One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 8

Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on The CW

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  • Loved the real drama.

    Nothing Left to Say but Goodbye was a quiet episode, but in a big episode. There were no silly storylines about affairs with teachers or dating models- it was just the characters we know and love facing normal problems.

    It was also a major episode because it was the official end of Brooke and Lucas as a couple. I did like how it was brought back up again and that Whitey's speech made them both realise they weren't made for each other. It was a nice end to their relationship and hopefully the start of their new friendship. But I also loved how Derek helped Peyton face her fears and tell Lucas how she feels. It's been building up brilliantly since last seasons finale and the ending where she reveals that she's in love with him was great. Sad to see Derek leave as well considering what a positive impact he's had on Peyton.

    Meanwhile, Nathan really is in deep shit with this Daunte situation. Even Dan can't help him. I do feel for Nathan because he only wanted the best for his family but all know it ends badly. Dan saying that he'll have to lose the championship really was a shock too. Oh and Dan and Karen went on an obvious. I don't mind them and am glad Karen is showing at least some resistance. Loved how Haley was with Rachel - she will tutor her but tells her to remember she can't stand her. Classic.

    A strong episode leading up to the state championship.

  • Awards Banquet

    On the eve of the championship game Tree Hill High as a basketball awards banquet. Both Peyton and Brooke ask Lucas to go with them, but Brooke asked first. Peyton loves Lucas and Brooke wants to see if there is still anything there between her and Lucas. Nathan is getting the MVP award presented by Lucas and Whitey gets a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. Rachel asks Haley to tutor her. And Daunte wants Nathan to lose the championship game.

    The banquet was so beautiful. Whitey's speech was amazing. I love that Brook and Lucas both realized that they don't belong together. Lucas belongs with Peyton and that's the way it's always been meant to be. I'm so glad Peyton finally told Lucas how she feels. It's also great that Psycho Derek has been caught (or so we are told) and also it sucks that Derek has to leave.

    I hate that Daunte wants Nathan to throw the game. I hate even more that Nathan plans to do it. I love that Dan was going to try and help. It was so funny hearing Daunte say it would be a shame if the ground next to Keith started filling up. I love when people threaten Dan like that. It's so funny. It's like 'do you know who you're dealing with?'
  • Peyton takes a risk with help from Derek.

    I thought that this episode was okay. I liked that Derek is helping Peyton get over her fears in life and that he is trying to get her to open up. I think that it is good that she has someone helping her and showing her she can get past pyscho Derek and live life to the fullest. I was mad that Brooke asked Lucas to go to the dinner with her then tell Peyton she did it out of spite at frist. Can the girl make up her mind already. I was happy Brooke and Lucas relized that they are not meant for each other and that Peyton told Lucas that she loved him.
  • Brooke asks Lucas to the banquet but it's out of spite to piss off Payton. Nathan gets into Duke, and haley gets into Stanford. Payton is having a hard time going outside after her stalker.

    hmmm I feel extremely bad for Payton. I wish she would get over it I mean it completely sucks I loved Mouth and Gigi it sucks that she broke up with him. lol I thought that the kids Haley was watching were really funny lol it was hysterical when one of them was bopping Mouth on the head. it sucks that Rachel was the one hitting on Nick and tried to dump it on him. I felt bad for Brooke when that happend then it turned out that it was true the whole time! THAT SUCKED! ... Deb is completely NUTS!!! she gets arrested for forging a doctor's lip lol who does that haha anyways yea that's my opinion for now =)
  • Season 4, Episode 8.

    I enjoyed this episode. Derek finally left! Thank God! That storyline was getting boring! He did a lot for his sister, though. Brooke invites Lucas to the banquet, and Peyton wants to go with him, too. Brooke knows that it won't work out between them again, but she only invited him because she was mad at Peyton. Brooke is great, and hot! Rachel is failing calculus, and if she doesn't do well on her finals, she won't be able to graduate with her friends. She asks Haley to tutor her. I loved Haley's reaction. Definitely a great and entertaining episode overall.
  • I loved it, I loved it!

