One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 8

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on The CW

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  • Haley is thoroughly confused

    Haley blasts Peyton for undermining Lucas' relationship with Lindsey. But Haley, normally the voice of reason, is thoroughly confused this time around.

    Peyton never betrayed Lucas. Lucas betrayed Peyton. Lucas vowed "True Love Always" to Peyton long before he ever met Lindsey. He even carved it onto Peyton's closet door.

    When Lucas visited Peyton in LA, she did not turn him down. She did not reject him. She asked him to wait. They had been apart for only one year.

    Lucas knew Peyton was not seeing anyone else. He knew she was still committed to him and him alone.

    Therefore Lucas should never have handed Peyton his ultimatum, "Marry me or I'm ending the relationship!' When Lucas started dating Lindsey, HE betrayed Peyton. Lucas made the disastrous decisions that created the hopeless triangle.

    Lindsey is not to blame. She is merely "collateral

    It was nice to see Peyton and Lindsey come to some sort of understanding.
  • Sad times for Peyton...

    Who would have thought Peyton would let go of Lucas like that? Please Please Please Let Me Get What I want saw her finally realising he's moved on and was very emotional. That scene when she tells says how much she loves him but will hide it for him was sad and touching. It made up for how bitchy she's been of late. I also liked how Brooke was there for her after she found out about him and Lindsey.

    Haley was also right to confront both Peyton and Lucas - they shouldn't have kissed. I like how she is remaining loyal to Lindsey. I do not like how Carrie kissed Nathan and tells Jamie she thinks of him as her kid, Tree Hill really loves these meddling outsiders, don't they? Mouth and Millie were actually quite sweet in this episode and I'm so glad Alice has gone. Owen and Brooke are good too because they aren't rushing things - a nice change from some relationships. Jamie is still realy cute!

    All in all, an emotionally charged episode.

  • Lucas gets engaged.....

    What was Lucas thinking? When we go back and see how the proposal happened it's clear that Lucas only proposed to Lindsey because she found the ring. What else was he supposed to do? Tell her that ring has been there since he proposed to Peyton with it and he's been holding on to it and looking at. No, on some level Lucas does care about Lindsey and he doesn't want to hurt, but he does not love her the way he loves Peyton and while it will hurt Lindsey he needs to end things with her.

    When Lindsey came into COB and showed the ring to Haley and Brooke it was clear on their faces that they knew that was the ring meant for Peyton. We know Brooke saw it back in the flashbacks from 5x05 and of course Haley being Lucas' best friend would have seen the ring at some point.

    I love that we got to hear some of what Lucas wrote about Peyton in his book. I really love that passage about what he was thinking when he kissed her at the championship game. And while I agree with Peyton that it sucks it's really sweet that she is willing to sacrifice her feelings for Lucas so that he can be happy (even though he really isn't).

    And the nanny....ugh....HATE HER!!! Why is Nathan letting this crap go on. She has major issues and needs to go like 5 episodes ago. She is obsessed with Nathan and Jamie. She wants to replace Haley in their lives and that is just not cool.

    I loved naked Brooke in the backseat. It's not really something this Brooke would do, it's much more a early high school Brooke thing, but it was funny to have that throwback to season 1.
  • Season 5, Episode 8.

    Brooke continues to pursue Owen. Carrie continues to flirt with Nathan. Haley is upset at Lucas and Peyton for what happened the other night. Quentin needs to change his negative approach in order to succeed in the season-opening game. Mouth tries to win Millicent back. I love the Brooke and Owen chemistry. It's extremely cute. I feel so bad for Peyton, with Lucas proposing to Lindsay. I loved when Haley was threatening Lucas. It was so powerful. Also, I liked the scene with Peyton and Brooke when she threw the book into the fire. This was definitely a good episode, especially with Brooke in the car. Good episode!
  • Carrie is evil!

