One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 21

Over the Hills and Far Away

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on The CW

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  • Preparations for the finale...

    Over the Hills and Far Away was a great set-up for the finale. Everyone prepared for Nathan and Haley's wedding and Lucas and Peyton returned to Tree Hill.

    I loved what Brooke planned for Nathan and Haley. Reliving their best moments with other students was genius and really quite funny. Brooke really has grown as a characters and that's shown when she talks about not needing Lucas as much. You can tell she is stronger and more developed by how she eventually remakes a wedding dress that Haley loves. Shame this all could be ruined by the end of the episode...

    Peyton returns and it turns out she isn't marrying Jake. No, he's made her realise that she still has feelings for Lucas. Don't get me wrong, I like Peyton and Lucas together but I kind of liked her with Jake. They made sense. BUT it is brilliantly timed for the finale and Peyton admitting to Brooke that she still has feelings fir him was an excellent cliffhanger to lead us into the final episode of season three.

    Lucas also returns and decides he wants to a writer. And Haley decides to invite Dan to the wedding as he seems to be softening as a character. Rachel is still hooked up on Cooper, which was a nice way in bringing her and Brooke closer - just in time for the end of her friendship with Peyton.

    This finale is intense...

  • Nathan and Haley, A Fairy Tale

    Lucas comes home. Peyton comes home. Brooke is making Haley's wedding dress and planning a surprise rehearsal dinner.

    Lucas and Karen come back from their trip of looking at colleges at getting back to normal. Lucas wants to be a writer which is so perfect for him. And I just love that Keith was saving a college fund for Lucas. That was a nice surprise to throw in after he basically lost everything else after paying the hospital bills in season 1 and Dan took away the college fund he had set up for him.

    After realizing that she still loves Lucas, Peyton comes home. Poor Jake. Peyton loves him, too, but he's not Lucas.

    I love that Brooke made Haley's wedding dress out of the bedspread she made using the material that was supposed to be for Karen's wedding dress. That first dress was hideous. There was too much going on with it. But the fight they had about the dress was a chance for us to see how great of friends they have become.

    The play for the rehearsal dinner was awesome! I loved the reenactment of Nathan and Haley's story. I love that it had all the key, important moments from their relationship. It was fun. And the best was Lucas and Peyton. They still love each other and now we just have to wait for Lucas and Brooke to break up so Lucas and Peyton can be together.

    It was nice seeing Marcus again and seeing how what happened in the tutor center and the school affected him. It's nice seeing him since we never saw him at all before that day.
  • Season 3, Episode 21.

    Wow! This episode was very special! It definitely could have been the season finale. It was so amazing with the whole fairy tale format. The little re-enactment of Haley and Nathan's relationship on stage was cute, and a really nice thing to do. Haley is extremely hot and is great with Nathan. I was a little surprised when the girl kissed Nathan on stage. I thought Haley would have a fit, but she was pretty cool with it. Peyton and Lucas' moment on stage in the bed was so cute. I love how they build up the Peyton/Lucas relationship. OTH rocks!
  • I do not want to tell you to much, acctuly I do not want to tell you anything at all. I personally reccomend you watch this episode right now!

    For this episode I chose a classification of well written because it simply was. The episode conected with the audience so well and that is a very hard thing to do, but in this episode it came so natural. There were parts in the episode where it got a bit boring but the rest of the episode made up for that. I recorded that episode and i often watch it just to see how well it was acted out, it all looked so natural. I would highly recommend people to watch not just the episode but the serious From the start.
  • Brill episode of OTH!

    I think this episode has a little bit of everything that I love about One Tree Hill....

    Brucas - love them
    Peyton/Brooke/Lucas triangle - especially the ending OH MY GOSH!!!
    Great Naley scenes - I love the whole fairytale thing that Jake does regarding the wedding and they are both so cute in this episode (I LOVE NALEY!!)
    Great Brooke/Haley friendship - Brooke doing the whole reinactment of their love story is amazing and works really well.

