One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 15

Prom Night at Hater High

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on The CW

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  • Sex tape fallout.

    The fallout from the sex-tape is nothing but entertaining in Prom Night at Hater High.

    Loved how Peyton punched Brooke - classic Tree Hill moment. There various face off's throughout the episode were great, simple because they've barely had any screen time together all season. But Brooke finally realises how cold she's been after they literally fight to the floor and Peyton breaks down telling her that she can't believe Brooke uses her mothers death against her - it was a very intense scene and hard to watch. But as Brooke says at the end when she sees WHORE written on her dress, she still cares! Just plain good drama.

    Haley and her hormones were genius here. The way she kept crying was hilarious, especially when she said 'Bevin doesn't know when to shut up!' I'm glad they worked it out in the end, but it was just nice to see the show use drama in a light-hearted way. The Nathan Scott apology tour was amusing. Not sure what to make of Karen and Dan together, seems too far-fetched. Rachel leaving was surprisingly sad - I have liked her and Brooke's friendship. But I could care less about Mouth and Shelley.

    And that cliff-hanger with Derek at Peyton's door instead of Lucas. What an ending.

  • Prom and A Surprise

    It's the day of prom. Nathan spends the day apologizing to everyone for the tape they saw the night before. Brooke spends the day trying to avoid Haley and Peyton. Haley is overcome with emotion due to her pregnancy hormones and asks Nathan to make a list of all the girls he has been with. Dan asks Karen to go to the prom with him. Brooke and Peyton fight it out over the tape and everything else they've been through lately. Peyton is so upset she doesn't want to go to prom, but when she changed her mind to go she gets big surprise when she answers the door.

    I still can't believe that tape. I love that we got to see a flashback of the day it was made and how it happened. As angry as Brooke got with Peyton both times she went after Lucas I just can't believe she did that. Nathan I can believe because back when the tape was made he was a jerk. Peyton had every right to punch Brooke in the face. I would have, too.

    That fight between Peyton and Brooke was intense. Peyton was right. Brooke has been a really b*t*h lately with her jokes or whatever you want to call them about Peyton's mom and Ellie. Those jokes were totally uncalled for. And while I don't blame Brooke for being angry with Peyton when she told her she still had feelings for Lucas, it's not a reason to cut her out especially after Peyton told her she wouldn't say anything to Lucas. Broken up or not Brooke slept with Nathan during a time when Peyton was still dating him and dated him for a while after so it's just wrong.

    I couldn't believe that ending!! Wow!! Psycho Derek is back!!! I love having the DVDs so I don't have to wait the like two months that were in between this episode and the next when I first saw it.
  • Love it!

    Ohh my goodness, I love One Tree Hill!!! In this episode, Prom Night at Hater High, everything was the way it should be, well sort of. BDavis & PSawyer finally duked it out! This was something that has long been waited for. Haley tells Nathan how much one tape could mean to a relationship. Deb comes home. Rachel, well is just Rachel. This episode kind of also gave me false hope for a future relationship between Brooke & Lucas. Nathan appologized to everyone he thought he hurt. Peyton punching Brooke in the beginning made me mad, but was good. And lastly psyhco Derek (Ian's) return! What will happen next?!
  • series classic is absolutely the perfect way to describe prom night at tree hill!!!

    well, the only reason i didn't give this a perfect 10 is because derek is back. i think this whole long-lost-brother scenario is a little over-the-top and played out--granted i have a personal problem with peyton, i just don't like her at all, so the last thing i want to see is her getting attention because something bad, yet again, has happened to her. but other than that, awesome episode! i LOVE the drama between peyton and brooke. this fight has been brewing for a long time, and it was played perfectly by sophia bush and hilary burton. i love them! however, i wish brooke hadnt admitted to peyton that she had won. never let peyton win!! and then the naley and brathan issue!? holy cow! i actually think nathan and brooke make one hot item, but he and haley are better. i feel bad for haley! and she's ADORABLY hormonal and pregnant, and it makes for great comedy! overall, this episode is most definitely a personal favorite. with the exception of peyton and those big buggy eyes. am i the only one who finds that freaked out expression on her face horribly disturbing? it makes me want to punch HER in the face more and more.
  • Season 4, Episode 15.