    Lucas proposes to Lindsey and it breaks Peyton's heart. Brooke continues to flirt with Owen, hoping that he'll ask her out. Jamie spends the day with Brooke and he helps her realize that she should pursue Owen, when she has doubts. Mouth calls Millicent. She isn't interested in him because Brooke told her that Mouth slept with his boss. It turns out that Alice was sleeping with pretty much everyone! Mouth gets a special position. He also tries to win back Millicent. Owen finally admits that he likes Brooke. Peyton is hung up on Lucas. She learns that she has to bury her feelings for him though. Lucas wants to get married to Lindsey right away. Carrie keeps flirting with Nathan and she even kisses him. Haley is mad at Lucas and Peyton because she saw them kissing. Quentin's hand is sprained and he might not be able to play in the first game.

    This episode was great! I really want Peyton and Lucas together though! I don't like Lindsey and Lucas! Carrie is so...ugh!! I wanted Nathan to fire her or something. Even though he's trying to resist her, part of him probably wants her. Jamie and Brooke are cute together! I also love Mouth and Millicent together! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Ok so he didn't intend to use Payton's ring...or did he? Still tacky!!

    Aww aren't Jamie and Brooke cute together? I think so, and he is so funny! "What's under your clothes Brooke Davis?" and when he was like "Brooke Penelope Davis" what a hunny and all the chocolate ice cream over his face and shirt.

    Oh and Nate should of said something to Jamie when he called Carrie Momma, so bad of him not to say anything. Grrr and OMG I can't believer that skank, "Sometime I pretend your my kid" WTF is she playing at with Jamie and Nate? I mean I know she likes Nate but she needs to stay away from Jamie before she kidnaps him and Nate!!

    I'm glad Mia sang last week and I hope thats the last time Jason is on the show!! Haha funny how Q punched him and now he can't play basketball! But it sucks for the Ravens though! I hope they can win the state champs with Luc, Nate and Skills coaching them.

    Aww and Brooke and Owen, what a funny couple, she cracks me up!! Until next week.
  • Peyton gets annoying.

    Love Triangle From Hell: Peyton is just a real drama queen throughout the whole episode. She cries here, she cries, there, she writes an emo letter to this girl she barely knows and she speaks of true love. What annoyed me the most was her desperate attempts to get Lucas's attention. I'm praying that Lucas does not end his relationship with Lindsey to hook-up with Peyton again because that will just make me hurl, yes, this show likes making me hurl.

    Brooke vs Owen: This is really enjoyable for me. Owen seems like one of those characters this show really lacks. They had Chris Keller before, but he was too obnoxious, Owen just seems like a character who isn't full of himself, but is somewhat mysterious and likes to bring down people who are too full of themselves ala Brooke. I'd applaud the show if Owen and Brooke don't end up together because it seems like they eventually will.

    Whore Nanny: Nathan, will you please just tell Haley before she finds out the hard way and you two go through hell of a fight. I have a feeling you two will end up together after said fight anyway, so why can't we just skip all the drama? Kick that nanny's ass out of the house, she's stealing your kid!
  • Luke propose to Lindsay...i don't know, is crazy???

    It's so sad...i love lucas and peyton, i want they stay togheter. They are a perfect couple and the feeling between us is amazing...i love this so much...
    And now this propouse to lindsay, why?? ok, lindsay is great but she isn't peyton, i don't understand!
    This episode is beautifull, i felt every single peyton's emotions and i was sad and hurt with her!! The kiss between Pey and Luke was amizing and i belived she and he return togheter but after the proposal, i don't know it's possible!!
    I want Leyton togheter and alway, because Luke and Pey is Luke and Pey without explanation, is love...true love alway!!

    Ps. i'm sorry for my english
  • I don't understand why Lucas would propose to lindsay JUST right after he was kissing Peyton! What are they doing! and OMG the nanny is sooo ANNOYING!

    It's obvious he is still in love with peyton, who are the writers kidding with this plot.. I would understand if Lucas was over Peyton, or if Peyton was over Lucas, but they still love each other.. god, sometimes this feels so real and I forget it's just a show.. which is like one of the major reasons I watch this show, and honestly I was a bit hesitant about this season, but I truly love the drama.. so please, writers, get your stories straight!!!
    sack Lindsay, no offense!