    Brooke also shows how much of a great friend she is by making Haley another wedding dress even though Haley didn't like the first one she made... the second dress is gorgeous though!

    Overall I think this is a great episode!
  • i love it!

    All fairytaleish.

    The jeyton scenes were all so sad!
    i'm a leyton fan usually, but i liked jeyton.
    It was nice of jake saying 'i'll be here.' when he asked if lucas was still in Peyton's heart.
    And it's clear, he is.

    The party was so funny, watching those 'naley' moments again.and the one with peyton and the leyton flashbacks, so sad! i was crying loads! Leyton are just the best.

    I was actually feeling sorry for Rachel. Cooper was being kinda mean, and it so wasn't fair. But i was liking Brooke for being there. This is one of my favourite episodes. It's just super cool.
  • Jeyton vs. Leyton

    Peyton has flashbacks to when she was with Jake. He says yes to her marriage proposal, but after finding out that she talks in her sleep and she says, "I love you, Lucas," Jake tells her to go home. He wants her to be with the guy that she really loves. If it is Jake, then they will be together, but he doesn't want to hurt again.

    After Peyton's car breaks down, she calls Nathan. Marcus, the guy in the tutor center the day Jimmy killed himself, helps out with his job as a tow truck guy. He's really changed. Brooke is making Haley's wedding dress. Haley doesn't like it. Brooke is sad and goes shopping to heal. She finds Rachel there and she is angry about Cooper. Lucas and Karen return home. Dan is nice to Haley now. Brooke plans a little fairy tale of Naley. For the last scene, Peyton and Lucas play Haley and Nathan respectively for the proposal. Peyton realizes that she has feelings for Lucas. She tells Brooke afterwards. Lucas wants to go to UNC and study literature. Keith had saved money for Lucas to go to college. Haley invites Dan to the wedding.

    This was a great episode. I can't believe that Peyton still loves Lucas. I really wanted her and Jake to be together, but I also really like Lucas and Peyton together. It's confusing on my preferences for couples. Jake is best for Peyton. Peyton is best for Lucas. Lucas is best for Brooke. Yeah, it's confusing. I like Jeyton, Leyton and Brucas. I really want to think that Dan is trying to change. I hope he really is, but I doubt it. Rachel and Brooke getting along was also great to see! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Never as good as a fairytale...

    The episode is not so special but the ending....MY GOD!!! I can even wait to see the next... So many things happen in the end... and I would start with the invitation at the wedding for Dan! Haley was sweet but how much credit can you give this guy? So courageous of Haley, but to much risk...

    And this new boy, what is it with him? Because I see more than just what he says, smells like trubel...

    Jake, he's hurt... he really loves Peyton but... she's looking for Lucas. To bad! I mean I like Brooke and Lucas together, but there will be such a big drama I'm sure because of Peyton. Can't she just marry Jake? :( Hope Lucas and Brooke stay a couple, but it's not so simple! To bad :(.

    You can never command your heart! This is my lesson for this episode...
  • Over The Hills and Far Away is the second last episode of the 3rd season of One Tree Hill and I think it is a stand out episode for the whole series so far.

    The episode is beautifully written. It is narrated by Jake, who is telling a fairytale story about beautiful princesses finding their true love and Kingdoms far far away.

    We see Peyton go to find the man who she believes she wants to spend her life with, but comes away hurt and confused about her feelings. Peytons character really develops here when we see her finally realising her feelings for Lucas, but we see how it breaks her heart to leave Jake and Jenny who I believe she truly loves also, but as a family, something she never had. Brooke is busy preparing for hayley and Nathans wedding. Brooke and Hayleys friendship is tested when hayley doesn't like the wedding dress Brooke made for her. I think it is good to see a friendship, which up to now had had very few bumps or serious arguments. it is also good to see Hayley thinking of herself for once, not trying to please everyone all the time. Lucas is away for most of the episode, he is away with Karen looking at colleges. We find out at the end that Keith had left a fund for Lucas to go to college. I think this really have some closure to Keith's death and was vital to Karen moving on.

