One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 9

How a Resurrection Really Feels

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on The CW

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  • Big episode!!

    Woah, if there was ever a big episode of the season so far it is How a Resurrection Really Feels. Couples reunited. Dan's arsonist was revealed. And storylines were continued and opened.

    Haley and Nathan finally get back together after a pretty funny episode where Nathan plays poker with Chris Kellar who makes him realise how much Haley means to him. Their reuniting scene was very sweet and it paid off after all the build up. Brooke distracts herself from Lucas by creating her own clothing line - this is the starts of a massive storyline that will go on for seasons to come. BUT I did like how she finally made herself vulnerable and gave Luke the letters. Their kiss was very sweet too with them saying that they love each other.

    Deb is revealed to be the one who set the fire and poisoned Dan! Nice reveal in that in tied in with Dan becoming mayor. Oh, and Peyton seeing herself as the angel of death was quite amusing. Good way to get her to go and find Ellie. And 'Chris Kellar's work here is done' he's so funny and a big part of the show - and he got Nathan and Haley back together.

    So a big episode that was one of the best this season.

  • <3 Naley <3

    Tree Hill chooses it's new mayor and for some reason they chose Dan. God help them all!!

    Peyton and Brooke get arrested for taking the clothes from Suburban Filth and Haley gets arrested for wearing it. Haley convinces Brooke to continue making clothes, but this time to sell them herself on a website and Clothes over Bro's is born!!!!!

    Peyton is dealing with guilt over sending Ellie away and decides to look her up so she can go see her. Nathan and Chris go riverboat gambling. It's so fun watching them together. Chris is all about fun and seems to want to be friends with Nathan, but Nathan just can't stand him. I loved Chris' exit line "Chis Keller's work here is done." I'm glad he is leaving, but I'm actually going to miss hm. We finally find out her tried to kill Dan. It was Deb, but he doesn't know it. He thinks it was someone else. Deb decides to leave so that she can be safe in case Dan finds out it was her.

    Brooke comes clean to Lucas about how she really spent her summer and they finally get back together. It's so sweet that she wrote all those letters and I'm glad she finally gave them to him.

    And if the rest of the episode sucked I would still give this one a 10 because of the very end with Nathan and Haley. Nathan asks her to stay and she gets to see that he has been wearing his ring around his neck. So cute!!!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill it is reaveald to lucas who final tried to kill dan and he goes and confronts the guilty party and peyton and brook and haley are in jail and peyton shows her consince while in there and the town of tree hill will final choose there mayor this was a good ep i thougth and it was very exciting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower for its intensity and for its suspence one whats going to happen when lucas finds the person who tried to kill dan and other things that made the ep really good
  • Season 3, Episode 9.

    It is revealed that Lucas knows who tried to kill Dan and he confronts the guilty party. Brooke, Peyton and Haley find themselves behind bars. Peyton finds her guilty conscience on the surface. Chris Keller convinces Nathan to be his wingman at a high-stakes poker game. The residents of Tree Hill finally choose a mayor. I liked this episode, a lot. The whole jail thing in the beginning rocked. :) Lucas made Brooke wait in jail for another 10 minutes. Hehe that was wicked. I like that Lucas got hurt this time, not Brooke. It evens out. Definitely a good episode. "Clothes Over Bros" is used for the first time! :)
  • Loved it!

    Haley, Brooke, and Peyton get arrested for stealing Brooke's designs from the store. Haley suggests that Brooke start her own clothing line. Brooke does and it's called Clothes Over Bros. The voting is here for mayor! Karen and Dan go head to head. Dan thinks that Karen is the one who tried to kill him. It turns out to be Deb. Lucas knows because he saw her drive away from the scene of the crime. Nathan and Chris go to a poker game when Chris tells him that he lost all his money for Haley's demo. Peyton's subconscious comes to her and convicts her about Ellie. Dan wins the title of mayor. Deb leaves. Nathan and Haley get back together finally! Brooke and Lucas also get together!

