One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 7

In da Club

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on The CW
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The Honorary Title performs at Tric and Mia plays her song there as well. Carrie tries to get closer to Nathan. Brooke sets Mouth up on a blind date with her assistant and Lindsey confronts Lucas about Peyton.

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  • Clubbing at Tree Hill.

    There was lots of drama and lots of storming off in In da Club but lots of developments too.

    Peyton and Lindsey's dislike of each other is entertaining and certainly added tension to the hour. Peyton stormed off. Lindsey stormed off. Then Lucas finally shouted at Peyton and she confessed her love again...then they kissed. And Haley saw. Oh dear. AND then we find out he proposed to Lindsey. WTF ending. I loved Brooke in this episode. It's funny that Owen was saying that she's not grown up because she's grown hugely as a character. The way she is so caring but fun, how she gives Peyton advice about Lucas with ease. And the way she stood up to her mother. She's so great.

    Mouth dumps his boss and has fun with Millie but then gets fired (thank god that storyline is done) Carrie is an evil slag who continues to hit on Nathan (stuuuupid) and Mia perform for the first time and does great.

    So for an episode set solely in Tric it was pretty entertaining.

  • I came back for Lucas

    Another great night at Tric!! This time featuring The Honorary Title and Mia Catalano!! The gang hang out together at Tric and have a drink together legally for the first time.

    This is a pretty good episode. It's fun seeing everyone hang out at Tric again and this time as adults. Mouth and Millie together was really cute. I hate Alice and Jason and Carrie and Victoria and I still hate Lindsey. They all just need to go. They are screwing up the lives of the people I love and care about. I like Owen, though. I really can't see Brooke with him long term, though.

    The best and worst part of this episode happened at about the same time. Peyton finally admitted that she came back to Tree Hill for Lucas (duh) and before Lucas took off to do the dumbest thing he has ever done they shared a wonderful, beautiful kiss. Like the kiss in the library in season 3 it sucked that he was with Lindsey when this kiss happened, but it was amazing. Like the kiss in the library it gave me hope that Lucas still loves her and will one day open his eyes and realize that Peyton is the one for him, not Lindsey. I just couldn't believe he proposed to Lindsey. What a dumb move. He is clearly still in love with Peyton. He might love Lindsey, but not like he loves Peyton.

  • Tric.

    Looking back at this episode during a rerun on SoapNet, I felt the need to comment on it. This was Season 5, when One Tree Hill was struggling to find its footing right after the 4.5 year time jump. They wanted to have Peyton and Lucas together again, but they gave us a mediocre reason to keep them apart and the typical rebound girl in Lindsay, who we knew had no chance of being the one.

    This is where Bethany Joy Galeotti really shined and established herself as the best actress on The CW, but even she could not save some of the awful Mia, Nathan/Carrie and Brooke storylines. Luckily the show has improved upon this right now.moreless
  • I loved it!

    Okay, this episode was good & and the music (Kate rocks!) But seriously, Nathan knows where the whole Nanny storyline will end, so fire her now, for god's sake, before something happens, that you cannot take back. Brooke is funny as always, and I just cannot take her mother. It is a miracle that Brooke ended up as nice and loving! Owen seems nice, maybe a future romance. The part that I hated was the Leyton part. Don't get me wrong I don't mind the couple, but do they have to break to many freaking hearts on the way.! Think about it, if Peyton just had owned to her feeling in season one, Brooke wouldn't have been hurt twice and now Lindsey, what the hell were they thinking! Brooke is right, this isn't high school anymore, so they should just stop kissing in secret (which is a flashback to the first season) and just own to their feelings, instead of playing around with others, whom clearly will end up with a broken heart aka. Lindsey. Sorry, I am rambling, but I just cannot believe that they could be so stupid again! And especially Lucas, what was he thinking, proposing to Lindsey, when we all know that Lucas and Peyton will end up together! God it just makes me soo mad!moreless
  • Season 5, Episode 7.

