One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 21

Over the Hills and Far Away

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Peyton lies on her bed and then looks back, she looks at the picture she drew in Season 1 of her, Brooke and Lucas shooting at a number '3' in flames - however when Brooke started her clothing line in the episode "How a Resurrection Really Feels" she took this picture and cut out the '3' in flames to make the Clothes Over Bros logo.

    • At the end of the episode when Haley invites Dan to the wedding, she says that the first time she stood in a doorway like that it was for Nathan. But the first time she did it, she was standing in the doorway offering to tutor Nathan, and it was so he would leave Lucas alone. So the first time was really for Lucas.

    • Characters that played Nathan (aside from Nathan himself):

      Characters that played Haley:

    • Goof: When Karen and Lucas are in the car heading back to Tree Hill, whenever the camera is on Karen's side of the car you can see her hair move as if her window is open and yet when the camera is on Lucas's side of the car you can see the sticker in the corner of the window showing that it's closed.

    • List of phone numbers in Rachel's phone:

      Cooper: 910-555-0131
      Bevin: 910-555-0191
      Lucas: 910-555-0187

    • At 17:04, as Peyton walks away from Jake, she tells him "You know what, don't." There is a camera visible behind him, in the upper left of the shot.

    • Jake is the one who is narrating this episode like a fairytale, relating the story he is reading to Jenny to what is going on in the episode.

    • When Haley tells Brooke she doesn't want to wear the wedding dress she made, Brooke tells her to shop at Slut Barn, the same fictional store she tells Rachel to go to in episode 3.5 "A Multitude of Casualties."

    • Peyton says to Jake, "Someone once told me that there's nothing wrong with fairy tales. Everybody lives happily ever after." Peyton was told this by Ellie in episode 3.13 "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away".

    • According to previous episodes and storylines, the "Last Hurdle" scene during the play should've been last because Nathan and Haley were married when that happened. Instead the last scene is the Proposal.

    • When Peyton's car breaks down, Peyton calls Nathan for help, just like in Season One except he didn't come. In this season, Nathan comes to her rescue.

    • The final dress Brooke makes for Haley was made by the Wardrobe Department specifically for One Tree Hill.

    • The shirt Deb wears in the Naley re-enactment that says "Warrior Table Tennis" is the exact shirt Haley wore in episode 109.

    • Brooke ends up making Haley's wedding dress with the fabric that was going to be Karen's wedding dress.

    • Lucas wants to study Literature in college hence the fact that (almost always) he begins the episode by quoting an author.

  • Quotes

    • Brooke: So, how did Nathan ask you to marry him the first time?
      Haley: Um... well, it was raining and we had just had that argument. The one that I had told you about.
      Brooke: Oh, the one about the internet porn.
      Haley: Yes, thank you. Anyway, we made up in the rain. And we were lying in bed the next day, and he just looked over at me and said you're my family now and he said that he could love me forever. Then, he asked me to marry him.
      Brooke: That's so sweet. But, the dress still isn't ready, so you need to find something else to do with yourself. Chop, chop.
      Haley: You're such a grouch when Lucas isn't around. How long until he gets back?
      Brooke: A couple of hours, just in time for your rehearsal party. Which like your dress, is a total surprise.
      Haley: I hate surprises.
      Brooke: Not these you won't, I promise. Get out of here.

    • Haley: Brooke, let me in.
      Brooke: No, it's not ready. Go away.
      Haley: It's my apartment. It's my wedding dress, for that matter.
      Brooke: No, it will be, but for now it is my wedding dress and it is not ready.
      Haley: Does it look like my dream dress. Vera Wang meets Snow White.
      Brooke: It's better
      Haley: Yay.
      Brooke: This is so exciting.

    • Jake: Did you just say you wanted to get married?
      Peyton: Yeah, crazy right.
      Jake: It's a little nuts, yeah.
      Peyton: Okay, but maybe not. I mean it worked for Nathan and Haley. Look how happy they are.

    • Brooke: (as Haley) Nathan, it's okay. I like my porn, too. And I Haley myself from time to time. But I still need to know that you love me.

    • Haley: Listen, Rachel's here. Can you just try not to kill each other, okay?
      Brooke: Actually I kind of invited her.
      Haley: (very surprised) You what?
      Brooke: Long story.

    • Brooke: Before we end the night I just want to say a few words about Nathan and Haley. I told them once, not too long ago to be happy because someday they'd make us all believe in true love. And they do. In a few days they're going to renew that love for all of us to see. But in a way we see it everyday. The only difference is that Haley will look fabulous in her dress by 'Clothes Over Bros"; which is kind of odd seeing as how she's marrying a bro. But that's not the point, sorry. One rainy day Nathan Scott proposed to Haley James and the rest is a fairy tale...

