One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 5

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on The CW
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Nathan gets two surprises in a row, and everyone is eager to share their advice with him; Deb also shares something she picked up; and Brooke decides to celebrate. Peyton's stalker (her brother) attacks her and her real brother saves her along with Lucas.

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  • Psycho...

    One of the most dramatic epsiodes the show as done, I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness was nothing but intense.

    Almost like a horror film, the tension built slowly towards Derek revealing himself and attacking Peyton. It's pretty sad because she has so many commitment issues anyway BUT it was very entertaining. I liked how she found early in the episode but then they caught her actual brother and it all went down hill from there. I wasn't a fan of the horror like music in the background but it was very dramatic. And he's gone too and will come back. Scary stuff. I do like how this brings Lucas and Peyton together.

    I loved how the show made you believe that history was repeating itself with Nathan leaving Haley when she's pregnant - but it turned it on it's head and Nathan dedicated himself to his new family. Very touching speech from him too. How weird was it seeing Dan being so sweet to Haley? He seems changed...and Deb sticks to drugs. Sigh. Brooke sleeping with a teacher (she didn't know) was a fairly random storyline for her...and the least interesting of the bunch. Should be some nice and awkward scenes next episode though.

    Oh, and Rachel finally gives up on Nathan when she finds out Haley's pregnant. It was kind of hilarious how she stopped the minute she found out - does this girl not have any dignity?

  • The Real Derek

    Nathan gets a scholarship offer to Duke and Haley tells him she is pregnant. He is excited about the scholarship but freaks about the baby. I don't blame him. Haley really should have told him when she found out, but I'm guessing that the baby is what she wanted to tell him about in the limo, but the accident changed that and so she waiting for things to calm down again.

    Peyton and Lucas discover that "Derek" isn't who he says he is. They discover he is a crazy psycho obsessed with Peyton. In fact he had been stalking her since season 2. I love that he ending being the "WATCHMEWATCHU" guy from the messages she got near the end of season 2. He attacks her and Lucas when he shows up to help her. Her real brother Derek comes to help out too and in a surprise twist he is very different from her. He is African-American.

    Rachel also tries to sleep with Nathan but changes her mind and tells him she lied about seeing Keith when he tells her Haley is pregnant.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 5.

    Wow! This episode was... Intense... I can't believe what happened with the fake Derek and Peyton. I knew he wasn't really her brother, but I didn't expect it to play out like this. It was cool in the beginning, but the weird suspenseful music and the chasing at the end was way too dramatic. It seemed like a horror or thriller movie. Hilarie's acting was really good, though. It was very believable. Plus, Peyton finally meets her real brother out of the ordeal, who is African-American. That's pretty cool. Matt Barr's acting as the fake Derek was incredible! He really did seem evil! Great episode, even though it was a little far-fetched with the music and dramatic end chase.moreless
  • Payton's brother is a stalker but I already had a feeling, Lucas of course saves her, Rachel hooks Brook up with a steaming hot guy from the internet but she lies about her age and it turns out the guy who she hooks up with is her teacher. Poor Brook!moreless

    Ok let me just tell you Hilarie's charachter is really blossiming through the years. I honestly feel really bad for her in this episode with everyone staring and talking about her in school. People should just learn to shut there mouths and not talk about something that's not there buisness. wasn't that the point of the school shooting to begin with!? hmmmm I'm not to sure about this Daunte guy, I have a bad feeling about him. It sucked that he had to go to him to get money from them. anyways the thing with the real Derek and Payton is awesome I loved how he protected her like brothers do. and what he said to Lucas was true "if you keep babying her she won't be fine" or something to that affect. It sucked that it happened to her don't get me wrong hopefully she will get over it in time. the thing with Brook is halerious with her teacher this actually reminds me of the other show Degrassi! sorry to meantion that but it's true. okay well that's my opinion for now I will do more later...moreless
  • Psycho Derek is a real psycho!

