One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 19

I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • Brilliant episode! Loved the last scenes.

    For an episode with a silly title like this one, it was mostly emotional and very well done.

    Lucas not being able to play due to his grief was so sad, and him revealing to everyone that he has HCM was more so. When he told Nathan and Whitey it was hard enough but a wonderful scene arrived when he broke down and told Karen, and she hugged him. It was so emotional because Karen has been so bitter and grief stricken but she finally put that to one side to help Lucas. Both Whitey and Deb's attempts at getting through to Karen were intense but I'm glad she's now asking for help.

    Haley and Nathan were funny in that they failed the marriage quiz, but as always they pull through and are gonna have their big day. Peyton spent the episode deciding whether she was going to pursue a relationship with Pete or not. But after a touching heart to heart with her dad she goes to see Jake and Jenny instead. A brilliant surprise ending to the episode. I love those two together and this Fall Out Boy thing was really silly.

    The whole fat Rachel storyline was a little OTT for my liking BUT the payoff reveal that she is the '26 year old model' who's sleeping with Uncle Cooper was a great one. And there will be drama with her and Mouth too.

    Surprisingly emotional and strong episode.

  • KS and Jake

    Lucas struggles to play after losing Keith. Nathan and Haley plan their wedding. Peyton makes a decision about her love life. Brooke exposes a secret about Rachel. And Deb comes back.

    First, I'm glad Deb is finally back. Second, while I can't blame Brooke for wanting revenge on Rachel for all the crap she has done, blowing up that picture of her was just mean. And I feel really bad for Mouth. Rachel doesn't deserve him. It was a great plot twist to have the girl Cooper was telling Nathan and Haley about be Rachel. Third, I did not see Peyton's choice coming. When I watch the dvd I see that BG is credited, but I don't remember if he was when it first aired or not, but either way it completely took me by surprise when walked through the airport and we saw Jake!! It was great surprise though. I was really happy to see him.

    I love the black jersey's with the KS for Keith. It's a nice touch. I feel bad for Lucas when he goes out on the court and all he can think about is that the last time he was there his mom and Keith were there together. It was great of Nathan to support is brother by forfeiting the game. And I'm glad Lucas finally told Whitey, Nathan, and Karen the truth about his HCM. I love seeing Nathan so supportive of his brother. It's sweet.

    Nathan was amazing with the minister after they took the compatibility test. I am so happy they are having a big wedding. And Haley's idea to not have sex until they get married again was great. It will make for some very funny moments before then.

    Whitey telling the story about how he got his nickname was both sweet and funny. And I loved Larry telling Brooke that she needs a new 'hot dad fantasy.' So funny!!

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill petyon gets a superising offer about music and haley and nathan try to renew there vows as lucas cant bring himeself to play a game after keith death and he is stil upset about it and mouth is tring to get close to rachel in this ep and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower and i thought it had alot of drama and exposive at that and it was instense and supense you did not know what was going to take place during this ep of the show
  • I am in love with show but I have to admit this one wasn't that good. It was ok but the one point in this one that i really liked the acting wasn't that good.

    KInda boring. Lucas tells Whitey and Karen about his HMC.(we already knew this) Haley and Nathan passed the marrige test. The only funny part is that Nathan and Luke's uncle is dating Rachel. He thinks she's a 26 year old model. And I almost cryed when Luke was telling Karen of his HMC but his tears were just not believable. O and Jake is back. (BIG DEAL) And Petyon chooses Jake over Pete! That was just disapointing and so unrealtic. I don't know anyone who would pick JAke ove a rock star. After the adorable sunfalufagous thing. It broke my heart to not see Pete (YA can you tell I'm a huge Fall Out Boy fan)
  • Season 3, Episode 19.

    Lucas attempts to play in the first game after Keith's death, but cannot bring himself to do it; Nathan and Haley prepare to renew their vows, while Mouth tries to get closer to Rachel; Peyton receives a surprising offer; and Brooke finds a way to get revenge on Rachel. YAY, Cooper and Deb are both back! Haha, Brooke.
    Mr. Sawyer: Where's Brooke?
    Brooke walks in.
    Brooke: Uhm, sleepwalking?

    LMAO! Brooke is the best. "You had Camilla for a lifetime. I had Keith for a few weeks."
    "Well whose fault is that?!"

    Haha. Not the best episode in OTH history. It was OK, I guess. I'm not crazy about anybody's storyline in this episode. Rachel's was kinda cool though. OK episode.
  • I really loved this episode a lot!

