it was a nice ep, I felt bad for Mouth and I liked the Haley/Lucas/Mouth bed scene, reminded me of Grey's for a moment.
  • Nathan tells Haley that he was responsible for the accident. Deb tries to escape rehab. Brooke and Rachel steal a test.

    Oh. My. Goodness. What can you possible say about an episode this good?? It was crazy how much I got into it. My parents came home and I hardly even noticed (the only reason I did was because it was a leyton scene).

    Okay, let's start with my FAVORITE part of the show. Brooke and Rachel joining the Clean Teens! How long do you think that will last? It was so funny, though, how Brooke was so reluctant to join. It was hilarious. Seriously.

    I was afraid that Nathan and Haley were going to break up. Thank goodness they didn't! I would have cried so hard and then sent nasty emails to the CW. They belong together. Honestly, is anyone NOT a Naley fan??

    Deb was great too. Making a rope out of sheets, then finding out that she could've just checked herself out. Priceless.

    Karen was sweet, too. The way she hugged Dan for taking the fall for Nate. Awee! Too bad he's a murderer.

    Gigi rocks, but I'm sad that she and Mouth broke up.

    I thought Brooke and Peyton were friends again?? Why was Peyton still scared of Brooke?

    I can't wait for next week's episode!
  • Dan finds out the truth behind Dante's death, while Nathan tells Haley the truth about what really happened. Lucas and Peyton seem a little unsure of who they are as a couple while Rachel and Brooke steal a test! Oh and Deb escapes from rehab!

    Okay, I loved this episode first off. I mean Haley and Nathan have gone through so much and when Nathan told Haley the truth about Dante, I was in tears when she went to Karen's. I understand why she'd be upset, but I felt bad for Nathan. But when Nathan came over to Karen's to talk to her and he told her that he did what he did to protect her, I seriously had tears in my eyes. I thought that was so sweet and that made me like Nathan so much more. He truly loves Haley and I can see that in every way. And yeah, I was very happy with the end of the episode when Nathan is at home with Haley making her feel better. It was so cute!

    With Dan, I think he's trying to change. Yeah he still has some problems, but I can see something in him telling him that he needs to do something. As soon as he comes clean about Keith, then I'll be really happy. I don't know if its just me, but I can see something happening between him and Karen again. I think she is realizing that there may be something there. But who knows what will happen between them. I was really mad when he found the clippings in his house and I think that it was Deb. I just hope something good comes out of that whole situation.

    Now Deb has been pissing me off like crazy. First she chooses pills over Nathan and now she's leaving rehab?! That's really messed up and I think that she needs to get her head on staight because something's going to happen to her and I don't think that it will be very pretty. I just think that it's time that she leave Tree Hill in general. I know people like her, but she's causing too many problems in too many people's lives.

    Finally, Peyton and Lucas. They are my other favorite couple. They are so cute and the fact that Peyton was scared that she would lose him was sort of heart wrenching because she really loves him, but doesn't want to lose him and I can see why she was nervous. But when Lucas assured her that it was all okay, I knew that they would be fine. They need to be together too. I think they mesh well. One thing I don't understand is how Brooke could team up with Rachel of all people. That makes me mad. Brooke has so much going for her and I think Karma came back and bit her in the butt when her and Rachel joined the Clean Teen group. I laughed at it because I saw it coming! But all in all it was a great episode and I can't wait until next week!

  • I felt really let down by this episode. ok but not great! from the previous episodes sooo much more could have come about. and i really wish peyton would get over herself and stop going on about people leaving.

    What with the last few episodes of the season i had such high hopes for 07.but i was really disapointed. i think the script was really poor. i understand that momentom needs to be built but what use does peyton feeling sorry for herself yet again have to story building? havent we been there done that and heard the moanin right from series one now? it annoys me because it seems so self centered. the people who have died or gone away have had other people in their lives as well, not just peyton, but she only thinks about them leaving her. i also expected more to come from Keiths "open your eyes" speech to Lucas. Dont get me wrong there were entertainin bits....the "clean teens" virginity club!! i was pleased with the events wiv Naley. nathan proves he can be honest and trustworthy and Hayley showed she can put her doubts behind her and she wasnt overly dramatic which wouldnt have suited her. i also love the way the dan and karen script is going, because it makes for really uncomfortable watching from the audience because we know he killed keith but she is fallin for his good guy routine.
    one tree hill is about the drama, i hope the writers bring it back to that, its what makes it so great a show. fingers crossed for the next one!!!
  • The hiatus hasn't changed a thing

    I really had my hopes up for OTH's 2007, but this first episode of the year already proved me wrong. The episode was mostly boring, nothing really happened...

