One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 13

One Tree Hill

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2012 on The CW

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  • amazing

    I love it even though it is the end.
  • more please!!!!!!

    bring it back it is the best ! I want to see how the younger tree hill kids grow up .and what they become
  • Stopping oth was a bad idea

    One tree hill is like the best show ever it was to good they shouldn't have ended it they need to make a season 10 an even more to many people watch that show to stop it after 9 years people have grown to the show u can't just stop it out of the blue they need to start it back up again this show is a 10 I mean I would watch it every time it can on and I've watched every episode twice on Netflix the characters are really good and they band together like real friends it combines basketball with drama they need to round up the characters including Lucas and Payton and all the others and start it again this is a message to cw and mark Schwann and evrybody who helped don't stop the show now it's to good it's like ur hitting a really good pattern of episodes it would be a good idea if u started it back up I hope I consider this message
  • Goodbye One Tree Hill

    I recorded the whole of the last series as it was shown in the UK (I often do that, because it enables me not to hang around week after week without knowing what happened next). I've just finished watching the entire final series. I am emphatically NOT a fan of schmaltz and cheese - and the final show *was* a tad schmaltzy and cheesy, but in a dark, dark world, the last 2 episodes were (for me) a perfect antidote. Sometimes it's *nice* to end things on a high, happy note.
  • answer to brooke's twins..

    Thats actually Lydia and 1 of the twins.. if you look more closely there is a another little boy standing right next to Lydia..

  • It's Over

    Where One Tree Hill ranks on the all-time list of great shows is debatable, but this is a show that inspired people to be great, and that is what their final message was at the end.

    It was not the best episode ever, but it was more about saying goodbye than wrapping things up, because they did most of that in previous shows. There was good music, good dialogue, some emotional moments, it was One Tree Hill's nine seasons in a nutshell.

    Tough to say goodbye to this show, but they left at the right time.
  • brooke's twins?

    Ok all in all the last episode was good but am I the only 1 who saw the last scene? Can anyone explain why at the last scene on the court when they pan into Julians face then show 2 children a boy and a girl? Their twins are supposed to be both boys so when did 1 turn into a girl?
  • the last episode... still hasnt hit me a week later that it's gone...

    maybe after i write this review it will finally hit me...

    anyways great series finale... but there were 2 things that i didn't like about this episodei hated the fact that Kate Voegele wasn't in this episode considering she was a big part of season 5 and i also didnt like how they didnt show Jamie's face in the line up. but other then that i just loved it it was amazing.. great way to end the show ... i loved how Haley quoted "there is only one tree hill and it is your home" who knew 9 years later she'd be able to say that... that was amazing.. gives me chills just writing it.. i LOVED it i also loved the story of Baker Man of being across the street from the cafe.

    one of my favorite parts was when Julian brought Brooke's house for her i loved that that was tree hill momentium right there. i also loved how the camera panned over Peyton's bedroom at the sound stage. that brought back alot of memories seeing that :) anyways great way to close the show...
  • The end :(

    I think it was overall a good finale. They tied everything up and everyone got their happy ending. I liked the inspirational messages at the end of the show to be ambitious, although most people who grew up with the show (rather than those who started watching the show late) are probably already en route to those ambitions.

    I loved seeing the old stage sets, especially Peyton's room. I completely forgot what it looked like until I saw it and recognized it immediately.

    It's nice that everyone got a great and happy ending that they deserve. I also really liked Gavin singing "I don't wanna be" at the end, I missed it.

    Although, I still think that OTH is not what it is without Lucas and Peyton. Even if it wasn't possible to have them back for the series finale (which I think totally sucks), there should have been a letter or a phone call or something saying that Peyton and Lucas will move back to TH. This way, the whole gang is back together. I still think that the first 4 seasons were incredible and the best part of the show. I haven't rewatched them and I don't think I want to, I'd like to keep my old and positive impression of the beginning of the series!

    It's sad that it ended but it's time. We've seen the transition of the show from teenage dramas to a show that focused on family and children-it's almost like the last half of the show was a completely different series. The story got its happy ending.

