One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 15

Prom Night at Hater High

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on The CW
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It's Prom day, and emotions are flying high at Tree Hill. An emotional Haley confronts Nathan about the sex tape and asks for a list of all his past sexual encounters. Meanwhile, an angry Peyton asks Lucas to skip the dance altogether, but he refuses to take no for an answer. Finally, Brooke and Peyton let out all their tension in a confrontation that can tear them apart forever.moreless

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  • Sex tape fallout.

    The fallout from the sex-tape is nothing but entertaining in Prom Night at Hater High.

    Loved how Peyton punched Brooke - classic Tree Hill moment. There various face off's throughout the episode were great, simple because they've barely had any screen time together all season. But Brooke finally realises how cold she's been after they literally fight to the floor and Peyton breaks down telling her that she can't believe Brooke uses her mothers death against her - it was a very intense scene and hard to watch. But as Brooke says at the end when she sees WHORE written on her dress, she still cares! Just plain good drama.

    Haley and her hormones were genius here. The way she kept crying was hilarious, especially when she said 'Bevin doesn't know when to shut up!' I'm glad they worked it out in the end, but it was just nice to see the show use drama in a light-hearted way. The Nathan Scott apology tour was amusing. Not sure what to make of Karen and Dan together, seems too far-fetched. Rachel leaving was surprisingly sad - I have liked her and Brooke's friendship. But I could care less about Mouth and Shelley.

    And that cliff-hanger with Derek at Peyton's door instead of Lucas. What an ending.

  • Prom and A Surprise

    It's the day of prom. Nathan spends the day apologizing to everyone for the tape they saw the night before. Brooke spends the day trying to avoid Haley and Peyton. Haley is overcome with emotion due to her pregnancy hormones and asks Nathan to make a list of all the girls he has been with. Dan asks Karen to go to the prom with him. Brooke and Peyton fight it out over the tape and everything else they've been through lately. Peyton is so upset she doesn't want to go to prom, but when she changed her mind to go she gets big surprise when she answers the door.

    I still can't believe that tape. I love that we got to see a flashback of the day it was made and how it happened. As angry as Brooke got with Peyton both times she went after Lucas I just can't believe she did that. Nathan I can believe because back when the tape was made he was a jerk. Peyton had every right to punch Brooke in the face. I would have, too.

    That fight between Peyton and Brooke was intense. Peyton was right. Brooke has been a really b*t*h lately with her jokes or whatever you want to call them about Peyton's mom and Ellie. Those jokes were totally uncalled for. And while I don't blame Brooke for being angry with Peyton when she told her she still had feelings for Lucas, it's not a reason to cut her out especially after Peyton told her she wouldn't say anything to Lucas. Broken up or not Brooke slept with Nathan during a time when Peyton was still dating him and dated him for a while after so it's just wrong.

    I couldn't believe that ending!! Wow!! Psycho Derek is back!!! I love having the DVDs so I don't have to wait the like two months that were in between this episode and the next when I first saw it.moreless
  • Love it!

    Ohh my goodness, I love One Tree Hill!!! In this episode, Prom Night at Hater High, everything was the way it should be, well sort of. BDavis & PSawyer finally duked it out! This was something that has long been waited for. Haley tells Nathan how much one tape could mean to a relationship. Deb comes home. Rachel, well is just Rachel. This episode kind of also gave me false hope for a future relationship between Brooke & Lucas. Nathan appologized to everyone he thought he hurt. Peyton punching Brooke in the beginning made me mad, but was good. And lastly psyhco Derek (Ian's) return! What will happen next?!moreless
  • series classic is absolutely the perfect way to describe prom night at tree hill!!!

    well, the only reason i didn't give this a perfect 10 is because derek is back. i think this whole long-lost-brother scenario is a little over-the-top and played out--granted i have a personal problem with peyton, i just don't like her at all, so the last thing i want to see is her getting attention because something bad, yet again, has happened to her. but other than that, awesome episode! i LOVE the drama between peyton and brooke. this fight has been brewing for a long time, and it was played perfectly by sophia bush and hilary burton. i love them! however, i wish brooke hadnt admitted to peyton that she had won. never let peyton win!! and then the naley and brathan issue!? holy cow! i actually think nathan and brooke make one hot item, but he and haley are better. i feel bad for haley! and she's ADORABLY hormonal and pregnant, and it makes for great comedy! overall, this episode is most definitely a personal favorite. with the exception of peyton and those big buggy eyes. am i the only one who finds that freaked out expression on her face horribly disturbing? it makes me want to punch HER in the face more and more.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 15.