    After Lucas finds Peyton's jacket on a woman in the hospital with a blonde wig and the same injuries as Peyton, he tells her that Derek may not be who she thinks he is. She gets a little suspicious and totally freaked out after she gets creepy IMs, finds the picture that Ellie gave her at his hotel room, and discovers that she is background on his laptop. Derek starts acting really creepy. Lucas goes to the detectives about it. They get someone, but it's the real Derek, not Psycho Derek. Psycho Derek is at Peyton's house and he tries to rape her. Lucas and the real Derek come to the rescue, but he tazes them and beats them up. Right before he gets to Peyton, they push him out the window. Unfortunately, he escapes before the police come. Brooke dates an older guy after Rachel puts that she's 23 on the internet. The guy she hooks up with turns out to be a teacher at Tree Hill High. Nathan finds out that Haley is pregnant, right after he finds out that he has a full scholarship to Duke. At first, he wants to do what he wants when Dan tries to convince him. At the press conference, he decides to go the way that Dan chose not to go. Deb must choose between Nathan and pills again when he asks her to go to the press conference sober. She chooses the pills. Dan sees another guilt sign stating: "Genesis 4:10". Whitey also sees it, which means it's real this time. Nathan tells Rachel that she would never have a shot with him. Brooke clears up her pregnancy rumor.

    This episode was so crazy! It had a lot of action and suspense. Psycho Derek creeps me out! If he lived near me, I'd move. HIlarie Burton did a great job acting! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
Ernest Waddell

Ernest Waddell

Derek Sommers

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Cari Moskow

Cari Moskow


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Ashleigh Falls

Ashleigh Falls


Guest Star

Matt Barr

Matt Barr

Ian "Psycho Derek" Banks)

Recurring Role

Shawn Shepard

Shawn Shepard

Principal Turner

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    • (Lucas is standing in front of Peyton's house when she pulls up in her car, and runs up to him)
      Lucas: Hey, hey, hey, listen, don't be pissed, okay? But I talked to the police and there's nothing - (Peyton, scared, falls into his arms) Whoa, hey, what's wrong?
      Peyton: No, you were right, you were right, look! (shows Lucas the picture of her and Ellie) It was in his hotel room.
      Lucas: Okay, what happened?
      Peyton: Nothing, I lied and I said my dad was waiting but I haven't been able to reach him.
      Lucas: It's okay, it's okay. (huggin her) Look, you come stay with me, all right?
      Pyton: Okay.
      Lucas: Let's go get your stuff.
      Peyton: I'm sorry I doubted you.
      Lucas: It's okay.

    • Newsreader: And in Tree Hill North Carolina, the local high school basketball team, the Ravens began their season with a bench clearing brawl which wouldn't be that noteworthy except this brawl pitted the Ravens against the Ravens. Even their Cheerleaders got in a few good shots. Looks like these kittens have claws. When asked about the incident Coach Brian Whitey Durham had no comment.

    • Rachel: You alright?
      Nathan: No wife, no mom.
      Rachel: Just lying bitches like me. I really wanted to help you Nathan. And most of the time, that means sex in my world. That wasn't fair to you and Haley. Plus there's all this Cooper stuff that's going to take years of therapy. How's Haley doing?
      Nathan: She hasn't said it but I think she's as scared as I am.
      Rachel: She shouldn't be. Unlike the rest of us, this baby's going to have two pretty great parents. Good luck.

    • Haley: Nathan. Hi.
      Nathan: I'm having a press conference to announce I'm going to Duke.
      Haley: I thought we agreed we'd make that decision together.
      Nathan: Well plans change, don't they?
      Haley: You know everybody's been congratulating me about the baby and telling me how wonderful it is, except you.
      Nathan: A part of me thinks it is wonderful.
      Haley: A part of you?
      Nathan: Haley what do you want me to say?
      Haley: I want you to say that um whatever it is we're going to face it together and you've never been so happy and everything's going to be okay.
      Nathan: Haley I don't want to lie to you. This whole thing scares me to death. Look, do you wanna come with me?
      Haley: To Duke?
      Nathan: To the press conference.
      Haley: I can't do that right now.
      Nathan: My dad said you would say that.
      Haley: You know what Nathan; it is really not about what schools we go to or what dreams we have. Because whatever you want I want that for you. But I really thought that the news of your child would affect you more than the news of a scholarship.
      Nathan: I'm not gonna feel guilty about this. I'm not.