    What Rachel and Brooke did, was funny, but I don't like the way Brooke's character is going at all. So, I'm pretty disappointed in that storyline to begin with.
    I better not talk about Leyton, because I really don't wanna puke... again. Sorry, guys, I know that some of you love them, but I don't know... Peyton has grown a little on me again in this episode despite her crazy talking. But now it's Lucas who give me the creeps. How can you switch so fast? Yesterday he was like "Love of my life" towards Brooke, now one stupid dream and he's totally in love with Peyton. I really don't get him anymore...

    Oh, but Naley really saved this episode for me. They were - once again - great together! TRUE LOVE! I declare myself an official Naley-shipper!
    And I was so sorry for Mouth... Last thing: Karen, be careful! Dan might have done a good thing with Nathan, but wait until you find out why...
  • Everything gets back to normal after the drama of the accidents Brooke & Rachel steal the answers to a quiz. Nathan tells Hayley the truth about the accident,about his involvement with Daunte. Gigi& Mouth break up

    This was not the best episode of one tree hill I guess I knew that was coming afterall the title pretty much says it all.
    The highlight was definately the nathan and hayley scenes and also the brooke and rachael scenes.
    I was definately expecting something better but I understand that this episode was just building storylines for future episodes but for the audience storyline building isn't the most exciting thing.
    I will still continue to watch but what I Really would have liked to see is the writers continue with the lucas and "open your eyes" and lucas figuring out who really killed keith.
    Yes this episode was a let down all I can hope is for something like episode 409.
  • simply great

    I loved this episode, especially considering that I am a huge fan of Lucas and Peyton's relationship. They are so adorable. In the beginning I felt bad for Peyton becuase you know that she really wants to truly be with Lucas but she is afraid that he'll leave just liek everyone else in her life that she's gotten close to. But it worked out in the end, Lucas told Peyton he loved her...sooo sweet. And they had the most adorable spinning kiss!!

    Nathan and Haley were also adorable. In this episode we saw that their relation can withstand anything. In the beginning it looked like Haley was really upset with Nathan, but of course they work it out.

    I also loved the Brooke and Rachel storyline. Them being forced to join clean teens...can't wait to see how that turns out. This added humor to the show along with all of the serious stuff.

    The one thing which I found qite a bit odd was Gigi breakign up with Mouth. I sort of understand where she was coming from with him going to college and her needing to hand with kids her own age, but I was stil really sad for Mouth.

    All in all, wonderful episode. I LOVE LP
  • Officially Bold and The Beautiful

    Can anyone tell me the point of this episode?

    I told you guys before. If Lucas and Peyton got back together, we'd have a soap opera on our hands. Tell me you didn't think this whole episode was just rubbish. Read my previous review -

    You know they're running out of ideas when Brooke n Racheal become virgins.

    OTR is facing the same problem that of Alias, 24 and Lost - They all became too famous too fast, the success is now eating into itself. Think about it - What was the direction of this episode? What, if any, is the direction of the characters?

    And finally, where the hell is this season going?

    Answer: No where and NOTHING.

    What a dismal return to tv.
  • Everyone tands to return things to normal after the accident

    Dreams. I always feel that dreams are faith's way to guide us through life. I believe in dreams. But what if faith isn't trying to get us on the right track? What if it's all just a game for someone above, and everything that happens is just for his/her amusement? Sometimes it feels like that, like there is no point for something to happen, but yet, it does. I gues we will never find that out, and we should just stick to the old 'who knows why is that good'. If we don't, it means all hope is already lost. And what is life without hope? From the very begining Lucas has been chasing his dream. That dream is Peyton, and his mom and Keith together. The second part is not posible anymore. But Peyton is there, after all that time he made it, they are together. But somehow id does't feel like they are going to last. They have been through a lot together, and before that kiss after the last 'Ravens' game it seemed like there is so much magic between them. Now, once they have overcome all of the obstacles it feels like the same magic is fading out. We are yet to see what is going to happen with them. But, they are just searching for love. We are all just searching for love. And we dream about it. But, if dreams will guide us to love, then I am the first that's going to say 'let's go to sleep'.
  • It must have been very difficult to make an episode as good as the previous one.

