One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 5

Nobody Taught Us to Quit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2010 on The CW

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  • Clay comes home

    I loved that Clay and Quinn got dressed up and walked out of the hospital together. That was awesome. And I love that Jamie through the confetti like he said they needed a few episodes ago. It was very sweet and so reminiscent of the championship episode.

    I loved how they did the end with doing Brooke and Nathan's press conferences at the same time. Mark wrote a great episode and James directed it very well. It still really sucks that they are both losing their dreams at the same time, but I think they are handling it very well.

    I love that Nathan is going to help Clay with Fortitude. I find it a little weird that he named his agency using a word that Dan used with Clay several times. It was also really sweet that Jamie is so worried about what Nathan will be like now that he has given up on basketball, but Haley's right this time is different because Nathan is choosing to walk away from it.

    Frisky Haley at Red Bedroom with Nathan was so funny. Haley has the best emotions when she is pregnant and I love it.

    I hate that after that fun date at the golf course last episode that Alex has been lying to Chase and took a movie without telling him.

    And I really love this documentary Julian is doing. And I loved that Nathan helped Mouth out with his website by doing an interview with him. That was really nice.
  • Brooke deals with the loss of her company, Haley helps Mia deal with Alex and Chase, Mouth is terribly annoying, Victoria doesn't agree with Brooke's decision to sell the company, Julian tries to comfort Brooke, and Brooke is busy doing wedding plans...

    Brooke is planning her dream wedding to Julian but she is becoming depressed because she quickly learnes that she can't afford it if she sells the company. I felt bad for her... I hope the company is okay again soon.. Haley is helping at a Crises center which is good for her. she is also helping Mia with her music again which is good she defiantly needs that. Nathan is walking away from basketball because his back is messed up. I think a visit from Coach Durham is due very soon please. Clay is finally release from the hospital after having a kidney transplant and from being shot.. i loved all the doctors and the nurses clapping as he was walking out that was amazing. the whole thing with chase and Alex is just annoying don't get me wrong I love Stephan Colleti and I'm glad he is on my favorite show but it feels like that Schwann is dragging his character on the show.. i don't know i can't put my finger on it. anyways that's my review for the week... until next week for the spooky weird halloween episode...
  • 10/12

    Okay, I may have to take back a lot of my criticism for One Tree Hill as the show delivered yet another strong episode.

    The Chase and Alex scenes, which were the highlight last week, were actually the worst of the show tonight. Don't like the direction this couple is taking.

    The Brooke scenes continue to get me though. What she is doing is so unheard of and it really makes you feel good to see someone truly giving back.

    By now you know how I feel about Clay and Quinn, so I'll leave it at that.

    Finally, this documentary should be good. Hopefully one episode at least shows an extended portion of it.