    • Dan: For a second there I wasn't sure I had the right son.
      Nathan: What do you want Dad?
      Dan: I just came by to say congratulations. You're going to be a father. Now, get up and give the old man a hug. Oh it's a wonderful thing son. It's sort of like getting a full ride from Duke.
      Nathan: I knew there was a catch.
      Dan: Oh, hold on there's no catch. I'm thrilled for you and Haley. But, how long have you loved Haley? A year? And, you've loved the game most of your life. And, you've worked hard, and Duke recognizes that. That's a hell of an accomplishment son.
      Nathan: Haley's dream is to go to Stanford.
      Dan: Interesting. I thought her dream was to go on tour. Oh, wait a minute. You already let her do that didn't you?
      Nathan: Dad.
      Dan: Nathan. I like Haley. I was wrong about her okay? But, if she insists on going to Stanford, then you've got to let her go. Alone.
      Nathan: But she's pregnant.
      Dan: I understand that. But if she loves you, I mean truly loves you than Haley will put her second dream behind your first and follow you to Duke. Hey, I played ball and had you. You can do it too. The day I signed my National Letter of Intent was the greatest day of my life. This can be that day for you. But if Haley takes that away from you after you let her go on tour, then she's not the person you or I thought she was. Think about that. You understand me now don't you son. I wasn't a monster back then. I was just a kid chasing his dream his whole life, and then finally earned it. Just like you.

    • Nathan: Mom.
      Deb: Nathan, is this a friendly visit, or is the DEA outside?
      Nathan: I'm not here to fight with you, Mom. You have a problem and you know that. I'm here to tell you that uh, Duke offered me a scholarship.
      Deb: Oh, honey. Oh, congratulations. I'm so proud of you, Nathan.
      Nathan: There's going to be a press conference tonight. I'll let you know where, but I really want you to be there.
      Deb: I wouldn't miss it.
      Nathan: Sober. I want you to be there sober.
      Deb: I promise you, I'll be there.

    • Derek: Who let you in here Peyton?
      Peyton: Uh, your door was open.
      Derek: That's odd.
      Peyton: Yea. So, um, here's the deal. You know I've really enjoyed having you around. But, school's going to be really busy, so maybe you should just go back to St. Flora now.
      Derek: It's Lucas isn't it. He doesn't like me.
      Peyton: No.
      Derek: He's sabotaging our relationship.
      Peyton: No Derek, it's not Lucas. It's, I mean, it's my dad. He's back from sea now, so I have to spend...
      Derek: He's not even your real father! Um, I'm sorry, Peyton. I always imagine what it would be like to know you. You know, to really get inside you. And, now I can't ever imagine not knowing you, not mattering to you. I matter to you, don't I Peyton? (she nods) More than Lucas?
      Peyton: Bye Derek.

    • Psycho Derek: Who the hell are you?
      Real Derek: I'm her brother, bitch! Who the hell are YOU?