    Wow. Amazing episode! It was so great! Peyton punches Brooke and their friendship is jeopardized. Chase breaks up with Brooke because of the whole sex tape thing. Rachel is expelled! No! Rachel has to stay! She says that the Clean Teens need a new slogan. She recommends it should be this: "We break hearts, not hymens." LMAO! She's too funny! I hope she doesn't leave. Brooke ends up going to the prom with Mouth. I saw that coming since 20 minutes into the episode... I loved the Brooke and Peyton fight. I can't believe Brooke made fun of Peyton's mom in the past. I know she did it at Naley's party, but I don't know if she did it another time. 10/10.
  • Great, great, great!

    Prom is here! Rachel is expelled because of the Calculus exam. She leaves to go with her parents. Chase breaks up with Brooke. Lucas wants Peyton to go to prom, but she doesn't think she will. Haley is angry at Nathan because of the tape. Deb is home now. Haley wants Nathan to make a list of every girl he's been with. Lucas doesn't want Karen to go with Dan, but he changes his mind after a talk with Nathan. Skills encourages Mouth to go to prom. Mouth is broken up about Shelly, so Brooke asks Mouth to the prom. Peyton and Brooke are constantly fighting. Deb convinces Haley to forgive Nathan about the tape. Peyton decides to go to prom, but Psycho Derek shows up before Lucas does and knocks her out.

    This episode was so great! Everyone did a great job at acting! The ending was a big surprise! I'm scared for Peyton. I'm glad that Haley forgave Nathan. It was sweet to see Brooke and Rachel as friends. I remember when they were mortal enemies. Mouth and Brooke are cute together! Deb's talk with Haley was so great! She has really changed! This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • As prom arrives, secrets are let out and drama brews! This episode goes down as one of my favorites. It's funny, packed with drama, and the heart filled in Peyton and Brooke's big confrontation reminds me why I love this show so much.

    It's Prom night in Tree Hill and the recent revelation of the Brooke and Nathan "hookup" tape has everyone out of shape. Peyton, left feeling as if Brooke was wrong for cutting her out her life for kissing Lucas when she slept with Nathan, Haley feeling betrayed by Nathan for never telling her, and Chase breaking things off with Brooke.

    I really loved this episode because it was pretty much hilarious. Brooke and Peyton's constant thrown burns crack me everytime. Haley's angry hormonal fits she throws at Nathan are priceless. Nathan's big "apology tour", making stops to everyone's house is entertaining. Lucas' attempts to get Peyton to go to prom with him are sweet. And the big surprise at the end is left making you want more.
  • All hell breaks loose after the tape is seen.

    One of the best episodes this season, maybe one of the best of the series. Something about this show keeps you coming back from more each week. Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) played an awesome role in tonight's episode. You really felt for her. I think she could be reading out the phone book and you would feel what she was saying. She's a great actor. The fight between Brooke and Peyton reached a pivotal point of what seems like no return. But I'm sure they'll be friends again eventually, but it will be great seeing them face off against each other I must say.
  • Excellent episode!!

    I loved this episode. I thought it was one of the best. It was a very eventful episode. And one that can't be forgotten. I thought it was very well written. One of my favorite parts was the ending. I was wondering if we were every going to see Psycho Derek again. And at the end of the episode he showed up. I can't wait to see what happens next with all of the storylines. Each storyline is amazing. I hate that we have to wait so long see what's coming next. One thing that would be interesting to see more of is Lucas calling Dan, "dad." When I heard that I was like, "OMG!!" Another scene I loved was when Haley told Nathan to make her a list of everyone he ever slept with. An amazing episode!!
  • This episode is when everyone finds out about the sex tape that nathan made of him and brooke when they were both drunk. It causes a rift between peyton and brooke again. and it is also the return of psycho derek.

    This episode was really good. it was like a throwback to the good days when one tree hill episodes weren't all about flash backs and all serious. it had comedy and drama. plus there was fights and psychos. what i really liked was the screen time that nathan and brooke had. in past episodes they really don't get their chance to be on screen interacting with each other but it was cute to see them have a good time before all hell broke loose when the tape was found. it was also cute when they had haley all worried about who nathan had slept with and you could so tell she had mood swings because she was pregnant. this episode was jsut one of the best of the season.
  • Now this is what i am talking about!

