One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 13

Pictures of You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on The CW
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    Goodbye, One Tree Hill: The 8 Most Memorable Moments of the Past 9 Seasons

    One Tree Hill is about to conclude its ninth and final season... but before we bid the show adieu, let's recall some of the most memorable moments from the past nine years.

  • Episode Summary

    A class assignment reveals the deepest secrets and desires of Lucas and the students at Tree Hill High. Worried about college prospects, Skills turns to Haley, while Nathan wrestles with Deb's suicide attempt. Chase learns that Brooke cheated on her calculus exam, while nudity and drugs run rampant in the halls of the school.moreless

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    • Tree Hill does Breakfast Club.

      Tree Hill goes Breakfast Club in Pictures of You in a clever concept to form new friendships and reveal secrets and dreams.

      Lucas and Glenda. I liked this pairing - it was good because they slowly warmed to each other. Lucas's impressions were pretty funny and Glenda's mom sounded terrible. And Luke dressed as a goth was so surreal. The conclusion to this duo was nice with Luke giving her his manuscript and her talking to her mom. Some good development.

      Brooke and Chase. So he finds out about all her lies but still forgives her in the end and they kiss? This guy's a saint. I do like them together though and I loved the picture of Brooke at the end. Vulnerable Brooke is always better than bitchy Brooke.

      Peyton and Nathan. It is so weird to see these two as a couple now. But it was nice to see them bond and Nathan talk about being a dad. It was great to show how both these characters have developed since the first season.

      Haley and Skills. Aw, these guys were cute together. I like this friendship! And it's awesome that Skills got into college and that Haley wants to be a teacher.

      Mouth and Shelly. Random coupling and hook-up but enjoyable none the less. They do like to shove Mouth down our throat though, don't they?

      Bevin and Rachel. Probably the least featured but still pretty great. Loved how Bevin had an almost lucid moment and told Rachel she isn't that stupid and she'll be fine after college. Go Bevin!

      Great episode for character and relationship development - season 4 is back to its best!

    • So Awesome

      This was a really great episode. Nothing major was going on. It was just an episode where everyone got a chance to talk and hang out and get to know each other better or just to get to know each other if they've never met. I like the pairings in this episode and I like things they had to do and share with each other. This would have bee a great thing to do in my high school. There were nearly 500 of us graduating, but having a chance to get to know someone you may not have previously known anything about would have been really cool since I spent most of graduation wondering who half the kids were when their name was called.

      Lucas/Glenda: Great match up. I loved that Lucas announced that he has been writing a novel since we saw him writing a bit now and then throughout the episodes. And I love that they brought Glenda back this season. She is really sweet.

      Nathan/Peyton: Not a surprising pair. They work so well as friends. I love how much they care for each other now compared to when they were together.

      Haley/Skills: I never really thought about it before, but since Haley and Luke were friends and Luke and Skills were friends then of course Haley hung out with Skills. But was cool having them together in this episode. It really worked because we haven't really seen them together before. And Skills has a scholarship to college which is awesome.

      Brooke/Chase: So sweet of Peyton to let Brooke be paired with Chase and I'm glad she told him the truth about the cheating and it's cool that he was able to accept it. Brooke's picture and the message that she gave about not being enough was incredible.

      Shelly/Mouth: I've never cared much for Shelly. She's just always kind of been there. I don't feel like she is a vital part of the show, but it was a nice pairing between her and Mouth. They are cute together.

      Bevin/Rachel: Rachel did not surprise me here. She doesn't care about anything so what else is she going to do while everyone else is doing this assignment except smoke a joint in the bathroom. And Bevin has always wanted to be a guy. Okay.. weird, but it is Bevin after all.

      Overall, great episode. It was just a nice, simple, drama free episode.moreless
    • One of the greatest One Tree Hill episodes!

      'Pictures of You' is amazing episode about the emotions a high school senior feels in his/her last year in high school.Can 50 minutes with a classmate can change you?The answer is maybe yes because sharing your secrets to the others can change your view of life.I love the storyline and the idea that nothing is what it seems.You see a classmat every day in school sitting next to you and you think you know him/her but actually you only have a vision about him/her and don't know his/her soul.