    This was a great episode! I'm so glad that Nathan and Haley are back together! I'm also happy about Lucas and Brooke! It's cool how Brooke made her own line of clothing! We finally find out who tried to murder Dan! I'm not that surprised that it was Deb, but I would've guessed Keith. Chris was nice in the end, but he is a jerk. This episode gets 10 out of 10 from me!
  • nathan and Chris compete in a high stakes poker game. haley, brooke and peyton are arrested. dan is the new mayor.

    I really enjoyed this episode, it is one of my favourites in season 3.
    the nathan/chris parts of this ep were seriously funny. The "road trip" part was great and the weirdos at the poker game were....disturbing. But in a good way!!
    Chris is brilliant in this ep, I used to hate him because he broke up Naley, but he is a great charactar!
    the look on haley's face when the cops show up is priceless!!she yelled,"BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE!!!" lol
    In this episode we find out deb started the dealership fire, which surprised me. We also find out the new mayor of tree hill is dan scott (surprise surprise.)
    Naley FINALLY get back together (one of the reasons why i love this ep!!)
    There is also some cute Brucus scenes that are nice too.
    overall a great episode, I loved every minute.
  • To see Haley's face when the police are standing at the door is classic. hehehe :) The shock on her face.Funny, funny scene.

    To see the girls in orange is not very appealing, but is mighty funny. Not to mention to see Brooke stay behind after the others got out, very enertaining. The biggest shock is that Deb was the one that tried to kill Dan! :O Scene with Nathan are so sweet. he love Haley soo much. All the things that he does for her for her career. And Nathan punch Chris just topped of this eppie. I just can't stand Chris. He is such a jerk and a womaniser. First, Haley then Brooke. But is was quite funny at the Poker table that he was afraid of the little person.
  • Season 3 Episode 9

    Brooke, Haley and Peyton behind bars was definitely a highlight. When Haley claimed she couldn't believed she got arrested for wearing a stolen tank top and Brooke was like "Well, you should've done your laundry!".

    Nathan and Chris Keller's story line was great either. It was so funny when they were stuck in the middle of nowhere, Nathan was freaking out and Chris couldn't help but strum his guitar, saying nonchalantly "Alright, not bad". Chris simply cracks me up.

    Peyton and her dark conscience was a good part, as well. She does need to deal with Ellie. After all, Peyton was the one drawing "Sometimes they come back", wasn't she? :D
  • Dan wins the mayor election. We learn that Deb is the one that tried to kill Dan in the fire. Nathan and Chris work together for Haley's music. Nathan and Haley spend the night together,Lucas and Brooke are officially together and Peyton is stressed out.

    I think this episode is AMAZING!!! It's a true testiment to Brooke and Lucas, their scene is amazing. Nathan and Haley are adorable when they reconnect. I like seeing Peyton conflicted. I prefer the characters much better in this season than in the 4th season (definitely Peyton, Lucas and Brooke)!
  • Fabulous!Perfect Title too...Really was a Resurrection

    One Word: Fabulous One of my all time favorite episodes. Plus the song title really fit the episode. Chris Kellers parts were really amazing. He had me cracking up the whole time. Especially when He was like i can be honest i kissed Haley at the masquerade and he walks up to him and punches him. Then he said something else and he hits him and then another and he hits him and the last time he hits him he is like stop hitting me and Nate is like "Stop kissing my wife" Then Nathan asks Haley to stay [Oh so cute]... Resurrection for sure plus Brooke and Lucas?? They are together to. Great episode... I give my thanks to the writers for making such a good episode
  • This would be one of the best episodes ever!

    The beginning starts with Peyton, Brooke and Haley getting arrested - which is a hilarious start to the episode and Brooke and Haley's snipping creates many laughs.
    Lucas' choice to leave Brooke in jail for a few extra minutes is a genius thought and left me laughing.

    The best part of the episode came from the scenes with Brooke and Lucas. It was a pivotal episode for the pair; who after Brooke's betrayal finally reunite. Brooke's heartbreaking speech and Sophia's acting bring the scene together and Chad provides excellently the ability to view Lucas' hurt, before bringing the scene to a climax where he forgives the girl he loves and declares his feelings to her.

    An amazing episode that I could watch time and time again. A definite favourite!
  • Peyton Brooke and Haley are arrested.

