One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 12

I've Got Dreams to Remember

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The address of Nathan & Haley (and now Brooke)'s apartment is 176 Oakmont Terrace, Apt. 11.

    • One time when Tim dribbled down the court and passed the ball to Lucas, the Ravens cheerleaders were cheering defense when they were on offense.

    • As Peyton is reassuring Brooke about her clothing designs, on the phone, behind Peyton is a drawing on her wall. The drawing is obviously the oldest girl in the 'Dad Leaving as Peyton Grows Older' drawings that Lucas showed to Peyton's father to show him how much Peyton misses him and wants him to be at home. The drawing of this oldest 'Peyton' on the wall has a hole or window where her heart should be. This further illustrates the fact that Peyton's drawings and wall paintings are a hole to her heart or window to her soul.

    • When Ellie draws the cover of the Friends with Benefit CD, it's drawn in the same style of Petyon's art works. The real artist is Helen Ward who also does Peyton's artwork.

    • During the game, in the second period, the score was 30-37 with eleven seconds left. This was shown during the first flash of the score board.
      The very next flash of the scoreboard had changed to 23-21 with four minutes and forty-five seconds left while still in the second period.

    • In the scene where Brooke finds out that the competition is the same weekend as Rogue Vogue, as she walks away it appears she is walking into tanbark and plants, but then when it pans out, she's in the middle of the cement quad.

    • This is the first basketball game of the series that Nathan did not play in. He was benched because he skipped class.

    • During the game Lucas doesn't have his tattoo covered like he should and like he's had in every other game.

    • When Nathan is talking to Haley about college in the ending scene, his voice isn't going along to his mouth.

    • When Lucas makes the winning shot, you see him come down to the ground. In the next shot, he is still in the air.

  • Quotes

    • Detective: You understand that we have you on tape, buying a bottle of liquor, the day of the fire?
      Keith: I've seen's stimulating.
      Detective: Yeah. We also know that you bought a gun.
      Keith: Oh my god! Was Dan shot? Oh wait, no no no, it was a fire.

    • (Brooke walks into the toilet where Mouth is and she locks the door.)
      Brooke: (innocently) Funny running into you here.
      Mouth: (looking confused) Am I in the right bathroom?
      Brooke: Mouth, I'm really really really sorry. Okay? I didn't mean to hurt you. I just meant a guy like you... is one of my very best friends. I was just trying to protect from one of my very unbest friends.
      Mouth: It's okay Brooke.

    • Gigi: This is Gigi Silveri. Now that the Ravens have stripped out of their street clothes and put on tight shorts that caress their firm buttocks, we're ready to get underway. Mouth.
      Mouth: That was... good.

    • Ellie: You don't wanna go to college?
      Peyton: Does that surprise you?
      Ellie: Actually, it does. I just assumed you'd go.
      Peyton: Why?
      Ellie: Because you can. I never understood people who had the chance to go and chose not to.
      Peyton: Well, I don't understand people that waste four years in school when they could be out living life.
      Ellie: What's the hurry? From what I hear, college is fun. I can see you majoring in art, or music, or business.

    • Dan: (To Haley). Hi Peyton. Oops, I mean Haley. It's hard to keep all of Nathan's girlfriends straight. You know, I'll probably call the next one you.
      Haley: So what are you doing here?
      Dan: Just some official Mayor business, wouldn't wanna bore you.
      Haley: Oh, thanks.
      Dan: How's my new song doing, anyway?
      Haley: What are you talking about?
      Dan: The song you're recording. Nathan's paying Chris Keller to work with you, and since I'm paying Nathan's allowance for being such a good little boy, it's kinda mine. Oh, you didn't know where the money was coming from. Don't you and Nathan talk about anything.
      Haley: Yeah, mostly we talk about how happy he is to be away from you.
      Dan: You know, that's not exactly the thank you I was expecting after dropping thousands of dollars on your career. I'll see you in class.

    • Brooke: Oh hi, have you seen my friend Mouth, he looks just like you, only he has a skank attached to his hip.
      Mouth: I'm sorry Brooke, I was trying to help all the cheerleaders, including you.
      Brooke: Well, for the record, when you are helping Rachel you are not helping me.
      Mouth: I don't think she tried to set you up. She said she had no idea it was the same weekend when she submitted your designs.
      Brooke: And you believed her? Mouth, she is lying. Okay, if you weren't too busy trying to see through her shirt, you would see through her BS. She's using you.
      Mouth: How?
      Brooke: I don't know. I am not a conniving b***h. But I know that if she is being nice to you, it is for a reason, and not a good one. I mean, if you want a new friend, why don't you hang out with the raisin girl?
      Mouth: Her name is Gigi.
      Brooke: Yes. Gigi good, Rachel bad.
      Mouth: So I should stick with my own kind.
      Brooke: I'm not saying that. I just know how someone like her sees someone like you.
      Mouth: Someone like me? I get it. A hot girl would never hang out with someone like me unless she wanted something.
      Brooke: No, Mouth, wait...
      Mouth: Why, do you have more furniture for me to move?