    Wow. Amazing episode! It was so great! Peyton punches Brooke and their friendship is jeopardized. Chase breaks up with Brooke because of the whole sex tape thing. Rachel is expelled! No! Rachel has to stay! She says that the Clean Teens need a new slogan. She recommends it should be this: "We break hearts, not hymens." LMAO! She's too funny! I hope she doesn't leave. Brooke ends up going to the prom with Mouth. I saw that coming since 20 minutes into the episode... I loved the Brooke and Peyton fight. I can't believe Brooke made fun of Peyton's mom in the past. I know she did it at Naley's party, but I don't know if she did it another time. 10/10.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When we first see the Brooke and Nathan sex tape at the end of the previous episode, Nathan has the nipple ring that he had in the first season while he was turning on the camera. However, when we see Nathan turning on the camera in a flashback, he doesn't have the nipple ring.

    • When Brooke and Peyton get into a fight in front of Peyton's house you can see that Brooke isn't wearing any shoes, just socks.

    • When Brooke is talking to Rachel before she leaves for the airport, she questions whether this is Rachel's house or not, asking if she married an old guy and then killed him. You can clearly tell that she did not originally say 'marry' as her lips don't follow along with the words.

    • When Peyton punches Brooke (subsequently giving her a black eye), she punches with her right hand and hits the left side of Brooke's face. But then afterwards the black eye is on her right.

  • QUOTES (48)

    • Mouth: I never want to hear the word 'friend' again! At my funeral my tombstone will probably read: 'Marvin McFadden, Friend.'
      Skills: Man, that place is gonna be packed because everybody loves you dawg. Besides it's better than: 'Here lies Mouth, the guy was a jackass!'

    • Lucas: Hi.
      Peyton: Hi.
      Lucas: Can we just put this whole thing behind us, and have a good time at prom?
      Peyton: I'm not going.
      Lucas: Why? Did something else happen?
      Peyton: No, I just don't care about prom.
      Lucas: Peyton. We don't have to see Brooke. It'll be fun. I promise you that.
      Peyton: It's not about Brooke I just really don't wanna go anymore. You can still go if you want.
      Lucas: Look I think you're going to regret not going. I know that I'll regret not going with you.
      Peyton: I just can't. I'm sorry.
      Lucas: Oh I really hope you change your mind, because I'm coming back later and I'm picking you up. And if you open that door, I know that you're gonna look beautiful, and that we're gonna have a great night. And if not I guess I'm going alone.

    • Nathan: Haley, please, come out. Hey.
      Haley: Why didn't you tell me about Brooke ever? Really, I mean, did you just wanna like not ruin the surprise of me seeing it on tape in front of our entire class?
      Nathan: No, I didn't tell you because it happened a long time ago and it didn't mean anything.
      Haley: If it didn't mean anything then why did you put it on tape? And why do you keep the tape? Do you like use it?
      Nathan: No! I forgot I even had it! I didn't tell you because it happened before I met you. I didn't think it would do any good to bring up the past.
      Haley: You know this is just the worst time for something like this to happen.
      Nathan: Because of prom tonight?
      Haley: Not because of prom, because I'm pregnant and now that you mention it, I do have to go help decorate because I promised Brooke!
      Nathan: Haley I'm really sorry.

    • Lucas: How are you holding up?
      Brooke: I never meant for that to happen, Luke. I, uh... I was just really drunk and... Peyton broke up with Nathan and... Did I mention I was like really really drunk? (pause) How mad is she?
      Lucas: Uh... She was still pretty upset when I left her last night.
      Brooke: You think? (pointing her black eye)
      Lucas: It could be worse. You could be Nathan, right now...

    • Nathan: Anyway, I guess... I'm sorry.
      Brooke: Me too. (Pause) I guess that when you get drunk and have sex at a party you do have to deal with it eventually.

    • Brooke: Peyton... Peyton, I am so sorry, okay? What else do you want me to say?
      Peyton: Oh, I'd say... Punch me in the face again Peyton, please. I deserve it!