    The basketball banquet is here. Daunte is not finished with Nathan. He wants him to lose the state championship. Whitey makes it difficult for Nathan by telling him that he really wants to win his last game as coach. Lucas presents Nathan with the MVP award. Whitey gets the lifetime achievement award. Brooke and Lucas go to the banquet together. Derek paints Peyton's room. When Lucas tells Peyton that it's finally over between him and Brooke, she tells him that she loves him. Derek must leave. Dan tries to stop Daunte, but he's too strong. Rachel needs tutoring from Haley. Mouth and Gigi are growing as a couple. Dan and Karen go to the banquet together. Haley agrees to tutor Rachel under certain conditions.

    This episode was awesome! I was sad to see Derek go. He's a really great brother to Peyton. I was happy with the ending of Peyton and Lucas! I'm really excited to see what happens with Nathan and the game. Whitey's speech was so sad and great! I like Dan and Karen getting along. I never thought I'd see the day. I also love Mouth and Gigi! Perfect! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Best episode of the forth season yet. It was believable, interesting and the ending was long awaited.

    This was a brilliant episode of OTH, exactly why I tune in every week. We get really involved in there lives and in this instalment, it was realistic, believable and interesting. Peyton and Derek's story is good, emotional but in a good way. I liked how he told her to take chances, he really was helping her. You did feel there sibling connection and when he had to leave, I felt for Peyton.

    Peyton and Brooke's confrontations were revealing and entertaining, at least Peyton has gotten over taking what Brooke gives her and is fighting back. It was fairly obvious that Brooke was using Lucas in some way and there 'friend' scene at the end was good.

    The whole point shaving story is intriguing and I like how Dan is involved now. Nathans worry and regret was done well. Haley telling Rachel she wouldn't tutor her was a great scene, I loved how she acted towards her 'I'm not busy, I just can't stand you' great line!

    I thought the award night was done well, even Whiteys speech was alright, cos it was realistic. They ended the episode brilliantly, imply Karen and Dan are interested in each other, Brooke looking over her past with Lucas, Derek leaving and then we finally see Peyton tell Lucas her feelings, really well done. Brilliant episode, best of the forth season so far.
  • One of my favourite epsidoes in the entire series.

    I really thought this episode was one of the best One Tree Hill episodes to date. It was great to see things finally come together for Lucas and Peyton for one. The Whitey scene was very moving as well. All in all a really great episode. I really believe this show is extremely under-rated where a lot of people ride it off as a teen drama but it deals with issues in a broad area, whether people choose to believe that or not is another story. It really should be on a major network e.g ABC in my opinion. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • powerfull daunte blackmails nathan.. brooke approaches lucas wanting to give it another shot but they both realise that it won't work.. it's peyton's turn now..

    one more nice episode.. how can nathan be so stupid? will he succumb to daunte's threats? as a great basketball player he wouldn't but as a hushband, father to be and son? the coache's speech was very emotional and let's hope that it taught something to all of them who heard it.. also, it was tragical irony that what everyone said during the episode and nathan heard was an exact contrast of the situation which nathan was in.. it was luck that when peyton finds the courage to tell lucas she loves him brooke has already tried to get back with him, but they decided that they were over..
  • I hate Daunte, more than anyone else on this show. Luke presents MVP award to Nathan at the banquet, Brooke and Luke realize they're better off friends. Nathan's complications with Daunte get worse, Rachel asks Haley to tutour in calculus.

