One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 8

Mouthful of Diamonds

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2010 on The CW

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  • Way to go Nate!

    Jamie with cute.

    I loved Haley with the eye patch and the fake teeth and the weird glasses. It was so funny!!

    I am so happy for Nathan. He is not even an official and he has his first client and got him a great contract. I loved that the end showed him and Jamie there to cheer him on in his first game.

    I absolutely loved what Julian said to Brooke about happiness being a mood and not a destination. It's so true. Being happy is something you choose not a place you get to. And I loved that he willingly sent his mother to get a water balloon thrown on her.

    I loved the fight with Brooke and Sylvia. It was about time they had it out so hopefully now Sylvia will see she can't just do things the way she wants because Brooke has her own mind and her own great ideas. And I loved that Brooke was throwing balloons off the roof of COB.
  • Thank you OTH for NOT going the easy way.

    I love that the writers did not take the easy route & make Sylvia the horrible Mother In Law. She willdefinitely be a challenge, but not heartless & cruel. I like that some characters are having success & others are showing the struggles. Nathan is having great success in his career as an agent, but Mouth is still stuggling to make ends meet with out his TV job. It's a little more real to me. What I do NOT like is Chase. He is being a complete idiot. I get why he would be upset with Alex. I really do, but Mia dumped him.. VIA TEXT message!!!! How seriously Am I supposed to take her feeling for him when she treated him that way? Alex tried to make her appeal to him in person. Tried to a\ make ammends face to face. Even when he was being a TOTAL jerk last episode.
  • 11/9

    What was great about One Tree Hill in the early years was that it was a teen drama that guys could watch because of the basketball element. When they finally ended that with Nate's retirement I was disappointed for what I considered Mark Schwahn to be selling out, but we had a very sports-heavy episode here and it was surprisingly realistic with the way that Troy Jamison held out for a bigger contract. I loved all of the scenes and I wam surprised that Tony Gonzalez actually made an appearance on the show. I think I want the Falcons to win the Super Bowl this year after Tony's emotional, "I can't play forever," line tonight.

    Strong episode by OTH here.