    The episode concludes with as show put on by brooke, depicting "The Best Moments of Naley". This is what truly defines the episode. The show is incredibly funny, but very insightful aswell. The finals scene, where Peyton is playing Hayley telling Nathan (played by Lucas) that she loves him. The acting in this scene is excellent.

    The episode will make you laugh and cry and if you only watch one episode of the whole of season 3 this should be it.
  • Peyton finally realizes she's still in love with Lucas, Brooke and Haley fight over Halry's wedding dress, and Jake steps up and lets Peyton go home.

    This episode is great because it sets up a lot for the season finaly and stuff. But my favotie part was the scene with Peyton and Lucas in bed where you see all the flash-backs of them and that part almost made me cry. Plus I really loved the part where Jake says that Peyton is still in love with Lucas and the expression on her face was unbeatable! I think that Jake really stepped up and did a good thing by letting Peyton go back home to Lucas and i can see how hard that must have been seeing that he was clearly still in love with her.
  • I love the fairy tale format! After all, Naley is like a fairy tale - bad boy falls for good girl!

    Jake is reading a fairy tale to Jenny, which happens to coincide with the Naley pre-wedding party.

    Cleverly written and directed. This episode had memorable scenes! Fergie saying "Don't say I never gave you no bling!", Deb re-enacting the "I'm not ready to be a wife... I'm not even a senior" and the porn freak incident.

    The reintroduction of Marcus helps the viewers grasp that not only the main characters affected by the respective deaths of Jimmy Edwards and Keith. It had a realistic insight on how one would take action after a scenario like that.

    Paul Johanssen once again shows how versatile his acting abilities are. He did an amazing job in this episode, making one actually feel sorry for the heartless Dan Scott.

    The dress Brooke made initially was truly horrid! It was hilarious when Nathan says "You'll look amzing in anything... Maybe except in this." And Haley pouncing on the punching bag was so out of the blue but it worked with the scene.

    However, the final dress is gorgeous and heart warming after learning it was made from the material for Karen's wedding dress had Keith survived the shooting.
  • Brooke makes Haley a wedding Dress and Peyton comes back from visiting Jake with some news.

    I thought that this was a wonderful episode. I thought that the Voiceover of Jake reading Jenny a story through out the episode was great. I also liked all the flasbacks of Peyton and Jake. I thought that it was great that Nathan and Haley had a party for their upcoming wedding. It was great that they invited Marcus to they party. It was great to see how other people invoved in the school shooting was being effected by the events and it was nice of Haley to offer to help him with school. I thought that the first dress that Brooke made Haley was hitius and i would never be caught in it but i did like the second one she made.
  • It takes Peyton to go to Savannah and see Jake to finally find her heart, and Lucas discovers his next dream on the roadtrip with his mom

    A wonderful epiosde containing the moment that I've been patiently waiting for for a long time: Peyton realizes in the most beautiful moment ever - while she and Lucas pretend to be Nathan and Haley in the night Nathan proposed to Haley - looking deep into her heart that she still loves Lucas. It is truly heartbreaking to see Peyton realize this with tears in her eyes when she tried so hard to ignore those feelings, convincing herself that they're gone and trying to build something new with Jake, but Lucas is the one she truly loves and the one she'll always have this special, once-in-a-lifetime bond with that can't be severed and it's great to see all those flashbacks to remind us of that special love, for those of us who had actually forgotten about it. He's the one who always undertood her and whom she always understood without having to say much, and it's been hard to see that bond be neglected over the past 2 years, so it's great to see the show back on track!
    It was also great to see Brooke realize that seh is stronger than she thought and not so dependent on Lucas as she thought, again indicating that Brooke's feelings for Lucas are of a very different nature than Peyton's for Lucas.
    Seeing Lucas wanting to persue a new dream, studying literature, was also very comforting to see, indicating that he'll be all right, even though he'll miss basketball, he's not giving up!

    Great episode beautifully written by Mark Schwahn, the creator of OTH.
  • This was a great episode that was leading up to the big season finale and bringing up many issues that would later come out in that last episode and create more of a plot line.