    This episode was awesome. I really liked it. Daunte asks Nathan to throw the championship after he said if Nathan would shave points in the playoffs he would leave Nathan a lone, but he lied, Nathan needs to throw the championship in order to set things straight. Dan tries to talk to Daunte but he fails, and Dan tells Nathan all he can do is Lose the Championship. It looks like Daunte, Bear, and Dan have had a past, and maybe that's why he is messing around with Nathan. I wish Dan would've just helped Naley in the first place, and they would've never been in this position. At the banquet, Whitey's speech really made me cry, I love Whitey, he is awesome, and I hope Nathan doesn't ruin his dream b/c of Daunte. Luke couldn't go to the banquet with Peyton, b/c he was going with Brooke, but new brother Derek was honored to go with Peyton. But Karen went with Dan? How bout that? They have been becoming closer and closer, I wonder what's gonna happen with this relashionship? Rachel finds out she is failing calculus and asks haley for tutoring sessions, Haley turns her down at first, but then asks nathan for advice, which he gives her excellent advice. He tells her how not too long ago he needed a tutor and she said no, but finally put aside her feelings and tutored him and they fell in love. Loved this episode, can't wait to see how everything turns out!
  • i thought the episide was beating around the bush a little...

    i think this episode was mostly to show that brooke and lucas are finally completly over... im so proud of peytoin too for telling lucas the way she feels and all he could say was "oh" but he was in shock even thougth deep down he knows he feels the same way...and the episode was also to build up the nathan guilt because of daunte and naming him mvp even thought he shaved points in the last game and was gunna trow the championship and obviously as you can tell im writing this after the state champ epi but still im glad he tryed to get help from dan and that dan and karen are getting close i dont know if i want that to play out though but i am so glad that lucas and peyton are getting closer by the minute !!! go leyton !!!
  • Derek convinces Peyton to take a chance with Lucas at the same time that Brooke approaches him about getting back together. Meanwhile, Daunte's latest demand leads Nathan to seek help from an unlikely source - Dan.

    Derek finally convinces Peyton to take a chance with Lucas at the same time that Brooke approaches him about getting back together. Meanwhile, Daunte's latest demand is for Nathan to loose the State Championships. This is the last thing that Nathan wants to do, since it is Whitey's last game, and last change to win State Championship. He doesn't know what to do; one reason is that Daunte almost breaks his leg when he tells that he isn't going to loose. Brooke asks Lucas to the Banquet about 10 minutes before Peyton do. However, we now know that Brooke was only doing this out of spite. Peyton goes with Derek and some how they are all in the same table (thanks to Brooke, who organizate whole banquet.

    There is also a scene where Lukas and Nathan speaks and Lukas want's to know if Nathan's fusses are over. That's because Whitey has asked him to introduse Nathan at the banquet before the prize he's given.

    On the banquet Nathan is given the prize of MVP and Lucas introduce him after Nathan telling that he hopes they'll win the final game. After that Whitey is given prize about life work with basketball.

    Hi gives a bittersweet speech about love (he has two loves in his life: basketball and his passed-away wife Camilla) which changes many things.

    After Whiteys speach on banquet, Nathan goes to Dan for help again. This time Dan helps him. However when Dan goes to try and settle it out, Daunte and his crew laughs in his face, and refuses to do anything. So Dan has to tell Nathan that he has to loose the final game.

    During this episode we see that Rachel realizes she’s failing calculus and has to pass to graduate. This leads her to go to tutor-girl for help. In the end of this episode Haley agrees to help her (thanks to talk with Luke about 2nd changes).

    Cliffhanger of this episode is that after Lucas walks Brooke home and they both agree that they are only friends (thanks to Whiteys speech), he goes to Peyton. He mentions what happened between him and Brooke and after that Peyton finally comes out and tell Lucas that she loves him. Answer is not showed, so we have to wait until next episode.
  • I dind't think I'd ever say this in my life...but why couldn't I have just waited another week to start watching again. Seeing that preview, nothing else matters. Honestly.