    Ps: I may be the only one who objects to Julian adding himself into the story. Again this may be because I am so obsessed with the first 4 seasons of the show that I don't want anyone messing with it!
  • Sad to see it go

    Sad to see the show go, I liked the episod but I wish we saw some old faces appear sush as Karen, other than that it was a great episode.
  • Goodbye Tree Hill

    I loved One Tree Hill, but the final show was pure cheese.
  • A great way to say goodbye

    I was kind of reluctant to watch this last episode of OTH because it was the last one. And I realize that I have to enjoy it. And I did. I think I'll have to watch it several times because there are a lot of references to the first seasons (opening of TRIC, Karen caf...)

    The music was so great with Gavin de graw and "chris Keller" and of course the lovely Bethany Joy Galeotti!

    It was a great way to conclude this really amazing show. This episode was kind of slow and smooth but it was great after all the action in the previous episodes..

    I'm going to miss it (it was the first show I've watched only in English without any subtitles and that I've watched fallowing the US airing...
  • "There Will Be Only One Tree Hill"

    I loved this series finale, it encompassed everything that I loved about this show.

    It was really sad watching this last episode of OTH, knowing that it would be the VERY last one I would watch but I gotta say that this finale was one of the VERY best finale's I've seen in a LONG time!

    It was great saying good-bye to all of our favorite characters.

    We open with seeing our older characters seeing the younger versions of themselves that was a great idea.

    Julian got his production of a "Unkindness Of Ravens" underway with Brooke helping him, it was wonderful seeing him have such success especially after what he's been through this season.

    Seeing Peyton's re-created room for the first time in so many years just like Brooke I truly thought like I was going back in time.

    We got to see the "Boyfriend Wish List" with Julian's name added at the top instead of Lucas's was so cute and once again such great nostalgia.

    Near the very end when Julian bought her old house to make a home for them and the boys that was just incredibly perfect.

    The entire episode was inter-cut with TRIC's 10th anniversary it was fantastic seeing Gavin Degraw back at TRIC, the show basically introduced him to the world and I loved how he sang "I Don't Wanna Be" at the very end, I too was singing along with the rest of the main cast, I was happy and sad all at once!

    Seeing Chris Keller being "on the lam" when he didn't have to be was really funny as usual. His friend ship with Chase and spying on the twins was super hilarious.

    Nathan and Jamie's scene at the River court was so great, that setting has such nostalgia for so many OTH fans and especially for Nathan. It was nice seeing Nathan not pressure Jamie about the Scott legacy, and I laughed when they both joked about them being kidnapped and if Jamie could use him being kidnapped again as a excuse to Haley LOL!

    Haley showing Jamie her and Lucas's secret hiding place was again amazing, at the end of that scene Haley said to Jaime "There's only One Tree Hill Jamie Scott and it's your home." That was icing on the cake for me, such a incredible harking back to the 1st Season Finale.

    Nathan and Haley in the rain kissing and carrying on was a incredible way for us as fans to say good-bye to them.

    Quinn and Clay's wrapped up story with their court house wedding and adoption of Logan, so adorable.

    I liked Mouth's storyline it was cool giving him something to do this last episode, I thought what Dan did with his money was neat and it was a really amazing way for them to mention Jimmy and Keith's deaths in a very respectable light.

    All in all though I am truly sad that this series is over I got to say that this was a fantastic farewell to the beloved town of One Tree Hill and it's characters.
  • Goodbye to my favorite tv show of all time!!

    I can't believe it is all over FOREVER! Its just too unreal. I swear i am going to be addicted to my boxsets for awhile!

    Ok, so the finale was absolutely amazing!!!! I enjoyed every single second of it. Even if it made me cry my eyes out. I really liked how they opened the episode with Nathan, Haley, and Brooke looking at their high school selves at the rivercourt, the high school, and the naley apartment. It was really nicely done. And i really liked how they centered everything in the episode around the 10th anniversary celebratiion at tric. Tric has been around for basically the whole entire series, and there have been so many parties, get togethers, and concerts through the years that it made me think about every single one, and how much growing everyone did. The way the episode was, it actually reminded me a lot of how the season 2 finale was, with that episode centered around the preformances of jimmy eat world.

