One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 3

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW
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Quentin's death brings sorrow to Tree Hill and Haley and Nathan must find the words to help Jamie understand. Brooke continues to hide the truth of her attack which strains her friendship with Peyton and Lucas and Skills meet Quentin's grief-stricken family.

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  • Powerful and emotional.

    Wow. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly was an incredibly emotional episode and one of the shows strongest in a long time.

    While Q wasn't with the show for long, his loss felt huge and that was important. It was so hard having to watch Haley and Nathan tell Jamie that his friend was dead while grieving themselves. It felt and was very sad. It affected everyone; Skills felt empty and Deb was there for him. Lucas blamed himself. Haley got her class to write something about Q and everyone signed his desk in completely moving scenes.

    Tree Hill can be soppy, but this was necessary. One scene that really stood out though was Nathan talking to Brooke and telling her not to be alone with her problems. It was heartfelt and tragic. And that ending...Brooke finally breaks down at the funeral when Jamie puts Q's cape on his coffin. Just very emotional.

    So much worked in this episode that there's too much to discuss. The Nanny Carrie stuff ruined it for me and I can't wait for that storyline to be done already.

    Powerful and emotional. Excellent episode.

  • A Sad, Sad Day in Tree Hill

    It's a sad few days in Tree Hill as they are dealing with the loss of Quentin Fields. Every season there seems to be an episode or two that makes me cry and this is one of them.

    I feel so bad for Jamie. And for Nathan and Haley. That had to have been so hard to explain this to him. And hard for Haley who is still trying to understand it all herself to explain to her students. I love that they all wrote on Q's desk. That was really sweet.

    I loved when Nathan went to Brooke to check on how she is doing. He could tell things have been off for her and wanted to check up her. That was really sweet. I wish they showed them more as friends because they are great together.

    And while I still hate the kidnapping Dan storyline it is nice to know that while Carrie is still a complete psycho at least she has a reason for wanting Jamie.moreless
  • Up Coming New Season..

    So I'm watching the whole series over so i can be ready to see the new and FINAL season when it airs on Jan. 11th and EVERY time I get to this episode I cry like I've never cried before.. I've Never really lost anyone but this episode makes you feel like you've really lost a dear friend. I ball when I see this episode every time, This show Just gets you there makes you feel like your part of the show watching it from the sidelines, I will be So Sad to see it go..moreless
  • Made me CRY

    I've never ever cried about movie, TV series, novel, book and this is the first time I did...

    it was so sad, so emotional, so believable! ! !

    it was such a good episode, episode you can love One Tree Hill for...

    in episodes like this, you can say that they really are one tree hill

    you understand that this is one show that makes real characters

    characters that you can really believe in!

    characters you can love, and

    characters you can care for

    it is one of the best episodes of one tree hill ever

    one of the best episodes all time in TV history

    R.I.P Q - You were just a character, but there are so many people like you out there!moreless
  • This episode was somewhat of a filler, but it did a good job dealing with what it is like to lose someone

    I felt like they only killed Quinton off so that they could have an episode about losing someone. I wish they had found a way to make his death more of a storyline than something random. They could have easily made it so he was trying to protect Brooke from getting robbed or he somehow got involved in trying to stop Carrie. Anyway they did a good job making a sad episode and it was cool to see how much of a difference everyone had made in Q's life. It was also interesting to see how Haley dealt with her class, I really liked how she decided to handle Q's death with them. I also liked how Nanny Carrie had a dead son. It explains why she is doing what she is doing because no one is that crazy without a reason. It also fit well with the main storyline.moreless
Dawnn Lewis

Dawnn Lewis

Denise Fields

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Leland L. Jones

Leland L. Jones


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Jaden Harmon

Jaden Harmon

Andre Fields

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Robbie Jones

Robbie Jones

Quentin Fields

Recurring Role

Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto


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Cullen Moss

Junk Moretti

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The blue rock in front of the school which had Nathan's jersey number (23) now reflects Quentin's number (44) and is being used as a shrine to him.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Peyton: Brooke Davis, have you lost your mind?!
      Brooke: (continues launching clothes in the street) It's my store. They're my clothes. I can do what I want with them.
      Peyton: But what are you doing?
      Brooke: We're having a sale. For one day, and one day only, everything in the store is freaking free!

