One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 7

Life in a Glass House

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on The CW
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The night of Dan and Deb's annual basketball appreciation party stirs up old wounds and new feelings. As Karen makes a new friend, Keith faces off with Dan once again and Lucas finally makes his move on Peyton. Meanwhile, Haley and Nathan grow closer until Brooke spreads a vicious rumor that leaves Haley devastated.moreless

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  • guess, parties in Tree Hill never ends well...

    so there's a party in Dan Scott's house and all core characters are there. and all of them could be happy together, I mean Lucas and Peyton, Nathan and Haley, but... happiness is not right for Tree Hill, they used to drama and tragedy.

    so we see enough drama. Brooke is drunk and tries to destroy some kind of relationship between Luke and Peyton. but it doesn't work so she switches to Nathan and Haley... and yep, bingo, Haley runs away and doesn't want believe Nate anymore. Brooke, alcohol is bad not only for your health but for people around you!

    in mean time Lucas and Peyton spend the great time together. and everything could end like in Lucas' dreams, but... he starts talking about how long he has been waiting for this moment and that he wants everything with her. what a stupid guy! you could do it after!!! well, apparently Peyton is not ready to open her heart to a new guy or whoever so she runs away.

    enough drama, enough tragedy... and Lucas and Haley meet in the cafe where they started. and yep, guys, probably it would be better for you to live in your world 'coz these popular kids won't make the life easier, they'll bring enough problems!

    and parents... I just admire how nice woman Deb was in the S1.

    FAVE SCENE: Lucas and Peyton's first kiss.

    FAVE QUOTE: Jake (to Brooke): The truth would kill your buzz.moreless
  • Drama, drama and more drama.

    Drama, drama, drama! Probably the biggest episode yet. And one of the best.

    The Lucas, Peyton and Brooke triangle truly begins as the latter tries to stop her best friend from getting with Lucas. Brooke was entertaining as the bitch but it was still hard to watch her make a fool of everyone. At the moment, Lucas and Peyton make far more sense as a couple. They have chemistry. That's what's so annoying about Peyton pulling away from Lucas when he declares how much he's wanted to be in a relationship with her. Get over yourself, Peyton. You like the guy so stop whining. Now he's more likely to look in Brook's direction...

    Brooke also threw a spanner in Haley and Nathan's budding relationship. I felt really sorry for both of them actually. Haley really likes him and seeing him (or Brooke) crush her was really sad. Glad Lucas didn't rub it in her face. But Nathan didn't actually do anything wrong and I like that we're seeing a nicer side to him now. Haley is still my favourite character. She even shares another scene with Peyton showing that they are becoming friends.

    The scenes with Karen and Deb were actually fairly enjoyable. If any because they made Dan look stupid. Speaking of Dan, his marriage to Debs seems to be on the rocks. Still. I like Jake and the reveal that he has a son was a good twist!

    A great episode that pushes all the story lines along nicely and dramatically.

  • Did not see that ending coming!!!

    Party at the Scott house! This has bad idea written all over it.

    There is a party for the basketball team, cheerleaders, and parents at Dan & Deb's house. There are some nice moments with Lucas and Peyton that is until she bails. Brooke is well...Brooke. She begins to change a bit after this episode though and slowly starts to become the sweet, smart, incredibly amazing Brooke we have now.

    Karen and Deb start to sort of become friends.

    Haley's feelings about Nathan come out thanks to Brooke and she is humiliated. Nathan tries to talk to her about it when he finds her at the cafe, but she won't let him in.

    And in the end we find out the mystery behind why Jake is always late to practice and why he doesn't always hang out with the rest of the team....he has a daughter!! Never saw it coming!!moreless
  • :)

