One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 12

I've Got Dreams to Remember

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on The CW

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  • The future..

    I'e Got Dreams to Remember was entertaining mainly because of it's concept, putting the characters in a situation where they think about their futures.

    I liked how Nathan and Haley eventually decided to both apply for both their colleges - opening up options. It was a nice end to an interesting story for them. I also liked how Peyton decided she wants to do something in music, art or business inspired by Ellie. Their relationship is a good part of the show right now and it's sad that she's dying.

    Brooke was great in this episode because she was the one who didn't want to think about college, she wants to stay in high school and I admire that. Her and Lucas are still great. Speaking of, Lucas has stopped taking his pills and is better for it. He's an idiot. Oh, and Nathan learned to look out for the team instead of himself - good character growth.

    Dan really is a sad shadow of a person. Watching Karen, Keith and Luke have dinner was just weird. Get over yourself, Dan. I loe how Keith is so in control now, though is does make what happens later much sadder. Did Rachel really submit Brooke's designs so she couldn't go to the competition? I don't know...probably.

    Anyway, this seasons storylines are really strong.

  • Decisions, Decisions

    All the kids meet with the school guidance counselor to discuss college and their future plans. The Ravens play their first game in the crappy gym and thanks to Nathan's tip, Lucas is able to win the game. Peyton and Ellie finish up the album. They now have all the bands and have finally come up with a title and the cover art, "Friends with Benefit" with the picture of Peyton as the angel of death for the cover art and a flaming heart. Brooke is nervous about Rogue Vogue and is also upset because Rachel submitted her designs to keep her from the upcoming classic.

    Nathan & Haley realize their dream schools are across the country from each other and now have some serious decisions to make.

    Lucas wants to play basketball, but because of his HCM knows that it's not going to happen.

    Peyton doesn't know if she'll go to college.

    Brooke is not ready for college. She is use to high school and has her routine down so she is afraid of what life will be like outside of those walls.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill its time to plan your future and nathan and haley find out that they are planning to go to diffrent colleges across the country and brook finds out the reason rachel submitted her desines to vogue meanwhile peyton is dealing with the fact that her mother has a illness and is going to die becasue of it and she must deal with that fact this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower and it was a intense and alot of real drama
  • Another great installment!

    This episode is another fantastic one in season 3. It is not a special episode such as 'With Tired Minds,Tired Eyes,Tired Souls,We Slept' and 'Some You Give Away' but is a great midseason episode and episodes like this made season 3 the greatest One Tree Hill season. The students meet a school counselor who helps them decide which college they should go to. Haley and Nathan realise that they want to attend colleges that are hundreds miles away from one another. Lucas and Brooke also has problems with their college decisons because Lucas wants to attend a college with a scholarship in order to help his mom. Brooke faces the reality that one day she won't be in high school anymore, won't be popular and will have to deal with her life. Peyton and Ellie finish the album naming it 'Friends with Benefits'. At the basketball game Nathan doesn't play because he skips the Dan's class. At the same time there is a specialist who attend the match. Nathan finally puts the team above himself and gives Lucas an advice to win the match.
    Favorite story: Haley and Nathan want to attend different colleges miles away from each other
    Favorite character: Brooke- great talking with the counselor,also very funny.
  • Season 3, Episode 12.

    As the students meet with the school counselor to plan for the future, Nathan and Haley realize they want to attend different colleges across the country from one another and Brooke discovers Rachel's reasons for submitting her designs to Rogue Vogue. Meanwhile, Ellie and Peyton bond as they finish the benefit album. It wasn't an excellent episode, but it was still enjoyable with some parts. Counselor: What are your plans after high school?
    Brooke: Uhm, cheer practice. Haha, Brooke is the new Bevin. :)
    "I can win two trophies, then shove one up Rachel's -"
    LMAO I love Brooke. Definitely worth the 9.5 rating. :)
  • Guidance

    The guidance counselor talks to Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Brooke and Peyton about college. Stanford is Haley's dream school, while Duke is Nathan's. Unfortunately, they are miles apart. Keith is questioned, but they don't have enough evidence, so they release him. He asks Karen out on their first date to the game. Whitey benches Nathan after he skips class where Dan is teaching. Peyton and Ellie try to come up with an album name. Peyton doesn't want to go to college. Brooke is afraid of life after high school. Mouth starts hanging out with Rachel and Brooke accidentally offends Mouth. They make up though. The ravens win the game! Dan seems jealous of Keith's life. Ellie comes up with the album name: Friends with Benefit.