    Cooper is back in town. After Brooke puts up flyers of Rachel when she used to be fat, Mouth comforts her. He tells her that even if she looked like that, he would still like that girl because of her heart. Lucas doesn't play in the game because of Keith. Nathan doesn't play either and they forfeit. Nathan and Haley go through pre-marital counseling, even though they're married. After taking a compatibility test and failing, Nathan talks about love to the father. Peyton's relationship with Pete is complicated, since they can't really see each other and communicate that well. Brooke tries to convince her to go to Chicago to see him, but instead, she meets Jake at the airport. Lucas tells Whitey and Nathan that he has HCM. Deb comes back and helps Karen. Lucas tells Karen about his HCM. Mouth really likes Rachel, but when he goes to her house, he finds her with Cooper.

    This episode was really great! It was sad with Lucas and his HCM. Whitey's basketball story was really neat! It was really nice with Haley's idea for her and Nathan not to have sex until they get married again. I was really glad to see Jake. Peyton and Pete would not work out at all. Jake is definitely the best one for Peyton. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Turning back...

    My God I so loooooove the ending!!!!! It's superb ;;) Peyton and Jake it's memorable and I love them so much because they are so perfect one for each other!!! I think she made the right decision, I has hopping she would!!! Two perfect half always get together!!! Very good P Sawyer! And another great character from this episode is Deb I sooooo love her too, she is one of my favorites! She came back and I'm so happy(whit her around One Tree Hill goes better than it already is). I'm very sorry for Lucas, I know how is to give up something you care for so much! Basket helped him grow and it's a great loss if he ends it like this! Interesting how Dan doesn't appear even if Deb turned back in Tree Hill! But I'm sure he's gonna wake up soon now and then!(not like I'm longing for his presence).

    Nathan and Haley THE BEST COUPLE!!! Very good Nathan well sad(perfect): "Just like you can't prove love with a test. I mean, this is just a score on a sheet of paper...We love each other father, no test is going to show that."

    The thing that I have to learn from this episode: what you have is always priceless, do not turn your back to what you earn! (in special your friends!!!)
  • What's going to happen with Lucas?

    Finally an episode where Lucas shows some sorrow and cries! I've been waiting for it. Who didn't think he was cute when he made that little heartbreaking speech to Karen?
    Lucas is always so stoic, I need my men to show some emotion sometimes. Rachel is a b**ch! How could she do something like that to poor little adorable Mouth? She's so false. Just because she looks better now than before doesn't mean she can just... do something like that! She's got to realize that other people have got hearts too, and they hurt just as easily as hers did. What with her past she should really get that.
  • Pictures of Reachel are put up around the school.

    this was another great episode of One Tree Hill. I thought that it was really mean of Brooke to release the pictures of Reachel when she was fat. I can understand why she did it and all but i think that Brooke went down to Reachel level when she did it. I thought that it was really cute that for Nathan and Haley's second wedding they wanted to get married at a curch. I found it funny that they had to take a test just to prove how much they love each other but they main part was that the test was not the real test. I think that it was wrong of Reachel to lie to Cooper about her age.
  • Adorable

    Gosh how cute Nathan and Haley are! It was so adorable watching them in this episode. So happy in love =) Any other day i would barf at the site of such a cute couple but I always make an exception when it comes to those too :P. I felt bad for Mouth and I hate Rachel for being such an itch. This is so special because of the fact that Lucas' confronts his mom about his heart problem. I thought the scene in the beginning where Brooke and Peyton are getting a lecture was funny. Oh how I miss their friendship.
  • Some very important things happen in this episode.

    Dan continues to look for who started the fire. He thinks he knows who it is with a video from the store. We find out at the end that it was Deb who started the fire. At the end the mayor race ends and Dan turns out to be the winner. Peyton battles with her inner self about Ellie. Brooke starts a clothing line with the help of Haley. She also tries to mend fences with Lucas. Nathan help Chris earn money to pay for the recording studio. Chris leaves for good and Haley's song is recorded. We find out that it was Chris that kissed Haley and the masquerade party. Brooke gives Lucas the letters she wrote during the summer. Nathan asks Haley to stay with him for the night. Lucas forgives Brooke for sleeping with Chris, the two say " I love you" and kiss.
  • This was a great episode... and a really sad one.