    Haley and Nathan needed a shake to their marriage, but I KNOW that something bad is gonna happen and Nathan is doing NOTHING about it at the moment.. so, am very excited to see how things will be handled!
  • I just don't get why Lucas decided to purpose to Lindsay

    I didn't like how Lucas proposed to Lindsay. He was just starting to see that he still liked Peyton, and then he purposed to Lindsay??? It just didn't make sense to me. They try to pull it off by saying Luke has a history of throwing himself in bad relationships in the past, but this is not really the case. Brooke trying to get Owen to like her is an ok storyline, but I'm not really that interested in how it turns out. I haven't really seen much chemistry between them. I like the part in the car because it related to the past and it was funny how she choose to interpret what he said about the real Brooke Davis, underneath the clothes.

    Some of the other storylines are good. I liked how Mouth tried to win Millicent back over, and they turned out to be a cute couple. Carrie kissing Nathan makes that whole storyline more interesting. I liked how they had the girl living in Peyton's room come into it. I really liked how Peyton told her to come up with her own stories to put on the wall.
  • I'm liking the character Peyton Sawyer more and more. I liked her in the last four seasons, although not much as now. She matured into this person who confronts her feelings and that stuff. I liked this episode so much because it was really a tearjerker.

    I think this episode is most focused on Peyton, how she can deal with her inner demons about Lucas not being her boyfriend and accepting another girl in Lucas' life. It was really a heart feeling pain for me when Peyton says that she must let him go. I thought she was gonna kiss him goodbye and dissappearing into the world or something like that. I was happy when it becomes apparent that she was staying in Tric but when i saw her in this mind of state i would immediately say that she needs to go to LA or whatever. I was really breaking my heart to see that Lucas won't commit himself to the love of Peyton. They're the supercouple we used to know.. just not anymore...
  • i didn't like this episode much... it made me sad...

    Hi all, i was so sad for Peyton during this episode, deeply touched by her sadness, like something had died. It's not easy losing love. I found the conversation with her mother very touching... and the leaf falling on SCOTT's grave... great great touch! it was really emotional. How could Lucas really propose to Lindsay... she's not the one, she can't be!! And Haley... she's going to be the Matron of Honour!! doesn't Lindsey have friends of her own?! How could Haley be so cold towards Peyton. She should be more understanding, she knows their history, and she supposed to be Peyton's friend... couldn't she at least have been a little less b*tchy?? I know she was right, but she didn't need to be mean bout it.
    Yes!!! I loved it when Nathan told the nanny, "you've got to stop the flirting Carrie, and the skinny dipping" I just wish he had said something before, and i wish he had fired her skinny dipping ass! I really dislike her, she's deceiving and sneaky. How lucky was Mouth??? how slutty was Alice??? very very funny!!love seeing him with Millicent!
    Brooke as usual, always a plus... a good friend and funny flirty character! And Jamie... adorable, intelligent little guy :)
  • This is the way to capture our feelings

    I spent last few days just thinking how great was the episode and thinking what will happened later. I love the way the character Peyton – Hilarie brought extraordinary act which captured our motions to the extreme. She represent the lost of true love, straggling to take it back, and The best scene I like when Peyton came to Lucas and set him free admitting to kept here feeling inside here heart. She deserves an award for sure. The episode was about love, hope, losses, and to start a new beginning. Guys, who are the makers of the series, keep the heat going up.
  • I swear to God, if Lucas marries Lindsey I will stop watching the show... I have seen every episode since season1. I dont care how much "chemistry" some people seem to believe these 2 have, nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats Leyton!