      Lucas and Glenda were very interesting together because Lucas didn't even know her full name.This is the idea that the high school is divided into popular kids and geeks.Glenda's story was very touching.

      Peyton paired with Nathan to realize that Nathan has changed a lot since they broke up.It also showed us how deep our characters changed their personalities through the years.The picture of Nathan is remarkable.

      Brooke paired with Chase.Firstly,Chase is mad at Brooke for the calculus test but after the minutes spent with her he realizes that she is not just the popular soiled rich girl and has her own concerns,fears and dreams.

      Hailey and Skills are the favorite pair of mine because they were so heart-warming together sharing their fears and dreams for the future.

      Mouth and Shelly were good too.I am happy for Mouth because the guy was told he is sexy from a beautiful girl which is actually what he was wishing for through these seasons.Shelly's story was moving too.

      Rachel and Bevin were so funny together-Rachel getting high,Bevin kissing Rachel and their pictures were the funniest.

      In few words,I adore this episode!!!moreless
    • I can describe this episode using only one word and that word is... AMAZING. Well done to Mark Schwahn who wrote the episode it's fabulous i love it so much.

      I Love this episode, and peple who have read other reviews i have wrote are probably thinking she always says that, and it's not my fault it's Mark Schwahn's he writes amazing episodes and so does everyone else that contributes to writting episodes. i haven't even been whatching One Tree HIll a year yet and i'm already hooked. I love this episode for a number of reasons it puts people together that maybe wouldn't have hung out with each other e.g mouth and shelly and i think it's good that mouth got to hang out with shelly. I also love it because this ep is hilarious all the impression they do are great especially hayley. I also love the pics they take bevin's is deffinitley the best where she is in the boys toilets pretending t be a guy i loev it.moreless
    • This episode was too much talking, not enough action. In terms of the series, the episode did nothing to move the character's stories forward. The episode seems awfully familiar to the talky eps of the Boy Toy auction and the time capsule.moreless

      Not one of the best episodes. Very talkative and the first rule of movies/television is that talking heads is never a good thing. I coud say I'd give it an "E" for effort, but the ep seemed vaguely familiar, not only ripping off "Breakfast Club" and similar movies, but also the series itself. These teen confessionals had already been done before in Boy Toy Auction, Dare Night and Time Capsule. The secrets revealed weren't that secret, but rather predictable. While talking about their dreams, these kids seems so self-involved. A big plot of the previous episode was Deb's suicide attempt, but the show missed the boat by not showing Nate's reaction to it, especially after she downed the pills after he kicked her out of his house. I wanted to see if Nate would feel guilty, but he only mentioned it in one throw-away line to Peyton. The question asked can one class change your life? Sadly, this episode answered the question, not really.moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (9)

      • At 6:28, someone tosses Nathan his hat, yet a second later, when the shot is from behind him, his hat is tossed to him again.

      • When the class draws names to partner up, Haley is holding Nathan's hat when she says she has Skills. When the camera then shows Lucas, you can see Nathan has his hat on his head. The camera then moves to the back of the class, and when the teacher starts talking again, you can see that Haley is wearing Nathan's hat, not Nathan.

      • The Pairs for the class assignment were:

        Mouth & Shelly
        Haley & Skills
        Rachel & Bevin
        Lucas & Glenda
        Brooke & Chase
        Nathan & Peyton

      • This is the list of activities each partner has to do for their assignment before they take their photo for the yearbook:

        1. Share something personal with your partner.

        2. Lighten up. Do an impression of a celebrity or a famous character.

        3. Admit something that worries you, or something you are afraid of.

        4. What do you want to be in ten years?

        5. Tell your partner some secret.

      • In this episode, Peyton tells Nathan that she can't whistle. But in "Near Wild Heaven" when she gave Haley the drink, she whistled just fine.

      • When Haley lies on the roof and Skills tells about his dreams, she stretches and you can see a small pillow under her shirt that supposed to be her large belly because of her pregnancy.

      • Towards the end of the episode, when Haley is taking a picture of Skills with the digital camera, the display screen on the camera shows Haley, as if she has the camera backwards, but if she did, then the screen would be pointing towards Skills...

        (The "picture of Haley" is just a reflection of Haley's face off the screen).