    I absolutely loved ALL the throwbacks throughout the episode! Made me laugh when Brooke and Haley were talking about when Brooke was raising money for "charity". Actually makes me want to go back and watch that episode :)

    The Chris/Haley, and Nathan/Chris scenes were great. I especially liked the Nathan/Chris closure scene! It was pretty great! I liked the idea of the fact that Nathan got his guitar back that he sold to get Haley's demo. It brought back memories. The greatest part about it was when he found out he named it "Haley James". Nathan's face was priceless!!!!!!

    My favorite Chris/Haley scene in the episode was when Haley was telling him that she found her next artist for red bedroom records. I thought it was a very touching scene. I really liked that we found out the reason Chris isn't touring is because he didn't like the person he was the last time he toured. It was almost saying that he regrets messing things up with Nathan/Haley back then. That's the way i saw it.

    The Brooke/Julian scenes were great! I can't believe i am actually saying that, but it's true. I really liked that Julian bought Brooke's childhood house for their family. It was a great way to end their story. Brooke has always liked being the girl behind the red door. She started the series being the girl behind the red door, and now that is how she ended it. I love it!

    The Naley scenes.....AHHHHH! So much adoring right now. There is just so much i can say about them! I just loved their little date. The combination of their first date, and their first tutor session wrapped in one just made things perfect for me ;) And i am so happy that we got one last rain scene from them :) At first, i was a bit upset that they didn't have that many scenes together in the episode, but the ones that they did have were very big significant moments for their relationship. And i wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I am just going to miss it!

    I love Haley/Jamie's moment on the rooftop with the predictions. Love how she passed it down to Jamie so he can continue that tradition. Now, the greatest part about that scene is when Haley tells jamie "There is only one tree hill, and it's your home". It definitely had to be said one last time in OTH, and i am glad it was Haley who said it.

    Now, The moment when Gavin Degraw sang "I don't want to be" and everyone sang along was a perfect moment. It had me in full blown crying tears and that scene at Karen's cafe while Gavin degraw was singing was such a great moment. I really loved how the theme song was the last live tric song we heard. It made me smile.

    The flash forward was PROFECTION! Everyone having a voiceover, while teenage jamie comes out onto the court with the number "12" amazing! It was just the most perfect last scene ever on a show!!

    I am going to miss OTH so much! I have never loved a tv show like i love OTH.....NOTHING will compare! I can definitely say that I will continue to be obsessed. I will be watching my boxsets FOREVER! There is only one OTH!! ;)

  • One Tree Hill Series Finale

    I can't believe One Tree Hill is over; I completely loved this show. One Tree Hill was truly a revelation because every episode had a meaning. This episode really proved the whole point of creating the show and that was to give people hope, whether that be in a hard or just hope for a future. I thought this episode was really funny as well as really inspiring, not that that was a surprise. There were a few things that I would've liked to see, though. They never mentioned Rachel-maybe they could have fixed what happened with her- and they never fixed anything that happened with Alex. Regardless, One Tree Hill is a great show, it will always be a great show, and this episode was the perfect way to end the series.
  • Every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music?

    And I have enjoyed the music immensely. But not just the music. I have enjoyed everything about this show. From that first sound of the basketball on September 23, 2003 to "Scott" - 12 on the back of the Ravens jersey on April 4, 2012. This little show that could....truly became and is the EPIC show that did!!

    George Bernard Shaw once said..."There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your hearts desire. The other is to find it." This is true. Losing One Tree Hill is sad, but having One Tree Hill in my life for 9 years has been everything and more.

    That being said, I loved this episode. It made me laugh and it made me cry! While I slightly wish this show could go on forever I am happy with the ending. This whole last season was amazing. This was some of the best writing and some of the best work of the cast. I loved having a season where we all new the end was coming instead of waiting after every season to find out if it was over.