    This episode pushed a little further the "threat" of Lucas and Lindsey' marriage.. and I must say it was succesful... However, every time Lucas is in the same room with Peyton, no matter how much he wants to show her his over her... he still gets teary eyes and seems like he's actually considering her offers. I truly think he's only trying to make her suffer as much as he suffered when she rejected him --> payback. Also the last scenes showing Lucas asking Lindsey "lest get married NOW" just confirmed Lucas's uncertainty; kind of like a "Im not sure its the right thing to do... so lets just get it over with so I dont have to think about it anymore" type of decision. So yeah...
    oh and message to the writers (aka: mark) I do realise how convinient it is to prolonge the Leyton adversity for the plot of the show... otherwise I dont really see what could happen... what intrigue would be going on. Also, in an other order of thoughts: Carrie is soooo out of place and !! Also, Hailey should stop looking for how to fix Lucas's broken heart (which is very annoying) and focus on how to keep Carrie's lips form her husband's!! overall.. great episode.. typical OTH like I LOVE THEM!
  • Again, an episode that brought me back memories of my past though painful, is worth remembering as it teaches me to be stronger just like Peyton, to face future challenges in life!

    I really would like to see Peyton without any romantic involvement in the meantime. Why? Because she really is a strong woman inside out. I believe it will be better seeing her focusing in her career as a talent discoverer (if I can call her that)as well as in doing her scketches. The past seasons of One Tree Hill already exposed Peyton to too many broken relationships which she overcame and made her stronger. It's about time we see her on her own. Anyhow, the way I see it, Peyton will still end being with the best love of her life. Who will him be? Your guess is good as mine. I just wanted to congratulate Hilary Burton for her good portrayal of Peyton Sawyer. The same goes to the rest of the casts!
  • Can anything be more forced in this show?

    I loved last week's episode. But this week I was cringing the entire time. Every scene was so unrealistic -- the scene with Lucas and Mouth talking was SO forced -- the scene where Molly was living vicariously through Peyton -- of course that's going to be in the episode where Lucas and Peyton are "over". I cannot STAND the girl who plays Carrie -- if she bites her lip one more time I'll gonna rip it off -- they couldn't think of a better storyline than "hot nanny, kisses Nathan?" Come on. this season was looking promising but this episode was TERRIBLE. I hope that it picks up again because I cannot take another episode where every scene somehow MAGICALLY two characters are talking about their respective problems. The best part was when Mouth learned that Alice was sleeping with everyone and HE GOT A JOB!!! Totally awesome, GO MOUTH. everyone else -- stop being so fake-tv-like. Be real people. Skills and Nathan's reactions to Luke's engagement -- so fake. Jeez, I don't want to KNOW that I'm watching tv when I watch tv...i want it to seem real!

    The happiest day of this season will be when Carrie disappears forever.
  • This episode was so sad especially when Peyton said "If you want me to let go then that's what I'm going to do.

    I cried so much during this episode it was so sad. I felt soo bad for Peyton. In the end I noticed something though when the girl painted over the door it still showed Peyton + Lucas = TLA. So of course that means their love for each other will never fade away. As for Haley I understand she wants to protect Lucas but this is non of her business I just feel like she needs to pay a little more attention to her relationship with Nathan and Jamie than worrying about Lucas' love life. Lucas is a grown man he can make his own decisions and if he chooses to Lindsay about the kiss then he can. Personally I feel like there is no need to even tell her thats just gonna create more drama in his relationship which is the last thing he needs right now.
  • This is exactly why I watch this series- I was totally crying the entire episode...So Lucas sort of proposes to Lindsey and Peyton happens to come by to find out...and then when she really needs her friends, Haley's all judging her...

    I don't know if anyone else agrees, but I thought Haley was a total b***h in this episode.. I know she's BFF w/ Lucas, but when she told Peyton, "I'm the matron of honor," I kind of thought that was a b***h move..Besides shouldn't she be worried a/b her own marriage and life before butting into other's..Don't get me wrong, I love Haley, but I just felt sorry for Peyton and when she really needed her friends, Haley wasn't really there for her! And, least we forget, but Halewy walked out on her marriage back in Season 2, so she has no room to judge anyone else for that matter..Just my thoughts......
  • Brooke continues to pursue Owen. Haley sees something happen in Peyton's office. Quentin needs to change his negative approach in order to succeed in the season-opening game. Mouth tries to win Millicent back.