    I'm sobbing, just from the preview...the last time I cried like that about TV...okay, besides that Everwood episode when Collin died, was when Dan shot Keith. Anyway, more about the preview and my thoughts on that after my review of tonight. I liked tonight's episode. Honestly. I thought it was one of the best ones this season. No, scratch that. It WAS the best one so far this season. We've needed an episode like that. Nathan's struggling an inner battle right now. Granted, it's his own fault. But, I still feel for him. I was cowering, holding my psshol when he was in the alley with those two **** Again, it took a lot for him to go to his dad. And, I think, for the second time in his life, Dan has found himself in a situation where he's NOT in control. The only other time being during his decision concerning Karen and her pregnancy with Lucas. As much as I hate to say it, I actually liked Dan this episode. Well, except for the end when he told Nathan that the solution is to win. I'm proud of Peyton. It sucks that yet someone else is gone. My fleeting thought....before the horrible preview... was, 'Please Lucas, don't turn her away. Not now. Even if you don't feel the same, at least give her time.' I love how Whitey always knows the right thing to say, even if, and especially when, it's not intentional. And tonight, he said all the right things, to all the right people. I'm glad that Brooke and Lucas have mutually decided that they're not meant to be. And I'm proud of Brooke to going to Peyton, and 'admitting' she was wrong. And I'm proud of Peyton for proving that she never gave up on their friendship, becuase she didn\'t know if Brooke was truly over Lucas. That took a lot for both of them. I hope a friendship mends itself there. Mouth. I'm glad he so nonchalantly turned down Rachel. Especially with the way she just told him that he was taking her. I'm sure I'm missing something, but I can't focus on anything but next week. week. OMG! I really hope Haley doesn't have a miscarriage, or lose the baby. Though, I fear that's in the cards for them. Everything was happening so fast, I'm not sure what all happened. But I'm guessing that Lucas and Haley were in a car accident. But, was this after she collapsed? Was he taking her to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance? That was definately Daunte's car involved in the crash. Things don't look too good for him either. And the look on Peyton's face when Brooke told her about Lucas and Haley...I'm still trying to read it. Was it the face of someone now dating Lucas, or the face of someone scared of losing two friends? I'm guessing that they win the basketball game. But, instead of targeting Nathan directly... we saw him running down the street, and we saw him beating the **** out of someone. Does he pull Daunte, or Bear, from the car and start beating them? I'm scared for next week...and I can't believe it's going to be yet ANOTHER stupid car accident, I mean, really...
  • I watched this few days ago in the middle of the night and just couldn\'t stop crying in the end. Read more..

    While Peyton trying to be brave and Derek helping her, Whitey speakin about love, Nate realizing how important the champion ship is for Whitey, Dan trying to help his son out of trouble, Luke appearing suddenly into Peyton\'s bedroom and Peyton finally telling that she\'s in love with Luke. Wow.

    End of this episode was what I\'ve been waiting since the season one ended (eventhoug I saw it much later than most of you, sorry I just wasn\'t shown in Finland\'s tv earlier) and kept hoping even thoug Luke and Peyton both had other people living in their hearts during other seasons, they'd end up together. I know, that in the world of OHT anything can happen, but I just can\'t wait next episode to see lot\'s of more. The promo was great, but I know that, as a Leyton -fan, I have to wait a while more, but I\'m so exited and waiting for coming episodes.

    And as a conclusion: This was a total killer episode. Great as I may say :)
  • brooke , lucas and peyton finally back friends and for nathan he an haley are happy with the sex of there baby...

    omg it was gonig so well tree hill won the game and the good new that haley is haveing a boy. but i almost cried when the car hit her and win lucas feel out and nathan haveing all that rage. and dan takeing up for his son but it just shocked me i hope she servives please let the baby be ok
  • Peyton confesses her love for Lucas!!!!! Whitey gives a tear-jerking speech, Nathan is given the MVP award, Daunte sends out more threats ..

