One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 21

Over the Hills and Far Away

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

Karen and Lucas return to Tree Hill. Karen took Lucas to look at colleges and he has decided upon U.N.C. where he will study Literature.

Meanwhile, Haley prepares for her wedding. Her dress will be made by none other than Brooke Davis. Once Brooke is done, Haley looks at herself in the mirror. She smiles at Brooke but she clearly hates it. Haley tells Nathan that she asked Brooke to make her "something simple and elegant and instead she made me something so... Brooke!". Nathan giggles a bit, then suggest Haley doesn't tell Brooke because it will crush her friend. After all, Nathan reminds Haley it's not the dress that he's marrying, it's her. Anyway, Haley can't help but tell Brooke the truth. Brooke isn't that happy and storms off. Haley is crushed by Brooke's reaction.

Throughout the episode, we flash back to Peyton's trip to Savannah. Peyton and Jake discuss marriage and Jake says that she told him "I Love You Lucas." Peyton is shocked. She ends up leaving and helping Brooke with the engagement party. All the boys and girls of Tree Hill take turns acting out memorable scenes in the Naley Saga. Lucas covers for Mouth and acts out with Peyton. It's a scene in bed where they kiss and have to say they love each other. Peyton ends up crying on stage.

While Brooke is shopping, she finds Rachel in the dressing room. Rachel punched and shattered the mirror since she is hurt Cooper dumped her because of her age. Brooke covers for her and invites her to the party. They make small amends. Brooke tells her she knows what it feels like to have your heart broken. And she wouldn't wish that on anyone. Rachel is surprised: "Not even your worst enemy?". Not even her, assures Brooke.

Dan tells Haley he wishes her and Nathan the best. Later, the girl invites him to the wedding without Nathan knowing, since she believes Nathan wants him there, after all.

The episode ends when Peyton lets Brooke know she still has feelings for Lucas. Ouch.