One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 1

Know This, We've Noticed

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2012 on The CW

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  • A great beginning to the final season of the best show I've ever seen.

    wish I had reviewed the earlier episodes when they first premiered, but that didn't happen. I'm going to go back and review them all now, but I'm also going to try to review the episodes this season as they come.

    ~~~~~~Spoilers~~~~~ (if you haven't seen it yet)

    We are back to the black screen and white title. I'm going to miss the opening title sequence and hearing "I Don't Want To Be" but I'm glad we will have those few extra seconds of show instead of the credits.

    The first couple minutes were interesting and confusing. I've been careful to avoid spoilers so I don't know a lot about what is coming this season, but the opening of this episode seemed like the beginning of 5x17 when they showed a few moments that happened throughout the episode and then went back a few hours to show how those moments happened. My guess is the scenes of Dan & Chris in the car, Chase getting arrested, Clay & Quinn fighting, Julian getting beat up, Brooke going postal on another cafe, and Haley identifying a body are moments that will occur throughout the season. Those first few minutes are where the season is going. Choices and moments this season are going to lead the characters to the moments we saw in the beginning.

    Okay so now let's break down the rest of the episode:

    Nathan/Haley: I love them so much. I wish they had scenes together that put them in the same room, but I did really love their phone calls to each other. I hate Nathan's hair though. I hated when it was shaved like that in season 3 and I hate it now. Haley's hair is nice. My favorite Haley hairstyle was season 5, but I like her hair this season. Lydia is so cute. There wasn't much Jamie in this episode though. I missed him.

    Brooke/Julian: They are so cute. I wasn't really into Julian when he first showed up in season 6, but he grew on me and now I love him. They are amazing parents and still a really great couple. The boys are cute. I like that Victoria is in their lives and is back to being the nicer version of herself that I grew to love in season 7. I'm glad we finally got to meet Mr. Davis. It's a bit late now that Brooke is all grown up and married with a family, but at least he is there now. I love the idea of the baby clothes line, Baker Man, but not really feeling the name. I'm curious as to what Julian's plans are with this sound-stage he bought.

    Clay/Quinn: Since when does Clay sleepwalk? It doesn't seem like too much time has past since the 8th season finale so when did he start sleepwalking and why? There is definitely more too this story, but I don't know what. Whatever they are fighting about has to stem from this, but it has to become a bigger issue for them to get into such a big fight about it that Clay says he doesn't want her there.

    Chase/Alex: They were adorable. I wasn't really into them as a couple in the beginning, but after watching the series over before this premiere and seeing them together in season 8 and now this episode, I really like them. But with Stephen Colletti's real life girlfriend, Chelsea Kane coming in eventually, I don't see them lasting. :(

    Dan Scott: I actually found myself feeling sad for him when he came into the church and told Haley about the fire and wanting to stay with them. My guess is that he left the door to the cafe open when he crashed there for a night and also that he was the one trying to get into the house later on as well. I wonder how the fire started. Was it Deb again? Or is someone else trying to kill Dan Scott now.

    And last, but not least... Chris Keller: I love him!! I hated Chris Keller in season 2, he grew on me in season 3. His appearance in season 4 was random, but funny. I loved the references to him in seasons 5, 6, and 8. I can't recall a reference to him in season 7, but you can see the tour poster with him on it in the Scott house. And now his back. And he is going to run Red Bedroom. Oh man, Haley's reaction when she saw him was perfect. Chris Keller is back and is the same as always. It's perfect. He is still flirting with Haley and being the normal Chris Keller by calling Alex's song crap. And talking about himself in the third person.

    Sorry this is so long.... But it was definitely a great start to the final season of One Tree Hill!!