    This episode was great! I like Keith and Karen dating! Keith was funny in the jail place. I'm so glad that Lucas won the game for the ravens! I'm also glad at how Nathan became a real leader! This episode gets a 10!
  • Good episode but not the greatest because I know and I believe that One Tree Hill has his original surprises...and I'm waiting BRING IT ON!!!

    It was a great episode... I loved it because it shows what a high school student leaves... and I mean the part in which they talk about college and future, it's so true... I love how the relationship of Lucas and Brooke goes(good for them). In rest BRAVO Haley!!! You Go Girl, get back your husband. Although Dan is a disgusting character in the end I almost felt sorry for him...but I'm sure he's not going to change... he's the bad boy and that works for him!I think that the best actor in this episode was Sophia Bush she played her part so well as the finish she reached being alone(feel bad for her) and it was like so real, VERY GOOD!!! What I learned from this episode is that: There is always a way out(from Brooke's problem whit deciding, the fashion or cheerleading). Think about the future but also live the present... And that everyone has his place at he is good at it! Cool Episode!!!
  • Adventurous....Student at Tree Hill High are trying to picture themselves as a college student and figuring out where they will want to be.

    I thought that this episode could easily fit in this particular category because the students have taken their own adventures leading up to college. The adventures taken will ultimatly lead up to where they will attend college. Haley says she has always wanted to go to Stanford, but now that she is married to Nathan she says comes to the conclusion that it is not just about where she wants to go anymore it is also about Nathan (who also comes to that conclusion). I feel that choosing the college you would like to attend is an adventure in itself, you have to be able to picture yourself in that college and considering the one you love can affect the choices you make.
  • Everyone is figuring out where they want to go to college.

    That was so funny that Nathan and Haley wanted to go to two different schools on different sides of the country. I felt bad for them because I know that they want to be together but they have different schools that they want to go to. I really dislike Reachel for submitting Brooke's designs for the fashion show. It was nice to get her into the show but Reachel did it so she could take over the cheerleading squad durning the competition. I like seeing Peyton with her bith mother it is good for Peyton to get to know her while she is alive.
  • great episode could have made more out of it however it moved the storyline along well in a well interprited way

    an immense episode... most of the reviews i wirte will be extremly positive about one tree hill. the show is jst soo refreshing and just i feel makes you feel happy about yourself. the last episode finished with kieth being taken away by the cops. fortuntally there were no grounds y he should stay im jail and charged.dan extremly gutted at this point. fortuntally again kieth and karen finally get to go on a date. at last !!! the ravens win their first game of the season and omg i dont know wether it was me but i was extremly proud when he helped lucas win the game even though he didnt play. i think a well team efford by nathan and bonus points by pissin offf dan :D:D: well played xxx
  • This episode revealed a lot about the inner thoughts of out favorite characters.

    Okay, so I have to say I could actually feel my heart swelling with joy! And if you have to ask what made me feel that way, you haven\'t paid much attention to any of my other reviews! LOL

    Nathan and Haley...
    So I totally HATE how they play around with scenes to make us scared! I mean, I actually spent the week furious at Nathan! Go Figure! But, when I saw the scene tonight after the game when they were talking about Stanford, I was SOOOOOO excited! Today was definately good for Naley! No fights! Woo hoo!

    I love that they are both considering other options because they want to be with each other! And that the college thing isn't causing the fight that they wanted us to believe it would.

    I also love that Whitey takes every opening possible to remind Nathan about what a good man he is becoming, and how he is better than Dan ever imagined being.

    I also think Dan had a bit of a wake-up call tonight, truly. He actually looked sad tonight in the car outside of the resturant, realizing the kind of family relationship that he totally screwed up, twice!

    Oh, and I LOVED it when Dan said he had good news and Nathan said, \"I\'m adopted?\" I laughed out lout on that one!

    I am loving the stuff with Keith and Karen. As much as I liked Andy, I\'ve always liked the idea of Keith and Karen as a couple, and it makes me happy, especially to see both of them happy.

    The scene with Lucas and Karen as she was getting ready for her date was absolutely HILARIOUS! You could just feel that they were having fun.

