One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 13

Hanging By A Moment

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2004 on The CW

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  • Karen comes home

    Lucas and Peyton deal with what happened between them in the previous episode. They both want to be with each other, but don't know what to say to Brooke. Haley sees them kissing and confronts Lucas about it which ends up in a fight.

    Nathan and Haley also end up in a fight when he tells her the only reason he went out with her in the first place was to mess with Lucas.

    Karen's coming home from Italy and Keith is nervous because they kissed before she left. He has a couple beers a few hours before he goes to pick her up. On the way to the airport Keith and Lucas get into a really bad car accident. Lucas is knocked unconscious. Dan witnesses the whole thing and rushes them to the hospital where he gives the doctor permission to operate on Lucas by telling them he is his father.

    The cutest part of the episode was Nathan trying to teach Haley to make a free throw. It was so sweet!!

  • Hanging By a Moment

    This is the first One Tree Hill Episode I've watched. I was appalled by the sheer lack of substance. It's definitely a soap opera dressed up as a show for high schoolers. This is not reflective of what high school is even like, and the poor morals displayed are literally heartbreaking. The magnitude of relationships that are based on 'feelings' is not only inappropriate, but also a very poor example to viewers. America needs to move past their 'if it doesn't make me happy, it must not be right'. The whole Lucas and Peyton thing made me cringe. I can honestly not understand what moves people to continually watch this show. You may not understand how much what you pollute your mind with will seep into your life, but I promise you it's more than you'd like to know. Lord, if this is what our high schoolers are really like and what they really watch, please help them.

    I watched it for an assignment (I'm in college), and will never watch it again.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill on the way to the air port keith gets into accident and lucas is tring to fight for his life in there and dan must say he is the father to save lucas life. also in this ep emotions are high between peyton and brook so peyon who feels guitly decides to tell brook about the kiss she shared with lucas when they went to see the remains if they were his. this was a good ep i thought . and that is why igave it a 9 it was that good
  • Lucas and Keith in car accident. Karen comes back. Deb decides to divorce Dan. Dan finally admits Lucas is his son when Lucas needs emergency surgery.

    Oh man. This episode was amazing. When Lucas and Keith get hit, it just hits me in the gut. It makes me cry when Dan tells the doctor that Lucas is his son. Haley and Nathan great together, so far, until Nathan screws it up. Peyton and Lucas cute together, and Lucas wants to tell Brooke. Haley angry at Lucas because Lucas kissing Peyton while still with Brooke. Keith drinking before car accident upsets me, because he shouldn't have been drinking- Keith admits to Deb how he feels about karen.... but never gets a chance to tell Karen himself. Awesome show!
  • Season 1, Episode 13.

    On their way to pick up Karen from the airport, Keith and Lucas' car collides with an oncoming vehicle and an unconscious Lucas is left fighting for his life. Having witnessed the accident, Dan races Lucas to the hospital and must acknowledge that Lucas is his son in order to save his life. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Peyton decides to tell Brooke about the kiss she and Lucas shared. Cool episode! I liked when Lucas wouldn't wear the necklace. I also liked Haley's little basketball dream. I think they'll use any excuse to get James Lafferty naked. I liked when he was teaching Haley how to shoot a basket. Brooke is so hot. I feel so bad for her. :( Great episode.
  • Hanging by a Moment is the thirteenth episode of the first season of and of the whole series. This episode aired on February 10, 2004 on the WB. In this episode we see one of the first omg moments when Lucas and Keith got in a crash.

    This episode to me is average because the whole crash was shocking but only the aftermath was important. I mean I didn't get why the main character got in a crash in the first season. It would be unique to kill him off in the first season but the show would then have fewer reviews. Well I like the fact that finally Dan admits to being Lucas' father. I really didn't get Peyton in this episode because she doesn't care about her best friend or the guy she supposedly likes. Well Brooke is really understanding in the episode and I like her more then Peyton in this episode.
  • unbeleivable!!

    it is one of those episodes that are unexpected and very inpredictable! i just could not beleive that the episode has to end with lucas fighting for his life and dan being actually helpful!! it is not so comforting to leave things and events of those people at this point where nothing is certain! what a huge shock would be for lucas's mum karen to know her only son is fighting for his life!! and to know also that her love, keith, was the cause of it!! also what would be a surprise is brooke's shock when she knows about the secret kiss which will no longer be a secret from payton!! and hayley suffers from losing a bestfriend after having a fight with lucas when she knows about that accident!!
  • Exciting!