    Lucas told Lindsey that he was waiting until he wrote another book to ask her to marry him. He says that he didn't want her to end up regretting him. She tells him that she doesn't love him for the book; she loves him for the mind the book sprang from. He asks Lindsey to marry him. Haley tells Nathan that's she's sorry she got mad at him and that she saw Lucas kissing Peyton. She says that Peyton has no right to do that to Lindsey after she broke his heart. Haley wants to tell Lindsey what she saw. But Nathan said that if he's cheating on Lindsey then he needs to man up and tell her himself. Brooke is drunk and tells Owen that she should sue him for naming a shot after her. He tells her that everyday the shot is named after different girls. Owen offers to drive her home after she gets a call from Peyton. Then she says, 'You do like me.' And he said that her drinking and driving is not what he wants to get sued for. Mouth paces around in his room and finally gets the courage to call Millie. He leaves a message saying, 'Hi Millicent, it's Mouth Marvin. I just wanted you to know that I had a really nice time with you tonight and I'm sorry if it ended weird or if you felt bad. Not that you should feel bad; I should feel bad. I do feel bad. So call me Marvin, Mouth. I mean you should call me and my name is Marvin and Mouth. You should call me Marvin.' And the voicemail beeps. He's nervous so he kept talking. Peyton and Brooke sit in the living room with a cozy fireplace. She tells Brooke what happened and asks her what she should do. Brooke tells her the first thing she should do is let go and gives her the copy of Lucas' book. And then Brooke says, 'We are gonna sit and you're gonna cry on my shoulder.' Haley and Jamie come to see Brooke at Clothes Over Bro's. Lindsey comes there and tells Haley and Brooke that Lucas asked her to marry him. She tells Haley that everything's great as long as this town is big enough for 2 Mrs. Scotts. Both Haley and Brooke say, 'Congratulations' in unison. Nathan talks to Carrie about what happened last night. He tells her that she has to stop the flirting and the skinny dipping. Mouth's employee tells him that Alice got fired and Mouth starts unpacking his belongings. He tells Mouth that they found out she was sleeping with an employee. Nathan and Skills are in Lucas' office watching a basketball game and Lucas is late. He tells Nathan and Skills he got engaged to Lindsey. And Quentin comes in with a sprained hand. Peyton stops by Lucas' office and tells him that if he wanted to break her heart there's a thousand ways he could do it. He didn't have to propose to Lindsey. And he tells her that it was just weird timing. She tells him not to marry her and that that kiss snapped her universe back to reality. He tells her that he's in love with Lindsey. Haley comes by and asks what is going on here. Haley asks him if he is positive about this and marriage is a huge commitment. He tells her that Lindsey will always be his number 2 but Haley is number 1. Haley tells him that marriage is serious and he better be ready to commit to Lindsey for the rest of his life. Brooke talks to Victoria and tells Jamie to cover his ears. She tells Victoria that she will not kill furry little creatures to make coats out of them. Owen comes by Brooke's shop to buy something for a girl. Peyton runs into Molly at Tree Hill High and asks if Lucas really carried her out of the library when she got shot. Peyton tells her yes but she didn't remember writing that on her closet door. Molly takes out Peyton's book/diary and tells her she read it 13 times. Mouth finds out from a man that Alice has been sleeping with anchorman Rick. He offers Mouth a position to broadcast for the Tree Hill Ravens game. Then his employee asks Mouth about it and tells him that she's been sleeping with Carlton as well. And his employee asks if they said