    I know it took me a while to get to it, but there was a second thing that made my heart swell tonight....Nathan and Lucas. They\'re helping each other, and you can tell that they care. Like with Lucas trying to convince Whitey to let Nathan play for the scout, and then Nathan encouraging Lucas to use the dead spot. And especially at the end when Lucas called Nathan over to talk to the scout too.

    I think you could tell that Ellie knows she doesn\'t have much time left. I could feel her pain just seeing those tears in her eyes. I like though how they worked in the title and cover of the album into the story as well. It makes me like the cover a LOT more.

    I almost forgot! I LOVED the scene with Keith in the holding cell. He just cracks me up. And then the cop telling Dan that the only charges that would even come close to having stnading ground would be those against him for assulting his brother.

    And the dig Karen got in about doing worse. Yay Karen!

    I felt bad for Mouth tonight. I like him and Brooke as friends...maybe more for a short time...

    I think that might be it for tonight\'s episode.

    Now, for next week....

    Was that Nathan and Haley making out on a car in the rain? LOVE it! I think it\'s going to be a calm week for Nathan and Haley, but I can TOTALLY handle that!

    And what\'s the deal with Brooke being a punching bag and Lucas calling her psycho? I definately see things going bad for Lucas and Brooke...especially with the rumors that he comforts Peyton after finding out about Ellie\'s death, and Brooke goes into jealous mode.

    Where is Dan breaking into? His own house? Karen\'s? Keith\'s? I\'m super curious. Although, I don\'t think we have to guess what he\'s looking for...anything to pinpoint more infor about the fire.

    And Peyton....we all saw it coming...Ellie dying. That totally sucks, but I knew she wouldn\'t last much longer. Especially with Peyton making point last week to mention whether or not she\'d be around for the realease of the album.

    I\'m wondering how much longer it will be until the beans are spilled about Lucas and HMC. Haley\'s obviously feeling REALLY guilty about keeping the secret...the dream, and mentioning to Nathan that she\'s worried about Lucas, though I noticed he didn\'t get a chance to ask why. And when Brooke asked what he\'s on and Haley said, or not on. Something\'s going to go down, and I think it\'s going to be soon.

    Oh, and Mouth kissing Rachel! ARGH!
  • All the kiddos talk to the councenlor about college and get feedback. Peyton and her mother are working really well together. Haley and Nathan are doing fine. Brooke and Lucas are great. Mouth and Rachel are getting to be closer friends.

    Yes! The Ravens finally won a game! I'm really upset that Nathan didn't get to play thou, how sad! But I'm really glad that he was helping out the team and told Lucas a couple pointers. I think Dan should move away, it would do good for everyone. He sucks at life.. The scenes for next week look fantastic!! I CAN'T WAIT!
  • One of the best episodes of One Tree Hill ever.

    This episode is probably the best of the season so far as it focuses on the main characters and their dreams for the future. It shows what the characters really want in life - their true feelings.

    Overall, it's a 'happy' episode as all the characters got what they deserved. Especially, Dan who realised that he doesn't have any real friends.
  • One of the best episodes of the entire series.

    This episode did everything it should have, short of Keith having scenes with Nathan and Haley. All season long I've been waiting for the "moment" where Nathan and Lucas would patch things up and be friends again. In this episode I realized it was going to come more slowly than there being a "moment," and I'm okay with that. That's a good way to tell the story. Anyway, they are definitely looking out for each other in this episode, Nathan for Lucas during the game, and Lucas for Nathan both in trying to get Whitey to let Nathan play and after the game when he introduced Nathan to the scout, and even referred to Nathan as his brother. These guys are finally headed back to where they were last season.

    Nathan and Haley apologized to each other, which was awesome. Someone said in a review of last week's episode that Nathan was becoming like Dan. I don't think that's true at all. Nathan made a huge mistake, yes and he was a jerk for making that, but he realized it and he was not too proud to apologize. Whereas Dan's biggest fault is his pride, and his second being that he can't forgive. Nathan is forgiving Haley, he is forgiving Lucas. He will not be his father. And back to the Naley front: Nathan and Haley are back together but they realize that there are still things they need to work out, talk to each other about, etc. I'm glad that the Chris Keller thing wasn't a huge deal. And I'm glad that these two are finally both willing to make sacrifices for their relationship.