    • Brooke's Intro to Naley Re-enactment: Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away a girl and a boy fell in love. And then another girl, supposedly a friend, secretly taped how they fell in love and decided to use it against them. So tonight, I give you an authentic and very unauthorized re-enactment of Nathan and Haley, a fairy tale.

    • Peyton: Lucas should be back any second, are you excited?
      Brooke: Yeah, I am. But I don't know, it's kinda strange. I realized, since he's been gone that I'm not as dependent on him as I thought. You know, I have my clothing line and I have my friends and I have me. And I'm not such bad company.

    • Jake: You told Lucas that you loved him?
      Peyton: It was the school shooting, ok? I was bleeding and I thought I was going to die. I didn't even mean it like that! Jake, I love you.
      Jake: I know that you do.
      Peyton: Well, then why are you making such a big deal about this?
      Jake: When you decided that you weren't going to go back to Tree Hill do you remember what you told me?
      Peyton: Yeah.
      Jake: You said that your father is not around, that Haley has Nathan and that Brooke has Lucas.
      Peyton: Ok, you know what? Haley and Brooke are my best friends and they spend a lot of time with their boyfriends. That's all meant by that!
      Jake: Let me ask you a question: what if Brooke didn't have Lucas?

    • Marcus: (to Nathan) What the hell, dude? If this is your history, I can't figure out how you got married the first time.

    • Haley: (to Nathan) Where is our bedspread?
      (Haley looks at the wedding dress sitting in front of them)

    • Peyton: Brooke, I think I still have feelings for Lucas.
      Brooke: You mean you care for him as a friend?
      Peyton: No, I mean more than that.

    • (Haley talking about brooke)
      Haley: i am going to apologize and hope she forgives me
      Nathan: thats my girl
      (Haley taps him lightly on the cheek)

    • (acting as Nathan and Haley):
      Lucas: Hey, I love you, you know that.
      Peyton: I love you too.

    • Peyton: So I mumble a few words in my sleep..I mean, what I said was really that bad? Did I say I wanted to kill you or something?
      Jake: No... you said I love you.
      Peyton: Well normally that's a good thing.
      Jake: You said "I love you, Lucas."

    • Jake: I'll still be here, and if it's meant to be, we'll be together.
      Peyton: ..Someday

    • Brooke: Hey buddy. Ok. I know I said I was done with the dress but I came up with this fantastic idea. It involves feathers, but tasteful feathers. So don't freak out.

    • Brooke: How's the hand?
      Rachel: Kind of gross, actually. (pause) Thanks for covering for me at the store.
      Brooke (waves it off) Sure, mirrors... I just break them all the time. (pause) I didn't even tell Peyton.
      (Brooke starts going away)
      Rachel: Brooke. (Brooke looks at her) I broke the glass because I was mad at me for lying to Cooper. And I know I've just met him but I really liked him and now he doesn't wanna see me anymore.
      Brooke: It sucks. Sorry.
      Rachel: Why? I mean, you and me... Why are you sorry?
      Brooke: Because I know what it feels like to have your heart broken. (looks at Lucas) And I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
      Rachel: Not even your worst enemy?
      Brooke: Not even her. (smiles)

    • Haley (to Dan): Okay, so, so the last time I stood in a doorway giving someone the benefit of the doubt when my instincts were screaming at me not to it was for Nathan and this time, well it's still for Nathan. We would like you to come to the wedding. But God help you if you don't change.

    • [Lucas as Nathan & Brooke as Haley]
      Lucas: I decided to go for a run and I ended up here, boy is it raining out.
      Brooke: I'm still mad at you Nathan Scott.
      Lucas: Haley please listen to me, I know I'm a porn freak.
      Brooke: Nathan, it's okay, I like my porn too. And, I Haley myself from time to time but I still need to know that you love me.
      Lucas: Someday I'm gonna marry you Haley James, someday.