    Well, these few last episode of "One Tree Hill" weren't just great, they were so sad. This one was especially sad. I didn't really catch the whole beginning of the episode, but I watched enough of it so I can say that the episode was brilliant. I kinda knew also that Nathan and Hailey will fail the test at first... no, I didn't read it on the internet, but mostly, in some shows when characters usually don't have any bad luck, something happens to them that they didn't expect. I really do not like Rachel... as a character anymore. And, I wonder what will happen next to Lucas now when several people know about his heart condition.
  • Lucas finally tells Whitey, Nathan and Karen about his HCM. That is the biggest thing that happens in this episode. Peyton chooses Jake instead of Pete from Fall Out Boy. We find out that Rachel has a past. Nathan and Haley start Premarital couseling.

    I sooo freaked out with this episode. I can't believe that Lucas finally told Karen. He really should have done it long ago. It took a lot of courage for him to do so. After all that they have been through, I think it was necessary. I thought she would flip out and yell at him, but she actually handled it very well considering. The fact that Peyton went to Jake instead of Pete at the end was wonderful. This episode made me cry, but especially the scene with Karen and Lucas. I also half expected Whitey to yell at Lucas when he told him but he also handled the whole thing very well. I am glad that Nathan didn't go off on him when he found out.
  • i think this episode was so cute

    so many things happened in this episode. 2 characters come back(Deb and Cooper), lucas reveals his HCM, nathan and haley prepare to renew their vows, and peyton wonders who she really loves.
    when nathan made that speech to the priest, i thought it was so adorable. it made him prove that no test can prove any ones love for each other. nathan and haley are made for each other.
    coopers back! i loved that joke he made about the was so funny. \"so how much for the wall?im guessing its less without the creepy clown\". haha.
    this episode was great.i thought it was one of the best out of the season.
  • A great eppi!

    The best part of this episode is the end! When Peyton walks off the Plane and sees Jake and Jenny! I knew Peyton was gonna see Jake, but I had no idea Jenny was gonna be there too! I was so shocked, surprised, and happy!

    I was also glad to see Lucas wise up and face the fact that he can't play basketball! And I was surprised the way Karen took the news! I was sure that she was gonna fly off the handle!

    And I loved Haley and Coop's little comments to each other! So funny.

    And, I was surprised that Rachel was Coop's "27 yr old model"!
  • Amazing episode!!

    Amazing episode!!
    I liked the part when Peytons dad gives Brooke and Peyton a lecture :) that was very funny.
    I also liked the part that Nathan and Haley get the test results and when the are lying on the chouch.
    It was surprising that Jake returned :) and of cource great!
    I have to compliment Chad Michael Murray again with his acting skills because he played very good this episode and realistic.
    It was just a great episode and a great installment.
  • Lucas doesn’t have the heart to play basketball. He reveals his HCM. Nathan and Haley fail the compatibility test, but they’re getting married at Haley’s dream spot. Peyton likes Pete, but Larry wants her to find the right guy. She goes to the airport, to

    Best episode ever! Nathan’s speech to the priest about how no test could prove his love to Haley was so romantic. I am so glad they are getting married. When Peyton went to the airport, I was telling myself that she probably saw Pete when she started smiling. I was screaming when I was Jake. It was a really great moment, and it went along great with “We Belong Together” by Gavin Degraw. The part with Karen and Lucas, Nathan and Haley, Rachel and Mouth, and Jake and Peyton was perfect. This was the biggest episode of the entire season.
  • really great eppisode

    i loved how lucas put his friends and family before him. he gave up the thing that makes him so happy. Uncle Cooper is back yeah. i love how he mad the joke about the wall. i can not believe waht Rachel is doing to Mouth. She is leading Mouth on while she is sleeping with Uncle Cooper. I hope Mouth gets her back really good. What NAthan said to the priest person was so great. I am so happy to that Nathan and HAley are back together and are really in love and showing how much they love each other. I
  • So many things happen in this episode: Lucas tells Nathan and Karen about his HCM, Nathan and Haley make plans for renewing their wedding vows, Deb comes back to help Karen deal with Keith's death, Peyton figures out who she really loves, and Nathan helps

