One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 10

Lists, Plans

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2010 on The CW

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  • The return of Dan Scott, concert at Tric, Nathan goes back to college and meets another "Keller".

    Great episode! I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't seen it yet, but I will highlight a few things I really liked about this episode.

    *Quinn and Dan- Amazing!!! Love the way those scenes went.

    *Nathan and Jamie- So cute watching them study together. And Nathan's professor...the name should have tipped him off about what jerk he is.

    *Brooke and Julian- I love them more every episode and this one was a great one for them. *The concert was amazing. *Haley seems to be getting bigger every time I see her. I see a baby shower episode coming soon.

    *And the previews for next week...WOW and OMG are all I have to say!!!
  • Best Episode ff the season! Welcome Back the OTH I love!

    It's very nice to see One Tree hill back to the stuff that made it so good to begin with. This episode sets the Fall Finale very nicely and it's an episode I can not wait for.

    I am not a big fan of Quinn/Clay since the day they have been introduced to the show. I always felt like they were used to fill in the emptyness the show was suffering from during season 7 (which was the worst season in my opinion) but the shooting of last season's finale helped make the character of Quinn become more acceptable now (I still can't stand Clay though).

    Nice to see Erin get some quality screen time as well. She is the one I am most excited about this season! and oh how I missed Dan Scott!!

    The ending of this episode (watch spoilers ahead) was AWESOME. One Tree Hill welcomes back its psycho and Darkness is TRULY at the edge of town! Too bad its stage could well be Brooke's Wedding!

    Cant wait for next week!
  • Quin goes to the last place you will ever expect her to go and lies to Clay about it, a formillar face returns to Tree Hill and does a favor for one of the residents, Jamie helps his dad with his school and prooves to everyone that he's smart.....

    WOW!!! One Tree Hill has officially come back with a vengents... great episode... one of the best since Haley got fired in season 6 in my opinion... great show!!!!! I thought it was a very funny episode alot of comedy... Jackson is a very funny I was luahging at name game joke with Chuck hahaha i was laughing haha that was great and I thought it was cute that he was helping his dad with school and Nathan had some funny lines with his son as well.. they work very well together... it's soo weird how he's growing up right before our eyes he's gotten so big since season 5 I also liked how Julian found her life list I thought it was very cute how he made almost all of them happen the bungee jumping thing was the best lol I couldnt stop laughing... that was great. the tric stuff was ehh kinda boring but Erin has an awesome voice one of her songs that was sun last night was used in Step Up 2 a couple years back don't know if anyone recongized the song but i recongized it right away..
    okay to my favorite part... I loved how Quinn went to Dan for help that was intense all of there sceans were intense.. can't wait for next week since we see the physcho coming back to Tree Hill all in all such a great episode... loved it.. welcome back Mark Schwann welcome back..
  • 810

    Lists, Plans is another great episode of One Tree Hill. I really hope that this is not the farewell season as OTH continues to be strong week in and week out. I want them to go out on a high note, but not just yet.

    Dan's return was not great, but it was still enjoyable. We all knew Quinn would not kill her though (yet at least, my guess is she shoots her when she tries to kill them again.)

    I loved the Nathan scenes and the Nathan and Jamie scenes. Nathan's current storyline is so cliched, its like something out of an 80's comedy film, but it still should be fun while it lasts, and I will probably be saying Outside Animals Can't Fart Inside for some time.

    Kid Cudi at Tric was such a throwback to the old days of this show. Erin's song was pretty good too, I'm going to have to check that out on Youtube.

    Great episode here.