One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 2

In the Room Where You Sleep

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2012 on The CW

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  • In The Room Where You Sleep

    If this was indeed Alex Dupre's final episode I am disappointed. Not a fitting farewell to a character that has done a lot in the past three seasons, and has been the highlight of the show for me for most of that time period.

    Nathan has never been fair to Dan so his mistreating is no surprise. I do miss the more villainous Dan though and hope we get a return of that this season.

    The Mouth and Millie scenes just.....just so unnecessary.

    Solid episode, but I keep expecting more.
  • Yay no Alex!

    Firstly, I'd like to say that the first 4 seasons of OTH were amazing, the next 2 were ok and ever since Lucas and Peyton were written off, everything went down hill. This show should have been killed off after season 6! The only reason I still watch is I want to see how it ends, since I do fel loyal to the good seasons of the show!

    The good news is Lucas comes back for one episode! How can the writers even think to have OTH without Lucas, the entire show was based on him!

    If you'd like a review of this episode, I don't have one. I couldn't notice anything except for Alex's ridiculously dark tan. Did anyone on the set actually think that looked good? She has bad friends for letting her go on screen looking like a charcoal.
  • Goodbye Alex Dupre!!

    This was not a good as last week's, but I still really enjoyed it!!

    There were a lot of laughs this episode!!

    This was Jana Kramer's final episode!! I didn't like Alex when we first met her, but after a while she grew on me and now I love her. I'm really going to miss her. I'm glad that she at least had a good reason for leaving. I love that the reason was a throwback to season 2 in that she chose a tour over Chase.

    I could have done without all the Chuck scenes. It's cool when he is hanging with Jamie at the River Court or at school, but I'm kind of tired of him. I really hate that he is all buddy-buddy with Chris Keller and that he started using third person. Chris Keller was as always amazing. He has a bit of classic Chris Keller with a bit of whoever this new Chris Keller he is trying to be is. Chris and Chuck singing Chuck's song was funny and cute, but totally unnecessary. I love that Chris Keller wrote the Toaster Pastry song!!! And when he was at Naley's house...that was brilliant!!

    I loved the few Naley scenes that we had. I wish there were going to be more between them this season. Jamie is growing up so fast. He looks so much older than when we first saw him in season 5. I loved Haley's scene with Dan when said how much she loved Keith and how she misses him everyday. I still slightly feel bad for Dan, but I don't trust him. I never have.

    I wish we would just find out what is going on with Clay. Does he really have a sleeping disorder? Is he developing a drug dependency of some sort and that's why he didn't take his prescription? Or is it something else? Fat Mouth was interesting. It's a totally random storyline, but funny. It will be interesting to see if he gets skinny again and how he goes about getting there.

    Brooke and Julian were the best. I loved the opening with them and Victoria. And Victoria can bake? What? Julian better be careful or he is going to be fatter than Mouth. I don't know if I can trust Mr. Davis. I didn't trust Victoria in the beginning and ended up liking her only to have her completely change again by causing Brooke to lose the company. I'm not sure what to think about him.

    Sorry for the long review. I will try to shorten them as the episodes continue.