    • (Lucas gets out of his car and runs to Peyton)
      Lucas: Hey Peyton!
      (Peyton gasps)
      Lucas: I Found your jacket.
      (Lucas tosses Peytons leather jacket to her)
      Peyton: Luke! Oh, my god! (Peyton starts to go through the pockets) Damn. I kept a picture of Ellie in here, and it's gone.
      Lucas: That is your jacket, right?
      Peyton: Yeah, where'd you find it?
      Lucas: Look, does Derek know about the scar on your leg? Where you were shot.
      Peyton: Yeah. Why?
      Lucas: Your jacket was on a girl in the hospital.
      Peyton: What?
      Lucas: Yeah, she was bleeding in the same place that you were shot in the leg. Mmm Hmm.
      Peyton: Okay, creepy and weird, but what does that have to do with Derek?
      Lucas: The other night at Tric, when he hugged you good night, he kind of... he smelt your hair. (Peyton laughs) No, look, and then you're jacket goes missing and ends up on some hooker in the hospital wearing a blonde wig who's dressed like you.
      Peyton: Whoa, wait. How do you know she was a hooker?
      Lucas: I don't know. She looked like a hooker.
      Peyton: Thanks. Look, I know you're a little bit jealous of him, and...
      Lucas: Whoa. I am not jealous of Derek.
      Peyton: Okay, fine, you're not jealous of him. So instead of a girl stealing my jacket, you think Derek stole it, put it on a woman who may or may not be a prostitute, and then stabbed her in the leg. Is that what you think?
      Lucas: Honestly, yeah.
      Peyton: Luke, come on. This is important to me, okay. Having a family, and having Derek, and he's been nothing but good to me, so just don't make me doubt him. Please?
      Lucas: I'm just trying to watch out for you,Peyton.
      Peyton: I know, and I thank you, but how about you just body guard me to english class.
      (We see Derek looking from the bridge onto Lucas and Peyton talking, and he seems really mad)

    • Karen: Lucas, you don't have to come to every checkup with me.
      Lucas: It's okay mom, I want to.
      Karen: Lucas, why are you coming to every check up with me.
      Lucas: Would Keith be at every check up?
      Karen: Probably, yeah.
      Lucas: Well then, there's your answer.
      (Nurse walks up)
      Nurse: Karen. We're ready for you.
      (Karen clears her throat)
      Karen: Go to school, kid. You're making me nervous.
      (Karen taps Lucas on the leg and stands up)

    • (Brooke walks up to Haley)
      Brooke: Haley. What's wrong?
      (Haley sighs)
      Haley: I told Nathan that I'm pregnant, and, um... he walked out.
      Brooke: I'm sorry buddy. Hmm. Um, listen, now that Nathan knows it wouldn't be horrible exactly if news of your pregnancy just somehow sorta slipped out, right?
      Haley: I don't know. I guess not.
      Brooke: OK! Great!
      (Brooke climbs and stands up on the table)
      Brooke: Hey, People! Listen up! I'm not the one that's pregnant, OK? Haley is!
      Haley: (whispers to Brooke) Brooke.
      Brooke: Haley's got the roast on slow cook, not me! Haley.
      (People start to gather around Haley)
      Brooke: Thank you.

    • Brooke: So how'd you find this place anyway?
      Rachel: It's where I met Cooper.
      Brooke: I'm sorry, Rachel.
      Rachel: No, it's ok. Actually, we met online first. I posted some pictures and Cooper replied. A little lie about my age, some great sex, a stolen limo, a bridge, and a brief hospital stay later... and here we are.
      Brooke: (shaking her head in disbelief) I coudn't do it, the whole lie about my age on the internet thing. Not to meet a guy, I mean...
      Rachel: You already did it.
      Brooke: What? No, no Rachel!! Just because I'm single does not mean you can pimp me out online! Is the guy coming here?
      Rachel: No! (looks behind her) He's already here! Ok, he's a part-time model. You are a 23-year-old fashion designer... named Peyton.
      Brooke: (whispers sarcastically) Very funny!

    • Rachel: I feel like we're connected somehow Nathan. Like we're the only two people on the planet trying to understand this. Well, maybe we can help each other through it.
      Nathan: Haley's pregnant.
      Rachel: You mean Brooke.
      Nathan: No, the rumors were wrong. It's Haley. You know, ten minutes ago I was this close to my dream. For a moment I actually knew exactly who I was gonna be, and now...
      Rachel: I didn't see Keith. I'm sorry. I heard you talking to Peyton at the party and I'm an idiot. Nathan, you're gonna be okay.
      Nathan: Sure. I owe thousands of dollars in hospital bills, my wife is pregnant and I think my dead uncle saved my life.
      Rachel: Your parents have money, your baby's going to be beautiful and maybe your dead uncle saved your life because you're destined for greatness. Nathan, if Haley wasn't pregnant, did I have a shot?
      Nathan: Not for a second.

