One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 20

I Would For You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on The CW
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The parents of Tree Hill face difficult challenges: Lucas finds himself fighting to stay calm when Peyton's pregnancy faces further problems. Nathan and Haley clash over the decision to pull Jamie out of school, and Victoria returns to tempt Brooke back into the business. Meanwhile, Mouth continues to mend his relationship with Millie.moreless

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  • Very enjoyable.

    Let's just forget how Peyton getting out of that car crash without a scratch was impossile, because I Would for You was a really enjoyable episode. I did like how the crash prompted Lucas to finally tell everyone about Peyton's condition which led to two great scenes between Peyton, and Haley and Brooke. Their friendships all make up the show and they were sweet and supportive. But I also really enjoyed Victoria's return here as well. Not only give Brooke something to do other than be down about Julian, but it was interesting to see Victoria take a liking to Sam.

    Speaking of which, Sam is becoming a great part to the show and I enjoyed her last scenes with Jack here. I'm sad that she won't make the end of the season. Nathan and Haley thinking of taking Jamie to a better school was a bit of filler storyline but it was realistic to have them disagree without arguing. Lauren and Skills seem quite cute. And Nathan helping that player wasn't as tiresome as some basketball storylines these days.

    Aw and Lucas is fixing the comet.

    A great episode, only 4 left now.

  • Another season, another car crash

    One Tree Hill loves it's car crashes and this season's was really scary. Poor Peyton and Lucas, and the baby, and The Comet!!! It was so awesome with the beginning with Peyton in The Comet listening to Mia's song on the radio and then!! I am so glad that Peyton and the baby are okay, but it's scary.

    I love that Jamie isn't going to go to the other school. It's awesome that he was offered the chance to go there, but it's cool that he is staying at his school and that he made the choice of whether or not to go.

    B**chtoria is back in town and is scaring the hell out of Sam. I don't blame her. She scares me, too. I think it's funny that she needs Brooke now to save the company.moreless
  • Season 6, Episode 20.

    Peyton is in a car crash and her baby's life is threatened. Victoria returns wanting Brooke to return to Clothes Over Bro's. Haley learns that Jamie can potentially be enrolled in a school for the gifted.

    This episode was OK, but it wasn't needed. It wasn't bad though. I liked the scene when Victoria and Sam were talking to each other at the coffee shop or diner or whatever. I liked how Sophia Bush looked so young in this episode. I liked Brooke's plot though. Also, I liked that Jack is leaving. Not a bad episode, but as said, not needed. If there's going to be a lot more episodes like this, then I hope season 7 is the last one.moreless
  • Peyton gets into the least dramatic crash in OTH history...Brooke deals with Vic"whore"ia...Sam...ummm who cares...Mouth and Mille...REALLY WHO CARES?? This show has gone down hill/

    So...the only thing eventful in this episode was.........ummmmmmm...... Can't they focus on the core five for once? I mean who cares about Sam she got more screentime than LP. And really Mouth/Mille...really who cares? are so boring and no one cares about them...

    Well cant say much for this episode. I'm pretty sure Peyton got into the least dramtic car crash in the history of the world. I mean her car is like totalled and she walked away from it unharmed...right..

    FINALLY LP told everyone. It was about time. Brooke/Sam/Victoria was really boring. Oh i know what I liked...Naley. Esp. Haley. She stole the show. Of course she wants Jamie to go to teh smart school. Ha ha. And I loved that end scene when she was playing with Peytons hair. That was cute. Joy stole the episode.

    Well next week looks pretty boring too. But what can you expect? they are giving secondary characters more Screentime than the core five. And honestly Sam...who cares? Who cares about Jack...and her one!moreless
  • Character evolution.

    Oh, how things change on One Tree Hill.

    Brooke began Season 6 in a state of weakness. Her mother had abandoned her, and then she was attacked. Slowly, but surely, our favorite former cheerleader recovered and discovered her inner strength. But lately she seems to have digressed back to a weaker state, clinging to Julian's "varsity jacket" and accepting her mother back into her life.

    Isn't it a bit hypocritical of Nathan to put pressure on Jamie to go to a school where he can play basketball? Pretty sure that's the exact same thing he criticized his father for.

    Peyton getting hit was awesome. It's karma for all the times she thought she was being funny for running red lights. This time she went through a green light and got hit.

    The world is a funny place.moreless

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    • Brooke: Bitchtoria is back in town, and she wants me to come back and save the company.
      Peyton: Victoria, seriously?
      Brooke: The thing is, if I don't go back, all those people that work for Clothes Over Bros are going to lose their jobs. What should I do?
      Peyton: I don't know what you should do, but I know what you will do. You're gonna go back to Vicwhoreia and help all those people...

    • Peyton: Brooke Davis, you are not crying. It's okay. I'm okay.
      Brooke: That's not what Lucas said.
      Peyton: He told you?
      Brooke: Why didn't you?
      Peyton: I was going to, but I wanted you to go to L.A. with Julian, and I knew you wouldn't go if I told you.
      Brooke: You suck for not telling me, and I'm not going anywhere... what are we gonna do P. Sawyer? How am I going to get us through this?
      Peyton: I don't know. We just will.
      Brooke: You're damn right we will.

    • Nathan: They put our son in a cardigan.
      Haley: I used to wear cardigans!
      Nathan: Yeah, and you were a dork.
      Haley: See, it's comments like that that made me want to go to Oppenhamer.
      Nathan: Then you could've lettered in mathketball! Look, that little ass was talking trash to our son!
      Haley: Like you don't talk trash on the court!

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Saturday, November 21, 2009 on TVNorge

    • Featured Music:
      "I Came Around" by Amie Miriello
      "Angel" by Kate Voegele
      "Killer B" by Low vs Diamond
      "Bonfire" by Spacebar
      "My Favorite Song" by Skyler Stonestreet
      "I Can Feel A Hot One" by Manchester Orchestra
      "The Look" by Color Of Clouds
      "As Much As You Lead" by Lex Land