anything about him and he admitted he slept with her a few mornings before work. Peyton asks Haley if she did something to upset her and she tells her that she saw Lucas and her kissing. Brooke talks to Jamie about Owen. Jamie has chocolate ice-cream all over his face. Jamie asks if she's gonna kill furry little creatures and she said no she most certainly will not and they pinky-swear on it. She tells him that she's Brooke Davis. And Jamie said, 'Brooke Penelope Davis.' What makes the bartender worth my time, says Brooke. And Jamie said, 'What's underneath all those clothes Brooke Davis?' She then asks how old he is and he puts up 4 fingers. Carrie buys something from Clothes Over Bros and tells Millie that she just wants to impress a guy. Mouth comes there as well. Millie tells Mouth that she heard about him and his boss. She doesn't want to date the kind of guy that would date his boss just to get ahead of his job no matter how smart, funny, hot he is otherwise. She tells him that she's sorry but he's not the kind of guy she hoped he'd be. Mouth is in Lucas' office doing a broadcast and he is very nervous and couldn't stop thinking of Millie. Peyton visits her mom at the cemetery. She wants a mother-daughter talk with her. And tells her about Lucas asking Lindsey to marry him. Haley calls Carrie and is wondering if Nathan and Jamie are waiting for her to eat dinner. Carrie tells her that they're not here right now but she is really lying. Jamie draws a red car and Nathan says it's a work of art. And Jamie says, 'Look momma.' I mean 'Nanny Carrie.' Mouth stops by and asks Millie if she'd give him another chance to prove that he's not that kinda guy anymore. Skills and Lucas toast to his engagement. Mouth brings Millie to the broadcasting studio. It shows a clip of ballet and he tells her that she's really great and wants to know more about her. Jamie tells Carrie that he's sorry for calling her momma and she says that it's okay and that sometimes she pretends he's her kid. Lindsey tries on her wedding dress. Nathan tucks Jamie into bed. She tells Nathan that he has red paint on his eyelid and tells him to close his eyes and then kisses him. Peyton goes by the gym and tells Lucas that she loves him and that what he wants is for her to let go and she's gonna do it. She tells him that she wants him to be happy with all his heart. Millie says maybe Mouth should try closing his eyes and she kissed his cheek. Owen got in his car and sees Brooke in the backseat naked. He said he was being existential but Brooke was being literal and serious. Then Brookes puts her dress back on and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Peyton left some stuff off on Molly's front door. She writes her a letter saying: 'Dear Molly, This is gonna sound a little strange but I'd like you to paint over my old closet door. The thing is there is never a time when your convictions will be stronger and your motives will be more pure than they are right now which means you should chase whatever it is that excites you. Be confident and take risks and paint over my words so you can start writing your own. My story may have inspired you but I'm certain your story will inspire the next girl to live in our room. I want you to know that you don't need somebody to write about you in order for your life to mean something. You can write about yourself, make your own destiny then years from now the next girl will keep what you write on that door long enough to remind you of how inspired your life is. And you can tell that girl to paint over the door because you realize the words you wrote, the friends you had, the urgency you felt will always be there underneath the paint. The love you professed will always be there. The spark of something undeniable, the seed of hope, the truth for better and for worse, burning fiercely, just below the surface. Love Peyton.'