    I used to be a big fan of this series, but when this season started things just started to go down "tree" hill. Storylines are rehashed, plots are stretched unnecessarily, it became boring, and the writing became mediocre. Seriously there are around maybe five really good episodes this season, and this episode is definitely one of them. It kept me glued to the screen plus the twist in the end is really awesome. I really hope tree hill bounces back to what i have grown to love. With episodes such as this i shouldn't lose hope, keep up the good work!!
  • wow i loved it

    This is a really good episode i love it first omg peyton hits brooke lol that bit was funny i was kinda shocked coz until this whole nathan and brooke thing there were starting 2 be friends again i also felt sorry 4 brooke coz she had 2 go 2 prom with a black eye and know 1 wants 2 do that lol and the end part i so thought it was lucas at first then he turned around and it was derek and he hit peyton i was omg no they cant end it there lol i was then counting down the days until the next episode which also turned out 2 be a brilliant episode.
    I love one tree hill i cant wait 4 the next season lol
  • WOW, Payton packs a punch!

    The best parts of the episode is the beginning, and the end. In the opening scene where Payton punched Brooke was a classic. That punch was one of the best punches in entertainment. But at the end, when paytons stalker, Derek returns, my heart skipped a beat, it was the perfect ending to the episode, one of the best cliffhangers ever. I can't wait for the next episode. I liked Hayleys, Paytons and Brookes prom dresses they were so cute. I hope that Karen realises that Dan killed Keith before they get too close although, it does seem as if Dan has changed.
  • Season 4 Episode 15

    Peyton and Brooke's scenes were excellent. Peyton has finally told Brooke what she had bottled it up for too long. On the other hand, Brooke pointed out Peyton did hurt her pretty bad twice. I think it was about time they faced up to their mistakes, in order to move on. The "You're egging my house!?" line was kind of funny, anyway. And what about Goldilocks punching Miss President? Priceless.

    And surprise... it turns out Rachel took the blame for Brooke about the whole calculus exam thing and got expelled. Her goodbyes to Mouth and Brooke were so sad! Well, it's true Rachel hasn't always done the right thing but her witty remarks just crack me up. Besides I also love Brooke and Rachel's friendship, they're always hilarious to watch.

    I liked when Nathan told Peyton she had always cared and always would, because it is the way she can't help but be.
    I can't believe Karen is getting so close to Dan! I mean, after decades of tortured hatred, I kind of expected Karen wouldn't be so soft.
    It's good Brooke and Lucas are still talking and trying to help each other out; I hope they keep on like this since they're better off as friends.

    Psycho Derek can't be back in town... Poor Goldilocks, give her a break!
  • This episode was the day of the prom, also the aftermath of the revealing of the sex tape!

    I absolutly loved this episode, it is now one of my all time favorite one tree hill episodes! every single scene was great. The last episode with the sex tape left me with my mouth habnging open and i was really anxious for this one. I cryed at the part where peyton was telling brooke why she was upset. I also like scenes showing friendships and there were a lot of that kind of scene in this episode. I felt bad for peyton. I thought the scene where Haleys pregnant hormones were comeing out was really funny, Nathan was so confused it was really funny. The ending was definatly a huge suprise, i thought she was dreaming or something.
  • The lead up to the Tree Hill Senior prom is deffinatley full of suprises, and drama.

    As always Prom Night At Hater High was another great One Tree Hill episode. Between the Brathen hook-up flashback, Chase and Brooke breaking up, Brooke and Mouth going to prom toghether, Peyton writing whore on Brookes prom dress, Dan and Karen going to prom with each other, Rachel getting expelled, Haley getting her boot off, Brooke egging Peyton's house, Peyton telling Brooke that they were never friends and that Brooke was 'dead' to her, Physco Derek returning dressed as Lucas, and them him puniching Peyton. This episode deffinatley left a good cliff-hanger for the two month long hiatus. I can't wait for the next episode to see what happens.
  • It's prom night and whatever can possibly go wrong, will! Mouth is without a date and Brooke is to the rescue! For Lucas and Peyton things are going too well, meanwhile Peyton & Brooke's friendship is in turmoil. Did I mention Psycho Derek is back?

