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Official Questions Thread - Music, episodes and else!

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    I was confused by that whole thing too. Eveytime I watch s5, Im usually on here asking about what happened w/ N/H/L during those 4 years lol
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    Yea, exactly, me too! I am also left wondering about those characters in those years. Did Haley and Lucas go toMarylandtoo? Mark actually did not do as great of a job filling in those years as he thinks he did. There are several gaps. Haley was valedictorian and dreaming of the Ivy League...why would she end up at a state school?! Sometimes I wish things would have played out differently in that respect. I think Lucas should have taken the fall for the point shaving and Nathan and Haley gone to Duke. At least Duke isprestigious!

    And when Nate was being all like 'oh poor me' I would have loved for Lucas to say something like 'you're talking to ME about not being able to play professional basketball?! Unlike you Nate, I really had no choice in the matter!' I would have just loved to have seen the frustration come out of Lucas. I mean...we saw him be upset over losing basketball for one or two episodes in season 3. And maybe once again when Nathan asked him about it early in season 4 -.-

    Also, it feels like the writers forgot to write the rest of Lucas's basketball career! All we know if he gets suspended, then just like magic he's back coaching again after Q gets shot. And just as suddenly as he came, he disappears again and starts working with Julian on the movie. What is up with that?! So he didn't have a long run..or rather...any run at Raven's coach, nor did he take another coaching job to further his career!

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    haliemeh wrote:

    Hi guys,

    My question is how do they manage to let Lucas have that Chinese tattoo when Chad has a different tattoo in exactlythesame spot! Is the Chinese symbol fake, or something?

    Sorry this is a year later... You are right that Chad has/had a tattoo in the same spot. It is his initials CMM. My guess is that during the games the players arms are exposed and the writers couldn't explain why Lucas Scott would have a tattoo of the initials CMM. So they gave Lucas a tattoo so that during the games it had to be covered (S1 Keith gives him tape to cover it). This gives the wardrobe and makeup artist more freedom and not have to explain why the arm is sometimes covered with tape or a bandage. I am also assuming that Chad would sweat during shooting of the games and it made it difficult to keep the CMM tattoo covered with makeup so they opted for a fake tattoo to explain the tape. However the one thing I don't understand is in S4 during the championship game the Lucas tattoo is not covered and clearly visible. Seems like it would have been easier to continue to cover it with tape rather than re-create the Lucas tattoo... ??

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