    • Lucas: I like the red dress.
      Peyton: You would! It's Brooke's.
      Lucas: Why do you have it?
      Peyton: So she doesn't!

    • Mouth: I heard you got expelled. I'm sorry.
      Rachel: My parents are flying me first class and meeting me on vacation. Finally I get to spend some time with them. It's just I had to get kicked out of school to do it. Again.
      Mouth: Maybe that's why you do it. Aren't you gonna say good-bye to everyone?
      Rachel: Yeah... Bye Haley, here is the tutor key I stole. Bye Nathan sorry for almost getting your uncle killed. Bye Lucas sorry for actually getting your uncle killed. Bye Tree High... really sorry about the whole time capsule thing. No, I think I'll spare everyone the goodbyes...
      Mouth: When you leave?
      Rachel: Booked a flight tonight.
      Mouth: So you won't be going to prom?
      Rachel: Don't look so sad! You'll barely notice I'm gone when you're dancing with your hot new girlfriend.
      Mouth: She broke up with me.
      Rachel: I've always hated her! You okay?
      Mouth: Not really. And now I have to go to prom alone.
      Rachel: You won't be there alone... I've told like five guys I'd go with them.
      Mouth: Still... I would have loved to dance with you one last time. I mean, the only dance we have ever had was after the shooting and... I kind of like to erase that one.
      Rachel: Yeah, I would have liked that. I know I haven't left too many great memories behind.
      Mouth: You left me with some.
      Rachel: Thank you Mouth. That means a lot. That Clean Girl doesn't know what she is missing.

    • Brooke: I don't know why you did that but... thank you.
      Rachel: I did it because you're my friend. And do something for me: make things right with Peyton.
      Brooke: Yeah but she said I was dead to her.
      Rachel: Do you blame her? You're wrong and you know it. You slept with her boyfriend!
      Brooke: They were broken up!
      Rachel: Brooke, broken up or not, it's offlimits! Uh, didn't you wanna forgive her for doing the same thing to you?
      Brooke: Well, fine! You hit on Nathan, knowing he was married!
      Rachel: I know... but I suck. You're better than that. Work it out.

    • Brooke: Well you are actually leaving so I guess I should be packing too...
      Rachel: Why? I didn't invite you!
      Brooke: No, because this is your house and... This your house isn't it?! You didn't marry and kill some old guy and buried him in the basement?
      Rachel: I wish! (grins) My parents won't be back for a while so you have your time.
      Brooke: I feel really guilty you got expelled for something I did.
      Rachel: Please! I practically forced you to cheat. Besides, for me getting expelled equals getting tanned.

    • Brooke: And which evil stepsister are you?
      Rachel: The one that got expelled. (Brooke looks at her) And FYI I think Turner might be gay.

    • Rachel: What's with the Clean Teens anyway?! I mean, first Shelly dumps Mouth, then Chase dumps you. They should have another slogan: we break hearts not hymens!
      Brooke: Shelly broke up with Mouth? I saw him this morning, he didn't say anything.
      Rachel: He probably didn't wanna pile on your problems the way that Peyton piled on your face... but he is pretty brokenheart about it. It's my limo... Thanks for being my friend, you cheting whore.
      Brooke: Thanks for being my friend, you crazy bitch. Sorry I got you expelled. Again.
      Rachel: It's okay. I'm used to it.
      Brooke: Rachel. Okay... I thought I'd never say this but... I'm gonna miss you.
      Rachel: Yeah, you too.
      (Rachel walks away then comes back and they hug)

    • Rachel: (to Lucas about Brooke) Didn't you see enough of her last night? Or are you here for the deleted scenes?

    • Lucas: For what it's worth, I saw Brooke this morning, and she feels horrible about it.
      Peyton: So the first thing you did this morning was go see Brooke?!
      Lucas: It was on the way!
      Peyton: You know what else is on the way? My front door. Shut it when you leave.

