One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 1

Know This, We've Noticed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Haley and Nathan continue their long-distance relationship while he is on the road. Dan Scott returns to Tree Hill and crashes with the Scott's. Brooke and Julian are busy with their twins. During their baptism, Brooke's dad shows up. He did not have the most amicable breakup with Victoria.

Clay and Quinn have not been coping too well. Clay started sleepwalking, and Quinn is suffering from insomnia. We flash forward to their future and something very bad happens where Quinn kicks Clay out of the house.

To Haley's dismay, Chris is in town and there to stay. Also unhappy about this is Alex. He thought her song was "crappy". Alex is bummed and crawls in to bed with Chase. Chris ends up reproducing the song and made it sound really good. Alex and Chris flirt a little, which doesn't stop him from flirting with Haley a little.

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