One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 14

Holding Out for a Hero

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on The CW

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  • OMG! Seems like Charmed all over again.

    I can't believe what happened to OTH. It used to be the best show ever, with intriguing stories and REALISTIC storylines - death mums, point shaving, school shooting & love triangles. And now we have OTH superheroes? Come on. The writers managed to ruin my favourite TV show. For me it should have ended in S6 when it was still at it's peak. It all went downhill after that, including the ratings. The writers started to lack orignality and imagination and this is the result!!!!
  • Super Heroes in Tree Hill

    Not one of my favorite episodes of One Tree Hill, but it was fun. I like that we had this fun episode between the wedding and Valentine's Day.

    It was cool having the 3 girls all pretending to be super heroes and helping out that girl. Brooke was hilarious. Keeping it a secret from Julian and having sort of a disguise by wearing her glasses at the end.

    Clay was awesome the way he stood up to Kellerman. That was so cool.

    And I loved Alex's song. Jana Kramer has an amazing voice.
  • 814

    I have never seen the movie Kick Anus, it does not really appeal to me, but One Tree Hill did a good job of utilizing its plot to its advantage here tonight. The idea of Brooke, Haley and "God help us by having Katie come back and kill her" Quinn acting as super heroes is so ridiculous that it actually worked here. The trio had some funny scenes here, and I am going to miss that Brooke and Haley chemistry if the show really is over.

    I am so tired of this Mia and Alex feud, but the song by Alex was quite good, I have to question how much of it was even close to her actual voice though.

    Good episode here. Funny, and unique.