    She draws a picture of a heart on a beach and the water washes it away. Haley comes back home and Nathan tells her that he wishes she was home more often. Lucas tells Lindsey that he wants to get married right away.
  • with peyton(hilarie) around how can anyone fall in love with another girl. i like watching oth because of their chemistry.

    lucas proposes to lindsey breaking peytons heart but she realises she has to let go ...

    nathan and nanny carie share a moment i think nathan should tell haley and that haley should stay around the house more often ..

    brooke is stil brooke but a bit more smatter.. n ilove her attitude its flawless

    i think mouth is the real man ...a man dedicated to work has moral values n a sweet girlfriend.

    in the end its sad cause i loved lucas n peytons chemistry i can imagine myself being in these actors shoes being in the shoes of the charactes they play
  • I've never been a Peyton fan (i like brunettes) but Hilarie Burton made me a fan after this episode.

    Peyton was so open & honest & vulnerable with her feelings. it was written so well, just a raw truth that spoke to me, about love, newly unrequited love. it had me tearing up. hilarie burton did such a great job with this emotional episode, knowing which words to ephasize & when to talk quickly. i've been watching this show since it started & this episode spoke to me because i've been where peyton is now. it was heartbreaking to watch & i know exactly how she felt. the scene in the gym where she pledges to be his friend the way keith did was just so well done. she acted chad michael murray off the screen.
  • Lucas proposes to Lindsay, and this kills Peyton. Brooke pursues Owen thanks to some advice from Jamie. Mouth learns more about his boss and finally gets his shot at work and with Millie. Carrie makes her move on a very suspicious Nathan.

    Wow, so I didn't think we would get to see how the proposal happened, but we did, and again I will say there is something wrong with Lindsay you do not accept a proposal like that when you just spent the whole night being ignored by your boyfriend/fiance, and you were just about to leave him.

    Of course Peyton was devastated by the whole act, but I think burning the book and visiting her mother's grave and the letter she wrote to Molly were a good start that she can survive this.

    The reactions of Nate and Skills were well warranted.

    Yay to see Brooke naked in the backseat of Owen's car, though we saw nothing still, yay. I really like these two together, they play off each other really well. Also yay to Jamie giving her advice, and watching soaps, and eating all that ice cream, it was very funny.

    Shame on Jamie for calling Carrie, Momma, man that was creepy. Although creepier when she kissed Nathan and when she lied to Haley, but the creepiest was when she told Jamie she wished she was his momma.

    Yay for finally ending the Mouth is sleeping with his boss story and onto the Mouth and Millicent love story. Althought it was funny that Alice was sleeping with everyone even the guy she hated and couldn't remember his name, I cannot remember his name, but he is funny.

    Well done, it was a really emotional and nerve-wracking episode, I admit I was waitign for a bigger confrontation than the one's brought on by Haley, to everyone but Brooke, Skillz, Lindsay and Jamie, though next week looks good, a lot of confrontation.
  • Watching tonight's episode for the first time was an experience, I probably won't forget for many months to come.

    A breathtaking episode. Very few shows and even fewer episodes have left me with tears in my eyes, but what I saw tonight was really special...

    Lucas/Lindsey: After the last two episodes, Lindsey is probably the most hated character in the show. Her engagement to Lucas was another thunder in Leyton's paradise. Personally, I liked the proposal scene, although the whole time I had the feeling that something was missing. The dialog was perfect, Michaela and Chad did a terrific job, but it still wasn't quite enough and the whole bit looked forced and unnatural. And since I mentioned Michaela, I have to say that her performances are getting better and better. I've been ignoring this fact in previous reviews, but it's time to give her the credit she deserves.

    Brooke/Owen: I honestly dislike the way this storyline is going. Don't get me wrong, I do like Owen and the chemistry is definitely there, but was this chase really the way to go? Since the beginning of season five, the writers were building a certain image for Brooke and her behavior in the last two episodes is totally out of character and a step in the opposite direction. We actually ended up seeing the successful and confident young woman humiliating herself, naked on a back-seat (hadn't see this one for a while)...

    Mouth/Millicent: Simply adorable. I can't think of a better way to describe these two. They have undeniable chemistry and are actually too cute to be true. I love this couple!

    Nathan/Haley/Carrie: A pretty decent storyline, but it's like we're watching it on slow motion... Lucas/Peyton: Ever since the rejected proposal Leyton fans have been debating who's to blame and who gave up on whom. I'm pretty sure that after tonight's episode there will be very few of us, who still believe in Lucas and support his decisions so far this season. The first big Leyton scene tonight, the one in his office, literally took my breath away. I admire the strength he showed there. Telling her that he's in love with Lindsey made me realize that the proposal was neither a way to punish Peyton, nor a quick escape for him. Yes, he'll probably regret this choice, but it was the right thing to do at the time. It actually showed how hurt his heart is.

    And if their first scene left me speechless, the second one broke my heart. I can't really describe my feelings at the time... it was so intense and breathtaking that I couldn't even hear my thoughts. The pain, the passion, the love in her words were so powerful. Hilarie Burton did something amazing tonight. Her performance was stunning. I can't really find the right words to adequately describe her acting in both scenes. She was passionate, inspired, confident... breathtaking!

