One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 2

One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • Poor Brooke :(

    It was pretty obvious has the episode went on that something was going to happen to Q. We heard about what he wanted to do in the future, saw more of his friendship with Jamie and everyone just praised him constantly. But it was still somewhat shocking to see him walk into that store and get shot and killed.

    Also shocking - Brooke after her attack. I can't believe how badly hurt she is. Very odd that she called Deb but she helped in the past ways she could. I wish she told the others though. I mean did Peyton really believe just then that Brooke fell down the stairs? You wouldn't think so. And she was so dark. Peyton and Lucas continue to be lovey dovey as a couple but it's quite sweet.

    I still hate the Nanny Carrie/Dan storyline. So far-fecthed and silly. Deb and Skills were actually kind of funny and sweet. And Jamie was as cute as ever - when does that change?

    Dramatic, shocking episode.

  • Why???

    Lucas and Peyton are so adorable!! I love them so much and I'm just soooo happy they are together and are getting married.

    Poor Brooke. I feel so bad for her. She doesn't deserve this. It's seemed a bit random to tell Deb, but I'm glad she told somebody so now she can confide in her.

    I have to admit, I did not see the ending of this episode coming. I know a lot of people have said they did, but I for was oblivious. It wasn't until Q pulled into that gas station that I saw it coming. When I watch it again I see all the signs that gave it away. All the great conversations between him and the other characters. The box he gave Jamie and Jamie wanting to make him cape. The biggest signs that something bad was going to happen was of course Haley talking to him about his future and Skills saying he'll talk to him tomorrow. I love that they turned Q's character around before they killed him, but of course that just made losing him even harder.
  • This is quickly becoming the worst show on TV right now.

    The Jaime character makes me cringe every time he opens his annoying little mouth -- he is used way too often to spell things out during an episode, or to get people to say stuff. He should not be talking about Skills and Nanny Deb and encouraging them or anything like that -- come on!

    The whole Dan Carrie storyline is way too contrived and as boring as it is stupid. I don't really care about either of them. I try to fast forward their parts but it's too hard with DVR.

    Lucas and Peyton are good again, but it really sucks how Brooke is dealing with the aftermath of her attack. I know it's because she thinks/knows it's her mom's doing, but it's annoying because what she says to Peyton is so lame.

    Poor Quentin, though. I wasn't a big fan of him, but it sucks that he's dead.

    This show is the weirdest -- the fact that all this stuff happens to this one group of people is completely ridiculous.
  • Peyton and Lucas are perfect for each other.

    In the beginning of the episode, Skills go to Nailey's house to see Deb, he almost get caught by Haley and he does get caught by Jamie, who's way to young to be talking about kissing, not to mention Nathan that is totally against his mom dating the porn website guy, but he doesn't know that the guy is Skills.
    Carrie's still torturing Dan, who deserves it, by the way, her plan is to hijack Jamie and make it seem that Dan did it, but then she finds out that her plan is not perfect, since Dan is going to die without a heart transplant. Nathan is back playing basketball, even though he's playing on the Tree hill gymnasium, and his back starts bothering him again. Peyton can't stop jumping on that hotel bed, until Brooke calls her and she tells her that she's engaged to Lucas and they are going to get married, but Brooke doesn't seem happy about it. Later we find out that is because she's been assaulted in her own store. Lucas invites Peyton to move in with him and she does. Nathan is spending a lot of time on the court with Quentin and Jamie is getting more attached to him, he even asks his mom to make a cape just like the one he has so he can give it to Quentin. Speaking about Quentin, he has grown very much in the small time he has been trying to change and Haley notices that getting closer to him in the tutoring sessions, talking about plans to the future and what he wants to do to his life. Brooke gets closer to Deb, because Deb is helping her to get herself together after the attack, she tries to relieve the pressure learning how to shoot a gun. And one more thing, Quentin gets killed in this episode.