    • Haley: I don't know what to say to any of you. I didn't know what to say to my 5-year-old son who loved Quentin just as much as many of you do. So if you want to talk about how you're feeling...
      Student: What's the point? I mean, he's gone, right? Some idiot just shot him, and now he's gone forever. So what's the point?
      Haley: There is no point.

    • Dre: I'm gonna be a musician when I grow up.
      Jamie: I'm gonna play basketball.
      Dre: Yeah, I might do that, too. My mom makes the best spaghetti in the world.
      Jamie: My mom makes good macaroni and cheese.
      Dre: My grandpa can whistle really loud.
      Jamie: My grandma Deb wears really tight pants.
      Dre: My favorite animal is a cheetah.
      Jamie: Mine's a rabbit... or a tiger... or a raven.
      Dre: Yeah, a raven.

    • Nathan: Well, not to mention wakes and funerals really creep me out. Yeah, for you, it's clowns. For me, it's old dead guys. You know, my mom's grandfather died when I was around Jamie's age. And so my whole family's at the wake, and we're kneeling in front of the casket. And I'm really scared because there's this old dead guy just a few feet away from me. Anyway, my mom's crying, and my dad... he says a couple of words, and then he leans forward, and he kisses the corpse. And now I'm totally freaked out. And then he turns to me, and he says, "Kiss your great grandfather, son."
      Haley: He didn't make you?
      Nathan: Yeah. It's my dad. Kiss the 100-year-old dead guy in makeup.
      Haley: Dan sucks.

    • Skills: I just feel numb, like I'm in a bad dream, and I just want to wake up. I just want Q to wake up.

    • Peyton: Life's too short, Brooke, to fight, to be miserable, to let the bitter ones change how awesome you are.

    • Haley: (to the students) You know what? You guys asked me what the point was to all of this school and literature... life. And I said there was no a point. And that's not true. What I should have said was, "I don't know," because the truth is, not long ago, I sat right where you are and wondered exactly the same things. When something that tragic, and evil, and unexplainable happens, like losing someone forever... I still wonder... just like you do.

    • Haley: (to the students) This is a literature class, and that's what writers do. We put pen to paper in times of devastating tragedy. And we just try and make sense of it. Maybe we'll find clarity in some of those words. Maybe we'll find peace.

    • Student: (reading what Haley wrote on Quentin's desk) "He who does not weep does not see."

    • Dan: (to Carrie) You lost a son. What was his name? You know you can't replace him with my grandson. Somewhere deep down inside you know he's not coming back. No matter what you do, your son is not coming back.

    • Samantha Walker: Quentin Fields was a basketball player. He was also a son, a brother... Somebody's teammate, somebody's friend. I didn't know Quentin Fields, and I guess now I never will. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore? If you were suddenly gone, how would your world react? Whatever you imagined is wrong. There's nothing romantic about death. Grief is like the ocean... it's deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet, persistent, unfair... Diminished by time and fate and love. I didn't know Quentin Fields, but I'm jealous of him. Because I see how his absence has affected the people that did know him, so I know that he mattered to them, and I know he was loved. People say Quentin Fields was a great basketball player. Graceful, fluid, inspiring. They say on a good night it almost seemed that he could fly... and now he can.

    • Mrs. Fields: I wanted to thank you for standing up for my boy the way you did in that last game. It's a shame that we have to meet like this.
      Lucas: Yes, ma'am, it is.
      Mrs. Fields: Coach Taylor, Quentin always had so many nice things to say about you. And you too, Nathan. I really appreciate you boys coming here. But I mostly wanted to say thank you to this one. nods toward Haley My son has always loved basketball but I got to tell you, When I came home and found him reading a book, it just about gave me a heart attack. He said, Mama, Mrs. James-Scott, she don't play. He said she's almost as bad as you are. I realize that you are all trying to help my boy live up to the greatness God gave him and you should be proud of that.
      Haley: You're strength is inspiring.
      Mrs. Fields: My strength is from Jesus Christ. I am gonna miss my baby boy for the rest of this life... But I know we are gonna see him again and our faith will see us through.