    Oh my I absolutly loved this episode it was really funny from the begining to the end. I thought that it was great that all the money that Nathan and Dan gave to Chris he lost it in a poker game the asked Nathan to get it back. It was funny to see Nathan's reaction to everything Chris was saying to him. Finally we found out that Deb was the one who started the fire at the dealership. I was sad that Karen lost the election to Dan what was the town thinking when they were voting for mayor. It was really funny that Peyton Brooke and Haley were arrested for taking the clothes that suburban filth stole from Brooke.
  • Amazing

    The episode starts with Lucas not talking to Brooke as he cannot believe she slept with Chris Keller. Brooke is in a rather bad way as she realises she really loves Lucas and now its too late. Dan and Karen go head to head in the race to be crowned Mayor. Brooke realises what she must do and gives all the letters she wrote during her summer to Lucas, he runs out after her and tells her he forgives her and they both say that they love each other. Dan is declared Mayor and Lucas tells Deb that he knows that it was her who tried to kill Dan, Deb takes this has her chance to leave Tree Hill and get away from Dan.

    I loved this episode. I really loved the name of it. “How A Resurrection Really Feels”. Its so meaningful. Like they’re all getting another chance, their relationships get a resurrection. I really loved how at the end when Haley and Nathan are about to have sex/make out when he takes his shirt off and his ring is on the chain around his neck near his heart and then the grasp hands. I nearly cried. In fact I think I did cry. I love Naley. Also Brooke and Lucas. Those two… *shakes head* are meant to be. Hate to say it Peyton. But they are just simply awesome to me and they have these declarations to each other that are just so heartfelt.
  • Brucas episode! Deffenitly loved it! This is one of my favorite episode ever.

    Brucas episode! Deffenitly loved it! This is one of my favorite episode ever. In the beggining of the episode, I'd say, I wouldn't have believed the end (lucas forgiving Brooke) but, I really don't mind it! lol. Of course, I knew he was going to forgiive her but I thought they were going to leave us with a cliffhanger with pucass... I'm always thinking that the worst will happen because, pucass is the worst of the worst!

    I also liked Chris in this episode. But, back with brucas, I think that it is sad how things have change now in season 4 because, after this episode, anyone would of say that they were going to end up together(I still say that by the way). But right now he's with Peyton. Mark Shwhan (or whatever his family name) sucks when it comes to pucaasss!
  • Brook, Haley and Peyton are imprisoned. Nathan and Keller has to win back the money Keller lost. Peyton feels guilt. Brook designs a 'clothes over bros' label. Dan is elected mayor. Deb 's actions are revealed and nathan and haley become closer.

    A good episode that many will enjoy. It was very clever to use peyton's angel of death character to reveal to us how much guilt Peyton is feeling. Keller continues to be the "cough, idiot, cough" he has always been but at the end when he trades in his guitar i started to admire him. Poor Brooke, tries to do the right thing but not suceeding. Well done to Lucas for accepting Brooke at the end. i really like how their relationship is developing. Brooke is also developing into a very good character. Dan as mayor, i only have one comment, "One Tree Hill will not cope." Bad luck Karen.
  • An AMAZING episode where Dan becomes mayor, Deb and Chris leave, Nathan and Haley reconnect, Peyton finally gets rid of her conscience, and Lucas forgives Brooke.

    This is one of my favorite episodes where we find out who wins the race for mayor, and it's Dan. Deb's secret for starting the fire in the dealership is discovered and she leaves town. Chris and Nathan go on a crazy roadtrip that ends with Chris being a good guy who leaves town for good. Peyton deals with her inner-self and tries to find out what happened to Ellie and where she went. Nathan and Haley finally begin to forgive each other and spend the night together again, finally! After the 3 girls, Haley, Peyton, and Brooke end up in jail for taking Brookes desgned clothes back, Brooke finally talks to Lucas. At first he is unwilling to listen but by the end she gives him her letters and he forgives her for sleeping with Chris, in one of my favorite scenes ever.
  • Deb is found out, Brucas and Naley are back in action, Deb and Chris leave and Peyton's subconcious is hilarious. The girls all end up in prison and to top it all off....clothes over bros is in!!! Oh and Halo is played in this episode!

