One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 2

One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Jamie jumps on the bed while at the same time Lucas and Peyton jumps on the bed in their hotel.

Skills comes to Haley's house and kisses Deb but Jamie catches them kissing and thinks they're crazy. Deb tried to pretend Skills was helping her get something out of her eye but none can call that child dumb.

Psycho-Carrie feeds Dan oatmeal and roaches.

Jamie says it'll be cool if Deb and Skills loved each other.

Nathan plays basketball with the Ravens and makes a couple of three pointers.

Brooke calls Peyton and Lucas and they tell Brooke they're getting married. Brooke says someone's in trouble and wants to know if they can come back to Tree Hill.

Brooke calls someone to meet her at her store.

Peyton and Lucas are on the airplane back to Tree Hill, NC.

The person Brooke called was Deb and she goes to Brooke's store to find utter destruction. Clothes everywhere, mannequins destroyed and a battered Brooke tell an eloquent tale of destruction.

Haley picks up Jamie from school and she sees Grandpa Dan's car that's there everyday at pick-up. Haley worres that Dan may be stalking Jamie.

Haley tells Nathan about Dan. Quentin gives Jamie a present.

Brooke tells Deb that the computer, the sketches for her new line and the money from the cashier are all missing. Brooke doesn't want the police involved. Nope, she just wants Deb to teach her how to use a gun.

Turns out it was Nanny Carrie was the one driving Dan's car. It's all part of her plan to make Tree Hill think Dan kidnapped Jamie after she grabs the boy.

Jamie is shocked when he finds out Nathan and Lucas didn't like each other once. "It was a long time ago, big ears," Nathan tells him affectionately.

Quentin gets a A+ on his assignment. He also says he wants a little girl one day if he doesn't do basketball.

Deb and Skills have their first real conversation.

Peyton sees Brooke's messed up face and lies and says Lindsay did it to her when it was really the robber. Then she inf od laughs and claims she fell down the stairs. Peyton seems to accept her story. Meanwhile, Jamie wants to make a cape for Quentin. Haley agrees and they have a cute scene at a sewing machine.

Brooke wants justice. Lucas tells Haley he is engaged to Peyton. Haley is amused. "Dude, I just shaved your head from your last engagement gone wrong!"
Haley finds Nathan's pain medication for his back empty and thinks Deb took it, but it turns out it was actually Nathan and he's been taking it as prescribed. An embarassed Haley apologizes to Deb but wants to go to the doctor with Nathan just to make sure.

Dan tells Carrie her plan sucks.

The doctor tells Nathan if he plays basketball too hard he could put himself back in the wheelchair - this time for life.

Carrie wants to know why her plan sucks and she's damn mad about Dan's smug attitude. He tells Carrie to call the number on the back of the pager. Carrie starts dialing the number.

Brooke isn't answering her phone.

Brooke lays on her bed with bruises all over her legs.

Dan tells Carrie why her plan sucks. If he doesn't get his heart, he's gonna die in a couple of months so while the police might suspect him at first, they'll haveto find another suspect once its confirmed by doctors that he'd have to be dead. Dan says he needs that heart transplant in order for her plan to succeed. Nanny Carrie is furious.

Brooke practices shooting the gun. At the same time Quentin enters a gas station. His eyes fall on a dead man whose body has been dragged into the back. Terror fills his eyes as the man behind the counter eyes him coldly. Quentin turns around in fear. "Have a good night," the 'clerk' says softly just before a shot rings through the night.

Lucas and Peyton are sleeping when he gets the call. "Quentin Fields was shot tonight. He's dead."