One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 21

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • Save the River Court

    Apparently I am alone in this, but I loved this episode.

    While the girls (minus Haley, and plus Lauren for some reason) are in Puerto Rico for Quinn's photo shoot the guys are camping out at the River Court in search of the Snipey Plover, a bird that builds it's nest on the ground near the water in tall, grassy areas like the River Court. And while that is going on Haley is planning to revamp COB and turn it back into a brand new, redone Karen's Cafe.

    I love, love, love the idea of redoing Karen's Cafe. It's perfect.

    I loved all the guys camping out looking for the bird. Clay was so funny with his special chair, half-ice half-water cooler, and that shirt...oh man....yes it was kind of lame and the jokes were easy shots, but it totally looked like something a figure skater or even Haley would wear. It would go great with her lovely season one poncho. It was great they found the nest for the snipey plover, but like Mouth said is it really necessary to find this nest to save the River Court? It's history and importance to the people in Tree Hill should be enough to save it.

    I loved the girls in Puerto Rico. Why Lauren was there is beyond me. We haven't seen her around in awhile so why she was invited I don't get, but she was hilarious. Quinn's photo shoot was awesome and I really loved when she went into town and took pictures of the model with the local people. That was great. Alex was so sweet with Brooke. Trying to help her hide the pregnancy since she is not ready to tell everyone yet.

    I loved that Brooke ended up telling Quinn and then later Haley. And Julian told Nathan who then delivered my favorite line of the episode..."You fertile bastard!" So funny!!!
  • Jamie, Nathan, Clay, Chuck, Chase and Julian all take a camping trip, Mouth helps Millie with her job, and Millie returns the favor which was cute. everyone gathers to help save the river court

    i found this episode a little boring tonight. I just wasn't feeling it. I didnt like how Chuck endangered everyone by driving that thing.. i thought that didnt fit into the episode that wasn't needed. but i did love that Karen's cafe is being restored to it's former glory i loved it that.. that to me is an historic moment right there... that was great. I loved it that Brooke told Haley that she was pregnant. and then Julian told Nathan that was great. anyways don't really have much to say on this episode like i said I thought it was kinda boring.... not your best Mark Schwarn sorry..
  • 5/10

    "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" was a fairly disappointing episode of One Tree Hill. We had the girls go to Puerto Rico, but they really did not embark on anything other than exciting (although I can't complain about Jana Kramer and Sophia Bush in swimwear.) Still, for a vacation, especially a Tree Hill vacation, it was relatively drama free.

    The stuff with the guys was pretty lame too. Mocking Clay's shirt? Marvin's speech about the importance of the River Court was well-done, but it cannot save a pretty lacking episode of One Tree Hill. Hopefully next week's finale tops this in every way.
  • Ehh...

    One tree hill used to be my show Seasons 1-3, and most of Season 4...I missed Season 5 and most of Season 6 and I got back into Season 7....Season 8, however has been touch and go just because i didn't enjoy most of it...

    This episode was an episode I didn't care for....It was decent.

    It was rather boring to me...Not much really happened. The biggest storylines were Chase and Chuck and the airforce and Brooke/Julian Pregnancy secret.

    Brooke me made me laugh with how she was acting....However, I thought there would have been some type of fight when she threw he drink on the girl....

    Maybe not brooke fighting but Alex fighting for her....

    Chuck is a cool kid and I rated it this high just because Chuck saved this episode.

    I'll watch next week but honestly One tree hill has really outgrown itself and i think it needs to end on a good note for Season 8 and just end at Season 8.

    Seems like most everyone is having a happy ending and this is a good place to end.