    Oh my gosh!! I loved this episode . . Leyton , Leyton , Leyton , Leyton , Leyton!!!! That final moment in the episode when Peyton says to Lucas " I love you . . I'm in love with you" was a priceless moment . . It was amazing , at least for a Leyton ( Lucas and Peyton ) fans it was . . . Whitey's speech at the banquet was so sad . . and plus it helped Lucas and Brooke realize that they are not meant for each other and that gives him and oppurtunity to move on to a certain someone else!!!!! Fantasticly amazing episode!!!!!!!!
  • Finally! Some Hope!

    I was so grateful watching this episode. Looks like Brooke is getting ready to forgive Peyton. I have not liked the way she has been acting lately. I would have been mad myself if my best friend had told me she had feelings for my man, but I don't know that I could have let someone come between us for that long. Looks like Brooke is getting some distance & getting over it. I loved Whitey's speech at the banquet. I was crying buckets it was so beautiful!

    One drawback... What is up with haley's hair? Why is everyone else all done to perfection & she looks like she is a homeless person? I undetstand she is supposed to be the only workingmember of her family & pressed for time a lot, but come one. If they can keep this supposedly pregnany girl in her cheerleading uniform, surely they can hand her a comb too.
  • Ahhh. I luv OTH. this episode was simply amazing. i reli enjoyed this episode..! LEYTON!

    This episode was a reli great one. bi the end of it i was crying. i luvd the leyton scene at the end. i luv the song that was playing. i luv them, i cant wait to see what happens nex week. during whitey's speech i totalee started crying. it was so sad, it was so cute. i lke how haley is going to tutor rachel, i bet they will become friends, maybee. i feel bad fore nathan. hee got himself in trouble, n dan couldnt get em out of it. i hate daunte. it was reli good. i cannot wait fore nex week's episode it loox so good, the promo..ahhh i cannot wait!!!
  • Nathan has to deall with Daunte...De'ja vu for Karen and Dan... Brooke with Lucas... Peyton with his brother Derek who is leaving her again ...Haley has to tutor rachel.

    It is not as good as it seems but when Whitey had his speech and all of them realizing the true meaning of someone who will spent the rest of your life with you and the true passion for basketball, the episode became so great. Maybe this episode is just a preparation for a bunch of whole episodes we have to watch--as what we have seen in the trailer of the next episode. It made me think of a lot of questions of what will's and what if's. Overall, the episode was good until the ending part, it became great.
  • Not Bad, just not Excellent. The Guillotine\'s coming soon.

    I\'ve said before, and I\'ll say it again, there\'s a difference between good watching and plain simple Bold and the Beautiful. It\'s pains me to say this, but this episode confirmed what I\'ve been feeling since the season premier - It\'s jump the Sharks.

    I\'ll take this one at a time. The whole Blucas storyline obviously has taken a hit what with the entire Chad-Sophia saga. But character development in linear, logical manner is important. 3 and 1/2 seasons with confessions of mistakes, \"I miss you\" and \"I still have feelings for you\", and now, one plain episode and they both realize they\'re not fit as a couple? While I admit to hoping they would re-unite, a better send off would have been great. This which leads to the possible Lucas-Peyton relationship. Granted, it\'s still only a possibility, but the two getting together would simply propel this show into Soap Operadom with logic being left behind. 3 and 1/2 seasons of we\'re just friends come hell-high water, and they\'re back together? Short attention span is one, this would be sheer ludacrios? The same is to be said for Dan-Karen. How many \"You\'re a monster\" and \"I will never trust you\" is it going to take for some one in the writing staff to realise it would idiocy for the two to get back together?

    Season 1 set the introduction, Season 2 the pace and Season 3 marked what makes this series good. Season 4 is undoing much of that, and if this doesn\'t let up, the Guillotine\'s coming down.
  • Another good installment of One Tree Hill!

    I enjoyed tonight\'s episode alot. All the characters had good stories tonight.