    The Honorary Title performs at Tric and Mia plays her song there as well. Carrie tries to get closer to Nathan. Brooke sets Mouth up on a blind date with her assistant and Lindsey confronts Lucas about Peyton. I liked this episode. Haha, the "Brooke Davis." Carrie is such a hoe. But, she's a hot hoe. Mouth and Millicent! YAY! :) Haha, Brooke was going to say, "Oh, mother ****er." LMAO! Haha, Victoria was at Tric. Sophia Bush is extremely hot. LMAO at what Brooke said to Haley at the bar. This episode was so good, even though the title came from a 50 Cent song, I believe. LMAO at what OWEN said to BROOKE at the bar.

    Owen: What do you like to drink in 20 years?

    Brooke: Poison.

    LMFAO! I loved this episode. Cool episode.moreless
Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray

Lucas Scott

Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz

Haley James-Scott

James Lafferty

James Lafferty

Nathan Scott

Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton

Peyton Sawyer

Lee Norris

Lee Norris

Marvin "Mouth" McFadden

Antwon Tanner

Antwon Tanner

Antwon “Skills” Taylor

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline


Guest Star

Vince Lindenschmidt

Vince Lindenschmidt

Club Patron (Uncredited)

Guest Star

Alissa Laderer

Alissa Laderer

Drunk Girl

Guest Star

Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto


Recurring Role

Lisa Goldstein

Lisa Goldstein

Millicent Huxtable

Recurring Role

Michaela McManus

Michaela McManus

Lindsey Strauss

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Brooke interrupted Victoria when she was talking to some guys, Victoria claimed to be flirting with the man she was speaking with, but that man had an earring on his right ear (properly known in the media as "the gay ear").

    • Spoiler alert!:
      Haley catching Lucas and Peyton kissing while Lucas is involved with someone else is similar to the episode "Hanging By A Moment", when she sees them kissing in the library while Lucas is dating Brooke.

    • Goof: Right when Mia comes on stage and Jason says "You suck, get off the stage, hoe!" Right after he says it and Nathan tells him to shut up, you can see him lip something else but there isn't any sound. Then he says "Choke."

    • Goof: After Nathan and Lucas talked at the bar, Carrie comes over to Nathan. When she drinks her shot, she turns her head, and when the shot changes, she turns it again.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Haley: Hey! I like your hair! It looks awesome!
      Lindsey: Thanks! You and Nathan look great, too!
      Haley: Oh, thanks!
      Lindsey: It's nice to have him up and walking..
      Haley: Yes, really. I think I was more excited about his first steps than I was about Jamie's! (they're laughing) Which is terrible!

    • Nathan: I'm trying to be good.
      Carrie: Oh!...I'm not!

    • (Lucas is drinking at the bar and Peyton is giving him a check)
      Lucas: What is this?
      Peyton: Rent. Sorry it's late.
      Lucas: You don't have to do that.
      Peyton: No, I really do.
      Lucas: Well, I'm not taking it.
      Peyton: Fine. I'll mail it.

    • Haley: (to Quentin) You can learn a lot more from Nathan than just basketball!

    • Mia: Thanks for the invite! Usually I'm at home online on Saturday nights.
      Peyton: Okay, we're gonna have to work on your rock star image!..

    • Haley: Water?
      Nathan: I wasn't even planning on drinking until Brooke forced.. herself on us!

    • Haley: It's my turn to be responsible for a change.
      Nathan: You know, you've really come a long way in the last month and I'm glad to have you back. So, is Jamie.

    • Lindsey: I don't know about the old crew but the new crew is ready to go home.
      Lucas: We just got here. I thought you wanted to see The Honorary Tilte.
      Lindsey: I thought I could handle being around Peyton who hates me by the way but I was wrong.
      Lucas: Look, Tric is a big place ok? Avoiding her shouldn't be too difficult.
      Lindsey: I have no problem avoiding her. It's you I'm worried about!..

    • Brooke: All right guys! Bring it in. (giving drinks to everyone) It's been way too long time since we all hung out together and this is the first time we're all drinking together legally that is! So, here's to hanging with our crew the old and the new (looking at Lindsey) and to everyone getting what they want!