    In this episode we find out that it's right before Nathan and Haley's wedding/ renewal of vows. Brooke as the maid of honor throws a rehersal party for the couple and is also making Haley's wedding dress, which she reallly hates at first and after having a huge fight with Brooke over it accepts the dress as hers for the wedding. Brooke however, knowing that Haley hated the dress quickly makes a new one with the material she had ordered for Karen's wedding dress. Haley in this episode also faces Dan a few times and comes to him and gives him the benefit of the doubt and invites him to the wedding. Rachel is shown in this episode as heart-broken and tries to get Cooper to talk to her or even just listen but fails in all her attempts. Lucas is on his way home ffrom his road trip with his mom to look at colleges. Peyton is also coming home from Savannah where she went to see Jake. At the end of the episode peyton finally confesses the real reason she came home to Brooke: she still has feelings for Lucas. This was a wonderful episode that kept viewers on edge.
  • On the night of the rehearsal dinner, Brooke tangles with Haley over Haley’s wedding dress. Lucas and Karen return to Tree Hill and Peyton makes a startling discovery.

    This episode was soo good. It was so amazing. The part where Peyton is abou to say i love you to Lucas that little play before it omg it was soo amazing i absolutely loved it you have to watch this episode. The dress that Brooke made Haley was soo funny i didn't look one bit of wht Haley asked for and when she started crying was the best, but in the end they worked things out which is good! I can't wait for season four though its going to be so exitinig!!
  • I luv it, i luv it, i luv it!

    This episode is so good. it makes it seem lke its a dream that is a fairy tale. i luv this episode, i luv how they renact nathan n haley, its so cute. i reli enjoyed the scene with lucas n peyton towards the reli shows peyton more n what shes going thru. i luvd al the funi moments, lke with gigi n nathan..ahh i luv OTH n cant wait fore the new season to start!!!
  • Awesome

    This one was a perfect one right before the season finale. I just loved the act that brooke put on for Nathan and Haley. Peyton needs to figure out what she is doing before someones feelings get hurt. She cant have Lucas he is madly in love with Brooke. Brooke has every right to be mad at her for what she said. I hope she goes back to Jake they are perfect for each other. Haley is going to be beautiful on her wedding day. I just loved this episode i have seen all of them. Keep making this show the best.
  • it was the perfect episode before the final episode!!

    I love the re-encant performance!! it was the best part of the show!! I laugh so was very good!! everybody was so good!!

    But even It was good that part I was sad....for Peyton memories...he loves LUcas and she can't handle...but I think that it'll be better if she doesn't tell Brooke!! or talk to Lucas first!!

    I love Haley's dress...the last one....It was SO BEAuTIFUL!!! well she deserve the best...jejejeje
  • So Brooke is Haley\\\'s Maid of Honor, she throws a type of bridal shower. The activity of the night is to tease as well as congradulate the happy couple by putting on a skit of how their relationship came to be. Lucas and Peyton are back.

    I loved this episode. It was seriously cute. As one of the last episodes of the season, it was nice seeing flashbacks of Haley\\\'s and Nathan\\\'s relationship- all the good and the bad. It was a fitting party for the happy couple. The skit was hilarious. The highlight of it (for me) was when GiGi kissed Nathan when she wasnt supposed to. James Lafferty cannot be any more charming.
  • A very interesting episode considering that the true feelings of Peyton for Lucas is discovered. Also Lucas looks at his future and where he wants to be.