    • Brooke: The only way I'd be surprised right now is if you were wearing underwear.
      Rachel: Guess no surprises, then.

    • Lucas: (To the Guidance Counsellor). How's the Fashion Institute's basketball team?
      Brooke: (Also to the Counsellor). Is there a good fashion progam at like, basketball school?

    • Haley: (Hands Nathan an envelope from Duke University). Hey, this came to the apartment for you, guess they think you still live there.
      Nathan: Thanks.
      Haley: 2798 miles. That's how far apart our dream schools are.
      Nathan: Yeah.
      Haley: Nathan, I said some things the other night.
      Nathan: I said some things too. I'm sorry.
      Haley: Me too.
      Nathan: Well, I guess we can add this to the list of things we shoulda talked about.
      Haley: We can talk about it now.

    • Haley: (To the Guidance Counsellor). When I was little, my parents took us to California so my sister could look at colleges. And Standford was only one of our stops, and I was only 8, but I just fell in love. I'd never seen anything like it, growing up in Tree Hill. All those different people in one place, and I just thought to myself, wow, this is what the world must be like. This is where I wanna be. And ever since then I've wanted to go there.
      Guidance Counsellor: Where does your husband wanna go?

    • Peyton: Well, I guess I just don't really get the point of college.
      Guidance Counsellor: The point is to find something you love and hopefully make a career of it. What makes you happy?
      Peyton: I don't know, music, I guess.

    • Detective: Why do you think your brother would accuse you of trying to kill him?
      Keith: Maybe he's still mad at me for sleeping with his wife.

    • Peyton: (To the Guidance Counsellor). I doubt I'll even go to college, so you're wasting your breath.

    • Karen: (To Luke). He's gonna be fine. You need to get to school, I'll call you if I hear something.
      Lucas: Come on mom, it's Keith. This is important.
      Karen: Your future is important. Don't you have a meeting with your guidance counsellor today, talk about colleges.
      Dan: (Walks up and interrupts them). Oh, you wouldn't want to miss that. I mean, look, Kieth didn't go to college and look where he ended up.
      Karen: What the hell is wrong with you. He's your brother for god's sake.
      Dan: Exactly. Someone should have told him that before he tried to light me on fire.
      Lucas: Keith had nothing to do with that.
      Dan: How would you know? Where you there?
      Karen: Lucas, go to school. Don't waste your breathe on him.
      Dan: You wasted more than that. (Lucas throws down his coffee and goes to hit Dan, Karen puts her hand out to stop him). Whoa, whoa, whoa now. You don't wanna get hurt before the big game tomorrow, there's gonna be scouts there. Oh, but then they're there to see Nathan, not you. Oh, gotta run, don't wanna be late for the Keith show. In today's episode Keith Scott learns if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.

    • Keith: No, no, I'm fine. I just love sleeping in jail cells.
      Detective: You understand that we have you on tape buying a bottle of liquor the day of the fire.
      Keith: I've seen it. It was stimulating.
      Detective: Yeah. We also know that you bought a gun.
      Keith: Oh my god, was Dan shot? Oh wait, no, no, no. It was a fire.

    • Dan: Are you ready to confess?
      Keith: Okay, all right. I confess. I bought a bottle of liquor. I was, uh...I was just so thirsty. I'm sorry, Danny. Can you forgive me?

    • Ellie: What about you? Do you have any beneficial friends?
      Peyton: No! I dated this guy Nathan for a while but we were more benefits than we were friends. We're just friends, no benefits now. And then there is this other guy but he was more than that.
      Ellie: Were you in love with him? (Peyton nods) It's the hard part, sex is easy. But if you find someone you're in love with who's also your friend, wouldn't that be the greatest benefit?
      Peyton: That's a fairytale I guess.
      Ellie: There's nothing wrong with fairytales. Everyone ends up happily ever after.

    • Peyton: So I think, I want to study art, and music, and maybe business. Any suggestions?

