One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 16

My Attendance is Bad But My Intentions Are Good

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • Sad times :(

    Here is My Attendance is Bad But My Intentions Are Good. Taylor is back? Okay. I love the tension with the James sisters. Ha. Millie's back too. Victoria thinks she's doing coke. Probably is. Why are they giving Miranda storylines? Who cares. They're forcing Brooke and Julian together. Just get them back together already. The subtext in this break-up scene is crazy. Hello Haley's mom. I know where this is going. Sad times. I like Haley's mom. Haley's dad died and we didn't hear about it? Surely that's a big deal. Miranda and Grubbs are in some kind of relationship. Julian knows Alex loves him...this is unfair on her. Brooke is moping again. This is getting old fast. Some soppy stuff from Grubbs. And Millie isn't going to meetings properly. Sad scene with Clay and Lydia (Haley's mom) about the loss of a partner :( We probably should care about Miranda. I don't. Alexander Coin is annoying me now. Another Brooke and Nathan scene. They're always good. Girls were horrible to Millie. Where's Haley? That's the most interesting storyline here.

    They had a scene and it was sweet. Shame what's about to come. Jamie misses people. Great. Here it comes. Well that was out of the blue. Obviously I've watched before but the girls were just looking at pictures and then...Lydia reveals she's sick. And that she won't be okay. I'm starting to remember how sad this storyline is. And for once I feel sorry for Taylor. Sad to see them all big their mother to fight. I like this mainly because Haley's gets a proper storyline. Really sad scene with Haley and Lydia. Very hard hitting. Now Quinn. She bought her a studio. Aw. Sad sad times. Taylor is leaving and it's sad for once. Quinn and Haley cry and say they're happy they are both here. Then Lydia toasts with them. This is too sad. Millie's now doing the right thing and talking at the meeting. Finally. Alex and Alexander. Not surprised. Haley's crying again. SAD.

    More Brooke and Julian stuff. They're not fighting...that's good. Everything ends with Haley and Quinn resting their heads on Lydia, and then a picture of them when they were children doing the same thing. Talk about pulling heart strings.

    Emotional episode.

  • Lydia James

    Lydia James is back for the first time since season 2. I loved getting to see her again. It seems a little random that her husband died somewhere between when we last saw them and now. But it also sucks that she is dying, too. It's a little random and sudden, but when I watch it over and watch the episodes after it actually works. Having Haley have to deal with losing her mother helped shape who she became for the rest of the series.

    The whole thing with Lydia breaks my heart, but Joy, Shantel, and Lindsey played their parts reacting to the news so well. Especially Joy. She did some of her best work in this episode and the one's following this. I love her. She is amazing. And I love how supportive Clay is and how much in love he already is with Quinn. I also loved the Naley moment by the pool. It was so sweet.

    The movie is coming along nicely. Alex is struggling a bit, but she'll get there. Julian is doing a great job directing. Brooke is having a tough time being around Julian, but they both still love each other so I know it will all work out.
  • Jumping the shark

    One Tree Hill refuses to have a bad guy. They refuse to have a villain. It's true. Back when the show first started Nathan Scott was a jerk, but they quickly made him a good guy by dating Haley. Millicent only did crack for a few weeks and now she's clean and all great. Even Dan started having good intentions and caring about people. This "everybody loves everybody" concept is so played out and it's getting ridiculous.

    But why this show is jumping the shark is the sudden announcement of Haley's mother's cancer. Why did they have to do this? Are they so fresh out of ideas that they think this will reel in viewers? Because it won't.
  • Best of the season

    This episode is definitely best of this season so far. It shows just how much we need the parents on the show as addition to the "children". That's partly the reason seasons 1-4 were as good as they were. Anyways, Hayley's mom is in town. To me she brought the freshness to the show that no other new character (Alex, Quinn, Clay etc.) hasn't been able to do this season. The fact that she is dying is of course heartbreaking cause she's such a likeable character but that's what makes it work. I also loved how all the James sisters reacted to the news differently showing their different characters, also liked the Haley-Nathan scene in the end. The other stuff wasn't that good. I like that they're giving us hope with Brooke and Julian and for some reason I even like Miranda's relationship with the bar guy. Alex, Alexander and Millie I still don't care about. On the whole I don't mind One Tree Hill being the James family show. If it can't be about the Scott family anymore then this is probably the second best choice.
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