    This was a great episode, in my opinion it was one of the best this season. So many things happened in this episode and two characters come back. Lucas hasn't taken his medication for HCM, and he hasn't told anyone, so he says he can't play in the first game after Keith's death, and the game ends up being called off. Nathan is there for Lucas after Keith's death. Deb comes back to Tree Hill to help Karen out with everything. Lucas finally tells Karen, Nathan, and Whitey about his HCM. Haley and Nathan have the spot for their wedding vow renewal booked, they just need to take a test. Its kind of weird, but even if you are married, that specific location requires you to take a test to see if you and your fiance or spouse and compatable. According to the test, which Haley and Nathan failed, they are not compatable. Brooke blackmails Rachel by putting up posters of her the way she used to look, before she had surgery and got her stomach stapled. Mouth and Rachel become closer, because Mouth likes her for the person she is now, and he wishes he could have met the person she used to be. Larry (Peyton's dad) sees Pete has pulled up to his house for Peyton in a limo at 1:00 AM and sends him away. Peyton is angry, but her father tells her that he wants Peyton to pick a guy that will respect her and treat her well. Later on in the episode, Pete calls and asks Peyton to meet him at the airport in Chicago. Peyton goes to the airport, and guess who is there? Jake and little Jenny! The scene with Jenny was so cute, Peyton smiled at Jake, Jake looked at Jenny, and then Jenny walked over to hug Peyton. It was such a sweet moment! I almost forgot to mention that Nathan's uncle comes to stay with Haley and Nathan for a couple of days to help out with everything that's happened since Keith's death. This is a truly brilliant episode, definitely one of the best this season.
  • The twists, the turns, and the back stabbing. Doesn't it make your life seem so good?

    Team 1- Rachel and Mouth:
    Rachel was fat. Mouth excepts her for being fat, giving the "it's who you are on the inside" speech. She kisses him and thanks him. Brook warns Mouth that Rachel might not be who she seems. Mouth ignores Brooks warning telling her that Rachel has a big heart. Mouth goes to Rachel's house in a suit and with flowers, knocks on the door and finds that Rachel has another guy over. Mouth is hurt. What Rachel did was horrible.
    Team 2- Haley and Nathan:
    Awwww...the two love birds ♥ ♥!! They take a test to see if they are right to be married and But Nathan tells the guy off by telling him that no test can show how much he loves Haley and they are gunna get married no matter what. Haley suggests that they don't have sex again until they're married, but soon forgets about that.
    Team 3- Lucas, Karen and Whitey:
    Lucas can't play basketball because he is too depressed about Keith still. He asks Whitey to give him a reason to play. Whitey tells him the reason to play is because he can play (anlong with the story of how he got the nick-name Whitey). Lucas then tells Nathan, Whitey and Karen that he has HCM. Whitey isn't mad, and neither is Karen. Whitey talks to Karen about loosing a loved one, bringing her back out of her shell.
    Team 4- Brook and Peyton:
    Brook has moved into Peyton's house! When Peyton tries to sneak out at night to meet Pete and Brook comes in about then, Peyton's father decides to give them the talk on how a boy should treat them, and gives them a curfue. Peyton gets a call from Fall Out Boy's manager, telling her that Pete wants her to fly out to Chicago. After a long time of debating weather to go or not she decides to go. When she gets to the air port she sees...Jake and his daughter there! She acts as though thats who she came to see, and hugs Jakes daughter and talks to Jake.
    Team 5- Deb and Dan:
    Well, Deb returns and helps Karen out by opening the cafe and running it. She helps Lucas by telling him that a mothers worst nightmare is loosing her child, which is why Karen is so upset about him saving Dan from the fire, and Peyton from the school. And Dan does....nothing??? What's an episode of One Tree Hill without Dan trying to ruin things?
    Next episodes look good!!

  • Can someone explain me how did jake apared just like that, with no clue? i mean, i loved this episode...

    I really loved it, lucas finally tells the truth, peyton realizes what she really wanted. But i can not understand what's going on, i mean.. now peyton's father is her reall father and advices her about love?¿ brooke doesnt learn about jimmy, and mouth is in love with rachel? but she's such a bich buth him.. of course i've always hated her, she has always benn a total bich, but still...
    However i loved them totaly, but i still dont understand how could jake apeared just like taht, he's been missed all season, and now without a call, in the airport ???? he comes togheder wht peyton and we all are happy? i dont think so.. i guess in the next eoisod we'll see whats going on with that!
  • Lucas cant decide if he should play basketball. Whity helps Karen get back into reality and Rachel's secret is out once Brooke gets revenge, only bringing her and Mouth closer.