    The night of Dan and Deb's annual basketball appreciation party stirs up old wounds and new feelings. As Karen makes a new friend, Keith faces off with Dan once again and Lucas finally makes his move on Peyton. Meanwhile, Haley and Nathan grow closer until Brooke spreads a vicious rumor that leaves Haley devastated. I love the first scene with Brooke and Peyton. And then the scene with Peyton and Lucas, where she tells him a sotry about them but in third person type thing, I loved it. I also love the scene with Hayley and Nathan, talking about kissing Nathan dads ... I love the way they are connecting together. I love the scene with Keith, Karen and Deb, very interesting for once. I love the scene in class where Brooke is talking to Nathan about Peyton, I love the way Brooke always causes trouble. I love the way Jake is, with his storyline. I actually really like his character. I love the scene with Peyton and Hayley, I'm glad the way they're becoming friends.I love the scene with Brooke and Peyton when they are getting ready for the party. I also love the scene with Lucas and Hayley, when Haylet tells Lucas that she likes Nathan. I love the scene with Lucas, Karen and Keith with the 'Car' sound, hilarious. I love the way Nathan doesn't want to get Lucas tonight. I love the scene with the alcohol with Brooke and Tim. I love the scene with Jake and Lucas talking about Peyton, and then Brooke interrups. I love the scene with Peyton and Nathan, and the way Brooke is causing trouble, again. I love the scene with Peyton and Brooke. I love the way Brooke sneaks around Nathans darws and finds a note from Hayley, then she goes outside to cause even more trouble by playing truth or dare. I love the storyline with that. I love the way Peyton kisses Lucas, and then the scene with Lucas and Peyton then, by the swing and in the room. I love the way Lucas has to ruin it. I also love the fact that Karen and Deb are getting along and then Karen heres about Hayley. I love the scene with Hayley and Karen. I love the scene with ake and his baby. All in all, a awesome episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of one tree hill deb and dan are having a basketball apreciation party and it stires up old wounds and karen meets a old friend and lucas is tring to figure out how he should make his move on peyton and nathan and haley are getting close but brook goes around spreading a viscious rumore and it makes haley devastated. this was a good ep i thought and it had some good interesting scens in it. and shows and sheds more light on things that are happeing in the story .and that is why i gave it 9moreless
Melissa Claire Egan

Melissa Claire Egan


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Mitchell Laurance

Mitchell Laurance


Guest Star

Darryl Van Leer

Darryl Van Leer

Chuck T.

Guest Star

Bryan Greenberg

Bryan Greenberg

Jake Jagielski

Recurring Role

Barbara Alyn Woods

Barbara Alyn Woods

Deborah "Deb" Scott

Recurring Role

Brett Claywell

Brett Claywell

Tim Smith

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At 9:59 Keith takes the bag off the counter, but when the shot changes the bag is back on the counter.

    • The actress who plays the bartender in this episode is the same actress who plays the girl who kisses Nathan while he is driving the school bus in the pilot episode.

    • After the party, in the scene where Lucas goes into the cafe, he finds Haley crying. The shot is a distant shot with Lucas and Haley in it. Haley's hands are covering her face. In the next shot, just of Haley, her one hand is over her forehead.

    • When Haley stands up to leave Nathan in the cafeteria she puts her messenger bag over her head. The camera cuts to Nathan and then back to Haley. Haley is now putting the bag on her shoulder. Then the angle changes to Nathan, and when it cuts back to Haley she is wearing the bag across her chest.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Bartender: Soda or juice?
      Brooke: Actually, I was going to ask you if you knew how to make a screaming orgasm.

    • Brooke: Jake, Jake, Jake.
      Jake: Brooke, Brooke, Brooke.
      Brooke: I'm drunk. You'll do.

    • Haley: How are you holding up?
      Karen: Well, I haven't had to "Caw" yet.
      Haley: Okaaay, whatever that means.

    • Lucas: I've wanted this for so long.
      Peyton: Me too. And now we can have it.
      Lucas: No, no, no. I don't mean just that. I want this.
      (He puts his hand over her heart)
      Lucas: You know? I want to be here. I want to have everything with you. I want it all. I want us, Peyton.

    • Deb: (about the bartender) She's young enough to be your daughter. And in this town, she might just be.
      Dan: Ouch!
      Deb: Sorry, couldn't resist.

    • Brooke: Come on, you can tell me. I won't even remember it in the morning.
      Jake: Wanna know? (Leaning closer to Brooke's ear) The truth would kill your buzz.

    • Brooke: We have a jacuzzi.
      Lucas: That sounds tempting, but...
      Brooke: We have a naked me in the jacuzzi...

    • Lucas: What if I told you there was someone else?
      Brooke: Normally I'd suggest a threesome.

    • Keith: Well, you know, after dinner the other night, I said some pretty crazy things.
      Karen: Nope, I don't remember anything crazy.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Featured Music:
      "Play It Straight" by Bosshouse
      "Kennedy" by Kill Hannah
      "She's Got It So Phat" by Bosshouse
      "Pacific Ocean Blues" by Gigolo Aunts
      "I'll Always Love You" by Michael Campion
      "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5
      "Beautiful One" by Johnny Lang
      "Say Yes" by Bryan Greenberg
      "Calling All Angels" by Train