One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 20

Learning to Fall

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on The CW
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Nathan and Haley struggle with the aftermath of her mother's death, while Brooke deals with the fallout of Alexander's tryst with Victoria. Alex discovers a secret about her leading man, Josh, that could derail Julian's film, and Clay is confronted by an unhinged Katie.

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  • Haley's storyline is strong right now.

    Haley's storyline continues to be emotional and hard to watch as she falls deeper into depression. Learning To Fall saw her run off a studio set, lash out at Nathan and Jamie and setting fire to her piano. I really love this storyline. It's great to see Haley being used well in the show and I feel so sorry for the character. I even understand where Nathan is coming from and his concern for Haley is sweet and sad. Best use of this character in seasons.

    Miranda and Grubbs were actually quite sweet here and it was clever how they used his song to push them together. Both scandals were entertaining here too and Alex is much more bearable nowadays. Julian is still not my favourite character but at least he and Brooke are happy now. The triangle with Lauren, Skills and Mouth actually is entertaining BUT why do people keep talking about versions of themselves on this show? It's annoying now.

    Katie being a psycho is pretty silly but I did prefer a feisty Quinn here. Still, Tree Hill needs to forget the psychos.

    Another good episode!

  • Aww, Hales!!

    I found myself saying that a lot near the end of this episode and all during the next one. Especially when she lit the piano on fire and just sat there watching it and then when Nathan came and she said she was going to go call her mom. It's really hard to see Haley like this, but it is truly some of Joy's best work. She really played this sad, emotional, depressed version of Haley really well. And the Naley stuff is great. How love how much Nathan is there for her and trying to help her through this. Nathan can try, but this is one of those time's when she really needs Lucas or more than that Peyton because she has been there twice. She know how Haley is feeling. I would have loved just a phone call between them and Haley even if it was one sided and we never saw Lucas or Peyton because I think it's what she needs.

    So Katie is entirely crazy, well she is, but like all the other crazies in Tree Hill she has a reason for it. She is mentally unstable or something. I can't believe she smashed that picture of Clay though and is like stalking them by standing outside their bedroom window. It's creepy.

    And apparently Josh is gay. Okay, did not see that one coming, but kudos to Alex for taking the high road and helping him out along with Julian and Paul and the movie.

    Mouth/Lauren/Skills: Whatever. Love triangles are so high school.moreless
  • Learning to fail

    This was better than last week's episode which I wish I could forget, but I in no way condone this new One Tree Hill. Nathan and Haley, the super couple of this show are backdrops to a bartender and a British record executive. The onslaught of new characters needs to stop. Haley going crazy does have potential, but we all know Mark Schwahn won't let the show run with it and she'll probably be back to normal by next week. Alex finding out her co-star was gay was a nice twist. She's the only new character I am mildly interested in these days.moreless
  • Meet the new crazy person in Tree Hill ........

    In this episode of One Tree Hill, the following happens. We open this episode seeing that Haley is still struggling with her mother's death. Perhaps she needs her best friend, Lucas Scott or Karen to come back to help her through this bad period in her life. Alex discovers that her new leading man is in fact gay But she tells him that for the sake of the movie, they need to pretend to be a couple. She also has their sex tape released. Brooke has to struggle with her own feelings for her mother after learning that she is dating Alexandra. By the end of the episode, we see Mouth and Skills finally speaking again. We also get a glimpse into Katie's dark side. It is now obvious that she is the new Psycho Derek/Nanny Carrie in the show for this season. But I'm still looking forward to seeing her in next week's episode.moreless
  • The show is finally using Haley properly again.

    It's really painful to see Haley like this. It is such a sad, emotional and relatable storyline that it is the total highlight of the episode. That scene at the end with the piano burning was so tragic...has Haley given up? I hope not. We all know Nathan will get her through this but at last the show is using her character for a great storyline.

    I'm not sure what Katie wants with Clay and's pretty odd. I mean it's entertaining but a little contrived...why did Alex release the sex tape? Why did that help Julian? That confused me a little. I'm actually liking Grubbs and Miranda, that scene when he sang to her was sweet.

    The Mouth/Skillz/Lauren triangle was fairly dull and ended with Mouth telling her that he can't be with her because of his friend. Why? He broke up with Lauren...oh well...looking forward to the continuation of Haley's engrossing storyline.moreless
Candice Patton

Candice Patton


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Ben Mabry

Ben Mabry


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Paul Teal

Josh Avery

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Antwon Tanner

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India de Beaufort

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    • Brooke (hands Victoria a sketch of her and Alexander): What do you think? It's our new campaign. I'm calling it "A blunder down under".
      Victoria: I think my hair looks amazing. But that flag needs to be much bigger.
      Brooke: Mother??!!?
      Victoria: Brooke.
      Brooke: He's half your age.
      Victoria: Lucky me.

    • Brooke: So, what now? I'm very well versed in girl code, but I thought guy code didn't extend past a high five.
      Mouth: Usually. But when a guy really cares about a girl, guy code is pretty much the same.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Monday, October 25, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 on FEM

    • Featured Music:
      "Beat Through" by Turtle Giant
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      "Flying Machine" by Everly
      "July Flame" by Laura Veirs
      "Love's Not Worth It" by Lee and Willbee
      "My Heart Still Beats For You" by Anna Ternheim
      "Not In Love" by Olin and the Moon
      "Sunlight" by Turtle Giant
      "The Heart Won't Be Denied" by Colin Devlin