    Pretty good episode. we find out that Rachel isnt a completely bad person, just that she's been through a lot which you can almost remember in the episode with the gun. She was trying to reach out to the kid like she knew how he felt because before her surgery, she was probably just has ignored as he was. But, Mouth ends up liking her even more, and Karen goes back to work and Peyton meets Jake when she is supposed to meet Pete from FOB.
  • Lucas deals with trying to play basketball again without Keith and comes clean about having HCM. Nathan and Haley start planning their renewing of their vows. Nathan tries to help with Lucas deal with Keith\'s death. Peyton figures out who she loves.

    I thought this episode was very sweet and endearing. I loved how Nathan was being such a rock for Lucas. It finally showed him being a brother to Lucas and not Lucas always being the big brother to him. I love the ending scene with Peyton, Jake and Jenny. At first they trick you into thinking that she went to see Pete and happen to run into Jake but NO shes purely there for Jake. Nathan was so sweet in every scene with Haley. He just wants to make her happy and that is all he cares about. He loves her! I felt bad for Mouth and stupid hooker Rachel. She has more then just being fat issues. I am sad that Brooke and Lucas didnt have any scences together. You would think that after the first game they forfeited Brooke would be there for him. Maybe thats where she was when Larry came into Peyton\'s room. LOVE OTH! LOVE NALEY! LOVE IT ALL!
  • This episode Lucas{Chad Murry Murry}struggles with the decision should he play basketball with all that has happend in one tree.Brooke decide to get even with Rachel causing Rachel to face up to her dark secret Nathan and Haley's love is put to the test.P

    Another gripping episode and excellent preformances from the actors Chad Michael Murry and Moira Kelly was one of the high lights for me the kichen scene when Chad Michael Murry finally tells his mother that he has HCM that scene gave me goosebump. Moria Kelly is such a fun actess to watch she doesn\\\'t have to say much but give so much in a scene using her eyes and body language. Another high light for me was the Peyton, Brook and Peytons father scene Brook facial expression when Peyton dad tells her to pick \\\"a new hot dad fantasy\\\" classic Brook moment. Am so glad they brought back Bryan Greenberg am so excited to she how this all unwraps - Hilarie Burton role as Payton sawyer need some happness she been through so much this season.
  • They tear my heart out when they send him away... but BOY do they know how to bring Jake back!

    I loved this episode for so many reasons. The Naley was just hands down adorable. I loved how she handled Uncle Cooper, who by the way I so knew was going to hook up with Rachal even before they showed her in bed with the sleep mask. I loved how Nathan told the preacher pretty much NO YOU'RE WRONG! and the church from A Walk to Remember was cute cause I saw the movie the same night. But the garden was beautiful I can't wait for the wedding. But what was heart breaking was the Mouth scene... that and having we belong together in the background OUCH! Lucas I normally don't feel bad for him but this time I did, it's got to suck to lose something that's been you're everything. Karen didn snap out of it cause she almost lost Lucas twice with this heart thing she knows it's for sure she could lose him. I love that Deb is back and with hot Uncle Cooper I'm so happy but I hate that he's mixed up with Rachel. I hate that the big dark secret was she was fat. I mean really come on make it something worth it. But The winner! Jake at the airport. I knew that when her dad said that speech that Pete was out and Jake was back in. I just hope for something good to happen while she's there. I just enjoyed this episode and I can't wait for next week's.
  • great episode... amazing end!

    how can i said waht i feel when i saw that episode!! omg omg omg!!!
    first of all... poor lucas, but i´m happy because he said the truth about his hert condision!
    poor rachel, well... she is a bitch, but poor... those posters, it wasn´t funny... but at the end, ehn she was with nathan uncle... i was so hungry!! please... how could you do that! so well... she still be a bitch, but who knows...
    nathan and haley, too much love... bot sometimes it´s TO MUCH! u know....
    weell... my favorite part, the end! pleasee...
    peyton ... i love her with jake! please... who dont love them!! when i see her look at him... and their faces... and jenny... to much love... true love... love them!! so much

    baar .
  • some good points some bad ones. set up a lot of things to come for the season finale.

    Good Points:
    Karen: what a great episode for Moira! Not only with her acting but her first directorial role on OTH. I loved the development of Karen after Keith's death. Loved the end scene when she went to Deb asking for help. Shes coming into the acceptance stage

    Lucas: Finally Keith's death is taking a real toll on Lucas. Im glad he decided to finally come clean. Chad Michael Murray was stellar in this episode!

    Peyton and Jake: Glad to see the story will be properly ended. And glad that Pemo is dead.

    Deb: So glad she is back. Barbara looked great.