      • The two flags hanging in the gym read:
        North Carolina High School Boys Basketball
        State Champions - 2007

        North Carolina High School Boys Basketball
        State Champion Runner-Up - 1989

    • QUOTES (50)

      • Peyton: So I guess I was right about the partial nudity thing. Boys lockroom?
        Nathan: Just following the assignment.
        Peyton: Ok.
        Nathan: You see this? The summer I decided to really dedicate myself to basketball, my dad said I was way too skinny to ever be a great player. He said I wasn't tough enough, that I wasn't strong enough. So to prove him wrong, I spent every single day in this training room. It was like a thousand degrees in it, but I wasn't gonna let him be right.
        Peyton: Anger's motivation.
        Nathan: Anger and inspiration. Everytime I benched another ten pounds, I scratched two letters, under the plate.
        Peyton: What does it say? PS?
        Nathan: It was the same summer we started dating. We were pretty good together weren't we?
        Peyton: Gimme your hand. Ok, I want you to feel this.
        Nathan: Geez what happened?
        Peyton: I broke that knuckle punching something after we'd broken up for like the twentieth time! We were horrible together!
        Nathan: Yeah, I know, I was kinda hoping you forgot.
        Peyton: No.

      • Glenda: So I've been thinking about your manuscript. You need to give it to someone who won't go easy with you, someone who's gonna tell you the truth...
        Lucas: Someone like you?
        Glenda: I haven't actually been that truthful, I mean not about school. The truth is I'm gonna miss this place. And it's all my fault. I just wish I would have tried harder, and I just didn't wanna look like an idiot.
        Lucas: I think everybody feels that way sometimes. You know like people don't see them for who they really are. It's not just you.
        Glenda: You would have made a great goth you know? A little tortured, a bit of a loner, but kind.

      • Lucas: (immitating Gollum) My precious.
        Glenda: You do a really good Elmo.

      • Haley: Okay, pregnant girl on the roof.
        (Skills laughs)
        Skills: Come on now man, we had a deal, no early deliveries.
        (Haley laughs)
        Haley: Alright.
        Skills: Now, check it out. You're gonna love this view. It's the shiznit.
        Haley: Wow. This view really is the shiznit.
        Skills: (pointing into the distance) You see that factory way out there? My pops been working there since he graduated Tree Hill. Six days a week on second shift... So we supposed to tell each other something personal, right?
        Haley: Yeah.
        Skills: Okay, well here's mine. There's a job waiting on me in that place if I don't get a scholarship to college.
        Haley: That's not going to happen, Skills... I can feel it.
        Skills: I'm glad you're so sure.
        Haley: (giggles) No, the baby's kicking! I can feel it-Here.
        (Skills reaches over to feel the kicking)
        (Both of them laugh)
        Skills: It's like a step show. (laughs)
        Haley: Something personal, right?
        Skills: Yeah.

      • Brooke: Will you just listen to me?
        Chase: What? You accidently forgot to tell me that you were failing calculus when you started tutoring me, in calculus. How did you get that "A" I saw on your test anyways?
        Brooke: It's complicated. Trust me.
        Chase: Trust you? I already did that. And now I find out that my tutor is doing worse in calculus than I am.
        Brooke: It's a long story, okay?
        Chase: Well, don't tell me another story, Brooke. Tell me the truth. Or is that even possible for you to do?
        Brooke: Okay. Come on.
        (They start to walk down the hallway together.)

      • Brooke: Happy birthday, Mr. President.

      • Haley: I never thought about teaching till now, but I think I could be really happy doing that. When I tutor someone, and I watch them get it, like that light goes on, it just feels really good.

      • Lucas: If I don't make it as a writer, I can always come back here and coach the Ravens. I mean, Whitey's retiring, my mom's here, and besides, I love this place.
        Glenda: Not me. I can't wait to get out of here. I'm going as far away as I can get and I'm gonna try and forget this place ever existed.

      • Shelly: You know, I don't know yet. But, whatever it is it'll be okay, cos I'll have a great group of friends that I can laugh with, and a few secret comforts that keep me sane. Like, I want a great big tabby cat that greets me when I come home every day. And a boy, that I'm in love with. Yeah, in 10 years, I'm definitely in love.