    The episode is intricately structured based on the story Jake tells Jenny. The plot of the story goes in sync with the fairy tale. Lucas's future seems to be heading into a direction. I liked this episode because all the baggage Peyton was carrying about her feelings for Lucas are out in the open and the reaction of Brooke is noteworthy. This episode also helps us understand the relationship and trust Naley's have built all this while. Also Brooke saving Rachel in the store and people reconsidering what they want do after the shooting helps us to look into the next season. Overall a very satisfying and touching episode.
  • It's the rehearsal dinner of Nathan and Haley. Brooke puts on a whole surprise play during the rehearsal dinner portraying Nathan and Haley's experiences of the 1st day they met til the day they got married. Peyton and Brooke end in bad terms when Peyton

    I thought it was cute how Jack narrates the story like a fairytale and it tied in with Brooke's surprise play for Nathan and Haley. I thought this episode was sweet as it celebrated the love of Nathan and Haley. I absolutely adore these two. I really found it annoying how Peyton's feelings for Lucas is there when Jake is a perfectly great guy for her. I can't believe Haley invited Dan to the wedding after the things he has done to keep her away from Nathan. I think Rachel needs to get a grip and realize Cooper does not have any feelings for her whatsoever.
  • Anoter amazing episode form my favorite serie!

    Anoter amazing episode form my favorite serie!

    I loved this episode very much.
    I liked the rehearsel dinner very much, it was very funny but Peyton had to do it dramatic, and I disliked that part.
    I did liked the rest of the episode very much. I never thought Brooke would be nice to Rachel, so that was a suprise.
  • Its an excellent episode. It is both funny and sad. This is one of (but not) the best episodes in season 3. So sad for Jake and Peyton, but happy for Haley and Nathan.

    Brooke makes a wedding dress for Haley which she hates so she makes second dress which turns out to be exactly what Haley wanted.

    Jake says yes to Peyton\'s proposal but (here\'s the sad part) tells her to go back to tree hill because she said \"I Love You Lucas\" in her sleep. Which makes her realize she still has feelings for Lucas.

    We learn that Marcus (from the tutor center- 316) has dropped out of school because of what had happened that day. So Haley offers to tutor him.

    During the rehersal dinner, Brooke sets a play in TRIC for Haley and Nathan. Its all about Nathan and Haley, like their first kiss, first date, the sleepover, the proposal etc. After the play Peyton approaches Brooke and tells her she still has feelings for Lucas.

  • Haley and Nathan have their rehearsal dinner. Lucas and Karen return from trip. Brooke and Haley fight over wedding dress.

    This was a really cute episode. I loved it. Brooke\'s entertainment at the rehearsal dinner was hilarious until Peyton and Lucas come up. I can\'t believe that Peyton would break Brooke\'s heart like that again. I nearly cried. I loved the wedding dress that Brooke ended up making for Haley. It is a lot more her than the other one had been. I think it is great that Keith thought enough of Lucas to save for his education. I just wish that he had been able to see Lucas go off to college. I am anxious for this Wednesday when the season finale will be on. I hope that Lucas won\'t do anything stupid about Peyton, because he and Brooke have been doing so well.
  • this episode was amazing and so funny

    this episode was amazing the way it mixed the flashbacks with the now.
    the reenactments were so incredibly funny, brooke was amazingly funny in this episode and lucas was sooo cute although his wig was hideious.
    i thought the peyton suddenly deciding she was in love with lucas was so annoying(im biased im a brooke/lucas shipper lol and a jake/peyton) i just cant believe that after saying how much she loved jake and then suddenly she is telling brooke that she still loves lucas i mean what is that about!!!
    i thought it was hilarious when Gigi kisssed nathan when it wasnt in the script.
    brooke's first design of the dress for haley's wedding was sooo out there it was unbelieveable but the 2nd dress was so gorgeous.
    the fight between haley and brooke was hilarious too. i loved it!!
  • This was a really great episode. More character-driven than we've been seeing lately and it was great.

    What made me happiest about this episode was that Karen was finally being Lucas' mom again. While I am annoyed that the change happened off-screen, I am more just glad she's back, because I didn't like her when she was blaming Lucas. And that was the only time in the entire series I ever didn't like her. So I am glad she's back. Thrilled, actually.

    I figured the writers would be going back to Lucas/Peyton but wondered how they could do it with Jake. Boy did they handle that right. While I would prefer Peyton with Jake, they handled things correctly to pave the way for Leyton. I was sad for both of them, though.