    • Ellie: Hey!
      Peyton: Hi.
      Ellie: How was the game?
      Peyton: Yeah, It was ok.
      Ellie: It wasn't exciting watching the Ravens get their first win? I was there.
      Peyton: Well why didn't you come say, 'Hi'?
      Ellie: I just wanted to see you do your thing. You were great!!
      Peyton: Yeah, I can go pom to pom with the cheeriest.
      Ellie: I'm serious Peyton you're smart you're funny you're beautiful and what I can see there's nothing that you're not good at!

    • Lucas: At the end of the day I just want to be with my family and friends. I want to play basketball and I want to go to college, that's not too much to ask is it?

    • Brooke: The truth is I don't really like to think about college, 'cause that means high school is over... After graduation, everyone will probably go play basketball, or sing, or start record labels, and I'll have to start all over, alone. I'm sure I'll be fine. But like I said, I don't like to think about it.

    • Lucas: (to Counselor) Now, I just want my mom to stop worrying, and enjoy life, she deserves that much.

    • Counselor: Have you talked to your parents about college?
      Peyton: Well, I mean my birth mom's really the only one that's around right now and she didn't go.
      Counselor: What did she do after high school?
      ( flashes to Peyton and Ellie @ Peyton's)
      Ellie: Drugs!

    • Nathan: I need to get away from my dad and basketball's the way out. The plan's always been high school, then Duke, then the NBA.
      Counselor: Who came up with this plan?
      Nathan: My dad.

    • Counselor: Your parents aren't around?
      Brooke: No, but that's not unusual for tree hill. We should have milk cartons with missing parents on them.
      Counselor: It must be difficult being alone.
      Brooke: (defensively) I'm not alone. I hate being alone! I have my roomate, and the squad, my friends, my Peyton, my Lucas.

    • Dan: Nathan, Good news.
      Nathan: What? I'm adopted?

    • Nathan: Basketball is all I've got!

    • Dan: You son of a bitch!
      Keith: Okay, there's no need to bring mom into this Danny.

    • Brooke: You keep playing like that you might have a chance at the captain of the cheerleaders.
      Lucas: Really, she say something?
      Brooke: Yeah she said this. (gives him a kiss) Coming over tonight?
      Lucas: I don't know I'm gonna have dinner with Keith and my mom
      Brooke: So how about after that? you don't wanna hang around and be a third wheel with ' you wanna get freaky'.
      Lucas: Ugh that's my mom not a visual I want to have in my head.
      Brooke: So how about you come over and I give you a better one?
      Lucas: Oh yeah?
      Brooke: Yeah. (they kiss) Have fun with your family.

    • Keith: I asked your mom out on a date. Hope that's okay with you.
      Lucas: I think it's great. What'd she say?
      Keith: Funny. I guess you had to ask the question I mean my track record with your mom is about as bad as the Raven's.
      Lucas: Ah.
      Keith: So do me a favor, win tomorrow night. I was gonna say score but I didn't think that was appropriate.
      Lucas: Ugh.

    • (Lucas is shooting hoops and misses one when Keith walks up on him)
      Keith: Ya know, in jail, a shot like that would make you somebody's girlfriend.
      Lucas: Yeah, well, you would know.

    • Guidance Counselor: So, you're interested in fashion design.
      Brooke: Yes, but I'm interested in a lot of things.
      Guidance Counselor: Such as?
      Brooke: I'm student council president, captain of the cheerleaders, founder of DWnotI and girlfriend of Raven's star shooting guard, Lucas Scott.

    • Karen: You're asking me out on a date? Keith, Dan is trying to convict you of murder.
      Keith: I didn't kill anyone. Dan is just trying to rattle me. Besides, nothing would make me happier than taking you out. And, nothing would make Dan angrier than seeing me happy.
      Karen: Well, okay than. I'd love to. But, for the record, I'll be doing it for the first reason.
      Keith: Okay. The second reason will just be a bonus.
      (Karen laughs)

    • Dan (seeing Keith and Karen together): You two could do better.
      Karen: God knows, I've done worse.

    • Counselor: Sounds like he cares about you.
      Lucas: Yeah, he is like a father to me.

    • Lucas: I never would've joined the basketball team, if it wasn't for my Uncle Keith. He wanted me to be a part of something to feel like I belong.

    • Counselor: Did your father go to Duke?
      Nathan: No, but I'm better than him.

    • Brooke (about Lucas): What is that boy on?
      Haley: Or not on.

    • Haley: I don't think you'll ever realize how much you love something until you have to give it up.

    • Whitey (sarcastically): Wow, the mayor's talking to me. What an honor.

    • Brooke: This place is disgusting. I can actually see the germs in here.
      (Dan cuts right in between Brooke and Peyton)
      Peyton: Yeah, me too.