    Nathan/Dan/Daunte: Poor Nathan! I just wanted to give him a big hug tonight. I know he didn\'t want to go to Dan but he was his last chance. I think for the first time Dan felt helpless. Daunte looked like a bigger thug tonight with all his henchmen. Dan telling Nathan to lose the game tonight just made me sick. I was like...\"Come on Dan, you have got to do something.\"

    Whitey: Ok, who did not cry when Whitey got up there to speak? Barry rocked tonight!!!

    Brooke/Lucas/Peyton: Brooke did not seem very genuine about getting back with Lucas. Loved the exchanges between Brooke and Peyton. Yay for Peyton...finally telling Lucas she loved him. This is going to be interesting!

    Haley/Rachel: Loved how everyone was telling Haley to give Rachel another chance. Her little exchange with Rachel at the end was great. Haley is a bigger person that Rachel...of course she was going to tutor her!

    Dan/Karen: I think we are building to something with them. Can\'t wait to see what it is.

    Brother Derek: Hate to see him leave. I thought he was good for Peyton.

    Haley/Nathan: Loved Haley running her hands in his hair. Not much Naley tonight but next week completely makes up for it.

    Next week! OMG....what is Nathan doing?
  • Daunte tells Nathan to lose the championship, Rachel asks Haley to tutor her, Brooke asks Lucas to go to the banquet with her, and Peyton tells Lucas how she feels about him.

    Another great episode. I can't stand Daunte! I feel sorry for Nathan. =( Nathan goes to Dan for help, but Dan tells Nathan to just lose the championship. I actually thought that Dan would tell Nathan to win it! Ugh I hate Dan. Rachel asks Haley to tutor her, and she says no at first, but finally says yes. I thought it was funny when Haley was telling Rachel the 3 conditions and the 3rd one was that no matter how nice she may seem, she can't stand Rachel. Brooke asks Lucas to go to the banquet with her, but they realize that it's really over between them. Peyton goes with Derek, he tells her to take a risk, and Derek goes back to the marines after the banquet. Peyton finally tells Lucas! He looked confused when she told him. It was cuute how he didn't get it at first. I thought the confession was supposed to be episode 9, but whatever. Next week's promo looked really good! I can't wait to find out what happens to Lucas and Haley.
  • Are they seriously done??

    I already posted several times that I thought OTH was being corrupted by fast motion and a lack of typical teenage drama. I hoped it was getting better when I saw the trailer about Lucas and Brooke eventually rekindling their relationship. But once again I was disappointed. This time the show got back its typical character, but I don't like the way the storyline is going now either.
    It's like after Chad and Sophia split up, the writers tried hard to find a way to keep them apart on the show as well, but the story they came up with is kinda lame, if you ask me... I mean, seriously, all in a sudden they realize it wasn't real love all the time? So everytime they confessed their love, got back together and everything... it was just an illusion and now they realized that they don't belong? I mean, come on... it's just so inconvenient.. doesn't make sense and seems sooo far-fetched to me...

    Also, and this one isn't new either, I hate the idea of Peyton and Luke together and I think it would be just as inconvenient if he suddenly wanted to be with her again - after stressing that they are just friends and he doesn't have those kind of feelings anymore or...well...weeks and months!?!?!
    They need to explain that development very very good to make me (wanna) grasp it...

    Apart from that: nice episode, I liked the idea of second chances in general, although Lucas and Brooke didn't get their "second second chance". Nathan stepping forward and asking Dan for help was great and so was the Haley-Rachel-story. I'm not sure what to think about Karen getting closer to Dan though. She must find out soon that he killed Keith, otherwise she might fall for his sudden niceness...
  • Somewhat revealing, dramatic, and emo!