      • Skills: You know, basketball is global now, right. I mean, everybody think being a pro is just NBA. Me, I'd be happy just playing basketball overseas somewhere. So when y'all roll through on your world tour, we can remember this day and sit back and laugh about it.
        Haley: Oh man, I'd love to play music for a living, but if that doesn't happen I'll still be happy.
        Skills: Doing what?

      • Nathan: I hope, in 10 years, Haley's got a couple of platinum albums, my dad decided to be a good grandparent, my mom's alive and sober and... hopefully my son will have a killer cross-over dribble.
        Peyton: Okay, but the question is about you. Dufus. Where do you plan to be in 10 years?
        Nathan: I know. But if everyone else's dreams come true, then I'll be fine.
        Peyton: Nate, I think it's great that you take care of Haley, and that you're worried about your family, but if you don't start putting yourself first every once in a while, and chasing your own dream, then I'm scared you're going to wake up one day and have to wonder what could have been. Like Dan. Don't be haunted like that, Nate.

      • Brooke: I want my fashion line to be hugely successful.
        Chase: I'd like to be a pilot. Always wanted to fly. Just jet off to faraway places.
        Brooke: Milan.
        Chase: Why not? That, or be an X-games champion. Totally make Clean Teens look bada**.

      • Bevin: What do you plan to be in 10 years?
        Rachel: In 10 years.. I plan to be 28! (Coughs).
        Bevin: Not at this rate.

      • Mouth: You know you shouldn't judge people like that, you called me a geek.
        Shelley: It was the only category that fit, I called you nice first.
        Mouth: Well how do you know I'm nice? Maybe I'm not nice.

      • Shelly: I'm kind of afraid of being here with you.
        Mouth: Why?
        Shelly: Because I'm a clean teen. And you're hot.

      • Peyton: Take your shirt off.
        Nathan: Wow, just like the old days!
        Peyton: Stop it, I have an idea for your picture, but before you do that, come here. Look the bell is gonna ring soon and I don't know if I'm gonna have the chance to say it so, I'm gonna say it now. You're doing great Nathan. Alright? Just please, put yourself first sometimes. Well now let's see the marchandise!
        Nathan: Ohhh, fun.
        Peyton: Let's go, chop, chop, baby!

      • Bevin: What are you afraid of Rachel? Rachel?
        Rachel: (smoking) I am afraid... I am way too high to care...

      • Lucas: (voiceover) I wish I woulda hung out with Glenda before today. Something tells me she coulda been a great friend. But it's good to know there's still a little time left to do that... And I also learned her last name. And I learned that one hour can change everything.

      • Glenda: (voiceover) 50 minutes ago I called Lucas Scott a Jock. But, I was wrong. He's more than one simple word. I guess we all are. Anyway, I learned that Lucas is actually a lot like me. Who knew?

      • Bevin: (voiceover) I spent the hour with Rachel, and I think she learned today that I am not an idiot. This is my picture of her. (Takes the picture, and Rachel's face appears fuzzy and is in the corner of the frame).

      • Rachel: (voiceover) This is one of the best classes I've ever had. A kick-a** 50 mintues, during which Bevin told me she always wanted to be a guy.

      • Shelly: (voiceover) An hour ago, I called Marvin McFadden nice. He is, but I shoulda called him dangerous. I also said yes to Prom.

      • Mouth: (voiceover) Some of you have met Shelly Simon, Clean Teen. But today I got to know Shelly Simon, teen. I also asked her to prom.

      • Nathan: (voiceover) I spent the class with Peyton Sawyer. It reminded me what a good friend she is. I also learned that, considering recent history, she's not quite ready for the whole picture thing.

      • Brooke: (voiceover) I spent an hour with Chase Adams. He's a Clean Teen, and that's pretty cool.

      • Chase: (voiceover) Today I spent an hour with Brooke Davis, and I learnt something. People are gonna label you. It's how you overcome those labels. That's what matters.

      • Rachel: Thank god this riduculous class is almost over.
        Bevin: I liked it.
        Rachel: That's because you're too blissfully stupid to resist.
        Bevin: I know people think I'm stupid. But I'm not dumb. I just let you and the other girls have your way because that's how you need it to be. But I think Karl's right. Pretty soon, we're all gonna graduate, and I can start over. But it'll be hard for the people who need this place to make themselves feel special. People who use high school to build themselves up and then find out that the real world doesn't care so much about who you were in high school. People like you. (Small pause). Okay, so, what are we gonna do for our pictures?

