One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 10

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • Episode 910

    A near perfect, flawless episode of One Tree Hill tonight. It was full of intense drama, hilarious interactions with Dan, Chris and Julian, and the resolution to the season long arc with Nathan being held in captivity. It was a fast-paced episode that saw suspense, not just strong writing, but legitimate suspense and fear for these characters for the first time all year.

    The Quinn and Clay scenes were a dud, but other than that a very well-done episode.
  • Whoa one of the most intense episodes of the final season!

    Wow this episode was amazing!

    Everyone was so great.

    I loved Dan's drill sergeant/ leadership role with Julian and Chris Keller.

    Once again Chris Keller and Julian added incredible levity to this dark and adrenaline pumped episode!

    I am so glad that Nathan was finally released form his captors it was such a amazing sequence seeing Dan go into the warehouse taking out all of the bad guys so cool!

    Clay's conversation with his dead wife inter-cut with Hayley's watching old videos of Nathan and Dan's ultimate rescue of him was so great!

    Brooke's confrontation with Xavier it was intense and not over the top which I appreciated so much. Tara's redemption in helping Brooke FINALLY made me like her!

    I really hope this isn't the last we see of Dan especially after all of the good he's finally done!

  • Nathan is rescued!!!

    So i gave this episode a 10 rating, but my personal opinion, it definitely deserved much a 20 but it doesnt go up that high! This episode was amazing amazing amazing. I was literally jumping up and down through the whole thing.

    Dan/Chris/Julian- Their scenes were amazing. I think the Chris/Dan duo made the episode so much more exciting. Both of their humor together was just simply priceless! That moment of truth about Chris keller and haley was great. Chris keller now can't deny that he has a thing for haley. Also, Loved Dan's comment to chris about singing one of his songs to drive the guards away. That just made me laugh. It was a great Dan Scott one-liner. And Chris, well he is Chris keller. Anything he says makes anyone laugh just because it is him who said it. It was great to hear his signature exit line of "Chris kellers work here is done". Made me smile.

    Dan/Nathan- their scenes were great as well. When Dan was gunning down all those guys and then dimitri came in and shot the "Nathan" in the chair, for a split second there i actually thought it was really nathan and not the drug dealer, but then it hit me that he wont die. It was nice to see Nathan call Dan dad and not "Dan". I guess Dan rescuing Nathan helped Nathan forgive Dan for everything because the Nathan and Dan we saw before he left for europe was a totally different one we saw in last nights episode.

    At the end of the episode when Julian came and knocked the cop in the head, i was not expecting that really. But i am glad it happend because i was kinda upset that Dan didnt include him when they got to the warehouse.

    I am hoping in next episode we see Nathan thank Julian and even Chris for being part of rescuing him. Even though Nathan has forgiven Chris for what happened in high school, he still doeesnt like him. So maybe after this, he will see Chris as a "friend" because we all know that Chris wants to be Nathan's friend.

    Now onto the Brooke/Xavier/Tara thing- Poor Brooke, she always gets stuck in these types of situations. Psycho derek in s4, attack by Xavier in s5, xavier attack in s6, and now in season 9 she deals with him again. Now Tara and Brooke, i am kinda glad that Tara finally realizd what she was dealing with. I hated how she treated Brooke after she warned her how dangerous he was.

    I loved this episode and the funny thing is, one reason it might have been an awesome is because it didnt include Chase/Chuck or Mouth/Millie. This episode needed to be just the main people. I am looking forward to next weeks episode!!! But i am getting more and more upset as it gets closer to the end. There are only 3 more episodes EVER. :(

  • The Final Four!!!

    I can't believe that this was the first of the final four episodes EVER of One Tree Hill!! It doesn't seem real. I've been with this show from the beginning and now after this episode we only have three left!!

    Nathan: Finally!!! Nathan is safe!! My heart couldn't take much more even though I knew he would be safe. I knew in my heart he would be okay and that Dan would save him, but I've still been an emotional wreck watching and waiting every week. And seeing him with Dan was so sweet and I loved when he called him Dad which he hasn't done in awhile.

    Dan: I never thought I would ever say it, but during this episode I found myself saying several times, "I love you, Dan Scott!" I've hated the guy from the beginning and even hoped he would die after the heart attack and the fire, but now I don't want him to. I'll never forgive him for killing Keith, but he took a bullet for Nathan and saved his life. In the preview he looks okay. He is sitting up in the hospital bed, but you never know. This is Tree Hill after all.

    Haley: For only having like 2 lines in the whole episode, she still broke my heart. I would have gone nuts just waiting around the house like that so I don't know how she did it. And Joy was just incredible, but she always is. But with just all her facial expressions and the tears and watching those videos she gave so much in her performance without saying a word. And if Nathan hadn't been rescued in this episode I could kill Mark Schwahn for that ending. I imagine Nathan is on the other end of that phone call because I assume Julian called her when he was dialing the phone and then handed it to Nathan.

    Brooke: Wow!! I was so terrified for her!! I'm sure that even without Tara she could have gotten out of the situation because she is tough and knows how to take care of herself. But I am glad Tara showed up and now realizes how right Brooke was about Xavier. I am wondering though where this parking garage came from and why Brooke would park there instead of on the street in front of the cafe?

    Julian/Chris: I loved Julian in this episode. He really wanted to help but Dan was right in sending him away. I am glad he came back in the end and hit the cop in the head. Although I think it would have been funny if it was Chris who came back. I loved Chris in this episode, too, but then I've loved him this whole season. When he ran over the bad guy with the car and then ran off saying "Chris Keller's work here is done" I busted out laughing. It was perfect and classic Chris Keller.

    Clay/Quinn: So sweet! I just want them to get married already and be one big happy family with Logan.

    Two other great lines from this episode were both said by Dan. I loved when he said "Dan Scott doesn't like this either!" So funny to hear him use third person. And when he told Chris to sing the guard one of his songs to drive him away like he did most of his fans was brilliant. I also really liked that Dan and Chris both called each other out. Dan about Chris' feelings for Haley and Chris about Dan having to leave when Nathan comes home.

    Overall this was an amazing episode. It was perhaps the best so far and will definitely be high on my list of overall favorites for the the series. And I agree with the reviewer below me. It deserves higher then a 10!!!