    Okay....another amazing episode but I have to say this was difinately one of my top three One Tree Hill episodes EVER!!!

    Let's start with....Deb! Now I always thought that she poisoned Dan but I reckoned that someone else set light to the show room....but we found out it was Deb! And now she's left! I have to admit as much as I hated her last season she has become such a great character recently so I hope she hasn't left Tree Hill for good....but then again I'm sure she knows that there in only "one Tree Hill" (except for the mountain in Australia!).

    Now...Peyton's subconcious! I think this was a very original idea and I loved how it was Peyton in her Angel of Death costume. It was sad but also hilarious...such an amazing idea!!! Oth keeps going up and up in my books.

    Next to Brucas!!!!!! I have waited long enough for this day! It was so sad when Brooke was talking about how she realised that she could never have Lucas after what she did and then she gave him the letters! It was so sad I cried!!! But I love how they are back together!

    Now another pair who I would have never seen coming is the bond between Chris and Nathan! I loved the bit when they were on their "road trip!" and how it was jammed on Holiday by Dr. Kosmos which has to be one of my all time favourite songs ever!!! And then when we find out Chris can't swim and he looses all his money but all he cares about is his guitar! Shows us how much he loves it. And then when Nathan keeps punching him "you see that's why I never tell the truth!" and "I'll stop kissing her when you start"!

    NALEY!!! Omdzz I cannot believe it! I am over the moon and can't say more than that!!! Score!!!!

    Chris was soo sweet when he sold his guitar for Haley's career!!! I hope he comes back!!! I love Tyler Hilton and he is too talented to leave Tree Hill.

    Lastly I have to say Halo is one of Bethany Joy Lenz's best songs ever! She is such an amazing singer and so full of talent....No1 fan!!!

    So all in I don't think any TV series can match up to this, move over The O.C. and Friends!!! xxx
  • great

    in this episode everything seemed to fall into the right place. Nathan and chris were hilarious in this episode. chris ended up leaving but in a good place with nathan. Although dan unfortunatley became the mayor of tree hill, deb was able to get out of tree hill thanks to the help of lucas who saw her try to kill dan. Brooke was really hurting in this episode but shemade a great fashion line to stop thinking about lucas. in the end of the episode, she and lucas got back together. Haley and nathan also got back together and it was really nice to see.
  • Chris and Nathan take a road trip, brooke tells lucas about the letters, dan becomes mayor,it was revealed that deb tried to kill dan and Naley and brucas are back together.

    i loved this episode. i was so happy that nathan and haley got back together. the whole beginning of the season i was wishing that nathan would forgive. but now, i think nathan finally truly forgave haley and realized that they are meant to be with each other and that he cant spend his whole life being upset with her. i also want to say, i loved how haley was happy to see that nathan was still wearing his ring. it was so cute. and then she used it to pull him cute!
    wow! you know when nathan and chris took that road trip, i loved how he punched chris. i hav been waiting for that since season 2.
    Dan wins mayor of tree hill. why would tree hill do that? he is the worst possible canidate to have for mayor.
    lucas finds out that deb was the one who tried to kill dan. well i have to tell you i wasn't surprised that it was her. i mean she has to live with him. and then she leaves town!
    overall, i thought this episode was great.
  • Chris and Nathan drive to get Nathan’s money back. Brooke tells Lucas about the letters. Dan becomes mayor. It is revealed that Deb tried to kill Dan. Nathan and Haley get back together as do Brooke and Lucas. After being haunted by her conscience, Peyto

    This was a great episode. I am so happy that Nathan and Haley are back together. The whole season I was wishing that it would just happen. In this episode, I thought, it is probably not going to come true tonight. Then I watch the end and I am so happy. I am really glad that Lucas forgave Brooke for sleeping with Chris because the guy got her drunk and she was jealous and afraid. Besides, it was Chris Keller! I am also glad she gave him the letters. That was so cute. It was such a relief that Ellie was alive because Peyton would probably kill herself because she sent Ellie away. It sucks that Dan won but sucks even more that Deb tried to kill him. Now that I look at it, I can see her motive, but I had never though that she would do it. This was just about the greatest episode ever. Even though it was the ninth episode, it felt like the season had just started now.
  • LOVED it!


