One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 12

I've Got Dreams to Remember

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

The guidance counselor is meeting with the Tree Hill seniors to find out what goals they have for their future. Haley wants to go to Stanford. Brooke isn't interested -- she's just glad to get out of class for awhile. Peyton doubts she'll even go to college. Cocky as ever, Nathan declares that colleges come to him, he doesn't come to them. Lucas can't afford to go to college out of state so he'd like to attend one nearby.Meanwhile, Keith is sitting in jail, answering various questions from the police detectives. He's sassy because he knows he's innocent. Dan knows that Lucas knows Keith is innocent, but the kid is sworn to secrecy. When Dan enters Keith's interrogation room, Keith finally confesses -- to buying a bottle of booze. This just angers Dan, whose outrage simply proves to the cops why someone would want to see him dead.Haley wants assurance from Lucas that he's feeling okay. She had a dream that he had a heart attack. She wants to make sure he is taking his meds. He lies and tells his friend that he is. Later, at his meeting with the counselor Lucas tells her the he will most likely get some academic scholarship interest but he also admits that he's hoping to do something with basketball. The college scout is going to be there at the next game. If Lucas can get his attention and end up with a scholarship Karen won't have to worry about his future…and finances. She can finally start living her life.As it turns out, arresting Keith was a favor for the new mayor of Tree Hill, but without something solid the police can't hold him. In fact, the only charges they could bring up would be on Dan for assaulting his brother.Peyton and Ellie are moving forward with the benefit album, and they begin getting to know each other a little better as well. Peyton even tells her biological mom about Jake and how she was in love with him. She also admits that she is not interested in college. Ellie tells her that she could see her going and majoring in art or music or business.Haley shares her Stanford dreams with her counselor and admits that Nathan's dream school, Duke, is 2,798 miles from her dream school. Later Nathan and Haley apologize for the cruel words they both swapped and agree that they should have discussed family planning (and more) before they went and got hitched.Evil Rachel convinces Mouth that she needs him and he misses his appointment with the guidance counselor.When Keith is released from jail, he's in good spirits and Karen is there. She wants revenge and Keith just wants a date. He invites her to go to The Ravens' game the next night. She accepts. The night he picks her up for the game, they're both nervous.At her appointment with the guidance counselor, Brooke admits that she has no real direction after high school. She thinks she'll end up alone. As it turns out, Rachel has the demise of Brooke Davis up her sleeve. Rachel recruited Mouth to get the cheer squad ready with a routine for The Classics, without Brooke. The competition is on the same weekend as Road Vogue and Brooke will be in NYC. That Rachel is so devious!Later, Brooke tries to convince Mouth that Rachel (a hot girl) would never be interested in him and maybe he should try to date Gigi. Mouth gets seriously offended, as he should be. He storms out of her apartment.Dan blows Nathan's secret and tells Haley that he is the one who paid for her sessions with Chris Keller. Peyton is surprised and asks Nathan to tell her the truth from now on. Later, in his counseling appointment, Nathan admits that basketball is all he's got. He won't get into any college based on his not-so-good-grades. Then Dan informs his son that the powerhouse scout of East Coast basketball will be attending the game that night. That means Duke, baby!At the beginning of the biggest game of Nathan's high school career, Whitey benches him for skipping political science class that day. Dan was speaking to the class and Nathan couldn't stomach it. Lucas starts instead of Nathan and no one is happy about it. Luckily, Lucas brought his A game.The night of the big game, Brooke informs Rachel that she can do both The Classics and Road Vogue. One is on Saturday, and the other is on Sunday, so she can make both. It looks like Brooke has won this round... until Mouth walks by and he and Rachel share a look that says they're more than friends. At halftime, Mouth walks right by Brooke. She ends up following him into the men's room to give him a very serious apology. They make up and she wants to hang after the game. But he already has plans… with Rachel.Meanwhile, Lucas pleads Nathan's case to Whitey, but the coach is set. He can't let Nathan play -- it's the rules. Dan tries to talk to the big-time scout about Nathan, but he's more impressed with Lucas. Keith sings Lucas' praises to the scout and he's impressed.At the start of the second half, Lucas is on fire. With nine seconds left in the game, The Ravens are down and Nathan reminds him of the "dead spot" in the floor. Lucas is able to take advantage and score the winning basket. The crowd goes wild -- well, everybody in the crowd but Dan Scott. After the game, Nathan and Haley talk about their future and college. The scout comes up to talk to Lucas and he, in his typical unselfish way, introduces the guy to his brother. Whitey tells Nathan that he is proud of him and that the scout will be back. But he asks his coach to invite a scout from Stanford.Back at the Sawyer residence, Ellie tells Peyton that she caught the game and realizes how much her daughter has to offer the world, if only she knew it. Peyton changes her mind about her future and decides she should attend college after all. And later Keith, Karen and Lucas have dinner together for the first time in a long, long time. Then it begins to rain.