One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 19

Letting Go

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on The CW
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Everyone seems to be going somewhere: Lucas takes Nathan and Jamie to a place from his past, and Mouth and Skills go on a road trip. Back in Tree Hill, Brooke faces a tough choice when Julian makes her a startling offer. Meanwhile, Sam and Jack fight to get Haley's job back, and Peyton prepares for her future.moreless

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  • Great episode, emotional about Peyton though...

    Letting Go was actually a really good episode that saw character doing exactly what the episode title said. Lucas taking Nathan and Jamie to Keith's garage was a nice storyline and it was bitter-sweet to see that place again. Haley's students coming to her house and wanting her to teach them was touching and showed how strong both Haley and Sam's characters are. I liked Sam's kiss with Jack, it was sweet and she's becoming a great part to the show.

    Even Mouth and Skill's road trip was entertaining and fun. Hopefully after the kiss with Millie all this melodrama will be over. I definitely don't get why Brooke is so upset about Julian leaving. For me their relationship hasn't been developed enough yet so Brooke made the right decision. It would have been far too fast. And one of the most bitter-sweet and moving storyline was that ending scene, where we realise that Peyton is drawing and collecting things for the baby, in case Peyton dies and she can't tell her. Very sad and emotional ending.

    Great episode!

  • Keith's Garage

    I love that the Scott boys spent the day at Keith's garage. We haven't seen it since Lucas' dream in season 4 and before that we hadn't seen it since season 1 and it was great to see it again. It was a great way to have Nathan and Lucas spend some time together as brothers and friends and Jamie to learn more about Keith.

    I loved how Sam, Jack, and the rest of students all when over to Haley's because they hate the principal and what she did to Haley. It's great that they want her back.

    I love that Julian asked Brooke about her and same coming with him to LA. I like them together and the three of them make a great family. But I want them together in Tree Hill. I don't want Brooke to leave.

    I love that Peyton is drawing again. I love that she is drawing all these great moments between her and Lucas, but it's all so sad because she is preparing herself and Lucas for what might happen. She is preparing for the possibility that she might not survive having the baby.moreless
  • wow....

    i think this was another great episode i was like wow when haley's entire 3rd period was in her living room that is pure dedication... i wouldn't do that for any of my teachers.... and i think what lucas and nathan did for jamie was so sweet... i think its great that their trying to help him remember keith the best way they can.... and what peyton is doing for the baby is awesome.... i think it was a great idea that she would draw he and lucas's history for the baby just incase she happens 2 die when she has the baby which totally won't happen anyway..... and brooke is really having a hard time dealing with julian being gone... and if sam and jack get together it will be like the naley story all over again..... this season has to be the best yet........ i really love this show..............moreless
  • -

    This episode was amazing. I loved it. It has so much heart. It made me cry so much.

    The part in the end with Brooke was so sad, her trying to figure out what to do about Julian, how much good she has brought to Sam and how hard it is for her to let Julian go. Brooke really deserves someone like Julian. I think Owen didn't treat her well. The fact that Peyton is drawing about her relationship with Lucas so that her child will have memories of her, because she might not be around, is so heartbreaking.

    When Jamie comes out dress as Keith, it reminds you how awesome Keith was and how much you miss him in the show.

    I'm so happy that Mouth and Millicent got back together. They are so meant to be. What he said about his dream when he was in college is so beautiful.

    (Found by Phillip LaRue is a great song. It was playing when Jamie is dress as Keith and when Haley goes to see Brooke to tell her that she did an awesome job with Sam.)moreless
  • Julian left after brooke decided she couldnt go to LA with him, Jack and Sam got together after their best attempts to get Hayleys job back. Lucas, Nathan and Jamie take a trip to remember Keith and share their memories with jamie.moreless

    We all would be feeling for Julian right now, he should have kept fighting for Brooke if he really loved her. Millicient finally gave in after Marvin took a trip to New York and waited for her outside in the cold. This was cute of him. Peyton reminised with her past about her mother and the drawings, while lucas and nathan and jamie went for a ride to the past. This was overall a very special episode because of the fact that they were all talking about the past with lots of good memories. i loved it very much. :Dmoreless
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Evan Peters

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Haley tells Peyton she "totally thudded" her, she is referring to when Lucas turned in Peyton's sketches to Thud magazine in season 1 episode 3, "Are You True?"

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Lucas: (kisses Peyton on the top of her head) I love you.
      Peyton: Yeah, I sorta like you too. (smiles at him)

    • Sam: We need to teach Rimkis a lesson. And just to be clear, by "lesson" I don't mean throw on a ski mask and beat the crap out of her.

    • Principal: Your students walked across town to be taught by you. It's hard to get them to walk down the hall to most classes. Would you consider...
      Haley: I love teaching but I would never sacrifice what I believe in to teach. You fired me right here in front of all my students just because you could. So congratulations, you made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn. Be proud of that.

    • Jamie: I'm sad I never got to meet Great Uncle Keith.
      Lucas: I'm sad about that, too.
      Jamie: I'm sad about what Grandpa Dan did... Am I still allowed to miss Grandpa Dan?
      Lucas: Yeah, Jamie, you are.
      Jamie: I like it here (in the auto shop)...You bring something broken and you fix it up.
      Lucas: Yeah, I always liked it here too.

    • Julian: You have what most writers dream of having.
      Sam: A troubled childhood?
      Julian: A voice. Your writing just needs a little structure.

    • Brooke: Guess what. Your ex-boyfriend just asked Sam and I to go to L.A. with him tonight.
      Peyton: Jake?

    • Peyton: They liked the new angle your album could go in.
      Haley: What angle was that?
      Peyton: The maverick teacher that punched the principal and slept with her student... What? I had to sell it.
      Haley: Oh whatever, that was like seven years ago, and I was his tutor.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Saturday, November 14, 2009 on TVNorge

    • Featured Music:
      "Save You" by Matthew Perryman Jones
      "Thinking Of You" by Pete Yorn
      "Today's Another Nation" by The Red West
      "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy
      "Underneath My Skin" by Stella Project
      "Deadliest Weapon" by Nik Frost
      "4321" by Manafest
      "Found" by Phillip LaRue
      "Where Love Went Wrong" by Augustana
      "Harley Sunday" by Kate York