    • Counselor: Your basketball career can end just like that. You need to think about your education too.
      Nathan: No, you don't get it. Without basketball, I'm not gonna have an education. I'm not gonna get into college with my grades. Basketball's all I've got.

    • Whitey: All I need now is a win to make this night perfect.

    • Brooke: Okay, I am the captain of this squad and it is my job to come up with a routine for the tournament.
      Rachel: But the tournament is the same weekend as Rogue Vogue. You'll be in New York City.
      Brooke: That's why you submitted my fashion designs.
      Rachel: Surprise.

    • Counselor: So, have you given any thought to which college you'd like to attend.
      Haley: S-S-Stanford.
      Counselor: That's a great school for you.

    • Counselor: So, have you given any thought to which college you'd like to attend.
      Haley: Yeah, actually. I've been looking at Stanford.
      (Counselor laughs hysterically)
      Counselor: Oh, you're serious. Well, Stanford may not be too realistic for you, Fail-y.
      Haley: Haley.
      Counselor: What?
      Haley: I think you just called me Fail-y. My name's Haley.
      Counselor: My mistake and plus I thought that was your name cause you failed every class.
      Haley: I didn't fail anything.
      Counselor: No? What about your marriage?
      Haley: Well, that is none of your business.
      Counselor: Then there was the HCM test. You failed that too.
      Haley: No, I didn't.
      Counselor: Oh, that's right, you failed the friendship test, by letting Lucas play basketball with his serious heart condition. Such a shame.

    • Haley: It's just hard because before I was married, I thought Stanford was my future, but all those different faces, I remember all those different people, none of them are Nathan.

    • Nathan: Coach. I wanted to talk to you about not playing me tonight.
      Whitey: I'm not having this conversation again.
      Nathan: It was the right thing to do.
      Whitey: Well, that was a good tip you gave to Lucas. It may have won us the game. Tonight, you put the team ahead of yourself, it's what a true leader does. And that's something your father never learned. And don't worry about that scout. I'll see he comes back. You'll get your shot.
      Nathan: Thanks Coach, but I was hoping maybe you could call somebody at Stanford.
      Whitey: Alright, I'll make a call.

    • Nathan: It's just hard because the game is the only thing that ever mattered to me.. until Haley came along.

    • Nathan: You okay?
      Haley: Yeah. I'm just worried about Lucas.

    • Scout: You played a great game today.
      Lucas: Thanks I had a lot of help. You know, you should meet my brother though.

    • Nathan: Haley, I'm sorry. I wish I had an answer for all this school stuff, it's just, if I tell you not to go to Stanford, I'm telling you not to follow your dreams, again. If I tell you to go, I'm saying I don't wanna be with you, so what do you want me to say.
      Haley: Say you love me.
      Nathan: Of course I love you.

    • Haley: I know you wanted to impress that scout.
      Nathan: You don't think he's impressed with my bench-sitting skills.

    • Guidance Counselor: And what are your plans after high school?
      Brooke (looking confused): After high school, I have cheer practice.

    • Mouth: But I had an appointment with the guidance counselor.
      Rachel: Why would you let some burnout in a dead end job tell you where to go to college? I mean, college obviously didn't work for her.
      Mouth: Rachel, that burnout's my mom. (Rachel surpised) See, I can joke too.

    • Dan: In this espiode Keith Scott learns if you play with fire you're gonna get burned.

    • Dan: I'll see you in class.

    • Nathan: Colleges come to me, I don't go to them.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: Tuesday, December 5, 2006 on CNBC-e

    • Although credited, Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb) didn't appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "(So I'll Sit Here) Waiting" by The Like
      "Bounce" by Molly M.
      "Adele" by White Mud Freeway
      "Tell Me A Story" by Sorta
      "Steven McQueen Was A Great Papillion" by Leif Karate
      "Faith Hope Love" by Starsailor
      "Life After Love" by Colored Shadows

  • Allusions

    • The benefit album is called Friends With Benefit. It was released on February 7th, 2006. A substantial portion of its proceeds were donated to the National Breast Cancer Association.

    • Brooke: I went all Mean Girls on him.

      Mean Girls was a 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan. It describes how female and other cliques in high school operate, and the effect they can have on the teenagers. It shows a group of girls that are the "popular girls" and are especially mean to other students that are regarded as not popular.

    • Episode Title: I've Got Dreams to Remember

      "I've Got Dreams to Remember" is a song by Otis Redding off the record, Remember Me.

    • Whitey: Not if it's about your brother, Ferris Bueller.

      Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie reference. It is about a high school boy who skips a day of school to hang out with his friends.