      • Mouth: Were you serious about me being decent looking, or were you trying to make up for the geek comment?
        Shelly: I didn't say decent looking. I said hot. (Mouth kisses her.) Mouth, I'm a Clean Teen.
        Mouth: So what?
        (They kiss again, this time Shelly leans in and kisses him).

      • Shelly: I've got a pair of leather pants in my locker, that I've been dying to wear.
        Mouth: Nice. You should totally rock those.
        Shelly: I can't. I'm a Clean Teen. Doesn't exactly fit the image.
        Mouth: Then change the image.
        Shelly: (Pause). Mouth, before I took back my virginity, I was kinda "Friendly". It just figures, everyone saw me as a slut, and now I'm this radical virgin who can't wear a pair of leather pants. Sometimes I just wish they'd see me as a girl. You know. Just a girl. Nice, cool sometimes, dorky.
        Mouth: Beautiful.
        Shelly: (Quickly changes the subject). So, umm, how do you know about all this media stuff?
        Mouth: Oh, me and Jimmy... Umm...
        Shelly: Jimmy Edwards.
        Mouth: He was my friend. I, uh, miss him a lot. I have to keep it a secret cos he killed Lucas' Uncle Keith. And I loved Keith, but it doesn't mean I don't miss my friend, you know. Especially with graduation coming up.
        Shelly: So, uh, I, uh, never told you what I'm afraid of. Second question on the list. I'm kinda afraid of being here with you.
        Mouth: Why?
        Shelly: Cos I'm a Clean Teen... and you're hot.

      • Nathan: My mom tried to kill herself.
        Peyton: What?
        Nathan: She took a bunch of her pills. I haven't told anybody, just Haley.
        Peyton: Nathan, I'm so sorry...
        Nathan: The worst part about it is when I found out that she might die, there was a moment, just a fraction of a second, where I actually felt relieved, like maybe it was for the best. Can you believe that? A kid actually feeling relief at the thought of losing his mother.
        Peyton: Look, ummm...
        Nathan: What kind of person does that make me, Peyton? That I can feel that.

      • Glenda: Okay, here. (Hands Lucas a pill case).
        Lucas: You're on the pill?
        Glenda: No, I'm not on the pill.
        Lucas: You have the pill, but you're not on it. That's very secretive.
        Glenda: When my mom was in high school, she was one of the pretty and popular. I think her greatest disappointment is that I'm not. Sometimes she teases me about, and not in a fun way, like why can't I lose some weight, and I'll never get a boyfriend.
        Lucas: That sucks.
        Glenda: Yeah. Anyway, one day I got some flowers from my boyfriend.
        Lucas: So, you have a boyfriend?
        Glenda: Nope. I made him up, and I sent the flowers to myself. He was pretty awesome though, he sent me all kinds of things.
        Lucas: Your imaginary boyfriend?
        Glenda: (laughs) Anyway, I told my mom we were getting serious and that maybe I should go on the pill. And in my head, I thought it would be this bonding experience, like she'd secretely be happy for me, and she'd sit me down and counsel me about being safe or just tell me to wait. Just be my mom. Instead, she took me to the doctor, and got me the pill, and when we left the pharmacy she handed me the prescription and said "I don't know who would sleep with you, but here you go".
        Lucas: I'm sorry, Glenda.
        Glenda: That's okay. So, I looked at her and said, well I don't know who would sleep with you either, but here I am. And we haven't spoken since. Not a word.
        Lucas: How long's it been?
        Glenda: Like 8 weeks. She just drops me off at school and picks me up, and we just don't talk. There's just silence. Silence, and disappointment.

      • Skills: (Holds out an envelope). This is my scholarship offer, or not. I mean, I haven't had the courage to open it yet.
        Haley: Skills, you can't keep this a secret. Come on, I've got a really good feeling about it, open it.
        Skills: Okay, just give me a few minutes. Why don't you tell me your secret.
        Haley: Sometimes I feel incredibly disconnected, uncomfortable in my own skin. Or, kinda like I don't fit into this world. Like I was born at the wrong time, and I don't belong. I just think about my son, and it scares me, cos I don't ever want him to feel like he doesn't belong. I don't know if my heart could bear that.
        Skills: Nah, he'll belong. The kid gonna rock this place.
        Haley: You think so?
        Skills: Oh yeah, I do. Cos his mom got his back, and if she don't, I do. I promise.

