One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 6

Not Afraid

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on The CW

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  • Halloween in Tree Hill

    It's Halloween in Tree Hill. Not one of my favorite episodes. Mostly because I hate Halloween, but I love getting to see a holiday on One Tree Hill because besides Brooke's birthday in season 4, Haley's in season 7, Jamie's in 5 and 7 we haven't had a holiday or anything that may tell us what time of year it is.

    The opening was really creepy, but it led to a great moment of showing us just how scared Quinn still is after the whole Katie thing. She bought a gun and I can't say I blame her. That girl is creepy and she shot them both once already so what's to stop her from coming back and doing it again or worse.

    I loved all the costumes. Jamie and his friends as the Harry Potter cast was so cute. I loved Haley's costume. She was herself in high school. So funny. Brooke's orange was awesome. It's looked amazing. And kudos to Sophia Bush for directing this episode while wearing that big thing.

    And wow...Mama Baker...I kind of thought she was dead after the way Julian and Brooke talked about her after Alex's suicide attempt. But, she is alive and trying to take over.

    Loved, loved, loved Julian's high funny!! But what else did you expect for guy who's favorite part of baseball was catching butterflies in the outfield.

    Also, Erin was awesome!!
  • not afraid

    This title reminds me of that terrible Eminem song. Nevertheless, this was far from an enjoyable episode of One Tree Hill. I laughed at "Julian's high five" but honestly this felt more like a cliched sitcom with the angry future mother in law visiting than an episode of a show that was once a revolutionary teen drama.

    And Halloween-themed episodes never really interest me, because people do not dress up like this in real life. No one is going as Lady Gaga and the Giant Peach or whatever Brooke was.

    There are rumors that this might be the last season of OTH. I wonder why.
  • Jamie freaks out his mother with some clowning around literally, Jamie and Chuck check out a haunted house down the street only to find out that its owned by an uncle of Chuck's haha nice one Chuck, I still have no idea what Nathan's new occupation is hmm

    okay kinda a weird episode but it was directed by our very own Sophia Bush and she did a fabolous job. I wasn't even paying attention to the credits until I saw this website tonight that's pretty cool I'm pretty sure she directed an episode in season 6 as well... anyway back to the episode hahaha poor Brooke and Julian ouch they have to deal with the monster in law from hell... literally lol.. she looked like she wanted to ripped her head off when she first showed up, that was great "your a little old to be trick or treating" lol... I couldn't stop laughing at that... next the prank that Chuck did was put together very well with the haunted house and it turned out to be his Uncle's house... nice haha but bad move to pull it on Jamie... great performance tonight whoever that was I have no idea but she had a really good voice and it turns out that shes's the woman who calls Haley at the Crises Center.. what a considence... anyways good episode and once again great job Sophia Bush...