    The band manager: Nice voice cameo Mark Schwahn!

    Bad Points:
    Nathan and Haley: is there any possible way they could not have sex for a scene? Seriously. They've become such a boring couple and it makes me sick to watch them. Every time you see them its James sitting up with no shirt on and Bethany in bed wrapped in sheets.

    Brooke: She is still a total hypocrite. I loved when Mouth scolded her for not learning from Jimmy's situation. Because it's true, she didn't. Funniest scene of the night was when she spouted off all of the things she had done bad and then said she wasn't like that!?!?!?! She is a liar and just needs to die.

    Cooper: Deb needs a protector? Since when? She knows how to commit murder.

    Fall Out Boy: It's sad when the thing that gets the most airtime is a Fall Out Boy poster. Overrated band. Pete Wentz is ugly and a horrible actor. Should've never performed on the show twice, and should've never had two songs as episode titles.
  • Many secrets come out of the closet, truths are told and an old flame makes a gallant return. Exactly why I love this how!

    I had no idea that Jake would return but I almost fell over when I saw his name come up under the guest stars, I was praying it was really going to be him and not like a dram sequence for Peyton or something. Moving on…I shed a few tears in the episode, I won’t lie! How I couldn’t believe that Karen would show so much disrespect for Whitey by slapping him in the face. However, he did set her straight. I also enjoyed hearing how Whitey got his name which was really funny. Nathan and Haley amaze me more and more each episode for their true affections for each other. I know that Nathan loves her so much and when he told the priest about how dumb it was for them to take the test and how he loved Haley no matter what a stupid piece of paper said it just made me smile (and hope for that one day too.) Brooke despite her efforts of revenge really needs to cool down with Rachel and the fat girl thing…I agree with Mouth, did she not learn anything with Jimmy Edwards. She did have a look of surprise from him, but it was true…come on now Brooke! I love Peyton’s dad and his “new” set of rules for the girls. I really thought it was a great talk he gave Peyton about how a guy should make her feel and how she should feel and I could tell by the look on her face that Pete just wasn’t the guy (however…it’s awesome that she had the opportunity.) Nathan is really being a man to Lucas about leaving the game, and I think that Lucas did right in finally telling Whitey and his Mother about his HCM. The look of horror on Karen’s face was priceless, and I think she realized how horrible it must be for her to act the ways she had for the way she’d been treating Lucas and the guilt he felt not only from lying about the test but about Keith too. Poor Mouth is all I can say, I honestly thought that maybe he might have had a little bit of chance, but in the long run I knew that she would screw him over either by cheating or by revenge against Brooke somehow. Yet, I never thought that Cooper would be the one who’d come walking out, I’ll say it again Poor Mouth. It was nice not seeing Dan for a whole episode, although I’m wondering what he’s got cooking for Deb now that she’s back. I like the fact that she stepped up to re-open the café and confront Karen, yet I didn’t expect to hear Karen tell her about how she saw her and Jimmy the same. Back to Jake…I knew when she got off the airplane that it would be Jake on the receiving end, and for me I think it was a confirmation not only for her but to Jake that even though he told her to move one she still loved him and wanted to be with him despite everything and the best part was Jenny ‘walking’ over to her and hugging her, it was like the family is back together. I hope they end up together happy. Although I’m not sure if marriage is right for them, yet it works for Nathan and Haley maybe for them too. I'm looking forward to next week, what's gonna happen?-
  • Great on

    This was overall a great epi. Lots of cute Naley scenes, I loved those. I was a bit upset with Karen at first for acting that way towards Deb but she redeemed herself in the end with Luke and Deb. I really got choked up in the scene with Luke and Karen, it was very well done. I felt bad for Rachel at first in the epi but what she did to Mouth was just plain mean. I don't know what's happening with her...I was holding out for her but she's not getting better. And what was with Jake coming back? I was a little confused that Peyton looked like she was expecting him...but I thought she didn't know where he was? Whatever the case, I can't wait to see what happens next...One Tree Hill just keeps getting better and better..
  • At least Karen is back to normal...

    I found that was a good episode, but there is a thing that I would have change... Uncle Coop arrives in the city!! Who cares about him? I would have prefer a comeback of Chris Keller. Anyway...

    We had to expect that Rachel was not going to accept Mouth, but again Uncle Coop... I found it was special.

    The best thing that happen today is that Pete of FOB is gone for ever (I though it was a mistake to put him there) and Jake is back.
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