      • Rachel: What time is it? Feels like we been in here forever.
        Bevin: That's because you're wasted. I don't suppose you wanna actually participate and tell me a secret.
        Rachel: I'll tell you a secret. Not because of class, just because. I never really felt anything with the guys I slept with. When I got my new body I thought it would change everything. Maybe it did for the boys, not for me.
        Bevin: You know, I always wondered what it would be like to be a dude. Like, walking through the halls in jeans and a raggy t-shirt, all bada**, talking smack and checking out chicks and stuff.
        Rachel: Checking out chicks. Maybe that's my problem. Maybe I'm into girls. (Bevin grabs her and kisses her). What the hell are you doing?
        Bevin: Did you feel anything?
        Rachel: No!
        Bevin: Then, you're not into girls. Trust me Rachel, I'm a really good kisser and you'd totally be into me right now.

      • Brooke: Rachel bet me that I couldn't sleep with you within three dates.
        Chase: Wow.
        Brooke: But, I need you to know something. I would have never, ever asked you to compromise what you believe in or try to pressure you out of it. That's the truth, and I just need you to know it. Even though I know I don't have a chance with you now.
        Chase: Is that it, no more secrets?
        Brooke: That's it. I promise.
        Chase: Well, here's one more. You are enough Brooke. If I can just get you to quit lying, I think I might like the real you. (Brooke goes to say something). Shh! Don't tell. It's a secret.

      • Skills: So look, we got one more thing to do before we take our pictures. (Pulls out the card and reads number 5) "Tell your partner a secret". Mmm, this one gonna do some damage.

      • Brooke: I was worried I wouldn't be enough for you. That's why I lied. That's what I'm afraid of. Not being enough, not... good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not...
        Chase: Brooke, your the student council president, captain of the cheerleaders and probably one of the most popular girls in school. How is that not good enough?
        Brooke: I don't know, you should ask my parents. Considering they haven't called in a month. Month and a half, actually. Not a single call, or text, or email. So what do you suppose that says about me?
        Chase: I think it says more about your parents.

      • Haley: I love the idea of being a mom, I really do. But, I just... I still wanna leave my mark on this world.
        Skills: And that's what scares you? Not having the chance to do that.
        Haley: Yeah, a little, and.... clowns. Clowns really scare me.

      • Nathan: I've walked into a hundred enemy gyms, thousands of fans screaming at me, taunting me, I never flinched. I just take it all and light 'em up. No fear. But, the thought of being a father, scares the hell outta me.

      • Shelly: Admit something that worries you, or that you are afraid of.
        Mouth: You.
        Shelly: Me. Why?
        Mouth: Cos you're really pretty. And, uh, it's kinda intimidating.

      • Mouth: Anyone for starting over?
        Shelly: I'm sorry for judging you, you seem like a really nice guy.
        Mouth: Okay, you gotta stop saying that.
        Shelly: Why?
        Mouth: Because, that's part of the problem. I hate being the nice guy, the little brother, the great friend. Just once, I'd like to be a little dangerous, you know, not so safe.

      • (As they are walking out of the class to do their projects...)
        Mouth: (To Shelley). Well I guess you're stuck with the geek.
        Skills: (To Haley). Okay, Haley J.S., let me make a deal with you. As long as you don't give birth early, we good.
        Bevin: (To Rachel). I don't get it.
        Lucas: (To Glenda, holding out his hand). I'm Lucas...
        Glenda: Scott, right. At least I know your last name.
        Nathan: (To Peyton). So, this is kinda like the boy toy auction, only without the kissing and the partial nudity.
        Peyton: The hour is still young.
        Brooke: (To Chase). So, about this whole calculus thing... (Chase walks away).

      • Brooke: Do we have to reinvent ourselves, cos I think most of my friends see me as fabulous!
        Teacher: Maybe so, but my friend Mr. Miller sees you as the girl that's failing calculus.

