One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 16

My Attendance is Bad But My Intentions Are Good

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • Lydia James

    Lydia James is back for the first time since season 2. I loved getting to see her again. It seems a little random that her husband died somewhere between when we last saw them and now. But it also sucks that she is dying, too. It's a little random and sudden, but when I watch it over and watch the episodes after it actually works. Having Haley have to deal with losing her mother helped shape who she became for the rest of the series.

    The whole thing with Lydia breaks my heart, but Joy, Shantel, and Lindsey played their parts reacting to the news so well. Especially Joy. She did some of her best work in this episode and the one's following this. I love her. She is amazing. And I love how supportive Clay is and how much in love he already is with Quinn. I also loved the Naley moment by the pool. It was so sweet.

    The movie is coming along nicely. Alex is struggling a bit, but she'll get there. Julian is doing a great job directing. Brooke is having a tough time being around Julian, but they both still love each other so I know it will all work out.