One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 3

Love The Way You Lie

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2012 on The CW

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  • Love The Way You Lie

    Ugh, terrible Eminem song so I guess I should not have been surprised that this episode was pretty forgettable.

    One Tree Hill is just not the same without Jana Kramer. Alex was perfect for Chris and the bar manager to fight over, but without her there is a lack of conflict. And Julian running the studio in NC, it's just not a good story arc at all.

    Mediocre at best tonight.
  • Wow!!

    This is the first time I enjoyed OTH since season 6 and mainly because of the ending. Julian is the only new character added to the show that hasn't been annoying at any point in time. I feel sorry for him that this happened. I hope the baby is ok and that Brooke is semi-understanding although that will be hard seeing as how she had wanted a baby so badly and had 2 miracle babies. It would be a shame if something happened to one of them.
  • good message

    very good episode i saw from france. And very good message sent to anyone when we see Julian realize he forgot his kid in the car : means it can happen to anyone, not only bad people and because of this, we need to be more carefull. Anyway really good one, Sophia and BJ were amazing as usual. And a warm thanks to the guy/girl who choose the music, perfectly matching and bring up musicians we never heard about on this side of the ocean. Thanks guys
  • crappy ending

    Good episode, except the ending, it horrified me.
  • I LOVED it but it confused me.

    OMG! was is it just me or was episode 9.03 "Love The Way You Lie" a totally compelling yet confusing episode?

    I mean I watched all of it but I was still confused.

    Plus the ending was REALLY horrible! But in a good way I think.

    I just can't wait 2 see next week's episode to see what happens I hope it clears some stuff up 4 me.
  • Great episode!! What OTH is all about!!

    This episode was perfect!!

    I feel bad for Chase, but I loved the way they started his storyline with him breaking that picture just like when Nathan threw the keyboard at the wedding wall. Him hanging out with Chris Keller is weird. But Chuck dressing like him was hilarious. I also loved Chris with Haley and Quinn. That was too funny. And when Haley dragged him into the kitchen to cook was brilliant.

    I was really uncertain of the Clay/Quinn storyline, but it's starting to come together and really work. It makes sense that he would have a problem with the drugs he was on after he was shot. I don't blame him for lying to Quinn about it either. He knew he had a problem, but thought he could handle it himself. Hopefully now he can get some help.

    I still don't trust Brooke's dad. I don't know why she does. I hope this funding is legit!!

    Julian on the sound stage was hilarious. It reminded me of him walking in on Brooke dancing to "Don't You Forget About Me"

    Are we supposed to pretend we didn't notice Lauren was pregnant or are they going to write Allison's pregnancy into the show in some way? Speaking of kids.. where was Lydia??

    I love that Dan jumped in and helped at the cafe, but I agree that it's wrong of him to be working there. It's KAREN'S Cafe and it just wouldn't be right. I loved seeing Haley and Jamie in the cafe. It reminded me of Karen and Lucas. And this new cafe.. I hate that idea. I feel like it was just an excuse to bring in Chelsea Kane so Chase can have a new relationship.

    Mouth & Millie --- not worth my time to include. It's lame.

    But wow!! Now for that ending!! I can't believe that Julian did that. He is going to be in so much trouble over that and not just from the police. He is going to be hearing it big time from Brooke.

    How do you forget your kid is in the car with you!!!???