    But, they pretty much did it. I liked this episode because it tied up quite a few loose ends, like Nathan finally telling Haley about Dante, even though she didn't respond that well. Luckily everything worked out. I didn't really like the fact that Nathan was having flashbacks again, he had them so many times after the water accident and I hope he doesn't carry this event with him now for the rest of the episode. I'm glas Peyton and Lucas finally got together, even though I liked him a lot with Brooke, this was kinda meant to be since the beginning. I had thought he woke up knowing that dan killed Keith, but I'm confident he will find out eventually. The adventures of brooke and Rachel were funny and some relaxation in the episode. I think it's too bad for Mouth he broke up with Gigi, but I get her point. I think it's good that Dan didn't get justice yet, he should get it for the right crime. I also see quite a ressemblance between him and Lionel Luthor in Smallville, they both kill the man and (almost) get the woman, although Dan is still a lot worse. All in all, a great episode.
  • It Was Reaally good, i mean, there has been better than this one, but it was good, and im sad about mouth!!

    This show is the best thing that could ever happen to my life, ive seen it since the very beginning, and this made me met the love of my life, i love the chemystry between the characters and how something someone does affects the action and the way of the show. mark schwann its a hero, theres should be more shows like this in tv. also i recomend prison break, but its not the point.. please continue watching one tree hill and hope and pray for the fifth season to be on air.. we are not worthy lol please enjoy
  • another brillant episode

    another brillant episode!!!!! lucas and peyton is soooooooo sweeeeeeet!!!! they're just awesome!!!! and nathan and haley are just sweeet!! i acn't say anything about there relationship.. its just excellent!!!! and dan is being a good person now that makes me watch more episode of one tree hill!!!! go one tree hill!!!!
  • Disappointing

    Glad I'm not the only one to be disappointed by this episode, maybe I had been all hyped up from watching the first two season and the long break.
    This episode could have been so much better. There was no real info on what is happening with Brooke and Peyton's friendship. Lucas looked better that ever and Hayley just grated on me, something I have never experienced before.
  • Dissapointing after every episode this year was good cept maybe for this one and another one

    a 1.0 is terrible though i dont understand why it dropped so much....i mean it got a 1.8 before its hiatus so i could understand maybe if people forgot it started this week or whatever...but last week a rerun of the episode before the hiatus got a thats pretty sad that a rerun beat a new episode....i looked online and american idol is for two hours the next two weeks...hopefully they will be done with the audtions after that or one tree hill might get canceled like the oc...which would suck cause i only watch three shows, not counting reruns of old shows, and they are the oc, one tree hill, and prison break....and if two of them would be canceled in the same year i would be pissed...particuarly one tree hill cause it has reminded interesting for 4 years unlike the oc...which was only good for like the first two seasons and like 5 episodes in season probably doesnt help that the promos sucked for this week's would have probably gotten better ratings if their promo said something along the lines of "dan's fate of murdering daute is revealed and lucas tries to put together who really murdered jimmy" that would have been more interesting than what they ran, because haley and nathan breaking up is a recycled storyline already, and the promo was misleading anyway, even though they usually weeks promo didnt help will probably be a funny episode but most people tune in for major drama case in point peytons stalker and keith returning with lucas possibly dead...people like tragedy or major events in peoples lives and watching a stripper episode is kind of like the dare night in season 2....not really needed and kind of a throw a-way episode which won't advance the plot any further....which would basically be 2 episodes in a row that does that....i read in a SPOILER

