One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 23

Forever and Almost Always

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2009 on The CW
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Lucas and Peyton's wedding day finally arrives, bringing some surprise guests along with it. Haley finds herself playing an unexpected role in the ceremony, as Skills and Brooke try to control Jamie and Nick. Meanwhile, Nathan continues to hope to be drafted into the NBA.

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  • Lucas and Peyton.

    It was so satisfying to see Lucas and Peyton finally marry in Forever and Almost Always. It's been six seasons in the making and the vows and the ceremony was lovely was a great pay off to all that waiting. Peyton's were especially emotional. I loved that scene between her and Brooke, where she tells her to look after Lucas. It was touching and sad. Then of course the ending, somewhat predictable but still shocking, Peyton starts bleeding and collapses. Horrible end to 'a perfect day' as Peyton put it.

    Julian and Brooke making each other jealous was too silly for me but I did enjoy Julian telling Victoria how it is. That was a great scene and one that made me like him more. Haley and Nathan's 'slutty wedding sex' was amusing. Skills keeping Jamie on a lead was funny too. Chase and Mia was all a bit soppy for me.

    But this episode was just great for Leyton.

  • Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott

    Finally after all these years of things never working out so that Lucas and Peyton can be together they get married. And a prediction Lucas made a long time ago finally comes true...Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott!!! I wanted them to be together from the beginning. From the day I first saw the pilot on September 23, 2006!!

    The wedding was beautiful. I loved her dress. And I loved that Haley was the minister. That was really cool. The vows were incredible. And Jamie and Skills were so funny.

    I love that Lucas invited Julian for Brooke, but it really sucked when he showed up with movie Brooke. They will work it out. Brooke and Julian belong together in the way that Lucas & Peyton and Nathan & Haley do.

    I loved Mia's song at the wedding. It's one of my favorite Kate Voegele songs. I loved the whole slutty wedding sex comments. It was funny. And I loved that Nathan and Haley ended up being the one's to have it.

    And the ending was seriously scary. I haven't been scared much about what could happen to Peyton because I have faith that Mark will not do anything crazy like kill off her character and break the hearts of thousands of fans.moreless
  • It was an episode where Lucas and Peyton finally got married. Nathan considers ending his basketball career. Julian returns to try and work things out with Brooke. In the end Peyton starts to bleed and we are left anxious for next week's episode.moreless

    This episode was pretty predictable. The Leyton wedding was ok, but everybody knew how it was gonna end for Peyton. I didn't really like Haley's jokes when he was a minister for Peyton and Lucas as well as Skills having Jamie on a leash-it got old pretty fast. I loved that Julian was back, he's jokes about Nick Lachey were the best part of the show for me. Brooke I also liked, specially her freakout before the wedding when she found out that Julian brought Missy-it reminded me of Brooke in her good old times. Missy ending up with Nick Lachey was kind of predictable but I think it worked. Julian meeting Victoria was really good, it's gonna be interesting to see whether it had a real effect on Victoria's behaviour.

    The first scene with Nathan and Haley was cute but the one with "slutty wedding sex" I didn't really believe. It looked like those two didn't really have chemistry there.Hopefully it was just this one time. All in all I think the episode was one of the best ones this season but among all the wedding episodes of the show it was one of the worst.moreless
  • Predictable.

    For months we had heard the rumors of P. Sawyer's impending dismissal from the show, so I would not exactly classify the ending of this episode as shocking. I have made my opinions on that character ever so clear and I think the show can only benefit from Hilarie Burton's awful acting no longer being a part of it.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Nick Lachey and Haley, but outside of that not much else. This show is really stagnant right now and to get out of this loop they need something major (and unpredictable) to happen in the season finale.moreless
  • Funny, heart-warming.... excellent!

