One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 7

Luck Be a Lady

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2010 on The CW

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  • Momzilla!!!

    So funny the part where Brooke & Sylvia were at the Bridal Expo. Hilarious! Especially when hailey showed up to help:)

    Poor Julian trying to win over one of the guys for his best man. No such luck. Skillz & the creepy Lucas doll needed to go back to LA. Seriously random.

    I am truly starting to hate the character of Chase. He is being such a jerk all the time. The way he was talking to Alex was inexcusable. He's mad at her for keeping some thing from him? Fine. But that is NO reason for a former sweetie pie to start acting like the devil in carnate. I get the reason for his anger, but come on. So many low blows. Just over-kill.
  • Brooke is planning her wedding. Julian is trying to find a best man. Nathan gets mad at Clay. Haley makes a mistake at the crisis center. And Lucas is back...

    10 an unexpected way!

    This is my favorite episode so far this season. I like that it kind of went along nice and smooth without any major drama. This episode had a early OTH feel to me and I like that. I absolutely loved the Lucas mannequin!! I thought is was really funny having him be all the places Lucas would be and I loved that he was in a number 3 Ravens jersey and even had Lucas' brooding face. I felt really bad for Nathan and Haley and their struggles with their new jobs, but I was glad it all worked out in the end. And Haley's crazy pregnancy emotions just reminded me of how emotional she was at times in season four and I thought that was great.

    Poor Brooke. It's nice that Julian's mom wants to help out and pay for everything, but she needs to back off and let Brooke have some of the things she wants. Like, making her own wedding dress for one. I actually forgot about Clay sleeping with Alex last season it until they brought it up again. I don't really get why Mia slapped Chase, too. She told Chase he could use her to make Alex jealous anytime he wants so I don't get why she was mad.
  • 11/2

    Okay, so the idea of Julian searching for a best man for his wedding was completely ripped off from I Love You, Man, but that movie was terrible, and this episode was actually quite enjoyable. We had a lot of Alex scenes and the brief rekindling of Julian and Alex. The poker game scenes were enjoyable too.

    This show seems to be headed in the direction of wrapping up after this season, but I think it could easily continue. Why not try something new? That is my main gripe with One Tree Hill this year. It's fun TV, but has anything happened of note recently?