    that deb's addiction may cause her her live, that should have been a part of the promo at least for next week cause it would bring viewers....just like fox ruined the oc by not advertising it and wb ruined and are ruining one tree hill with half-assed promos half the time and it really pisses me off....alright rant over....hopefully next week will at least be a 1.2 like the reran episode last week...cause i really would like to see season 5 where the skip four years a head of time...its never been done before and i would love to see it...if u cant see it....maybe mark schawn will create a new drama show where they are seniors for season one and season two they skip four years ahead or something...either way i would really like to see that idea put into play, and i'm sure many others would too...i honestly believe that the oc would have done better on cw and one tree hill on fox because fox would have at least promoted one tree hill somewhat, and since its a bigger network one tree hill would probably have gotten the oc's season one ratings, and since one tree hill has remained interesting unlike the oc for four seasons, they probably would have kept at least 3/4 of their audience from season far as the oc goes, on cw/wb 3-4 million viewers is good for a cw show so the oc still would probably be going strong with possibly 5-6 million viewers still...just an interesting thought though that didnt happen but o well...
  • I'm the biggest fan of OTH. The reason this episode is so disappointing is because as compared to all the other episodes, this one is really way below average.

    First I would like to start with my favourite character Brooke. Remember in the season finale of season 3, she told Peyton that she had problems that she didn't even tell Peyton? And they also had a scene where she went to talk to Haley. All that implies was that she was having some kinda problems... which at that time led us to believe she was pregnant. So now that we all know that she isn't, what was her problem actually? Are the writers hoping that we have forgotten that? Please give her something significant to do! We all know Sophia Bush can do it! And why was Brooke failing Math out of a sudden? We all know they are gonna get caught and get into trouble with this storyline. They had her grow up so much last season and this season but now they're making her a cheater and just in the scenes for comedic value and to make time. Why isn't there a continuity to her character? I loved it when she had emotions and the drama when she's sad or hurt or happy. Just don't like it so much when she's pushed to the sidelines. And clean teens? Yes, it's funny. But it has nothing to do with anything! And who will know if anyone go and have sex every night? If they didn't want to, who cares about the oath, right? On to Peyton. What's up with her and all her "bad luck" problems? Doesn't it get tired after a while? I just find it annoying and out of a sudden, Lucas lurve Peyton so much? The final scene where they kissed in the hallway, it's supposed to be very lovely... but it just doesn't fit. I dunno what's the problem but it's just out of place. Gigi and Mouth. How weird are their scenes? Are they trying to write off Gigi? She pursued him and then after a month, she cannot imagine knowing that by the end of the year, he'll go to college? Are you kidding me? Did she knock her head on a wall somewhere? And her acting is a little wooden during the actual "break-up" scene. Haley was angry with Nathan but forgive him faster than we can say Dante. Not that I want them to fight, but if anything, let there be some significants to it. So now Karen finally have amnesia and forgot what Dan did to her and how horrible he was. GREAT!

    And Deb's scenes? How ridiculous was that? Even the writers got lazy and had Lucas repeat the same phrase for the beginning and the CODA. Damn, I waited for so long for this episode? This episode wasn't good or anywhere near it. As a huge fan of this show, I'm the first to admit that even when an episode is not good, I would still find a reason to like it. Yes, I'm biased. But why why why was this episode so bad? Only the songs were great. The episode had no flow to it. They obviously wanted to balance comedy and drama but it felt choppy. I just hope next weeks' episode would be waaay better than this one. Give Brooke and Rachel something significant to do than that ridiculous "failing Math" storyline. Make Peyton be less whiny and fickle minded. It's getting ridiculous.
  • wow!! another great episode from OTH.. loved the leyton parts.. (wish there was more)

    I think that the fact that naley fight ended so quickly means they are going to have some serious stuff to dill with..

    I'm not from the USA actually I'm from Israel if you even know where that is..

    I always copy the voice overs and I'll be very thankful if one of you would be able to write some quotes from the episode..
  • With Naley working things out, Leyton back together, Deb going insane, Brooke and Racheal becoming 'clean teens' this long awaited episode doesn't disappoint.

    Although I expected much more I'm still not disappointed. This episode show that even after everything that's happened, everything is now in it's right place. Leyton are back together and even though Haley was mad and Nathan by the end of this episode they still manage to work things out. Dan's released and Brooke and Racheal pledge to clean up their acts and become 'virgins for life'. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Leyton in this episode but I suppose they aren't the main plotline in this episode.

    Although everything is fine now I'm sure it won't last long as we enter into the second half of the series there are plenty more plot twists and shocks to come.
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