    Nate talks to Daunte about his financial dept in this episode. Rachel gets an "F" in Calculus in her report card, then she seeks tuturoing from Haley, but Haley refuses. Brooke catches Peyton residing in Luke's house, then gets pissed off at them. Peyton invites her real brother, Derek, to the banquet, then introduces him to her friends. Gigi is Mouth's banquet partner. Whitey cries in his banquet speech. Karen is Dan's banquet partner, as well as Brooke with Lucas. Finally, Peyton tells Lucas about her true feelings for him, with a "I love you, and i'm in love with you" line.
  • Whitey got me all teary-eyed when he made his speech about his first love... both basketball and Camilla. Aww...

    So Daunte is yes, a jerk, and yes, he needs to leave Nathan alone, but that's why they keep him around, obviously, is to stir up drama. That's really what OTH is all about. I was at the edge of my seat when Daunte's friend held Nathan's leg up and was literally about to chop it off. Thank goodness he didn't. That would be a stupid storyline if Daunte did, though. They can't exactly have Nathan disabled when they are going in to the state championship, and, not to mention, it's right around the corner, too. This episode was phenomenal! And next week's promo! OMG! Looks intense has heck! Haha.
  • Why can't Daunte just leave Nathan, Haley and all the Scotts alone. I really hope Nathan doesn't throw the champion ship game and I hope that Lucas, Haley, and the baby are okay. Daunte is such a jerk for doing this.

    This episode was good. Also, when Haley tells Rachel she will tutor her, after Haley walks away, Rachel has an evil grin on her face. I really hope she doesn't try to steal Nathan again. She needs to find a guy who isn't already in a relationship and go out with him. First she wanted Lucas from Brooke, then Nathan from Haley, and then Nick from Brooke when they were dating. She could have had Mouth when he liked her but now he is with Gigi. Gigi is a nice girl and Mouth deserves someone like her in his life.
  • This episode was about Nathan getting an award, and about him paying his dues to Daunte. Dan can't help Nathan out of this new struggle.

    I think this was one of the best episodes I have ever seen. It was very powerful and I loved Whitey\'s speech about his love Camila. I was very sad though When Lucas and Brooke decided that shouldn\'t be together. That really bothered me especially because of how them two were together all last season and he liked her since the 2nd season. It seemed a little unrealistic but whatever. I really am going to mniss the Brooke and Lucas bond. Also I didn\'t like how Peyton told Lucas that she loved him. That bothered me. But overall I loved the episode and can\'t wait until next week.
  • Good episode!!!

    Derek convinces Peyton to take a chance with Lucas at the same time that Brooke approaches him about getting back together. Meanwhile, Daunte\'s latest demand leads Nathan to seek help from an unlikely source - Dan. Good Episode. Whiteys speak was the best! Quote: Dan Scott - Just say he is slow, sherry. ´

    And.. Why in the hell is this Danneel Harris (Rachel) get so much screentime? Someone even like her? More skills! He is the Sh*t :D

    Qoute: Rachel: I\'m failing calculus and if I don\'t pass I won\'t be able to graduate with my friends..

    Haley: Remind me who your friends are again.

    Rachel your stupid Bi*ch! Die!
  • An excellent twist - just when it looked like Lucas would get back with Brooke!

    This was a fantastic episode - made the viewer go through all the different emotions! From anger at Daunte, to tears at Whitey - this episode really did stand out from most of the others! It left us with a great cliffhanger - will Lucas feel the same way about Peyton? Will Dan get Nathan out of trouble? Will the Ravens win the championship? Who knows! Everyone should be watching next week to find out! Also, did the photoalbum scene at the end indicate Brooke misses Lucas but has simply given up on their relationship due to Peyton? I\'ll be watching next week - hope you do too!
  • Thrilling!! Finally Peyton tells Lucas bout her feeling... omg, can't wait for the next episode..

    I can help crying when i watch'd Whitey's speech bout his two true love.. Hepefully i can still watch that man for the next episodes to come.. and finally Brucas is closure.. it's about the time..give it a chance for a leyton moment.. ahh, can't wait for the next eppy, the promo is shocking...
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