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One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 9

Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Sophia Bush directs this episode. Brooke receives some surprising news that threatens her relationship with Julian. Nathan learns that Dan is back in Tree Hill just as he prepares to sign a new NBA contract. Haley returns to the stage.

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  • Better drama.

    More bearable drama seems to be coming our way after Now You Left Your Eyes to the Sun. What I mean is, it makes more sense. For example, finally Alex poses a real threat to Julian and Brooke's relationship, instead of just being some silly person to get in their way. This time she actually shows real feelings for Julian and comes across as desperate. Brooke has every right to be pissed and for once I feel invested in their drama. Especially when it ends with Julian believing Alex to be a liar when in actual fact Millie had the cocaine all along.

    Speaking of Millie, she seems to have transformed in the two episodes she's been absent. She was really unpleasant throughout, big-headed and just not like herself. It may be sudden but this downward spiral is definitely interesting to watch. Rachel and Dan's return was interesting - more for how Brooke slapped the former and told her to get lost. Everything with Dan has been done to death and I'm sick of it.

    Quinn and Clay finally kissed but I'm afraid I find them a bit dull. The scenes with them at the care centre were really long and drawn out. And that ending where it's revealed that Nathan didn't get a place on the Bobcats should makes things more interesting. I liked seeing Haley singing too.

    Nice drama here...

  • Sophia Bush directs

    Sophia Bush makes her directorial debut in this episode where Dan and Rachel come back to Tree Hill and Haley gets back on stage. Clay and Quinn spend the day together and Nathan's hope of resigning with Bobcats comes to an end when they sign someone else.

    Haley was awesome. Seeing her on stage was just as amazing as it always has been. She is an incredible performer. The thought of her going on tour is a little scary with how it all went down before it will be awesome to see her perform all the time and they will do things smarter this time.

    Poor Brooke. I love her so much. She has wanted a baby for so long. I wanted so bad for her to be pregnant. It sucks! I loved Clay and Quinn. They are so sweet and perfect together. It was really great seeing them just hang out and have fun.

    I couldn't care less about Dan and Rachel. Or actually I could, but this relationship is stupid and the only good thing about them coming to Tree Hill was Brooke slapping Rachel. Alex is annoying. And Millie has really fallen off the deep end. She has really lost her mind, but hopefully this mess with her won't last long.moreless
  • Grandma Rachel! =P

    I loved this episode "Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun". I was so upset when I found out Brooke wasn't pregnant, but I have a feeling she will be before the end of the season. I was so thrilled when Brooke slapped Rachel, i want them to reconcile, but it reminded me of them in high school. At first, i didn't think I was going to like Haley's song, but I did. Alex, words just can't explain. And Millie is going downhill fast, hopefully she will get help, but it is an interesting side of her we have never seen. I love Quinn & Clay together! I have mixed feelings about Dan, and this was Danneels 7th episode, I think. I hope she is around for the rest of the season! Overall, a 10!moreless
  • Dan Scott returns.

    I think at this point people can predict what is going to happen on One Tree Hill. Millicent is going to fall further down the slippery slope, before she crawls back to Marvin. Julian is going to eventually say that he wants a baby too and Nathan will get on the Bobcats again. The old expression "expect the unexpected" does not apply to One Tree Hill.

    That being said, the show is at least building a lot of things up and is progressing as opposed to Season 6 where it was just everybody loves everybody, and let's give out hugs 24/7.

    I hope the foreshadowing for Dan Scott wanting "redemption" leads to him becoming a "villain" again, but don't be shcoked to see Mark Schwahn screw this up too.moreless
  • Millicent's new behavior does not go unnoticed, which nearly gets her fired after she commits a devastating mistake; Brooke's happines plummets when she fears of losing Julian; Nathan's career comes to a halt and the past returns to haunt Tree Hill.moreless


    This episode was really good but nothing really happened until the conclusion of the episode. I really was hoping for Brooke to be pregnant. I hope she is before the end of the season but iI doubt it will happen :( After tonight I am torn in shambles in identifying the character who will attempt suicide. Brooke looked really depressed and I'm starting to think maybe her. Or Alex. I think Clay won't since he's kinda happy. I'm glad Clinn has their first kiss. They're such a beautiful couple. Rachel really does not know when to stop. That slap was coming to her. Other than that this episode was pretty much shown in the previews excluding the kiss and other things...I was expecting more, but for an episode like that it wasn't bad!! I just wish Brooke would actually get a storyline for once.moreless
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