    Having accidentally read a major spoiler relating to the end, I saw throughout the episode, the writers trying to make Quentin likeable just so they could kill him off! Its not fair - if they had killed him off last season I wouldnt have cared too much but I suppose that was the point. Anyway, the way it happened was a bit random but more to the point Jamie is going to be heartbroken, especially as he made him the cape and Nathan will be devastated as well.

    I cant believe the seriousness of Brooke's injuries but what I also cant believe is the fact that Peyton bought the whole 'falling down the stairs' crap. Brooke is actually starting to scare me though. The whole sinister look is really unsettling. And it was stralled Deb but she did say so herself on the phone to her so its plausible. And Leyton is still happy which is good...Really strong episode again for this season so I'm happy especially seeing Nanny Carie's plans unravel a bit. Does anyone think they gave her the name "Carrie" on purpose...?
  • Yet another great episode!

    We open this episode with a happy One Tree Hill cast for once. With Jamie, Lucas and Peyton all jumping on beds. We then see Carrie who still has Dan hostage feeding him a meal with has all creepy crawls in it. Jamie asks Deb if she loves Skills after he sees them kissing. She denies it all. Brooke phones Peyton where she learns that she is getting married and its then that we see what has happened to Brooke. We then see Brooke phoning someone and asking them to meet her at the store. We then see Brooke in the store and it has been trashed, Deb enters. Brooke is wearing sunglasses and she shows Deb what has happened to her. We learn that Brooke has not called the police and that some cash, her computer and sketches have all been taken. Deb helps her to cover up the bruises. Brooke asks her to show her how to use a gun. We see Peyton returning home and seeing Brooke without make up on. Brooke lies to her and tells her that she fell down the stairs and that how she got the bruises, and Peyton believes her. Lucas tells Haley about him and Peyton. She seems really happy about it. When Haley goes into Debs room to get pair of scissors she finds a bottle of pills in there. When Haley confronts her, she admits that they don't belong to her and so Haley realises that they must belong to Nathan. Haley takes him to the doctor where they learn that if causes enough trauma to his back he could be in a wheelchair for life. Jamie asks Lucas what happened to Lindsay. Jamie tells Lucas that he doesn't want to be the ring bear at his next wedding to Peyton as "it didn't work out to well last time".
    Peyton moves out of the house she was sharing with Brooke and we see Brooke lying on her bed, almost in disbelief at what has happened to her. We see Haley and Jamie making a cape for Q. We see Q going to a garage and he sees a dead body. As he turns around he is shot by the owner of the store. We then see Brooke at a gun range with Deb. We then see Lucas getting the phone call about Q, being shot and killed.
  • Brooke's been attacked

    This episode follows Brookes painful attack at Clothes over Bros store. While Peyton and Lucas are excited to be engaged, Brooke calls and finds out the news of the engagement and doesn't tell Peyton about the attack. When Peyton arrives, Brooke uses the old "I fell down the stairs" excuse, which is obviously no what happened. Brooke is in a very dark place and goes to Deb for help. Deb is the only person she tells what has happened to her and takes her to a shooting range to help her learn how to defend herself. All the while, nanny Carrie has Dan held captive, which some viewers may think is well deserved.
    Peyton moves in with Lucas, but decides to spend one more night with Brooke. Peyton talks about Karma while Brooke focuses on Justice. This is a major point for discussion, as many viewers assume Peyton believes the "fell down the stairs" excuse, but there is a moment in her eyes when you know she knows something else happened.
    The episode ends with the shooting death of Q, a high school basketball player we have grown to like and the news of his death spreads to all who care throughout the night.
  • It's nice to finally see Luke and Peyton getting back together.

    Finally, indeed. Guess Lindsay is done then?

    Well, Brooke's dark side is the main plot now. Probably her mother, trying to show her who's really the boss around. Thought it was weird her calling Deb but it's fine since she didn't want anybody else to know about it.

    Just hope she doesn't end up killing her own mom in the season finale. That will be just too weird and predictable.