    Great Keith stuff. I loved the scene at the end with Dan in the car. We finally came back to Dan being a bit sympathetic: he knows what he's lost. He loves BOTH of his sons a lot but he's lost them both. And as he was looking in at the restaurant at Lucas and Karen, he was looking in on the life that he had wanted but chose to give up. Sad. This made me realize that Dan is not YET beyond redeemable: it would take a lot of work and obviously he wouldn't turn around and be a REALLY REALLY great guy, but could turn around. It could happen. That's what would have to happen for him to have a good relationship with Lucas or Nathan.

    Great episode. A lot going on; didn't even mention Peyton's stuff, which I'm coming around to finally, and Brooke and Lucas, who seem to be doing fine. They don't look fine next week!!

    Oh yes, we also returned to Haley worrying about Lucas' HCM. She figured it out this week. Excellent. She'd better do something about it. I think she will after that dream she had.
  • Lucas is the savior of the Tree Hill Ravens.... Peyton's benefit album gets a name... Brucas and Naley... Season 3's finest episode!

    This is easily one of Season 3's best episodes, in my opinion. Haley has a dream in the beginning about a failed marriage and seeing Lucas' heart give out. All the Tree Hill students have to talk to a college woman and it leads into an interesting conversation especially when the scenes connect with each other and with Keith in prison... I liked how Keith was cocky in prison! Lucas becomes the savior for Tree Hill Ravens when they win their first game of the season. Karma gets to Dan because he was hoping to get some famous person to check out Nathan's basketball skills but Whitey puts Nathan on the bench. The eppy ends with everyone happy and Dan miserable- excellent!

    Mouth and Brooke's relationship took a turn in this episode as Brooke was jealous of Mouth hanging out with Rachel. I agree with Brooke- Rachel is just using Mouth. Rachel is a b***h for submitting Brooke's designs just so she could lead the team in the competition- Im glad Brooke found an idea to do both things- Rogue Vogue and the competition! Lucas and Nathan were excellent in this episode- they finally started acting as brothers! I also liked Peyton and Ellie's relationship. The "Friends with Benefit" cover art is excellent and I cant wait to buy the album! How romantic when Nathan asked to try and get into the same college as Haley... I hope Dan doesn't try and break them apart even more! Also, Karen and Keith- yay!

    Episode Grade- A.
  • They want to go to different college far away from eachother!

    This was the best episode of the whole season...Nathan only wants to be with Haley and It think that he is soo cute especially after he asked Whity to call someone from Stanford so he can go to the school that Haley is going to. And when he said that Basketball is the only thing that mattered until Haley came along. And how she said that Stanford was her future but none of the people there are Nathan. AWWW soo cute..I LOVE NALEY!
  • Great episode!!

    I just loved to see Nathan and Lucas like real brothers, and finally (almost) everything is ok with Nathan and Haley, it was just so sweet when Haley says: "say you love me."and he answers "of course I do" they are so cute together!
    And Brooke saying "have fun with your family, you could see that Lucas thought something like: finally, it's happening :). Karen and Kieth are a great couple, and Dan is getting nothing: just as he deserves!!
  • Although other shows have attempted or utilised the college choice montage (The OC, Dawsons Creek); the factor that enables One Tree Hill to stand out is their ability to take a central idea and make an episode out of it, rather than just a tool.

    Although other shows have attempted or utilised the college choice montage (The OC, Dawsons Creek); the factor that enables One Tree Hill to stand out is their ability to take a central idea and make an episode out of it, rather than just a tool.

    This montage, used throughout the episode enabled us to see the reasons for the choices, and make it possible for this idea to be used as a deciding factor, a moment of choice, rather than just a recap on what is happening.

    This episode was revealing, pivotal and inspiring.

    Brooke blew us away with her honestly, and the ball was definately not dropped by actress Sophia Bush in this department. This also brought forth a whole new dinemension of her character, one that is reflected onto herself, and not by others.

    Peyton finds means to her chaos as Elle and her bond further through the album (Friends With Benefit).

    The Ravens finally step it up when Nathan steers away from Dan, and thinks of his team first, resulting in one of the most exciting games of basketball on this show.

    Complications once again arise between Hayley and Nathan, though plot, production and acting bring it all together to produce a wonderfully touching ending as to their choices of the future.

