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    CappinHoff wrote:

    I miss it as well. I stopped watching after season 6 as I felt that was the true series finale. I did catch someepisodeshere and there, but they felt to gimmicky and like they were trying to hard to grab people.

    I have a tendency to watch S1, parts of S2 and S3 and then S4-S6. Occasionally I will watch an epi or 2 from S7-9, but not usually. I love to watch Lucas and Peyton together. I know it is just acting, but he is so gentle and caring with her in their scenes together. I love the episode when they find out that Peyton has placenta previa. I see Lucas' "guilt" reaction to Peyton as how much he loves her ad doesn't want to lose her at any cost. I think it would be a typical first response for any father to be. I love those scenes. I know a lot of fans saw it as over the top, but I found them very touching and very dramatic. But I also love the episodes where they just have fun; the cookie dough fight, the house divided, the vegas trip. I like Naley, but Leyton was and still is my favorite couple on the show. Brucas never worked for me. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it is because ever since the pilot you knew that Leyton was going to be the Ross/Rachel, Donna/David, epic couple that will not be together until the series ended or they left the show. They were always meant to be.

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