    Brooke and Haley apologizing to each other, hmmm. I didn't see what Haley had to be sorry about. Brooke was supposed to make the dress that HALEY wanted and she didn't. So why was Brooke upset? If I'm getting married and having someone make my dress, they had better make it the way I want it and if they don't you'd better believe I would be upset. Brooke was the one in the wrong, IMO.

    I really liked that Peyton called Nathan when her car broke down. I've been complaining for months about the lack of friendship interaction on the show, and just a single scene placated me! I really liked that they brought Marcus back and revisited the hostage situation. What I didn't like, while we're on the subject of Peyton and Nathan being friends, was when Marcus told Peyton he was in the Tutor's Center the day of the shooting, she replied, "Well you must know my friend Haley." Um, Mouth and Nathan were also there, both of whom are also good friends of Peyton, so I didn't like that exclusion. That just felt a little weird to me. I know I'm getting nitpicky, but oh well. The main reason I liked what they did with Marcus was that it showed that Nathan and Haley still are affected by being held hostage. That was one area I thought they passed over too quickly, I'm glad it got addressed. I wish Mouth had been in this episode, however, because I think the implications for him being held hostage by his best friend were never fully realized.

    The Naley reenactments were hilarious. I laughed by butt off. Only Brooke would be able to get away with twisting everything the way she did. "It didn't happen that way!" "Yes, yes it did!" Hahaha, great.
  • Peyton has got some major issues... Lucas learns of an college account Keith has kept for him from birth. Brooke makes Haley a dress, if you can call it that. And we see a silly reenactment of Nathan and Haley's relationship.

    first off, when Peyton's car breaks down it's just like it did WAY back in season one when she was still with Nathan. and she called Keith Scott Motors to come get the car and she called Nathan to come get her. wel that time Nathan didnt ever show and Lucas had to take her home. and it was in like the same spot. While we're on the subject of the car, i felt SO bad for Marcus, how badly it all effected him, how mean he was to Jimmy. and speaking of mean, how about Rachel? I don't know what to think, because I feel bad about how she got all that surgery to change herself and yet she still hates herself. ANYWAY, I loved the sleepover part of the play part where Haley's like "that's not how it happened" and Nathan stands up and goes "yes it was, it was" it was just really cute. and with Gigi kissing Nate and then being like, oh we need o do it again. lol it was quite cute. Okay, back to Peyton. I was really hoping now that Jake was back that everyone was set in their love life. But no. I don't know what to think because back when Lucas cheated on Brooke the first time I was all for it because I loved Peyton/Luke. but i love Peyton/Jake too. But I don't really see why she told Brooke, I know they're best friends and all but its kinda of weird. All this is getting really long so I'll just say there better be a season 4!
  • this episode was so good

    i loved how brooke set up all the skits. they were really funny. my favorite one was when Nathan played himself and the girl who helps Mouth kissed nathan and was like i messed up maybe i should start over. Nathan faces was so funny. i think that Peyton should go with Jake. She wants people she can not have. She wanted Lucas when he was with Brooke the first time now he is with brooke again and Peyton wants Lucas. I want her to be with Jake so we can seee more of Jake. I also loved how Brooke made a new dress for Haley. I
  • One Tree hill is amazing

    This episode was amazing! The way they put one tree hill togtehr so so good. I was expecting this episode \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Over the Hills and Far Away\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" to be that excellent. I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wait for the next one. In this episode they showed alot of everyone but mostly Haley and Nathan! (I love Nathan (james lafferty). S i g n i n g O f f n o w ..

    I will die if this show gets cancelled.. I hope it doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t!.. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s way too good.

    - L a f f s g i r l 2 3

    I love One Tree Hill
  • Oh I hope that Lucas and Brooke stay together...

    Peyton better not screw things up between the two of them. I hope that Peyton goes back to Jake because we all know that she does love him. I hope Haley and Neythen have a good wedding and I am 100% sure that Rachel is pregnant. Hopefully this hsow will make the merge and will be back for season 4!!
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