    When I was starting to like Q's character, he dies. Oh man, poor Jamie. I wonder how he's going to feel and the consequences of his best bud's death in the long run.

    Let's keep watching.. more to come..
  • Didn't see that one coming.

    For once I didn't get spoiled so I had no idea Q. was shot in that episode. It was so unexpected. Just when I started to like the character...

    It will be interesting to see the consequences of this tragic death and how the characters, especially Jamie, will react. On the whole, the episode was very nice to watch. It's good to see Peyton finally happy.
    However it looks like happiness never can be complete in this show.

    Now it's Brooke's turn to go through hell. I just think it's a shame that she keeps her agression secret. Her contacting Deb ddin't sound very realistic since they've never been very close. I don't really like that dark face of Brooke. It's so not like her. Come one, cheer up!

    The very pleasant moment of this sixth season is the relationship between Skills and Deb. They are so cute.
  • Wow they did that!

    This week One Tree Hill rating is a 9.9 because the ending was just shocking. I kinda felt something was going to happen to Q but having him shot at the end was WOW! I started really liking Q after him being Mr. Know It All last season then turning into one of Jamie's best friends and helping Nathan with has dream of playing basketball again. I think this happening is going to change some of the characters. Oh I am alittle upset with Brooke for lying to everyone but Deb. I can't believe Deb did not pick up the telephone and call the police. She is actually showing her how to use a gun. I guess Deb learned nothing. Brooke shouldn't being lying on her best friend and she shouldn't feel sorry for herself. I hope nothing happens to anyone else because Brooke now knows how to fire a weapon. I can't for next weeks show, it is going to be sad.
  • All I can say is WHAT THE HELL?! The aftershock of the robbery has devastating effects on Brooke, Psycho Nanny looses it and Deb and Skills worry about telling Nathan.

    All I can say is WTF!
    Seeing Brooke's poor face made me gasp and then seeing her soooo down upset me. AND THEN Q gets shots and all I wanted to do was shout out NOOOOO and cry! I love Q's and Jamie's relationship and will miss it dearly.
    On the upside I loved watching Dan tease Psycho Nanny and when he finally talked I laughed so hard. I hope he doesn't die we need his evilness. I loved the Leyton and when they jumped on the bed in the beginning it was so quite. I also loved when Haley was on the piano and put on the accent and then made Q's cape. And watching Nathan play basketball again was great. All together it was such a sad episode with so many shocks but it had some funny parts.
  • WHAT?? that's all I can say

    A great start, Jaime jumping up and down in the bed lol

    I'm starting to like Dan, just because I hate Carrie even more. The way he said "your plan sucks" was so funny, the look on her face has priceless.

    I have this felling, when someone is happy something always happens. I didn't knew Brooke was going to call Deb, it was the last person in my mind but it makes sense. I don't know what she is going to do from now on, the new collection is gone, the store is a rack...

    Jaime is great, that scenes with Q and the fact he asked Haley to make Q a red superhero cap, he is a great kid.

    But again, when something get better for some something else happens, Brooke, Nathan, Quentin even Dan. Against other people says, this keeps getting better and better, more exciting and interesting.
  • So sad.....

    I cried my eyes out in this episode quite a few times.
    Watching brooke joke around and then lie on the bed alone covered in horrific bruises as peyton packed and left broke my heart.

    And then Q and Jamie, omg i cried my eyes out.
    Jamie getting hayley to make him a cape and then Q being shot. Just awful, but it will be the push that nathan needs and it could go either way..

    Dramatic, heartbreaking and one of the best episodes ive seen in a while.
    I can see an Emmy for Sophia Bush coming .. 10 outta 10 for me xx
  • WOW thats all I can come up with as my summary for this episode.

    A tearjerker because One Tree Hill is really pushing it's limits, really getting dark with all the drama and really catching me off guard with the killing of Q, he really was changing and I was looking forward to his role being used more. Also the guy who shot him must be linked to that Broke's robbery or something big is going to happen soon with that guy. One Tree Hill is due for a big shake up because Lindsy will be coming back for Lucas and Dan is due to kick Nanny Karen's behind so this show has started off with a bang and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm loving the drama.
  • This is the best show on TV, I'm convinced.

    I looked forward to this episode because I wanted to see the aftermath of the Clothes over Bros robbery. This episode turned out to be so much more. On the bright side, Jaime was extra funny. As I watched him in the car with Deb and on the court with Quentin, I thought "Where did they find this kid and how much are they paying him?" He is the best thing since the Olsen twins. Brooke's physical and mental injuries were heart wrenching. Sophia Bush did a great job depicting a victim who refused to be a victim. Her jokes with Peyton in kitchen (about Lindsey) made me laugh and halfway cry because it was such great acting.

    And in true One Hill Tree fashion, as soon as things are going great for a character they kill them off. First Keith, now Quentin. Can't say I'm mad at the writers, but I'm pissed I have this much emotion over a TV show, lol.
  • Brooke calls Deb for support after the robbery, Peyton and Lucas return, Nathans back is bad again and Jamie grows closer to Quentin. A great episode, its sad to see a character who was becoming a good part to the show die.

    The episode was good and was more enjoyable than the premier, it was less soppy and more entertaining. There were a few soppy lines but other than that the characters were good enough. Firstly, Brooke is battered and bruised after the robbery and doesn't want to tell anyone, which I thought would be hard to do, apparently not as she lies to Peyton and says she fell down the stairs - would you get two black eyes from that?

    Anyway, Deb was helpful here and hopefully Brooke will recover emotionally as soon as possible. I do have a feeling Victoria has something to do with it all - mainly because the sketches were stolen. If this is true - Brooke should do a hell of a lot more than fire her. I think Peyton would be extremely supportive if Brooke told her....I hope she does.

    Deb and Skills seems to get closer and have there 'first conversation' and there strangely suited as a couple. Jamie was quite amusing throughout and his friendship with Quentin is realistic and enjoyable. Or should I say the last few minutes of the episode, there were huge signs that something would happen to Quentin as hints were dropped everywhere. Skills saying he was going to talk to him but then deciding not to, Nathan saying to meet him at the rivercourt.

    The only problem I have with this is two robberies in Tree Hill in the space of a few days seems a little extreme - but I do think this will create some emotional storylines. Bye Quentin. Nanny Carrie was amusing her and I liked the story more than last week, Dan is really getting to her which is great to watch.

    I look forward to next weeks episode!
  • A happy engaged couple. A very convincing Brooke, but a unconvincing Peyton. The married couple is happy but then bad news arrive. (Sadly) The crazy nanny strikes again but therefore comes a enyojable Q and an unexpected end. Only Mouth is missing.

    Its nice to see Lukas and Peyton together at last, the scenes with both of them were long overdue.

    Im not quiet sure what to think about Brooke being ambushed - it would be too much if it turns out that her mother was the puppet master. Surprisingly Brooke called Deb and its a bit strange in the first place, but as Skills later concludes not that implausible. Unlikely the fact Peyton believes the story about Brooke falling down the stairs. Maybe she is naive, but that (very bad) lie is just too obvious anyone would buy it- especially not the best friend since childhood.

    Again another episode with the crazy nanny. In my opinion it was already slightly over the top when she kidnapped Jamie but that Dan/Carrie plot is way too much - i mean if it would be the only big issue happening then ok, but isnt there enough stuff going on already? I wouldnt miss the Carrie part for one second. Anyway at least Dan acts quite amusing.

    Nathan, Haley and Jamie the happy family. Its pleasing having a pause from their almost never ending disputes. Jamie cute and funny like always. And as it has to be, the big dream of a coming back isnt supposed to be.
    The most enjoyable part with Q also the most tragic part. I started to like this character a lot, convincingly and authentic. So at the end it all happened very fast and Q is definitely a big loss.

    All in all a very good episode, not boring for a sec but here and there a bit over the top (keyword: Carrie).
  • amazing!

    I really have to say, this episode was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed watching it. Let me start off with Brooke...Brooke gets robbed, and gets beat up. I felt sooo bad for her. She had bruses all over her body. This storyline that Brooke has, really brings out what Sophia can do. It brings out all of her acting abilities. She did an exellent job. It brought her acting to another level that she doesn't always go to. Next will be...Dan and Carrie scenes. You gotta love Dan. He blurts out "Your plan sucks". You gotta love it. :)
    Jamie was great as always. He gets closer and closer to Quentin in this episode and has Haley make him a red cape just like his. Its going to be soo sad for him when he finds out that quentin died. How horrible. Quentin gets shot just by walking into a convenient store. Tragic. It really looked like he was going to run out of the store, and get away, but nooo. He gets killed. I was actually starting to like him too. and last but not least....Naley!!! We have the wonderful Naley scenes back. Their scene at the rivercourt was absolutely amazing...I love how Haley worries about him. We also have the great things that they say about each other. Haley comes in the gym while the ravens are practicing, and Nathan decides to jump in. omggg! Haley is totally right! He does look damn good on a basketball court :) gotta love it. and ofcourse the "Hey 23, call me" haha. And then ofcourse Nathan. He is playing with Q in the gym, and he stops, and tells Q "I have a really hot wife, and an awesome son waiting for me at home". ahh...the ond Naley is back!!!! :D Anyway, thats all for now. I am really looking forward to next Mondays episode. Its going to be great.
  • A death.

    While Gossip Girl is floundering in its second year One Tree Hill is as strong as ever in its sixth. The action is intense, the plotlines while generic and predictable are exciting and keep you hooked until all is said and done.

    From the death to the break-in OTH has already dropped two huge bombshells in the first two episodes of the year. You are always left wanting more from the CW drama, exactly how a show should be written.

    Sure there are some faults in the broadcast such as the annoying kid and his equally annoying grandmother, but the positives are in a surplus in One Tree Hill. You really feel for Brooke and yet you can't help but wonder what she's going to do next. "Crazy Nanny" may have found a fault in her plan and everybody's favorite basketball player is now in a bodybag.

    Once again I'm left counting the days until it is Monday again.
  • Brooke runs to an unexpected friend, nathans recovery isnt going as it should, luke and peyton have some news for everyone, and carrie gets even crazier!!!

    the writing is getting better and better and i have to say that season 6 is turning out to be much better than what i was expecting it to be.

    brooke: i almost started crying when i first saw the bruises on brookes face, horrible horrible what happened to her, and i know that she wants to be strong, but she should call the police, i thought it was wierd that she called deb, but i guess that because deb is the only parental figure left on the show, it had to be her. i cant believe the story brooke told peyton, and i cant believe peyton believed it, the injuries she has(even just the ones on her face) dont "match" a fall down the stairs. and how come peyton didnt pick up on anything when brooke said she believed in justice?

    deb and skills, i really dont like this storyline, i realize that they are trying to warm the audience up to these two, but its not working for me...

    q: felt the whole episode was a bit q-centric, but i guess it was because it was a build-up to the end of it. sad though, q was one of VERY few characters from last year that i didnt have a problem with :)

    leyton: the opening was a bit wierd, with them jumping on the bed :S didnt really get it

    carrie & dan: her plan does suck, but so does the storyline...

    i know i said jamie bugged me last time, and although he had ALOT of screne time this week, he wasnt as annoying as i usually find him.

    naley: these two are finally at a good place, with eachother, nathans problems are not the type of problems that ould come etween them speially when it looks like he IS gona take it easier..
  • I wanted sth more for this episode, there's too many questions that haven't been resolved. There was sth missing, especially in Brooke-Peyton's friendship. Carrie is psycho!!! I'm sorry about Q(and Jamie & Nathan too). I'm waiting next episode, right now!

    So I have a question - is this only me who thinks that in this episode (I hope it isn't for the rest of the season) Peyton's character is a lil bit stupid - come on, who falls for the "all movie line" - "I fell face first down the stairs" Show me, please somebody who has both eyes with black and blue marks and all over covered with bruises. Yeah, sweetie, so do I, I believe that you fell down the stairs, especially knowing your problems with mum and company. Ok, this episode shows that Peyton is really naive, sorry but I would like to say - she's a sheep. Which BEST FRIEND falls for lies like that?
    It's sad what happened with Q too. I finally started to like him as character, he wasn't so bossy anymore and he was a really good addition.
    I hate nanny Carrie, she's kinda peeving me and there's too much air time with her. lol Ha, I loved Dan's line - "You're plan sucks!" It was perfect.
    For the first time in all six seasons Lucas and Peyton are together, but.. I realize I'll be evil - it's too beautiful to last for all season. but I wish the luck
    Bah, it's pity that this is 2nd time during these 2 seasons that Nat can't play basketball. This sucks too. But on other hand, without Q he wouldn't have the opportunity to improve his skills. That's a fact.
    In fact, there's a mess in my head for the moment, cause I don't know what to expect for next episode, except for the funeral.
  • Brooke turns to Deb after being attacked but keeps everyone else out. Jamie catches Deb and Skills kissing. Dan talks and begins intimidating Carrie. Q gives Jamie a gift and helps Nathan with basketball. Q impresses Haley then he gets shot and dies.

    Oh My Goodness! I loved how intense Brooke was in this episode. I can't believe that she was so beat up. Sophia Bush was amazing in this episode. Peyton and Lucas are so cute together. I love that Peyton moved in with Lucas but I also want her to stay with Brooke because of what happened. I thought Peyton would figure out Brooke was lying though. I really liked Q in this episode. He was so sweet to Jamie and we found out more about him. I was so shocked when he died at the end I knew something was going to happen but not that. I think its a good twist but I liked Q. Skills was really supportive of Deb. It was nice to see them have a conversation This episode really had a good balance of drama and humor. It was Great!
  • Awww. Poor Everybody. Except Leyton.

    Tree Hill by now probably has the highest crime rate in all of America with a robbery, assult, kidnapping, and murder all in one weekend.

    Haley and Nathan were adorable as always. Especially talking about that basketball game.

    Jamie was so cute. His cape for Quinten. Awwwwwww. Lucas and Peyton. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy. It seems like once Lucas and Peyton are happy everything else in Tree Hill has to be sad to even it out.

    Poor Brooke. I don't really understand though why she is shutting out Peyton.

    Deb and Skillz = ew. The Dan and Carrie story is kind of stupid but it was alright tonight. I loved the your plan sucks. Then Carrie was like crying. Quinten. Oh my goodness. I was liking him too. Especially after his scene with Haley about where he wanted to go in life.
  • Lately I've been watching this show out of obligation, but this episode got me excited about the show.

    I liked how this episode had a bit of an intense theme with Carrie kidnapping Dan, Brooke planning revenge, and Quinton getting shot. I was suprised to see that this show did a good job with these storylines even though it was different from what they usually do and it could have come off as being corny. The storyline with Carrie and Dan is so much better now that we now she actually has a plan to kidnap Jaime. I loved the part where Dan explained that her plan wouldn't work. We got to see a lot of emotion from Brooke and a side of her we don't usually see, so that was a plus. Quinton's death came as a real shock and it was a great way to end the episode. I also felt like in the beginning of the episode they did a good job of showing us how much Quinton had changed for better. It's so sad that he died right after he got his life back in order. Even though this episode was pretty serious it also had some funny moments. Watching Deb try to hid her relationship with Skills was pretty funny. I also loved how we got to see more of Haley and Nathan's relationship, it reminded us of how great of a couple they are.
  • Brooke shuts everyone out of her life after the robbery, Quentian's life is cut short unfortunately, Skills is starting to feel guilty with Deb and nathan. Nathan's back is getting bad again. Haley is worried about him. Nanny is Carrie is CRAZY again!!!!!

    okay, well hmmmm honestly i don't know what to say about this episode but wow to Sophia Bush her acting has improoved in so much over the years! this performance just really gave it her all. I am extremely excited that Payton and Lucas are getting married but I feel bad for Brooke because it's the wrong timing! I don't know what to say about Grandpa Dan and Carrie but damn! I'm happy that he is finally talking I actually missed his voice surprisignly lol umm hmm let me see what else... I'm shocked that Brooke called Deb of all people! why deb I don't understand that of all people but i can see why she would connect with her. Paul Johanson welcome back we need you back and we need you to escape and warn haley and Jamie about Crazy Carrie i hope he escapes! anyways that's my review.. let me know what you think
  • Brook turns to Deb in the aftermath of her attack, but refuses to let anyone else in. Lucas and Peyton return to Tree Hill engaged. Jamie and Q grow close. Nathan loves Haley and Jamie more than basketball. Q dies.

    The One Tree Hill I know and love is back. The mix of moments of humor mixed with drama and hardship is exactly how this show is supposed to be. Jamie's comments about Skills and Deb were great. He was as cute as always. The fact that they built his relationship with Q intensified this episode (The treasure box and the cape) make it especially hard to face Q's death at the end of the episode.
    Sophia Bush's scenes were amazing. Brook needs to work out her feelings though. With Peyton gone from the house, I fear she may just snap. She cannot keep everything bottled up inside. She needs someone to love and protect her. Even though Deb is there to support her, she needs someone who will make her work it out.
    Even though I will admit that I am a Brucas fan, I find myself slightly okay with the Peyton/Lucas relationship. Nathan and Haley's relationship was cute and the comments about Nathan loving Haley and Jamie more than loving Basketball was touching.
    I fear what will happen next week in reaction to Q's death. How will Jamie deal with this loss? Will Nathan blame himself for not playing another game that night? It was another great One Tree Hill Cliffhanger.
  • So, Leyton reveal they are going to get married. Naley worry about Dan being near Jamie and Nathan's health. Brooke shuts out everyone except Deb about the robbery. Deb struggles to keep her secret with Skills and Brooke's secret. Quentin is killed.

    Oh my God! Poor Brooke. But she can't keep the people who care about her and who she cares the most about out of this. She needs to heal from this and considering that she had to help Peyton heal after psycho Derek in season 4, she should know that there is a right way to handle this kind of attack. Yay for Lucas and Peyton. Finally, they were always meant to be. I am glad that everyone is so accepting about the engagement and not questioning if this is a rebound thing. I wish Carrie would get caught already. I love Naley and Jamie and I don't want anything to happen to them. I am torn between Dan's motives for getting Carrie to call that number. Is it to protect Jamie or is it so that she will take him to get his new heart so that he may take Jamie. I was impressed with Nathan, how he accepted the condition of his body and is saying that he will walk away. I am worried that he will blame himself for Quentin's death. I'm worried he will say to himself that if he had only played one more game like Quentin wanted that Q would still be here. Poor Quentin, he was just becoming a good guy. Being nice to Haley and taking care of Jamie and Nathan. It is so sad. I did cry although I expected that he was going to die. It seemed to much of a given if it had been Dan.
  • Season 6, Episode 2.

    This episode was pretty cool. Jamie is way too cute. "And they thought the last nanny was nuts." Haha! I loved Haley flirting with Nathan on the basketball court. It was a little reminder of earlier seasons. Poor Brooke! I feel so bad for her! I love Brooke! Deb was so comforting toward Brooke! I really liked that. Carrie is spying on Jaime at school! Brooke wants Deb to teach her how to use a gun! I like how Carrie is setting up Dan, but the storyline is getting old. I loved Brooke's story about Lindsay. Haha. Brooke's funny. I love her. Great episode.