    • (Lucas marches into Peyton's office)
      Lucas: Let me ask you something, do you have, like, an alarm in your head that goes off every time I'm happy with someone else? (screaming) What do you want from me? I fly to L.A., I ask you to marry me, you said no, so I moved on. Why haven't you?
      Peyton: Cause I should have said yes. (Lucas just stares at her) Luke, I was young, and I was scared, and I did not realize that by saying I wasn't ready it would mean that we would never be together again. Had I known that I would have said yes.
      Lucas: (Shaking his head, he gestures for her to stop) Peyton.
      Peyton: No, Luke, I miss you every day. And I have told everyone here that I didn't come back for you but I did. Of course I did. I still love you Lucas.
      Lucas: (In pain, shaking his head) Peyton - (She kisses him and he pulls away. Then, he looks at her for a few seconds and pulls her into a long, passionate kiss)
      Peyton: You still love me, don't you?
      Lucas: (painfully torn) I have to go see Lindsey.

    • Brooke: Honey, Lindsey doesn't stand a chance, trust me. I have been the Lindsey between Lucas and Peyton and (laughing lightly) it is not a great place to be.
      Peyton: Yeah, neither is the place I'm at.
      Brooke: Are you kidding? You're Peyton Sawyer, the guy wrote a whole book about how much he loves you.
      Peyton: You think he still does?
      Brooke: It has always been Lucas and Peyton. You guys are meant to be together, it's the way it's supposed to be.

    • Lucas: Why are women so screwed up?
      Nathan: Let me guess, Peyton.
      Lucas: How did you know?
      Nathan: Because she's sending you a drink with a check in it.
      Lucas: Yeah, we're having a tough time with the whole friends thing. How did you two do it so easily?
      Nathan: I make everything look easy.
      Lucas: Nate.
      Nathan: Peyton and I were never in love.
      Lucas: Yeah, well, Lindsey is mad at me, too.
      Nathan: Yet you seem more upset about Peyton.

    • Brooke: (to Mouth) What happened with Millie ?
      Mouth: I just think it is not good timing right now. I have been very busy with work lately.
      Brooke: (touching his forehead) Are you feeling ok? I had delivered a hot girl to you and you are worried about work? My mother will wanna adopt you.

    • (Peyton walks towards Lucas' door and knocks)
      Peyton: (seeing tears in Lindsey's eyes) Lindsey. I... I'm sorry. I never wanted...
      Lindsey: (showing Peyton the ring on her finger) Lucas asked me to marry him.

    • (after Jason walks away)
      Carrie: I've never seen your jealous side before.
      Nathan: You still haven't.

    • Peyton: I came back for Lucas.
      Brooke: I know. You've had your "Lucas Stealing Face" on the moment you picked me up at the airport
      Peyton: What "Lucas Stealing Face"?
      Brooke: The only face you've got.
      Peyton: Well, it doesn't even matter now. He's with Lindsay.

    • Peyton: If I came back for Lucas, then why did you come back?
      Brooke: Duh, for Lucas. Game on, bitch!

    • Brooke: (talks about the club and hints about her mom behavior) Tric needs to establish a "no mom" rule.
      Haley: I'm a mom!
      Brooke: You don't count. You got married and pregnant before you graduated high school. You'll be safely locked in a home by the time you're 35.
      Haley: Good talking to you, Brooke.

    • Brooke: (asks about her mother) Tell me I don't look like her when I dance. Tell me I don't look like her when I dance!
      Peyton: Okay. If you tell me Lindsey's a bitch.
      Brooke: Oh, my mom's a bitch. Lindsey's a bitch. Is there a woman here tonight you haven't called a bitch?
      Peyton: Well, I can think of one. (says about Brooke)
      Brooke: Lindsey is just threatened by you.
      Peyton: Why? It's not like I'm even after Lucas.
      Brooke: So you keep saying.
      Peyton: What? You don't believe me? Ok. Fine. Whatever. But for the record you look exactly like her when you dance! Bitch!
      (Peyton walkes away)
      Brooke: I do not!..