    In the beginning there were those few, who believed that the four year jump was a bad idea and the show will lose part of it's charm. Those voices are now silent and long forgotten. After only eight episodes so far, I can honestly say that season five gives us the best "One Tree Hill" we've ever watched.

    -- segfault
  • Lucas and Peyton discuss their relationship, Nathan struggles with nanny Carrie, and Brooke turns up the heat with Owen.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Lucas/Lindsay: I know I may be in the minority, but I love Lindsay! Really! I do. And I loved the first scene with LL so much. Lucas still bugs me, but I loved how Macheala played that scene. She was awesome. I cried!

    "I would never regret you.... I don't care if you don't ever right another word again. You will always be more than some small town basketball coach because you'll be the man that I love." However, its obvious Lucas needed to hear that. And so he proposed in the heat of the moment. Never a good idea.

    Lucas/Peyton: Hilarie did such an AMAZING job in every scene in this episode! Her scene with Brooke after she found out about the proposal!? My heart was breaking for her. And I'm not even an LP fan. I am a Peyton fan however (even though she's kind of been annoying me these past few episodes, but I have faith in her).

    And the scene with Lucas in the gym? I loved that scene. And a big part why I loved that scene was due to Hilarie's acting. Haley/Nathan: OK I loved Haley for b!itching out Lucas and Peyton throughout the entire episode. LOVED it! I liked how she told Lucas that he better be sure he wants to marry Lindsay and that its not something to make a split second decision on. Plus, given Lucas' history with his love life, he needs a reality check. And she gave it to him.

    Same with her and Peyton. I like that Haley wasn't all indecisive on who's side she was on in the whole LLP triangle. Peyton and Lucas were in the wrong, and I'm glad she was honest with her feelings.

    Nathan- what are you thinking?! I was so sure he was going to tell Haley about Carrie kissing him and yet...I was wrong. Why Why WHY!?! She is so creepy! "Sometimes I pretend you're my kid." Um psychotic much?

    Brooke/Owen: Ok so I don't know what's up with these two. But they confuse me. Especially Brooke. I just didn't get the whole backseat thing at the end. I know that's what she did with Lucas, but she didn't take it i guess that means she's matured past that... ok. Whatev. Mouth/Milli: So cute. I wonder if that's the last we've seen of Alice though?


    I didn't like how Brooke said "We both know Lucas has a history of throwing himself into the wrong relationships- especially when he can't admit the truth about the one he loves."

    because, again, I feel like their belittling the relationship BL had. And as a BL fan, it pisses me off! To me and other BL fans, who enjoyed and loved their relationship, to say it was some kind of mistake on Lucas' part...and then to say that Lucas never really loved Brooke (they didn't come out and say that but they IMPLIED it).... not pleased. Not at all. Its a good thing I love this show as much as I do or else I would have said bye bye last season!

    I also didn't like the cheesy 'leaf falling on Keith's grave' thing. My friend and I were like "Are you kidding?" :D

    But besides those points, I liked it. I loved almost all the music in this episode. FYI!
  • Naley, Lucsey, Browen, Millie and Mouth, and Alice and toupe guy.

    This episode I found myself shipping Naley, Lucsey, Browen, Millie and Mouth, and Alice and toupe guy.

    The Lucsey part at the beginning was sweet.

    Carrie is officially a skank. How did Nathan not know she was gonna kiss her.

    Mia scenes were great, like 30 seconds of them. I was just listening to that song before the show.

    For all the Leyton stuff everything Haley said is what I think. I did kind of feel bad for Peyton a little though.

    Jamie was so adorable. Except calling Carrie mom. What kind of person tells someone they're a nanny for the pretend they are their kid.

    I loved the season one flashback of Brooke in the car.

    Millie and Mouth were cute, especially when he was calling her.

    I liked the Molly scenes too.