    • (Peyton and Lucas entering Lucas's room)
      Peyton: Can you believe this? Derek. Is it any wonder that I have commitment issues?
      Lucas: Yeah. You're pretty much the Bermuda Triangle of relationships.
      Peyton: Thanks. (looks at her watch) Crap. Turn around.
      Lucas: What?
      Peyton: Turn around, I have to change.
      Lucas: Oh. (turns around)
      Peyton: (while changing) You know, I just can't believe what a creep he turned out to be. And I just let him waltz into my house. Like "Hey, I'm a crazy psycho, can I come in?", and I'm all like "Yeah, sure! Wanna see my bedroom?"
      Lucas: Peyton.
      Peyton: And he's still out there.
      Lucas: Oh God. They'll find him, ok? The detectives said they'll call when they do and then we'll finally have some answers. Until then, you're safe with me, I promise!
      Peyton: You're always saving me. (Lucas smiles) Ok, you can turn around.
      Lucas: (seeing Peyton in her cheerleader's uniform) Woah! Is this your way of saying thank you?
      Peyton: Nice try! A few of the cheerleaders have to be at Nathan's press conference.
      Lucas: Oh wow! I forgot about that. Wouldn't you be safer just to avoid the whole thing?
      Peyton: No, I'm not gonna hide out because of Derek. No way.
      Lucas: Actually I meant because Brooke might be there.

    • Detective: Listen, they filled me in on this whole long-lost-brother scenario. What else can you give me?
      Lucas: Unfortunately not much. Look, I just really have a bad feeling about this guy and I'm worried about my friend Peyton.
      Detective: You carried her out, Peyton Sawyer. You're the one who carried her out of the school.
      Lucas: Yeah.
      Detective: Ok, we'll bring him in.
      Lucas: So you believe me? You don't think this sounds crazy?
      Detective: I didn't say it didn't sound crazy. But that look in your eyes tells me that you believe it.

    • Lucas: I was worried about you, I wanted to check on the house before you got home.
      Peyton: Luke, the only one terrorizing me here is you, ok? So you find anything out of place?
      Lucas: No everything's fine.
      Peyton: That's right, everything's fine!
      Lucas: Other than your brother sniffing your hair!
      (Peyton gives him a look) Ok, maybe I saw wrong. I'm sorry. Again. I'm going home.
      Peyton: Lucas Scott! Thanks for caring.
      Lucas: You're welcome.

    • Nathan: As many of you know, I called this press conference today to announce where I'm planning to play basketball in college. I got a lot of great offers but it's always been my dream to play in Duke University, so uh... that's where I plan to go but... you know, my father said that today will be the greatest day of my life, and you're right dad, it is, but it's not because of basketball, you see today... I learned that my wife Haley is pregnant and it's an absolute honor to be recruited by Duke University; I guess what I have to say to you today is this. Where I play basketball, IF I play basketball is no longer a decision for me to make alone, it's a decision that I make with my wife and my family's best interest to her and when I do, I'll let you all know. And my wife couldn't be here today so... I just wanted to say one thing to her: Haley, no matter what happens, we face it together; I promise you, I've never been happier, everything is gonna be okay... I love you. Thank you.

    • Dan: First of all, congratulations. Although I am far too young and handsome to be a grandfather. And second, don't worry, it's not healthy. Have you told Nathan?
      Haley: He totally freaked out.
      Dan: Been there. But Haley, it's all gonna be okay. I'll talk to Nathan.
      Haley: Thank you.

    • Dan: Haley, what a surprise. Come on in. What can I do for you?
      Haley: Um, I'm just here because I don't know who else can talk to Nathan. I'm pregnant.
      Dan: It seems to be going around.

    • Karen: Lucas, you know you don't have to come to every check-up with me.
      Lucas: It's okay Mom, I want to.
      Karen: Lucas, why are you coming to every check-up with me?
      Lucas: Would Keith be at every check up?
      Karen: Probably, yeah.
      Lucas: Well, then there's your answer.
      (Doctor calls Karen in)
      Karen: Go to school, kid, you're making me nervous.