    • Lindsey: (to Peyton) You know when you said you didn't like me? Well I don't like you either.

    • Owen: Kind of pathetic.
      Brooke: What is?
      Owen: Paying people to ask for your autograph so you look famous.
      Brooke: Okay, I don't mean to brag, but half the people in this club are wearing my designs.
      Owen: Well, I don't mean to brag either, but everybody in this club is drinking one of my drinks.

    • Brooke: Mouth, Milly. Milly, Mouth. (presents them to each other) Fall in love, get married, invite me to the wedding and sit me next to a really hot guy.

    • Haley: I guess one shot won't kill us, huh?... (after drinking a shot) Maybe it will. Brooke, what was that?
      Brooke: I wanted something that would remind everyone of me, so they mixed their most popular liquor with their sweetest. The bartender did name it a "Brooke Davis". Isn't that right? (asks Owen)
      Owen: Actually, I think you named it that. I call it tequila and grenadine.

    • Brooke: Hey Owen! Yeah yeah, hi hi, how does she look? Hot, right? She's wearing a Clothes Over Bros original.
      Owen: (directed towards Millicent) You're the prettiest girl in the room.
      Brooke: Did you hear that, Millie, you're the second prettiest girl in the room? I can't wait to see the look on Mouth's face when he finds out he's on a date with you.

    • Haley: (to Nathan) When are you going to grow up? This is our first time back in a bar since your accident, and already you're in another fight. Have you learned nothing?
      Nathan: What do you expect me to do? Sit back while some jerk harasses you?
      Haley: That's exactly what I expect you to do, because you're not always the guy that has to jump in and do something and I'm not a damsel in distress. And if your last bar brawl didn't make it clear enough, you're not Superman.

    • Haley: (to Mia) Everyone makes mistakes, I mean look at Peyton.
      Peyton: Hey!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Additional scenes:
      -Alice and Millicent are in the bathroom. Alice introduces herself as Mouth's boss, and tells her that she should just go for it and kiss him.
      -After Mia's performance, she gets off stage, and thanks and hugs Peyton and Haley.

    • International Air Dates:
      - Denmark: Saturday, April 19, 2008 on TV3+
      - Norway: Wednesday, May 7 2008 on TVNorge
      - Greece: Saturday, May 31 2008 at 17.45 on Star
      - Latin America: Sunday, July 13, 2008 on FoxLife
      - United Kingdom: Monday, July 22 2008 on E4
      - Australia: Sunday, October 26 2008 on TEN HD
      - Germany: Monday, July 12, 2010 on VOX

    • Featured Music:
      "Almost" by Round 2
      "Belmondo" by The Temporary Thing
      "Chinatown" by The Velocet
      "Drama Queen" by Switches
      "Far More" by The Honorary Title
      "Hey Mrs." by I Monster
      "Just Another Girl" by Red Panda
      "Never Meant For You (Robotekks Mix)" by David Kater
      "No Good" by Kate Voegele
      "Read My Lips" by Center Court Party
      "Stay Away" by The Honorary Title
      "Sun and Shadow" by Wideawake
      "Thin Layer" by The Honorary Title
      "Tick Tick Boom" by The Hives
      "Where I Sleep" by Echo Helstrom
      "Would You Still Be Mine" by Alex Winston

    • Although they are credited, Paul Johansson (Dan), Antwon Tanner (Skills) and Jackson Brundage (Jamie) didn't appear in this episode. This is Brundage's first abscence since he became a regular.


    • When Lindsey says to Lucas "I'm single white female." in response to her copying Peyton's hair, she is reffering to the 1992 movie Single White Female. In the movie, a girl starts copying her roomates hair, clothes, and ultimatly tries to replace her.

    • Nathan: Is this the champagne room?

      This is a reference to Chris Rock's song "No Sex in the Champagne Room" from his 1999 album Bigger and Blacker.

    • Episode Title: In da Club

      "In da Club" is a song performed by rapper 50 Cent for his commercial debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin.