One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 2

One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • This is quickly becoming the worst show on TV right now.

    The Jaime character makes me cringe every time he opens his annoying little mouth -- he is used way too often to spell things out during an episode, or to get people to say stuff. He should not be talking about Skills and Nanny Deb and encouraging them or anything like that -- come on!

    The whole Dan Carrie storyline is way too contrived and as boring as it is stupid. I don't really care about either of them. I try to fast forward their parts but it's too hard with DVR.

    Lucas and Peyton are good again, but it really sucks how Brooke is dealing with the aftermath of her attack. I know it's because she thinks/knows it's her mom's doing, but it's annoying because what she says to Peyton is so lame.

    Poor Quentin, though. I wasn't a big fan of him, but it sucks that he's dead.

    This show is the weirdest -- the fact that all this stuff happens to this one group of people is completely ridiculous.
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