    • Karen: You know, this trip wasn't just about finding you a school. It was about finding a way back.
      Lucas: To what?
      Karen: To a place where it's okay to dream again. You know, you walked away from basketball so that you could live a long life. What are you gonna do with that life. What's your next dream Lucas?
      Lucas: Literature, you asked me about my future; if I could go to any college it would be to UNC to study literature.
      Karen: My son, the next great American author.
      Lucas: I don't know about that ma.
      Karen: And, UNC would be your dream school?
      Lucas: Yea, sure, I mean if we had the money.
      Karen: Okay, listen to me. Before we left the lawyer who drew up the adoption papers called. He told me that ever since you were born Keith has been saving a fund for you for college. I didn't know about it myself. He dreamed your dream with you Lucas. And, if this is something that you really want then you have the grades, then you can have it. Because, Keith left it for you.
      Lucas: God, I miss him so much.
      Karen: He's always with you, always. You make him proud.
      Lucas: I will.

    • Peyton: I love you Jake, I do, and you know that I love Jenny; so maybe that's enough.
      Jake: I think that only in fairy tales that's enough Peyton.
      Peyton: You know, someone told me once that there's nothing wrong with fairy tales, because everybody lives happily ever after.
      Jake: Okay, listen to me, you can't just fly into Savannah and then get into my head all over again, tell me you want to stay and then ask me to marry you.
      Peyton: Well, why not?
      Jake: Because, I might just say yes.

    • Jake: (voiceover) Once upon a time there was a Princess who lived in a kingdom far, far away; and in that kingdom there also lived a boy and the Princess loved that boy and, so the two decided to marry.

      Now in this kingdom all was not well...

      So the princess and the boy were set to be wed and because she was a Princess, a call went out for a beautiful dress

      Now as the wedding day approached, the Princess worried about the evil King. Because, although he had not always been this way his heart had grown dark and his kingdom had grown to fear and despise him.

      In the days before the wedding the king surprised the Princess and gave his blessing to the marriage. But, the Princess was still torn for even though she had found her true love it meant she would have to faithful handmaiden behind forever.

      On the eve of the Princess's wedding a lavish feast was arranged. Friends and royalty were summoned from lands far away to join the happy couple for a night of laughter and magic.

      As the night wore on a calm fell upon the land and all was right in the land, if only for a moment.

      But the people had their struggles as all people do and they had grown to fear and despise the King, whose heart had grown dark.

      But in the end the love between the Princess and the boy was undeniable and true. And, over time that love would see them through anything. Magical things happened to them, things they couldn't explain, much like love its self. And, like most fairy tales the Princess and the boy lived happily ever after... at least I hope they do.

    • Nathan: Whoa! Sorry! I'm not supposed to see you in your wedding dress, right?
      Haley: It's okay! This is not my wedding dress.
      Nathan: It's not?
      Haley: No, it supposed to be but there is not way I am getting married in this frock. I asked Brooke to make me something simple and elegant and instead she makes me something so....Brooke!
      Nathan:Well, maybe you should wear it anyway. Well, Brooke is your maid of honor and you did ask her to make the dress, right?
      Haley: So?
      Nathan: Well, so, she'll be crushed if you didn't wear it.
      Nathan: Anyway, it doesn't matter what you wear. My girl is going to look beautiful. (Nathan kisses Haley on the cheek )
      Haley:Thank you.
      Nathan:Except maybe in this thing.
      Haley:Shut up!!

    • (Reading to Jenny/Narrarating)

      Jake: And like most fairy tales the princess and the boy lived happily ever after...At least I Hope they do.

    • Haley: Did you make my dream dress Vera Wang meets Snow White?

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the final appearance of Bryan Greenberg (Jake Jagielski).

    • Cingular Wireless held a contest where the fans could vote on the song that would play during Haley and Nathan's first wedding dance.
      The choices were:
      Gavin Degraw - More Than Anyone
      Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms
      Trespassers William - Lie In Sound

      The winning song was played during the season finale.

    • Although credited, Barry Corbin (Whitey) and Lee Norris (Mouth) didn't appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: Sunday, November 26, 2006 on CNBC-e
      Greece: Saturday, October 27, 2007 on Star

    • Featured Music:
      "We All Loose One Another" by Jason Collett
      "Be Gentle With Me" by The Boys Least Likely To
      "Coffee & Cigarettes" by Michelle Featherstone
      "Middle Of Nowhere" by Hot Hot Heat
      "Your Ghost" by The New Amsterdams
      "Strangled By The Thought" by The New Amsterdams

  • Allusions

    • Snow White:

      Snow White is a fairy tale made famous by the Disney movie 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves', it tells the story of a girl who is poisoned by an evil witch and must be kissed by a Prince to come back to life.

    • Vera Wang:

      Vera Wang is fashion designer of Chinese American descent. She is famous for her wedding gowns.

    • Episode Title: Over the Hills and Far Away

      "Over the Hills and Far Away" is a song by Led Zeppelin off the record, Houses Of The Holy.