    Once again, I would just like to congratulate the team behind (and in front of) One Tree Hill, for making yet another episode to add onto my "This is why I watch OTH" list.

    Can you wait until next week?
  • Really great episdoe with a lot of new information.

    Allright, well I was glad to see that nothing actually happened to Lucas, and that Haley and Nathan's relationship is still going well.

    In this episode we found out Rachel's real reason for submitting Brooke's designs to Rogue Vogue. I think that Rachel needs to go back to where ever she came from, because Tree Hill has enough drama without her! Also, we learned that Haley and Nathan had different college dreams, although I think that they are going to end up attending the same college, or at least trying. Peyton is getting closer with her mother, so that's good. They picked a name for the benefit album and Ellie designed the cover. Rachel kind of made Mouth turn on Brooke for a little bit, which I think was her plan. Keith got out of jail, and Karen and him started dating. Dan, however, was not happy about this.

  • Unbelievable that they did it again! Another outstanding episode of One Tree Hill with a great concept and so many great things going on...

    They did it again! This is exactly why One Tree Hill is THE BEST show ever. I really liked the concept of this episode with the scenes from the guidance counselor sessions mixed with the actual events.
    I have a question: Is Keith cool or what? It was so great to see Keith giving Dan some of his own medicine which he obviously didn't like that much. I'm curious what Dan will do now to screw things up for Keith. Speaking of screwing up, the opening dream sequence was amazing, because it showed how concerned "Failey" is about Lucas. I also like the road Hailey and Nathan are on at the moment: realising how important they are to each other and willing to sacrifice their (former) dreams to be together ... and most importantly not letting Dan screw things up between them. "Screw things up" is also a good term for the thing Rachel is doing. I really hate, that she now involves Mighty Mouth in her plans to mess with Brooke.
    I think it is great how happy Peyton is with Ellie and I really love the cover of the benefit album. But I wonder about Peyton's "the other guy" comment when Ellie asks her about her love life. I assume she meant Jake but what about Lucas? Although Peyton and Lucas were never really a couple, I think he should have been in this list ... on the other hand, when Peyton talked to her subconsciousness in "How a Resurrection Really Feels" she said something about having feelings for Lucas, so let's see where this leads to!
    The Ravens score their first win thanks to Lucas. I think the whole story, with Nathan benched by Whitey for skipping class - because of Dan - when the scout is present and Lucas having a fantastic game, was awesome. This might have been the moment when Nathan became free of Dan.
    I really liked the ending scene, where Dan is miserable and it starts raining. The rain will be one of the main themes of the next episode and I'm looking forward to see what happens next in Tree Hill...

  • Haley and Nathan want to go to different colleges,Lucas is not doing too well,Brooke is jealous of Mouth,and Peyton confronts Ellie while Dan tries to kill Keith!

    Let me just say, I cannot believe this episode. The fact that Lucas collapsed and Dan Dan is being a jerk as usual scare me. But I am glad to see Nathan and Haley. I mean I know that they love one another and that they want to be with each other. But then I know that something will happen so that they can. This episode was classic! It just grabbed me and it was hard to imagine what was going on inside of everyone's head while they were filming this episode. Then I mean the big punch came with Ellie and Peyton's scenes during which everything pulled me and I lost it and I've hated everything going on and I want them to be happy in so many ways and I want Ellie to be alive for when the album comes out and it's starting to scare me that it may happen. And I want Lucas bettern and okay because he is key in the show and if he dies, then who is Nathan going to fight with besides Dan and everyone else...but hopefully not Haley so much. Lol! But yeah...but Haley and Nathan have is something special and they better make it until the end. Not to mention I love James Lafferty and he is the best or I should say my favorite actor on the show because he does bring out the good in everyone and it's just amazing!

    ~Mandy~ ^0^
  • One of the best One Tree Hill episodes ever. Outstanding writing and produced with just the right amount of sensibility. We see some really great character development. I just loved it!