    I think this episode really reveal a little about Peyton's character. She gets upset about something that Brooke did with Nathan, while she and Nathan were broken up and that happened a couple of years before, yet she PERSUED a relationship/connection with Lucas not one time, but both times that Brooke was dating him and made her known of it the last time. To me this seems more than selfish, so because of that I wasn't majorly fond of this episode with exception to the Brooke and Mouth scenes and the surprise ending with Peyton and Psycho non-brother Derek.
  • Wow....I Love The Episode

    Amazingly Done......totally unexpected, well i think we all knew we had not seen the last of the evil derek but i totally wasnt expecting him at the door, i dont think any one was to be honest, prom night, the best night of the year, and he goes and totally ruins it for peyton, god cant she ever have a good month that girl? i feel so sorry for her, hopefully, one day, well see peyton smile again, with brooke, and lucas,....i have a suspician now brooke will go to peytons to get her to come, cos as she sed "She Cares!!
  • This episode is one of my favorites in One Tree Hill because they show that it could really hurt someone if you go behind their back and do something horrible especially if the hurting is someone you love. I don't wanna point out names but Brooke, Nathan!

    I love this episode because now Peyton gets to say what she's been keeping pottled up inside of her. OK a few punches were thrown...mostly at Brooke but now she really gets to feel how Peyton has been feeling the whole year. I loved what Peyton had to say to Brooke and how it left Brooke speechless, don't get me wrong I love both Peyton and Brooke and I want them to get back to how they used to be, BEST FRIENDS! but when Peyton attacked Brooke I just had to laugh, it was quite amusing. HA, Brooke didn't see that one coming. The rest was also very good but the scenes with those two were exellent! The end of this episode left me begging for the next episode to come sooner, May 2 are you kidding me!?
  • Really great...

    I loved the whole episode from begining to end. Becuase I read the spoilers, I wasn't surprised to see Derek at Peyton's house instead of Lucas but I was still shocked to see him act so violently after saying he 'loved' her. I felt sorry for Brooke after Peyton punched her and wrote something not-so-nice on her prom dress but hey, atleast she still cares! I liked seeing Haley letting out her pregnant hormones on Nathen and realizing at the end that she was the only one he still loved. I can't beleive we have to wait until May 2nd, its already been over a month! Oh well, as long as we get a season 5 I will be happy.
  • Tree hill deals with the aftermath with the sex tape and getting ready for the prom.

    I think that this episode was by far the best episode of the season. I really liked all of the storylines and all of the actors and actresses did a wonderful job with there characters. I think that Sophia Bush did a amazing job with how she potraied Brooke. I thought that the scene between Peyton and Brooke was mind blowing with how Brooke went to Peyton's house with things from there past and Peyton yelled at her and made her feel bad. I found it funny that Haley had Nathan write out a list of all of the girls he has been with and when he does it after fighting it for a while she does not evan read it. The one thing that I hated about this episode was how they ended it.
  • this eppy was meh...apart from the end where peyton gets kidnappd

    Peyton got kidnappd again...frankly i was gettin tired of all the goody goody things happening in da show...i'm kinda hopin she gets killd(but of course hse won't) the way doesn't she kno how to fight now...she should be able to kick that stalker's ass.I am really happy for nathan nd haley and their soon to be baby...It's kinda funny how ...luke's mom is falling in love with dan after decades of hating him...nd never asking for his help...nd even he himself underwent a charachter change only to realise that he and Luke's mom re never gonna wrk coz he killd his bro and luke will find out but i guess that'll be in the finale
  • Well it starts off at the party they had. And goes on to brooke and payton breaking up their friendship!! And lucas asks payton to the dance!and phyco derk comes back!!

    i really liked this episode!! there is soo much drama in it. this episode is exactley why i watch this series!! and the end of the episode is sooo great!! phyco derk comes back!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!! i beth its goin to be a good episode!!
  • I am interupting this wonderful review for a very important message...

    Watch OTH.Its not getting enough ratings.This was a great episode!!Peyton Rox!!These episodes are the reason we have to keep watching OTH.I don't know how I could live with myself if I somehow caused the show to end.I cannot live without OTH!!!

    Pls watch it!!!It would mean so much to me.Maybe you hate it!(yeah right!)Pls watch it anyway.I really REALLY need each and everyone of your support.I need this show.Pls help me!I have been writing letters to Mark Schwahn to praise him for his work and all he's done.He probably is freaked out about the 50 fanmails I sent him(Hee..hee..)