    I loved how they did the opening and the closing with Nathan, Haley, and Brooke. It was great having them look back on their former selves. This gave us a flashback feeling without having actual full on flashbacks. And I loved the moments that reminded us of seasons and moments past without just showing the clip. Having this episode be a 10th Anniversary of TRIC was the perfect way to close out the show since it has been around nearly as long.

    And with TRIC being 10 years old that also means the core couple, the heart of the show, the people who make us all believe in true love, Nathan and Haley, have been married for 10 years. I loved Haley from the beginning because I related to her. I was a lot like her in high school and as an adult I am still a lot like her. And while I didn't like Nathan in the beginning, I loved them as a couple. I wanted them to work and I hated it in season 2 when they split up. They are an amazing couple and give us all something to aspire to. Their moments this episode were perfect. The look on Nathan's face when Haley was singing was amazing. He is and will always be her biggest fan. I loved the updated mac 'n' cheese date and the beautiful, new bracelet that came out of the cracker jack box. And the kiss in the rain. I've missed those. I loved Haley looking over her predictions and realizing how many of them came true and then passing the tradition along to Jamie. And I loved seeing Haley with that Julius Caesar book from the pilot. And Nathan giving Chris Keller the guitar he sold in 3x09. Wow! I don't know how he got a hold of that and I don't care. I loved that moment with them.

    With Julian making Unkindness of Ravens into a TV show we get to see all these old sets that we haven't seen in so long. Again this was a nice way to bring back the past without showing flashback clips. Peyton's room, Brooke's house, the school. It's all so wonderful. And Julian is amazing for buying that house. The door to their current house is red so Brooke is still the girl behind the red door, but being the girl behind the red door of the house she grew up in is perfect. And I love that Baker Man had a nice little website to start with just like COB and it's perfect that the store is going in across the street from the cafe.

    I adore Logan. And Clay. And Quinn. When season 7 started I didn't want to like them. I loved Lucas and Peyton and didn't want to like anybody else, but I love them. They are a great little family. So many tears when Logan called Clay "dad" and later at the courthouse when he called Quinn "mom." I sort of wish he had gotten to see a big wedding for them, but I love that they are married and have adopted Logan. And I love that Logan has become friends with Jamie. Seeing them run around the cafe and throw water balloons off the roof was so cute.

    I love Chris Keller. His performance was awesome and I love that Haley decided to sign him. Chase owning TRIC is really cool, but since it belonged to Karen and Lucas I feel like Nathan and Haley should own it, but Chase has spent so much time there over the past several years so it works. I loved seeing Bevin again. I find it a little odd that she is working at a courthouse since Bevin was never all that smart, but whatever. I loved seeing her.

    It was sort of random to see that Dan left Mouth half a million dollars, but I loved the reason. And I love what Mouth did with it. Starting a scholarship fund in Jimmy and Keith's name was a great idea.

    Gavin DeGraw was awesome!! It was perfect to have him in this episode. I loved that he did more then just the theme. I love that they put "Belief" in this episode because it was the CODA song in the second episode of the show. I loved hearing "I Don't Want To Be" I wanted so bad to sing the theme along with them, but when they showed the cast singing it so loud and strong I couldn't sing. I could barely see the TV. It was beautiful.

    I loved ending the show before the flash forward with everyone hanging out at the cafe. It was really sweet. I loved the flash forward to the future with Jamie beating Nathan's scoring record and seeing them all hanging out at the Ravens game to cheer him on. And Mouth and Millie are married and she is pregnant. Perfect! And I loved the closing quote. Something new would have been good, too, but I love that they went with the "make a wish and place it in your heart" quote.

    And that CODA song....finishing out the series with the song that inspired the name of the show! I'm sure Mark has been saving that song for this moment. When he knew it was the end.

    I wish we had more guest stars in this episode. Like Lucas and Peyton or Karen. Even if it was just brief glimpses of them hanging out at TRIC or something, but I loved the episode!

    Overall, like I said I loved this episode and I love this show. It may be over. We may not get any new episodes, but I will be watching the DVDs forever.