    This is one of the best OTH episodes so far. Not so much because of the story told, but how it is told. We see all the collage interviews in sequences and between them what makes those people think the way they do. The stories everyone tells is basically everything we know about them, but brought to one point. But they tell it to us so beautiful and well, that makes us feel comfortable. All the characters get a much deeper profile, nothing feels synthetic and everything becomes real in the one or the other way.
    But after all I think the characters got the chance to develop them and I think they all do.
    Keith made is changes while he was gone. I like the new Keith.
    Lucas finally feels good again (at least for now considering his heart). He finally plays his game again and he got some serious relationship with Brooke. Just take a look when they talk about their wishes for collage and decide to do the right think for each other as a couple.
    Brooke tells for the first time what she really is. I think that really could help her get passed through this hard time.
    Nathan sees for the first time that his future is more the future Dan has planned for him than his own. But he sees that he needs to change and that Haley isn’t willing to sacrifice her life (and he isn’t as well) just for his future. So he takes the right step towards a serious future and most important together with his wife.
    Haley is getting stronger more and more (or we can say more mature). She can handle most of Dan’s attacks and she sees that her dreams are more important than Nathan is. She realizes how much he would have to sacrifice for each one her dreams. Go to the collage she always dreamed of or just give up this very old dream and go with Nathan, her husband. I think the most important think here is that Nathan and Haley realize that her dreams are the dreams with the higher chances of a golden future. He can play Basketball and go to collage but has to sacrifice his uncertain NBA career, she can go to the collage of her dreams and they still can be together. Think about when they would fallow his plans. He couldn’t go to the collage of her dreams and he would stand under much more pressure to get in to the NBA. Everything would stand and fall with that. I’m so glad that he isn’t proud enough to fallow her in to the future.
    Payton can do everything and she knows it, but she doesn’t have the moral support all the other have. So her mother came just for the right time. Still their bonding is very careful, but it’s growing. I liked that as well.
    Mouth is the poor guy. He’s struck in the middle of everything. I don’t think that he will ever have a problem to get to a collage, because I think he got so excellent grades. I think that all the way he thinks is very well written. He isn’t the big cool sports guy. He is just smart and a bit introverted, but dreams of a beautiful girl same as all the others. He’s the real good guy and Rachel is the alluring devil. She’s almost everything he dreams of. And he finally could break out somehow…
    Dan’s system of terror is falling apart, mostly because he reached too much he fought for. It’s like Napoleon. He also got more and more and at the end his system broke down.

    This episode was very well written and the play with the different locations and timelines work really great. This episode brought all characters so much more profile and authenticity, which makes this episode outstanding.
  • What a great episode! Lucas and Nathan, brothers again. Working together for a common win the basketball game. Nathan and Haley, facing their dreams and realizing none of it means anything without the other. Brooke, realizing that her reign a

    Mark Schwahn and his team have done it again. Another great episode in the saga of One Tree Hill. Lucas finally gets to shine as the basketball player as Nathan has to sit out of the game for skipping that Dan was teaching...who could blame him. Nathan realizes that he is not his father and helps Lucas and the team will the game by giving Lucas some strategy information against the opposite team.

    Nathan and Haley realize their dream colleges are on opposite ends of the country. No dream is worth it if he means being apart as they both start to compromise their decision.

    Peyton continues to bond with her birth mother as they are working in the new "Friends with Benefit" cd.

    Brooke believes she will have to start again with friendships and building who she is as High School is nearing the end.

    Great acting, great directing, great writing!
  • Lucas and Nathan are finally calling each other brothers again. Nathan and Haley are getting back on track. Dan gets what he deserves, no love.

    It starts off as Haley's dream sequence. She is beginning to feel guilty for not telling anyone about Lucas' heart condition. She confronts him about it and he says, he is fine. Each student goes to see the counseler. Haley wants to go to Stanford. Brooke doesn't want to leave high school. Lucas doesn't want to go out of state, fearing its too much money. Peyton doesn't want to go to college. Nathan wants to go Duke. After winning their first game, Nathan talks to Haley about college, about how he doesn't want to prevent her from following her dream, again, or telling her to go coz he doesn't want to be with her. Instead, he asks her what she wants him to say and she replies, "say you love me." Nathan's answer, "Of course I love you." yayyy! Shortly after, the scout goes to Lucas to congratulate him on his great game, instead Lucas introduces the scout to his brother, Nathan. In the end, Haley wants her future to be with Nathan. Brooke wants to go where basketball is available. Lucas wants to go where fashion design is available. Peyton wants to go to college to major in art, music and business, all the things that Ellie suggests. Nathan wants to go to Stanford to be with his wife. In the end, everyone is happy, except the guy that wants to make everyone's lives a living hell, Dan. There he is, unloved. yayy!