One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 14

Family Affair

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2010 on The CW
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When Taylor and David arrive at the Scotts' house, Nathan tries to keep Haley calm while Clay helps Quinn through the awkward encounter. Brooke turns to Alexander for support when Julian defends Alex on the set of their movie.

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  • So funny and tense.

    Haha, brilliant opening to Family Affair - Haley being really loud so she can wake Taylor up. Love her. She's hilarious when she's like this. 'I love you' best line from Nathan in ages. Lucas just let them use the house for the film? He kept the house? What for? Loser. The old Alex is apparently gone. We'll see about that. I prefer the Brooke who's less whiny about boys. At least Mille's trying now. That's something. I love Haley like this. Random Kylie in the pool. Quinn is NOT impressed. 'You look good covered in balls' - 'Now I know what Taylor feels like' LOL. This does make me like Quinn a bit more. Haley is still brilliant. Actually quite sad to see Brooke being so cold to Millie. Here comes the Mouth and Lauren relationship. That's so wrong.

    HA. Haley just stole all the pots and pans. Brilliant. I'm gonna give this a ten just for her. This fighting is almost funny now. Julian and Brooke really need to grow up. Aw Clay's going to the crazy meal. This will be even better now. Haley's spoiling her appetite. She is so great. Brooke is scared of her. Great too. So Mouth's gonna get with Lauren and Millie will take drugs again? Duhh. No Haley, they are not good together. I like the song in the background. The XX? I hate Chuck. Haley is on a roll! Love it. I love the set up for this dinner. Julian punched the director! Badass.

    This is so funny! Taylor calls out 'god' all the time. Will Alex fall for Julian again? I hope not. This is so awkward and tense. I love it! They made out at the table. HA. David walked out and said he hates Quinn. Oh Brooke. Get over Julian. It's annoying now. This dinner is hilarious and OTT. But it's great TV. Nathan and Jamie dancing. Awkward...again, I hate Chuck. It's messed up and David knows it. She may make you smile but she's a massive bitch. Lauren and Mouth. This feels wrong. Julian and Brooke are blatantly gonna get back together. But I'd prefer them to be on good terms than this petty fighting. LOL. They're fighting and now all in the pool. Brilliant.

    Now they're talking about everything. And Taylor admits she's a bitch. I can't see how this can end well. Aww Brooke asks for Millie's help. A touching little scene. David and Quinn are over. For good. Thank god. Mouth is going to stay. But for Lauren. Not Millie. WANKER. And Brooke accepts Julian's offer. GOOD. Julian is going to direct. Good move. Clay gave Quinn a key. Aw. Bless. Nathan's write. Naley are drama free. Yay.

    I loved the dinner. And the episode was pretty damn entertaining.

  • Sisters

    Julian and Paul are getting things prepared for the movie. They are filming at Lucas' house. I love this idea. Since we don't have Lucas and Peyton it's really nice to see the house at least. I guess they still own the house, but they just left it for the time being. It sucks and it's a total Lucas and Peyton thing, but I do like how protective Julian is with Alex. That director totally deserved it. I'm glad Julian is going to be the director now. And glad he asked Brooke to do the costumes. Now they can spend some time together and get back where they belong.

    Haley is losing her mind over this whole Taylor and David thing, but I don't blame her. It's crazy. I absolutely loved how she was making all that noise to wake them up and then hiding all the food and pans so they couldn't make dinner for everyone. That dinner was hilarious and the James Sisters fight out in the pool was, too. Quinn took this whole thing better then I ever would, but like she said Taylor has always been like this so what should we expect.moreless
  • Haley being Haley.

    I actually laughed at a lot of Nathan's dialogue tonight. Just thought that was worth mentioning. Usually I find James Lafferty off-putting, but he was funny tonight just dropping one-liners and not really contributing anything else.

    But tonight's episode was about Haley, and her struggles with her two sisters. Haley is probably the best thing going for this show since Brooke got all nice post Season 4, so for those fans of hers this was your episode as she was angry and just at her best tonight.

    I like that this show doesn't take itself too seriously, but I don't like how goofy they make the old, senior castmembers of this show. When the Julian and Alex movie storyline is the best thing about the show you know you have problems.moreless
  • Ohh, what a 'Family Affair' to remember.

    One of the things that I love about One Tree Hill is it can make me laugh hysterically, but almost make me sad. Tonight, it made me laugh hysterically in a way that only One Tree Hill. Favorite line:

    Haley to Taylor: "Good morning, slut!"

    I loved Haley in this episode. Galeotti is a terrific actress, and she really has her character down. I loveedddd when she tried to sabotage Taylor's dinner by hiding the pans and throwing out the potatoes. OMFGoshh that made me laugh so hard I almost cried (okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration).

    Another thing I love about One Tree Hill is that it always makes you feel good about yourself. There's just something about it. All of the characters are so real, and they have such strong morals at the end of the day, and it's just perfect. :)moreless
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    • Quinn: If they wanna throw their relationship in my face, I have to let them know it doesn't bother me, right?
      Haley: No. Not right. And let me tell you something, if Nathan and I got divorced and he and Taylor showed up playing kissing face, not only would I never see them again, nobody else would either.
      Quinn: So you're saying I should kill them. I mean, it's a little extreme, don't you think?
      Haley: No, you're right. Having dinner with them is so much more sane.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Lindsey McKeon (Taylor) and Scott Holroyd (David) previously starred together in an episode of Cold Case (Blackout, ep. 4.13).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Monday, September 13, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 on FEM

    • Jana Kramer (Alex Dupre) is now credited as a series regular.

    • Featured Music:
      "Bad Dream" by Zaac Pick
      "Broke" by So and So
      "Crystalised" by The XX
      "Does Life Begin Again" by Ryan Webster
      "If You're Gone" by Pleasure Bridge
      "Islands" by The XX
      "My Timing is Off" by Eels
      "Off Track" by The Features
      "Personality Overload" by The Beat Seekers
      "Rewind" by Diane Birch
      "The Cure" by Tegan and Sara