    This episode had many funny moments (Brooke being jealous right before the wedding and Jamie on a leash, etc), along with the marriage of Leyton (FINALLY! YAH!) Loved every Leyton moment! Also, nice touch on Haley and Nathan having the dirty wedding sex haha! Very scary ending though...Definately had viewers and fans on their toes! Excellent episode! Just want Brooke to let her guard down though! Cannot wait until the season finale next Monday! This is the kind of episode that makes One Tree Hill great and explains why it has so much of a fan base! One of my top favorites!moreless
Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey


Guest Star

Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols

Julian Baker

Recurring Role

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele

Mia Catalano

Recurring Role

Cullen Moss

Cullen Moss

Junk Moretti

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While discussing Nick Lachey, Julian mistakenly says that Nick starred on the show Laguna Beach. Chase then replies that it was "some other tool." Stephen Colletti, the actor who plays Chase, actually starred in the first season of Laguna Beach.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Victoria: You do realize the name of the company is Clothes Over Bros, yes?
      Julian: My father always made me feel like I wasn't good enough. Any time I had any success he would remind me of my failures. I see that in Brooke. She's so talented and good-hearted and beautiful, but she carries around this feeling that she's not good enough. And she has you to thank you for that. Good work.
      Victoria: Are you finished?
      Julian: No, not yet. I love your daughter. I'm in love with her. And one of these days she's gonna love me back and when she does I want you to understand something: you're either gonna learn to be nice to her, or you're not gonna be in her life. Nice to meet you, Victoria. Feels like I've known you all my life.

    • Nathan: I don't know Mouth. Maybe this was just a pipe dream that I needed to let go of at some point. Get on with my life in the real world, you know?
      Mouth: Well, I'm around if you need anything.
      Nathan: Thanks man. See you in there.
      Mouth: Nate, for what it's worth if I could play the game like you can I'd play wherever I could 'til they wouldn't let me play anymore.

    • Julian: Unbelievable.
      Missy: I know, right.
      Julian: She's so not making me jealous with the guy from Dancing With The Stars.
      Missy: No, that was Drew. He was so awesome on that.
      Julian: Whatever, Laguna Beach then.
      Chase: Nah, that was some other tool.

    • Lucas: Sometimes when you look back at your life certain moments stand out: the day you graduated high school, your wedding day, the day you found out you were going to be a father. Most of the time they happen in that order. Most of the time.

    • Nathan: (after noticing Haley) Wow... The Minister is hot!

    • Brooke: I am so pissed right now. That whore stole my man!
      Haley: Okay, but it's their wedding day, so don't you think it's time you let it go?
      Brooke: Not Peyton, you dork. Missy!
      Haley: Who is Missy?
      Brooke: Missy-me, the other Brooke from the movie!
      Haley: Oh, sure, right, yeah. I have no idea what you're talking about.
      Brooke: Okay, focus. Julian is here. He brought Missy, that little slut actress, as his date. He's unbelievable. What is he thinking?
      Peyton: That you said no?
      Brooke: Would the bride like to wear red today?

    • Peyton: Lucas Scott... We've been through so much together. And despite how confused I've been or lost I might have gotten there was always you. Finding me and saving me. You deserve to be adored so that's what we're gonna do, your baby and me. We are going to adore you for years to come. I am so terribly in love with you. And I always will be.

    • Lucas: Peyton, I've loved you since
      the first time i saw you. And this ring and these words are just simply a way to show the rest of the world what has been in my heart for as long as I've known you. I love you, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer. I always have and I always will.

    • Haley: I believe in true love. I believe in love at first sight. I believe love conquers all. And that doesn't mean there's not gonna be hard days or difficult things to deal with, because there will be. But finding that person who does it for you and knowing that person loves you back it just makes everything so much easier. "Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott." That was the dream. And here we are 10 years later and we all get to witness today a dream come true.

    • Lucas: You know, just when I thought it was weird that I'm going graduation, pregnancy, marriage... I remember that you went marriage, pregnancy, graduation. And i just don't feel so bad.
      Haley: Well, I'm glad I can be your weird example.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Saturday, December 12, 2009 on TVNorge

    • Featured Music:
      "Like You Do" by Angel Taylor
      "Innocent" by Aidan Hawken
      "Broken Voices" by Ari Hest
      "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" by Ingrid Michaelson
      "All In My Head" by Nick Lachey
      "99 Times" by Kate Voegele
      "I Can't Fix Us Two" by Katie Costello
      "Sweet Silver Lining" by Kate Voegele
      "Rains Here Too" by Kate York
      "Wedding Dress" by Matt Nathanson


    • Episode Title: Forever and Almost Always

      A song by Kate Voegele (who plays Mia Catalano on the show) from her second studio-album, A Fine Mess.