    I have not had an episode of OTH that has made me feel so good in a long time. And I mean, since like season one. That was an AWESOME episode!

    First I HAVE to address Nathan and Haley. I mean, wow! I am so proud of Nathan, and Haley too. But I think he has finally truly forgiven Haley. When he called her, and then lied about kissing her, when he knew that it was Chris, that was big of him. But I'm glad that Haley asked him if it was him. Now it's out in the open. But I was also SUPER excited that he asked her to stay with him! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

    Oh, and her album saying Haley Scott! That made me squeal too!

    Deb...and someone. Who helped her? Nathan told Haley that his mom was leaving, for good this time. From her phone call, I'm guessing that someone was in on it with her, but was it Nathan? And is Deb's character gone? Or did she just leave Dan?

    I'm disappointed in the town of Tree Hill. How could those bastards elect Dan Scott as Mayor? Whatever, they're dumb.

    I was excited that Andy sent flowers to Karen, I hope that he comes back. I liked him.

    But, who did Karen call? It wasn't Deb, obviously, because Lucas said his mom didn't know she was worried about Deb. And Dan wouldn't have threatened to release the tape if it had been Deb. Because that would've looked just as bad, actually probably worse, for him.

    Rumor is that Keith will be back after the holiday break. It'll be interesting to see how he fits back into everything. Was that who Karen called?

    Still a LOT of unanswered questions.

    The whole going to jail thing made me laugh. I'm glad that Lucas DID bail out all three of them, and not just Haley and Peyton.

    I'm glad that Brooke is still doing this whole thing with her clothes, but how in the heck is she putting together all of these clothes? And how is she going to produce them in quantities enough to fill orders?

    I kinda liked this episode with Peyton, with her Bitch-self putting in her place. I really don't like the storyline they've given her this season, so Ihope it ends soon.

    I'm also sick of Lucas...or I was until he forgave Brooke. I'm glad she took him those letters. And, while I'm not a Brucas shipper like I am for Naley, I'm also not sad to see them together. I just like seeing Brooke happy. I've really grown to love her character.

    I'm thinking that Chris is gone for good now. They really wouldn't have a storyline to bring him back I don't think. And I think they told us that byhaving him say that his work there is done. I LOVED is when Nathan hit him! Woo Hoo for Nathan! I predicted that he would do it before the season started, so I'm glad he didn't let us down. But, you could also see that Nathan couldn't help but like Chris to some small extent. I also found it sweet that Chris sold his guitar to get Haley's music. As much as I hate to say it, there ARE sides of Chris that aren't completely bad.

    So, things are finally looking up in Tree Hill (besides Dan being mayor) and, if this is the last episode until after the holidays (which I believe it is), it leaves me feeling a lot better than this time last year, when we were unsure if Haley was leaving on that damned bus with Chris or not.

    So, until the next new episode,

    Amanda :)

    So, as usual, I forgot something!
    I absolutely loved that Haley saw that Nathan is still wearing his ring, and made note that she noticed by holding it to pull him closer!
  • Really Good Episode! (:

    All I have to say is that, this was a really great episode.

    Nathan and Haley, and Brooke and Lucas are all back together! That is something that I have waited for since practically season one! .. Chris Kellar actually proved that he is a half decent guy. Peyton found her birth mothers address, and I think she is planning to go see her. Nathan gets Haley's songs, but I don't think he is going to let her know that he has them? Dan wins for Tree Hill Mayor, not what I wanted, but definitely what I expected. Lucas confronts Deb about trying to kill Dan, and then Deb leaves town.

    Overall, this is one of the best episodes this season!
  • This is the epitimy of One Tree hill it is literally the episode that everyone's been waiting for.. i for one have! Finally the long awaited return of Nathan's love towards Haley is acknowledge.. please people this was definetly an episode to remember!!!!