    While at the beach house, Dan meets a woman and invites her over for dinner. While she is there, Deb comes in and sees Dan and the woman. She says that she wants a divorce. Peyton decides that they should tell Brooke the truth. Haley and Lucas have a fight about Lucas's behavior. Karen is coming home, but on the way to pick her up, Keith and Lucas get into a car accident where Lucas is injured badly. Dan happens to be there and rushes them to the hospital.

    This was a great episode! Dan is a big jerk! Getting caught with a woman, he's so dumb! He shouldn't even had her over in the first place. This episode gets a 10!
  • wow

    luke gets in to a fight with haley about him peyton and brooke deb tells dan she wants to divorce him .dan saving lucas life keith casing a car crash ruening his chances with karen haley tells nathan about the fight she and lucas had he lets it slip the only reason he asked her to toutr him was to get back at Lucas. Peyton's clouse to telling brooke about her and lucas is intaroped by the news of the car crash keith faces off with dan before drinking and driving Brooke goes to see Lucas in the hospetial!
  • Wow

    What a powerful episode. Peyton and Lucas finally come to terms on how they feel for one another. The kiss in the library which Haley sees. Lucas and her get into an argument which Haley says "dont ever speak to me again". The part that got me teared up is when Dan finally showed he had a heart and rushed Lucas to the hospital and acknowledged that he was Lucas's father. Very powerful.
    Im starting to feel bad for Brooke. She is really falling for Lucas and he doesnt feel the same about her. The next episode is just as good maybe even better.
  • One Tree Hill Hanging By a Moment

    Deb decides to get a divorce with Dan. Peyton and Lucas go behind Brooke's back, but Peyton decides that she wants to tell Brooke about them and their relationship. Keith goes to see Dan, but then him and Dan sort of get into another fight. Keith goes to see Deb at Karen's Cafe and he drinks a beer. Then while he and Lucas go to pick up Karen at the airport, a car collides into their car and hits the passenger side, where Lucas is sitting. Dan had witnessed the car accident, and he ran to help Keith and Lucas out of the car. He calls the police, but it's busy so he decides to rush them to the hospital. He tells the doctors that Lucas is his son, so Lucas will be able to undergo surgery to save his life. Keith only has a few bruises and a concussion.
  • Lucas and Keith get in a car crash and Dan manages to save Lucas

    The end of this episode was so exciting. They were just driving along and then they got into what could have been a fatal car accident. I could not believe how Dan brought Lucas to the hospital and told them he was his father. The whole event was so shocking and it was a great cliff hanger. It was also interesting to see Lucas and Peyton try to tell Brooke about how they feel. The accident really complicated the whole situation. In this episode, I also thought it was really cute how Nathan convinced Whitey to keep coaching. It is great to see Nathan becoming a better person. The storyline with Deb and Dan was not as good as everything else going on in the episode, but it was still interesting to see how their marriage may end in the near future.
  • In therapy with Deb, who by now wants a divorce, Dan tells he cut Lucas out of his life like a trapped man amputates his arm to survive. Haley gets basketball lessons (to pass PE) from patient Nathan, who to everyone's relief is back with the Ravens.

    This is one of the best shows i have watched in a long time. It so great. It can be so heart touching and then p*** you have the next moment. It just one of those shows that touch a person. If you have not started watching it, then you should. Get the background and find out what as happened and start watching you will get hooked i promise.

    Normally, I just scoff at shows of this nature, but I happened to watch the pilot episode while working on a project because the TV was already on the WB channel from the previous show. Next thing you know I was wrapped up in this show, which seems to be the best of the genre. For once, this is one that doesn't borrow from 90210 or My So Called Life, yet seems to make its own direction. Sure, it is still has the cliches...28 year old, socially evolved high school students with attractive 32 year old parents, but once you get over this, the show really shines! I hope it has a future, although I doubt it will last very long since the OC is getting all of the buzz simultaneously.
  • I just hate when they end an episode like that!