    • (Peyton is using a plastic figure as a punching bag)
      Nathan: You named him Nathan?
      Peyton: Why? Did he screw my best friend?
      Nathan: I'm sorry okay... And I know I'm late. I should have been here two years ago.
      Peyton: Why weren't you?
      Nathan: Because I was a jerk.
      Peyton: Why Brooke? (looks at him) Did you really hate me that much?
      Nathan: No, I didn't hate you. I just didn't care about anybody but myself. Look, I hooked up with Brooke because she was drunk and I was a bastard. It didn't mean anything. It was just a mistake we both wanted to forget.
      Peyton: Hmm... explains why you taped it.
      Nathan: Well, did I mention I was a stupid jerk? Look when you get to prom...
      Peyton: I'm not going.
      Nathan: Hey, I know you are mad at me and Brooke but don't take it out on Lucas.
      Peyton: I'm not. I just don't care. I'm just you two years ago.
      Nathan: No, you're not. You never were. Why do you think you stayed with me when I treated you so bad?
      Peyton: I'm a mess, I guess.
      Nathan: Because you cared. That's who you are. You care about Lucas because you know he loves you. And probably you still care about me and Brooke because you know we love you too. Just face it, you care. So get dress and go with Lucas. I'll see you there.

    • Nathan: I screwed up and... uhm, if there's one thing you know about it's screwing up.
      Dan: You left out basketball.
      Nathan: Dad, it's pretty bad this time.
      Dan: Daunte-bad? Or failed-test bad?
      Nathan: Me-and-Brooke-made-a-sex-tape-a-few-years-back-and-it-just-got-out bad.
      Dan: Brooke Davis? Nice.
      Nathan: And now Haley wants me to write a list of every girl I've ever slept with.
      Dan: Oh no, bad idea. Letter just make things worse. Give her the time to calm down but do not write that list, Nathan. I wouldn't.
      (The scene changes. Now Nathan is with Haley at their home)
      Nathan: I've written the list. (Haley starts sobbing) Oh no, no! I thought that's what you wanted...
      Haley: No, that's not what I wanted. I wanted you not to be able to write that list!

    • Lucas: Didn't we kind of do the same thing to her?
      Peyton: We had sex?! That's funny, I really don't remember. Must not have been very good.
      Lucas: We didn't have sex but we did sneak around behind her back.
      Peyton: Do you ever actually defend a person you're dating?
      Lucas: Peyton I know you are upset, okay... but I also know you could take the high road. This is completely beneath you!
      Peyton: Like Nathan beneath Brooke? Or Nathan beneath Brooke?

    • Nathan: You want me to write a list of every single girl I've ever...
      Haley: No. No, I guess not every single girl. You can cross Peyton, Brooke, and my sister off of that list!

    • Brooke: (happily, to Mouth about her dress which says 'whore', as Peyton wrote) She cares. She cares!

    • Brooke: So it really did happen. I was kind of pretending it was just a bad dream.
      Nathan: (sighs) It happened.
      Brooke: 'Cause it was easier for you to remember it! You had a tape you could watch over and over and over again!
      Nathan: I've never watched that tape, Brooke. I didn't even know it was still around. I just destroyed it this morning.
      Brooke: Great. That's going to help everyone un-see it.
      Nathan: I know. I'm sorry.
      Brooke: It's not all your fault Nate. I mean, my memory about that night is misty at best but I'm pretty positive you didn't have a gun to my head.
      Nathan: I know it was only two years ago but it just feels like a different life time.
      Brooke: Hey, I know exactly how you feel! I'm not proud of who I used to be either... God. How's Haley?
      Nathan: I spent the night apologizing to her bedroom door. And when she finally did come out she just told me she had to decorate for prom. Why aren't you there?
      Brooke: Because Haley is there and Peyton is there. And I'm going to avoid seeing them until the latest possible second.
      Nathan: I need to go back to my rounds. I have got a lot of apologizes to do today.

    • (Lucas walks in the Peyton's room the morning after the party)
      Lucas: Still upset?
      Peyton: No, something like that you forget about pretty quick.

    • (Deb comes home from rehab and sees all the empty bottles of alcohol leftover from Nathan and Haley's pre-prom party)
      Deb: I'm sorry I left the house like this.
      Nathan: Whatever, mom. Just clean it up.

    • Brooke: Oh no, he said prom had nothing to do with it. He said he'd still go with me, but when it was over, so were we.
      Rachel: Sounds like Cinderella. Except the prince is a virgin, and the pumpkin is, well, (looks at Brooke)…a fatter pumpkin.

    • Peyton: (angrily) Seriously, you're egging my house?!
      Brooke: Well, you gonna give my dress back to me? The guy at the store told me you had it. Described you down to your bony ass.
      Peyton: So go naked. Think of all the time you're gonna save while hooking up with someone else's boyfriend!