    I was also extactic about this episode because Lucas and Brooke finally admitted their feelings towards one another. I was kind of upset when watching this episode though becuase i didn't get to watch the past four ... so i didn't get to see the relationship between Haley and Nathan build up! But still great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nate and Chris take a road trip to win back the money that Nate gave Chirs.Luc realizes that Deb is the one that tried to kill Dan.Brooke confesses her love to Luc after applogizing. Luc accepts and confesses his love to her. Karen and dan wait for the el

    I have been wanting this since LUc and Brooke broke up in season one. FINALLY!!! i take it and have watched it liek 6 times lol. I love how at the beginning of the episode Luc was angry at Brooke and never gave her the chance to explain herself for what she did. Over the Coruse of the hour, he stood his ground, which make the ending such a SUPRISE!!! sigh... what a great way to end off for the holiday;s.
  • Everything we've been waiting for FINALLY happened!!!

    Nathan and Haley are back together as far as we can tell. Also Brooke has finally confessed her love for Lucas, who then confessed his in return. Peyton is in pretty bad shape and hopefully things get better for her. That is the exact drama that keeps me watching each and every week. I am soooo in love with this series ( and Chad Michael Murray)
  • Nate works with Chris to get Haley's demo, Tree Hill elects a Mayor, Brook and Lucas finally say what the feel, Peyton works through her feelings about Ellie, Dan's "killer" is revealed, Haley and Nate make a breakthrough in their marriage.

    I think this was a great episode!!! Just watching Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) and Nate (James Lafferty) on screen, playing off each other was my opinion they have such great chemistry on screen, I couldn\'t stop laughing. Then at the very end of the show to have Haley and Nathan end up together and Lucas and Brook end up together.....wonderful!!! One of the best this season by far!!! Keep em\' coming!!!
  • I loved it. I am real One Tree Hill fan. It has bothered me so much not knowing who started the fire.

    The end season 2 let you wondering who started the fire. Everyone hates Dan. So who did it? the begining of season 3 let you wondering the same thing. Who did it? Then you finally find out and you can breath again.

    Deb tells Nathen don't worry it will soon be over and she says she was home alone all night by herself. We know she put those pills in dan bottle. So was it her?

    Nathen tells Deb I had something to do and I know mom it will be over really soon. So was it him?

    Hailey appears out of no where. So was it her?

    Andy isn't at the motel when Karin calls him. So was it him?

    Karin had got in fight with Dan that same day. Was it her?

    Luke has the note that is halfed burned and he tells Peyton he did something that he can't take back. So did he start the fire?

    Deb says she say Keith the day of the fire when she was leaving. So did Keith do it?

    Almost everyone could have and probaly wanted to but finally We find out that Luke saw Deb.

    Nathen and Hailey finally make up. Smile on my face. Brook gives the letters she wrote over the summer to Luke. They Make up.

    The best part is when Hailey, Brook, and Peyton are sitting in jail.

    One Tree HIll is the bomb. Thank God I finaly know about the fire.
  • This episode is easily the best episode of Season 3. Brucas, Naley, the election and the revelation of who tried to kill Dan!

    This episode was excellent! Haley, Peyton and Brooke go to jail for stealing those clothes from Suburban Filth. Chris reveals to Nathan that he kissed Haley at TRIC. Deb is revealed as the one who tried to kill Dan. Dan wins the mayoral election. Brooke and Lucas get back together and so do Nathan and Haley!

    My favorites from this episode were: reunions of Brucas and Naley, the jail part and Nathan punching Chris. I was kind of disappointed when Dan was made the mayor- I wanted it to be Karen!!

    OMG at Deb\'s accomplice- I think it\'s Keith but it\'s too obvious if it was him. I loved the lines between Brooke and Lucas and Haley\'s song rocked! I hope Chris Keller comes back because he\'s a funny character.

    Episode Grade- A+ all the way!
  • Nathan and Haley share a meaningful kiss Lucas and Brooke admit their love for one another

    This episode was much needed. Everything up until this point was just unresolved drama, now they can actually pick up on new drama from here.

    I was glad Nathan and Haley finally clicked again. Brooke and Lucas as well. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here, whether the writers will keep both couples together or not.
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