    Life just isn't fair, is it? You fall in love, you feel happy after a long time but that other person doesn't fell the same. You feel like the two of you are ment to be together, like 'the people who are ment to be together end up together'. But how can you know are you really ment to be with someone? Because of a feeling deep in your stomach? Because your heart is telling you that? Or are you just blinded by those feelings and can't se that all your hopes are fallse? That just isn't fair, but no one told us life is fair. And it isn't. Brooke has changed, and she is falling in love with Lucas so bad that she would do anything for him. And what about Lucas? He feels something like that, but for Peyton. She feels the same for him. They can't fight it and won't. But Brooke is going to end with a broken heart. It isn't fair, but thats the only way it can go. And that is how it's ment to be. And you know that feeling like something big is about to happen? And finaly when you are so close to that aomething else unplaned happens and ruins it all! Keith thought his life is going to change when Karen comes back and that his dreams are gonna come true. But, destiny had other plans. That car accident is going to put eveything on hold, and maybe close every door to happines for him. What about Lucas? His life is in the hands of destiny. We have to wait to see what is going to happen to him. And why do things like this happen? Well, life just isn't fair...
  • Lucas and Keith are in a car accident when they go to get Karen.

    I thought that this was a very good episode. I think that it was sweet to see that Keith was nervous about Karen coming home with how they left things when she went on her trip. I thought that it was great to see Lucas and Haley fighting because she seen Lucas kissing Peyton. It was even better when Nathan told Haley that their relationship started because he was trying to mess with Lucas. The look on her face was priceless. I did not like that Peyton was going to tell Brooke about her and Lucas. I think that they should tell her together. I was bascially in tears when i seen the car accident scene. I thought that it was a nice thing that Dan did put bringing them to the hospital and give the ok for Lucas's surgury that was a shocker he finally claim Lucas as his own.
  • Oh nO! Lukass!

    Keith is really nervous about Karen coming back so he has a few drinks in the cafe. Thinking that a few drinks woudn't be any harm. On their way to teh airport, Keith and Lukas get bumped by a car. Dan was on the same intersection. He brought Lukas in his car and brought him to the hospital. The only way doctors could save Lukas' life is with surgery. But they needed teh approval of a parent. Dan being Lukas' father said he was (wow that was heroic, but where were you the best 17 years?) Brooke rushes to the hospital, but Payton does too...
  • This episode was so well written and so powerful to the aduience

    This episode was so well written and so powerful to the aduience. Everyone was left disappointed, naley fans Lucas fans, Brucas fans, and Leyton fans.
    Lucas and Peyton finally declare their feelings for each other, then face the agonizing chore of telling Brooke. On their way to get Karen at the airport, keith and Lucas have an accidnet that leaves Lucas fighting for his life
  • Everything hits the fan in this episode, even though some characters don't realize it yet.

    This episode was a real turning point for all the characters on the show. Karen is returning and Keith is nervous as all heck about it; therefore he has a couple beers to calm his nerves before taking Lucas to pick up Karen at the airport.

    Haley catches Lucas kissing Peyton in secret, which leads to a big blow out between our two favorite best friends; they really hash it out here, it was a great scene between these two evolving characters. Then, Nathan lets it slip to Haley that he went after her in the beginning to mess with Lucas. Wow. And to top everything off, Peyton decides to tell Brooke about her and Lucas. Things are building up to an ugly head!

    On the adult front, Deb and Dan now officially have no chance and Dan is pretty upset about it. Love getting those redeeming moments from him; they're great. You see the deep down love Keith and Dan have for each other, which is really nice.

    So what happens? Keith and Lucas are in an accident on the way to the airport. This disrupts all the major storylines of the whole show; Dan witnesses the accident and is the one to save Lucas' life, finally admitting he is Lucas' father as he's the only one who can give consent to life-saving surgery. Greatness. We finally get a real glimpse at how much Dan does love Lucas! I love it.

    You know the phone call about Lucas will come into play timing wise between Haley and Nathan, and Peyton and Brooke. And poor Karen! The night she returns, she returns to this. Ack. High high drama. Love it.

    Great episode. Actually, the first episode I ever watched! I was immediately hooked, especially after the next episode.