    • Lucas: Ah, remember how we thought how cool it would be to hang out with the popular kids?
      Haley: I don't think I ever said that, Mr. Lucas Sawyer.
      Lucas: Woah, somebody wrote that on my notebook!

    • Skills: Look, Fergie and Junk, they're going to prom. You think they got dates? No. I mean, prom ain't gotta be about all that, dog. Maybe it's about just having a good time with your friends.
      Mouth: Ugh, I never wanna hear the word "friend" again. (sarcastically) At my funeral, my tombstone will probably read, "Marvin Mcfadden: Friend."
      Skills: Yea, and that place probably gonna be packed, because everybody loves you, dog. Besides, it's probably better than, "Here Lies Mouth, the guy who was a jackass."
      (Mouth laughs)
      Skills: You going to prom man.

    • Lucas: Hey.
      Nathan: This is the next stop on the Nathan Scott apology tour.
      Lucas: Oh, I thought that tour was sold out.
      Nathan: Are you pissed about the tape?
      Lucas: No, actually I was relieved to know it wasn't you and Peyton. (Pause) Could have been you and Peyton?
      Nathan: If it makes you feel any better Haley destroyed any other tape in the house.

    • (Nathan walks up to Haley)
      Nathan: Here's the list. But it's not the list of every girl I have ever been with.
      Haley: Well, What is it?
      Nathan: It's the list of every girl I have ever been in love with. And your name is the only one that's on it. The only one that matters. That other list would have just been garbage, for the person I'm not proud of.
      Haley: That's really sweet but I..
      Nathan: But... you want the other list. Thought you might.

    • Karen: Dan is chaperoning the prom and he`s asked me to come chaperone with him.
      Lucas: You want to go to my prom with the guy who left you right after yours?
      Karen: Look we are just going as friends.
      [Lucas Looks in closet]
      Karen: Uhm what are you doing ?
      Lucas: I`m looking for my real mom.
      Karen: [ Laughs ] Look, I just thought it would be fun. But if this is gonna upset you, I could just stay home another night. I`m use to it. I`ve done it for 17 years.

    • Mouth: Hi Brooke. You okay?
      Brooke: Oh I don`t know. Is it okay that million dollar bitchy gave me a black eye the day before my senior prom?
      Mouth: No.
      Brooke: Is it okay that Peyton went after Lucas not once but twice when we were dating?
      Mouth: No.
      Brooke: Yeah. Is it okay she chased Chase off by screaming at me in front of everyone?
      Mouth: [Laughs] Chased Chase.
      Brooke: How is this funny ?
      Mouth: It`s not. Is there anything I can do ?
      Brooke: Yeah. Actually you could push Peyton in front of a bus for me.
      Mouth: I`m just gonna go over there.

    • Brooke: (To Rachel) You know if it weren`t for you everyone would be calling me queen slut right now.
      Rachel: After I talk to Principal Turner you just might have the title. I have to go get my punishment for stealing the test. Maybe he`ll spank me.

    • Rachel: Alright so I have to ask. Who's really the big brother?

    • Haley: Were you ever going to tell me about you and Nathan.. ever?
      Brooke: Ummm... Honestly no... Haley we didn't even know each other back then... And when was I supposed to bring something like that up? At a basketball game? R-A-V-E-N-S! P.S. I slept with your husband once a long time ago?
      Haley: I guess!
      Bevin: You really shouldn't be upset. Nathan used to hook up with everyone...

    • (Brooke looking in the mirror at her black eye)
      Rachel: (hands Brooke frozen peas) Well... It could have been worse. You could have gotten your ass kicked by a pregnant girl half your size.
      Brooke: The day is still young.

    • Karen: Save your mom a dance, would ya?
      Lucas: Sure, you know, because every kid wants to dance with his mom at prom.
      Karen: You're not every kid – you're my kid.
      Lucas: Have a good time at prom, mom (to Dan) and dad.

    • Bevin: Does this dress make my butt look big?
      Skills: Oh yeah.
      Bevin: Thanks baby!

    • Brooke: Will you go to prom with me Marvin McFadden?
      Mouth: What about Chase?
      Skills: Don't ask about Chase fool.

    • Deb: (to Nathan and Haley) Oh you two look so cute... wait let me get the video camera.
      Nathan: (to Haley) I'm sorry, are you okay with this?
      Haley: Oh I so broke that camera.