    • Deb: Is this a friendly visit, or is the DEA outside?

    • (seeing her real brother for the first time)
      Peyton: Who are you?
      Real Derek: I guess I'm your brother.

    • Fake Derek: (to Peyton) Don't you know we're supposed to be together!?

    • Rachel: Unlike the rest of us this baby is going to have two pretty great parents.

    • Rachel: You all right?
      Nathan: No wife, no mom.
      Rachel: Just lying bitches like me.

    • Brooke: Just because I'm single, does not mean you can pimp me out online!

    • Rachel: I thought you were so unhappy... so what better place to bring you to than Happy Hour!

    • Dan: (approaching Nathan at the rivercourt) For a second there I didn't think I had the right son.

    • Lucas: I'm just trying to protect you, Peyton.
      Peyton: I how about you bodyguard me to English class?

    • Whitey: You ought to be proud of Nathan today, putting his dreams on hold so history wouldn't repeat itself.
      Dan: He acted like a child.
      Whitey: No Danny, He acted like a man.

    • Dan: (to Nathan) Greatest day of your life.

    • Nathan: Haley!
      Haley: What?
      Nathan: I'm going to Duke!
      Haley: I'm pregnant.
      Nathan: (bewildered) You...
      Haley: It's not Brooke... it's me.
      Nathan: Wha... How long have you known?
      Haley: A few weeks...
      Nathan: A few weeks?
      Haley: I'm sorry I didn't know how to tell you.
      Nathan: (sits down) Huh...

    • Nathan: She's pregnant!
      Dan: I understand that, but if she loves you, I mean truly loves you, then Haley will put her second dream behind your first and follow you to Duke.

    • Peyton: So, you find anything out of place?
      Lucas: No, everything's fine.
      Peyton: That's right, everything's fine!
      Lucas: Other than your brother sniffing your hair!

    • Nathan: [At the press conference] My wife couldn't be here today so I just wanted to say one thing to her. Haley, no matter what happens we will face it together. I promise you I have never been happier. Everything is going to be okay. I love you.
      Haley: [Watching Nathan on TV] I love you too.

    • Nathan: You know, I thought it was a miracle that I survived that accident. And I guess I never really felt worthy of it. Now I know that miracle wasn't for me. It was for us. All three of us!

    • Brooke: Hey people, listen up. I'm not the one who's pregnant. Okay? Haley is. Haley's got the the roast on slow cook, not me, Haley.

    • Karen: Welcome to my history, Haley James Scott.

    • Rachel: If Haley wasn't pregnant, did I have a shot?
      Nathan: Not for a second

    • Rachel: I'm an idiot.
      Nathan: It figures.

  • NOTES (7)

    • This is the first episode of the series without a narration at the beginning nor the end.

    • This episode reunites Rey Valentin (Nick) & Ernest Waddell (Derek) from The Bedford Diaries, which was a short-lived college drama on The WB.

    • Although credited, Lee Norris (Mouth) and Antwon Tanner (Skills) didn't appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Sunday April 29, 2007 (objectionable content led networks to push its airing to the less family-friendly 11:30PM timeslot)
      Latin America: Sunday, September 23, 2007
      Turkey: Friday, October 26, 2007
      Italy: Monday, October 29, 2007
      Greece: Saturday, December 8, 2007

    • This episode does not have the usual credits in the beginning.

    • There is commentary available for this episode through the OTH Writers Podcast. Mark Schwahn and Matt Barr take part in the commentary.

    • Featured Music:
      "The Truth" by Si*Se
      "Something's Broken" by The Burning Effigies
      "Prayers For Rain" by The Cure
      "Lights Go Red" by Chicks With Hits
      "You Made It" by DJ Shadow feat. Chris James
      "City of Devils" by Yellowcard


    • Episode Title: I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness.

      I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness is the name of a US indie rock band, based out of Austin, Texas.