    Maybe he'll fill a restraining order at me(Stalker Derek WATCHMEWATCHU)This show means lots to me and I hope everybody understands this.Ple agree with me!(Button right there)(Won't hurt pressing it!)
  • A fantastic episode! BRUCAS! OTH #1

    I loved this episode it woz gr88888! I dnt undastand why Chase dumped Brooke wen she slept wiv Nate 2 yrs ago! Its all the past, Peyton deserved to get punched lol! As u can tel shes nt my fav character lol Lucas n Brooke shud get bak 2geva Pucas is makin me sick lol. Jake n Peyton r gd 2geva. I dnt fink Rachel shudn't leave bcuz she makes the show betta n im just beginnin 2 like her. Shelly is just a weirdo 4 dumpn Mouth. And as usual Nathan n Haley!!!!!! they're the best couple in the show. Naley 4eva!! Brucas!? So pshyco derek is bak. Haley asks Nathan 4 a list of all the girls he has been with. I love Nate! Dan n karen go 2 prom. Deb is bak frm Re-hab. Peyton punches Brooke n gives her a black eye! auch! Chase breaks up wiv Brooke. Brooke n Peyton hav a fight twice or even three times?? Therefore, Mouth who got dumped by Shelly goes wiv Brooke.Rach hu gets expeld is leavin tree Hill n meetin her parents on their vacation. Meanwhile Lucas is driving, Peyton doorbell rings. Who is it?? Lucas? Jake? Real Derek? No it's Psycho Derek.
  • This episode was everything i love about the show. haley asks Nathan to write a listy about all of his sexual encounters. Haley and brooke litterally duke it out. Lucas invites Haley to the dance, but isnt sure that she want's to go.

    I thought this episode was amazing. I loved how Peyton fraking tackled Brooke when she came over to apligize. I loved that Brooke spent the day with Mouth and that they got to know each other alot better. The whole Nathan and Hailey dram is a little intense. I liked how Nathan did the responisble thing and how haley sort of forgave him.I also loved how Lucas tried to get Peyton to go to the dance, but the surprise was when Peyton agreed to go. The biggest surprise was when DErek showed up and punched her in the face. I was so disappointed to see that the show is on 'break' and a new episode wont be showing until May second. I honestly cant wait to see what happens next. In conclusion this show was great.
  • Great ep I really enjoyed it

    this was Fantastic love Lucas and peyton together cant wait to see what will happen after the psycho. Brooke should stop using Mouth Someone should find that girl another guy I don’t want Rachel to go she was good. Dan is changing And I would like to see him with Karan it would be great if Dan brings up Keith’s Kid like he did to Lucas. Nathan is fab but doesn’t suit Haley or brooke as lovers just friends love the quotes I think that some one else should speak. Can you tell me if there is a season five
  • Derek is back!!

    I'm glad that Nathan didn't listen to Dan after Dan said don't write the note. Now Nathan and Haley are still together, after the sex-tape of Nathan and Brooke! Haley looked beautiful in her dress, and that until she's pregnant. It was so cute when Brooke ask Mouth for going together to the prom. And what about her dress!? I can't hold my laugh when i saw what Peyton write on her dress!
    The fight between Brooke and Peyton was sad. But i think Peyton is right. She didn't have sex with Lucas before Brooke knows. And then the end! Psycho Derek is back! I didn't expected that! I’m very excited about the next episode.
  • the night before prom Nahtan throws a party where a sex tape of him and someone else is turns out to be a tape of Nathan and Brook! that tape had been made when Peyton and Nathan were still together; Brook was with Nathan while he was with Peyton

    i can not beleive Brook! all this time she was telling Peyton what a bad friend she was for liking Lucas and for kissing him and for talking to him behind her back, when she was the one who was sleeping with the guy that Peyton was going out with! Brook sure has some nerve to tell Peyton she is a back stabing **** when she was the one who was sleeping with her "best friends" boyfriend. Peyton never slept with Lucas or made out with him while Brook was with him(except when she was shot, but hey she thought she was going to die)Brook has been a bad friend and Peyton has always been there for her and she says that Peyton is the "bad friend"; there is something seriously wrong with her
  • Prom Night At Hater High, this episode was amazing if you have a chance i would definitely go on to and watch it on their full episode player. If you've never watched this series before you might not quite understand it.

    For this wpisode i would definitely give it a 10, the writers of this show do such a great job they always leave you wanting to see more. I mean cyco path Derek ending up at Peytons door step the last thing we say thats like a climax of a story or something. That just like made the epiode. But whats up about not having the next episode till April 11th, your making us wait like forever. But when the next episode comes on i'll definitely be watching that night. But I am so happy that their extending this season by 3 more episodes. I really hope thta this isn't the end of the show though this year. They have to have a 5th season!!
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