      • Teacher: Like it or not, you are who your class mates see you as. But here's the good news, that's gonna change soon. Because pretty soon, you're going to be going out into that big wide world, and you can erase all those labels. Now, for some of you, shedding this image is going to be, uh, a great thing. And for some of you, not such a great thing. But what matters is that you know who you really are. And you know how you want the world to see you.

      • Teacher: Okay class, Nathan, 5 choices.
        Class: Jock.
        Teacher: Lucas.
        Class: Jock.
        Teacher: Brooke.
        Class: Prom Queen.
        Teacher: Rachel.
        Class: Friendly!
        Rachel: Hey!
        Teacher: Peyton.
        Class: Prom Queen.
        Peyton: Oh hey, come on, I am so a Loner.
        Glenda: Right. A loner cheerleader who's dating a jock. No offense, but I'm a Loner, you're a Prom Queen.

      • Teacher: Mouth, using one word, describe how your classmates see you.
        Mouth: Umm... awesome.
        (Class laughs).
        Teacher: Really? Let's say that there are five universal terms to describe everyone in high school, okay. Let's say Jock, Prom Queen, Geek, Loner and...
        Brooke: Slut?
        Teacher: (Writes friendly on the board as the 5th term). Okay, considering that awesome isn't a category, Shelly Simon, describe Mouth in one word.
        Shelly: Uh, I don't really know him. But... nice, I guess?
        Teacher: Nice? I suppose we could file nice under Friendly, but since Friendly doesn't mean Friendly, that would make Mouth a slut. You have four other choices.
        Shelly: (Pause). Geek, I guess.

      • Teacher: How we doing this morning, seniors? Anyone wake up with their clothes on from the night before, still drunk but strangely hungover?
        (Class laughs).
        Teacher: Anyone? Maybe that was just me... Actually, last night was Uno night at my house, and it was a bloodbath and I care not to discuss it with you right now.

      • Haley: (voiceover) Skills has been my friend since we were young, and today I remembered why. He's a great listener. He's going to do awesome in college, and he deserves to be on top of the world.

      • Skills: (voiceover) Over the years I've known Haley James, bookworm. Haley James, sarcastic girl. Haley James Scott, rock star. Haley James Scott, mother to be. Today I got re-acquainted with just Haley. My good friend. She gettin' heavier too.

      • Peyton: (voiceover) People think they know Nathan Scott. I know I did. But I discovered something new today. Nathan Scott is a martyr. He's also going to be a terrific father.

      • Lucas: (voice-over) You ever wonder how long it takes to change your life? What measure of time is enough to be life altering? Is it four years like high school, one year, an eight week rock tour? Can your life change in a month, or a week or a single day? Were always in a hurry to grow up to go places to get ahead but when your young one hour can change everything.

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Lucas: My precious!
        Glenda: You do a really good Elmo.

        Lucas did an impression of Gollum, the character from the The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

        Glenda confused it with Elmo, the character from Sesame Street.

      • Haley: (In raw voice, with accent, holding her crutch up as a gun) Say hello to my little friend.

        This is a quote from the movie Scarface (1983), said by Al Pacino when he comes out with a machine-gun.

      • Brooke: (singing in sexy voice) Happy Birthday Mr. President, happy birthday to you.

        This is a song by Marilyn Monroe, sung for JFK at Madison Square garden.

      • Haley: (impersonating Katie Holmes) I'm sorry Dawson, I just... I love Pacey.

        This is a fragment from another drama series Dawson's Creek. Joey is telling Dawson, her ex-boyfriend, that she loves his best friend Pacey. The way Haley put her hair behind her ears and bows her head is also a Joey Potter-trademark.

      • Nathan: (funny voice) I like you. Do you like me?
        Peyton: (male funny voice) I like sexy-time explosion.

        These are quotes from the movie Borat (2006), starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat.

      • Haley: So my sister Mary-Kate was like, Ashley, you really need to eat something. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are two twin sisters who act, mostly together, and for a while, there was gossip about Mary-Kate having an eating disorder.

      • Episode Title: Pictures of You

        "Pictures of You" is a song off the 1989 album Disintegration from the band, The Cure. It is also a song by The Last Goodnight.

    • 10:00 pm