    • Rachel: (about clean teen slogan) We break hearts not hymen.

    • Brooke: So you said we were never friends. Never meant anything to you. (throws against the house the cup Peyton gave her) Fine! You want to see something else? Here is the picture of you and Lucas on my birthday! (throws the picture against Peyton) Who's the whore now?
      (Peyton gets closer and they starts fighting)
      Brooke: (still fighting) Just let it go! I'm the one with no boyfriend at prom, just a black eye! You are going to prom with the guy you love, so you win! (shouts) You win! (Peyton starts walking away) Why do you even care anymore?
      Peyton: Why do I care? Brooke, this has been one of the worst years of my life... and I needed my best friend more than ever... and you cut me out because I was honest with you... and you were never ever honest with me.
      Brooke: Peyton...
      Peyton: You made fun of my mom's death Brooke... you knew her, you cried with me when she died... and now you use her as a punch line for a joke to hurt me... it hurt. It did... but not anymore because you and me we're done... you're right she's dead... and as far as I'm concerned so are you.

    • Fergie: (to Junk) Please, you could never get with Fergalicious.

    • Rachel: (To Brooke about Peyton) Didn't you F her BF when you two were BFF's?

    • Lucas: (about Haley) Is she pretty upset, uh?
      Nathan: Well, she's still talking to me. So, that's something. And so are you. So, I mean, we're cool?
      Lucas: (To Nathan) Oh yeah man, we're cool. I already knew you were an ass back then. Oh, you know, speaking of... Our dad asked my mom to prom.
      Nathan: Explains the dancing. Does she want to go?
      Lucas: Yeah. That's a bad idea, right?
      Nathan: Well, six months ago, I would have said 'Hell, yeah' but... Now I'm not so sure.
      Lucas: Why? What's changed?
      Nathan: Dan has. He took the blame for Daunte. I mean he was willing to spend the rest of his life in jail for something he didn't do.
      Lucas: Does it change everything he's done in the past?
      Nathan: No, it doesn't but... If your mom wants to give him a second chance, maybe you should too. (pause) I've lot of other people to apologize, so...
      Lucas: Yeah.
      (Nathan starts get going but before leaving...)
      Nathan: Your mom is pretty smart, Luke. Besides, it's her life.

    • Brooke: Chase broke up with me. You happy now?
      Peyton: Don't know. You tape it?
      Brooke: The thing with Nathan happened a long time ago, Peyton. And you guys were broken up!!
      Peyton: Well, in case you don't remember Nathan and I broke up all the time!
      Brooke: Oh really... How could I forget? That's all your relationship ever was, Peyton! Just a string of miserable one-night stands thrown together! (Peyton turns her back and runs into her home) It was one time and it meant nothing!
      Peyton: Well, it means something to Chase and it means something to me!
      Brooke: You know what means something to me? You and Lucas having an ongoing affair behind my back, because P.S. we weren't broken up either time you went after him!!
      Peyton: Okay, you're right. My fault. See I was stupid because I thought I ruined our friendship. When you ruined it a long time ago. We were never friends! (shuts the door on Brooke's face)

    • Brooke: I have a lot of skeletons in my closet, and apparently half of them are naked.

    • Haley: These are all the tapes that I could find because the thought of you Brooking yourself to yourself and Brooke makes me sick.

    • Brooke: Sorry I'm late.
      Haley: That's what you're apologizing about?

    • (Dan dancing badly)
      Nathan: It's no wonder I can't dance.

  • NOTES (4)

    • There is an unaired scene on the season 4 DVD set. It's a flashback to two years earlier, where Peyton talks to Brooke before Brooke and Nathan hook up. It shows where she punched the wall to bruise her hand.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: Monday, November 12, 2007
      Latin America: Sunday, December 2, 2007
      Greece: Saturday, February 16, 2008 on Star
      Australia: Sunday, July 6, 2008 on Ten HD

    • Although credited, Barry Corbin (Whitey) didn't appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet
      "Phantom Limb" by The Shins
      "Three Seed" by Silversun Pickups
      "Blindsides" by Buddy
      "These Arms" by Matt Costa
      "Sometimes (She's So Far In)" by Howie Beck
      "Life Is Beautiful" by Vega 4

      "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet was also played in the pilot episode.