    • Nathan: The thing is, you and I have been down similar roads. We were in the same cliques first. We both felt the same pressures, same expectations. Our parents were like children. And we both grew into kind of bad versions of ourselves way too fast. So I think you know and get it.
      Brooke: They never really gave us a chance did they? Our parents?
      Nathan: They didn't know how. Look the thing is you made your dream happen, all right? And even though I didn't quite get there, when it was taken away from me I dealt with it alone. And it was stupid, and selfish, and wrong. So if your mom tries to take your dream away from you and you feel that same pain like I did, I've sort of been there, okay? And I'm gonna be kinda pissed off if you don't come talk to me about it. Anyway, thank you for coming today. It means a lot. I know you didn't know Quentin, but it doesn't surprise me that you're thinking about other people when all this stuff is going on with you. That's not bad for a girl who never had a chance.

    • Peyton: Oh God, Luke, the wedding can wait. I mean this is what a marriage is, right? The good times and bad? I just wish I could help you somehow.
      Lucas: Peyton, you've helped me so much. without saying a word. And I love you.

    • Jamie: I want to go. Quentin was my friend and I want to say goodbye too.
      Haley: It's gonna be really sad, buddy.
      Jamie: I'm already sad.
      Haley: You're right. Quentin was your friend, and a good one. You should say goodbye.

    • Carrie: When life gives you lemons, don't be a sour puss!

    • Brooke: One out of every five hundred people gets assaulted or raped. There were thirty thousand assaults in our state alone last year. Seven thousand robberies, three thousand murders, six hundred rapes... It's official: Life sucks and then you die. (catches sight of Jamie)... I'm sorry. It's a tragedy. I know it is. I... I'm sorry. Excuse me.

    • (Lucas addresses the team)
      Lucas: Quentin was a great kid. He was the leader of this team, and I know that he was your friend. I wish I could take this pain away. I can't, and I'm sorry.
      Skills: It's okay to feel angry. It's okay to feel pain. It's even okay to hate the person who did this. But when that anger, and that pain, and that hate becomes too much for you, you come see me, Nate or Luke. Understand? We are your family, and we are going to get through this together.
      Nathan: You guys know that Q was working out with me, helping me with my game. And that is how I am going to remember him. Strong, happy, playing the game he loved. I want you all to find your best memories of Q and hold on to them, cause that is where he still lives. And he always will.

    • Haley: I don't know what to say to them. I'm 22 years old and I'm supposed to make sense of this? I can't.
      (Nathan hands her Quentin's copy of Les Miserables)
      Nathan: You reached Quentin. You'll reach them too.

    • Lucas: I feel like I let him down. I asked him to be a good example and a good teammate. And then I go and get suspended?!
      Skills: Yeah, but you was defending him though.
      Lucas: I was failing him... he's got a little brother. He's got parents.
      Skills: How does a mother ever breathe again?

    • Brooke: I can't have people coming and going like it's some kind of Rachel Gatina crack den!

    • Nathan: No, he's not okay. He... His body stopped working, and he's gone now. He's gone to heaven, okay? And we're not gonna be able to see him anymore.
      Jamie: What about the Ravens? Isn't he gonna play anymore?
      Haley: Jamie, he died honey, he can't play anymore. Mommy and daddy are incredibly sad about it, so it's ok if you are sad too. But I know that he loved you very much, and I know that you are going to miss him, but we are really going to miss him too.
      Jamie: But what about his cape?
      Haley: Jamie, honey. Listen to me.
      Jamie: He's going to like it. You'll see.

    • Brooke: What do you want Peyton? What is it that you are doing here?
      Peyton: I came here to tell you that one of Lucas' best ball players was killed last night. Quentin Fields. Luke's a mess. I just thought you'd want to know.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: December 8, 2008 on TV3+
      Philippines: February 18, 2009 on ETC
      Norway: Saturday, July 25, 2009 on TVNorge
      Australia: Saturday, October 24, 2009 on Channel Ten
      Latin America: June 11, 2010 on Canal FOX

    • Featured Music:
      "A Brittle Filament" by The One AM Radio
      "Some Streets Lead Nowhere" by Matthew Ryan
      "Feels Like Letting Go" by Matthew Perryman Jones
      "Some Streets Lead Nowhere" (Instrumental) by Matthew Ryan
      "Small Things" by The Audreys
      "Shine Your Light On Us" by Robbie Seay Band
      "Memories (All We Need)" by The Sequel
      "Further to Fall" by Dan Craig
      "Quiet In My Town" by Civil Twilight

    • When the executive producers are credited at the end, their names are written in a black font on a white background, while usually it's reversed.

    • Although credited, Lisa Goldstein (Millicent) and Lee Norris (Mouth) don't appear in this episode.