One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 7

Last Known Surroundings

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2012 on The CW
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Haley turns to Lucas for help in the search for Nathan, who makes an attempt to escape his captors. Brooke meets face-to-face with Xavier, and Julian discovers some evidence that helps Dan in his search for Nathan. Clay makes a connection with another patient.

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  • So the cops were in on it.

    So the cops were in on it.

    And those who weren't, weren't doing jack to find Nathan.

    As Haley noted, they were sitting around watching TV and laughing.

    This story arc is more like real life than most mainstream "sheeple" realize.

    Despite its soap opera roots, OTH was an amazingly perceptive TV series at times.
  • Lucas returns!

    Well, i am going to start out by saying what a great episode this was.

    Now, I was a bit disappointed with lucas' return, but i have to take what i can get! and be happy with it. Chad could have chosen not to come back for an episode, but he didnt. I am happy we atleast got in a few last Lucas/Haley scenes in before the series ends in a few weeks. Haley asks Lucas to take Jamie and Lydia away from this whole fiasco and i think that will be best. BUT now that thee kids wont be there for awhile, i have a feeling that Haleys emotion and fear of losing Nathan is going to escalate because she wont feel obligated to hide how bad it is in front of jamie. Poor Haley!!

    Ok, now the nathan scenes were pretty good!! Even though he was still tied to a chair, there was something different. Maybe it was the fact that Haley was threatened so nathan threatened Dimitri. Being a Naley fan and all, i love that kind of!! So, in this episode Nathan made an escape attempt and for a second there during the episode i thought that he was going to be successful because of that cop, but then we found out that he was working with awful! Totally was NOT expecting that!!!!!!

    Now Brooke and Xavier thing, i admit, i am not paying much attention to it. I almost wish they never brought the storyline up again, but oh well. It might turn out to be better than i think.

    Anyway, great episode overall!!!!! 6 more episodes to go :(moreless
  • answer to thefanof's review!!!

    I've been watching OTH ever since the first episodes & never missed none first of all!!!!

    Clearly, I must admit my interest got deluded over the years & I'm quite mixed about this season. Some episodes are great, others are quite boring. The show's coming to an end & even though I'll chersih it always it might be best to stop now. However, this week's stories were quite alright IMO even though I also guessed about the cop's intentions. Brooke's storyline wasn't thrilling cuz it brings us a long way back but at the same time, it shows she has grown but is still under the influence of her attack. Now about Lucas which is the main object of my reply!

    I must say I NEVER liked Lucas cuz he's & has always been the most boring character in the show while I love Nathan & Brooke & have always loved them!!! That being said, the comment "He could have done more given all this show did for him." is quite offensive to Chad Michael Murray, need I remind you sir (or Miss) that shows are scripted and actors play the part they are offered!!! Thus an actor shouldn't be held accountable for something he has to do: indeed, the part was weak, but in no way was it the actor's choice, he played what he was asked to play, nothing else. I can't believe I just wrote to defend CMM....

    I also wish they put an end to Clay's therapy real soon makes me wanna sleep everytime :(

    Last but not least, I really wish & pray that they will bring back the evil quuen bitch Rachel cuz she has been me 3rd favorite character on the show ever, read me pls producers!!!!

    Of course I know the show is over & episodes have already been shot but one can always dream, can't he???moreless
  • Last Known Surroundings: The Plot Thickens!

    Wow, this episode was amazing!

    The Chris Keller stuff as usual made me laugh, but for the most part this episode was extremely serious!

    I liked how Dan has been covertly searching 4 Nathan I really hope he is found soon, again I am loving Dan's relationship/partnership with Julian so great.

    Brooke's storyline this week was really strong it was nice to see flashbacks incorporated it was a good refresher for people who didn't really understand what Xavier did, but as usual I don't think Brooke is off the hook with him that easily.

    I loved Lucas's return but I so wish that it had been longer and that it wasn't just at the airport, it seemed so tiny for a actor and character that had been and still is such a HUGE part of the show. Hopefully Lucas will return in a much bigger capacity during the last few episodes.

    Clay's therapy session through out the episode were really great its so cool to see more of his back story and getting into how he is the way he is.

    They have to find Nathan, I'm not sure how much more me or us as a fan-base can take with this kidnapped/missing plot, the ending completely took me by surprise.

    All in all this was a really great and harrowing episode of this show, I cannot wait for next week!

  • Last Known Surroundings

    I could tell from a mile away what the cop was going to do, but at least we get this storyline which is oddly intriguing continuing for one more week. Will Nathan die or will Dan die trying to save him? We shall see, but my guess is one of those two happening.

    Didn't really care much for Brooke's storyline. And Lucas' return was fairly uneventful. He could have done more given all this show did for him.moreless
Andrew Elvis Miller

Andrew Elvis Miller


Guest Star

Stephen Elliot

Stephen Elliot

Officer Stevens

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Dax Griffin

Dax Griffin

Chuck's Dad

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David Norona

David Norona

Dr. Alvarez

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Michael May

Michael May

Chuck Skolnick

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Devin McGee


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Nathan: (to Dimitri, after escaping and choking him) How's that for a comeback, huh?!

    • Nathan: (to Dimitri) You think I'm afraid? I'm not afraid of you. You threaten me all you want, you talk in your stupid riddles all day. You take my world, you can take my life, but you won't get my fear. I'm not afraid of you, and I'm not going to be.
      Dimitri: You think your woman's afraid? He had given his empire up to a whore.
      Nathan: You touch her and I'll kill you. You understand me? Are you listening? You touch my wife and I'll kill you!

    • Dimitri: (to Officer Stevens, referring to Nathan as he recites a Shakespeare quote from Julius Caesar) Let's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully;
      Let's carve him as a dish fit for the gods,
      Not hew him as a carcass fit for hounds;
      And let our hearts, as subtle masters do,
      Stir their servants to an act of rage.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 on FEM
      United Kingdom: Monday, April 16, 2012 on E4/E4 HD
      Turkey: Friday, June 28, 2013 on CNBC-e

    • Featured Music:
      "(Not So) Sad And Lonely" by DJ Shadow
      "Don't You Worry" by The Dimes
      "Graveyard" by Feist
      "If I Had a Gun..." by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
      "Islands" by Hey Ocean!
      "Joey" by The Horrible Crowes
      "Lordy May" by Boy & Bear
      "Sabotage" by Amy Stroup
      "Take Your Time" by Cary Brothers
      "The Streets" by Avalanche City
      "Under Streetlights" by Brooke Annibale

    • Although credited, Lee Norris (Mouth) and Lisa Goldstein (Millie) do not appear in this episode.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) since season 6 and his final appearance in the series.


    • Episode Title: Last Known Surroundings

      This is a song by the band Explosions in the Sky from the group's sixth studio album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, released in 2011.