One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 18

Quiet Little Voices

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2011 on The CW

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  • Welcome to the world Lydia Bob Scott

    I loved this episode!! I love that instead of just spending this whole episode watching Haley in labor they shared stories about things from the past. I loved all flashbacks and especially that they went all the way back to season 1 with them. I loved Jamie's voiceover about babies and his idea for a book to make for Lydia with all the stories and memories that we hear about in the episode. And the cracker contest was hilarious. And also impossible, I've tried it. It was so great seeing Nathan and Haley together as they waited for her to have Lydia. With Jamie it happened so fast so it was great seeing this waiting time.

    It was cool that Chloe went into labor too so that the kids would have the same birthday, but I totally saw that end coming with her changing her mind. As soon as I saw her boyfriend in the viewing room I knew she wouldn't give up the baby. That happens all the time, but totally sucks for Brooke. I really want her to finally be the girl who gets the baby and the boy. She has the boy and now she just really needs the baby. She will be a great mom.
  • meh...

    I was all excited for this episode, but I feel a little let down. I feel like too much time was spent in the past and not enough in the present. I also feel that some of the flashbacks were not relevant to what they were discussing or went on for far too long. Like showing Nathan in the hospital after collapsing on the basketball court - we're all OTH fans that have been watching the show, when Nathan showed up in Haley's room, we knew what they were talking about. Furthermore, does anyone else feel as though Brooke's reaction was a little out of character for her. She's usually the one who marches in and speaks her mind. I also feel like they should have done more with that than they did. Other than just seeing Chloe with the baby and then Brooke crying, we were left with very little.
    Overall, it was a quite good episode and I enjoyed it.
  • Agggh!

    Oh good lord put this show out of its misery. I'll be sad. They had a great season or two. You can tell because they keep flashing back to them.

    The writers are out of ideas. The actors are going through the motions. It's gone from walking the edge between heart warming and sappy to a taking a big belly flop into a tub of mawkish tedium. A bunch of adults sitting around a hospital eating crackers? Please, write a script! Let Mouth get a real job. Skills get busted for driving while black. Anything involving a plot!

    You know a show is dead when little Chuck becomes the most entertaining character on the show.

    Please, improve it or end. Release me and let me love again...
  • The episode was mediocre.

    I can't believe I have waited 2 months for this episode. I don't understand what the writers did in this hiatus. This episode was as bad as the one written by Chad Michael Murray and his bad Casablanca imitation.

    I was bored after only 10 minutes. It was a really bad episode as if the writers don't have any more inspiration. I think the show has reached its end.

    On other note, I really don't like Quinn, her character annoys me. I feel bad for Brooke because she didn't get her baby they will probably get her pregnant. I know they said she can not have babies but things change in a tv show. I hope they make the next episode more interesting because otherwise the show is Kaput!
  • 818

    Note to One Tree Hill: Do not have Jamie narrate episodes anymore. It just does not work.

    They tried to go for the tragic ending here, but I thought it did not work at all. They just went from giving the baby to not giving the baby away with no time for it to sink in. Poorly written, poorly acted too.

    And way too many flashbacks. This was not the series finale, that is really the only time that a plethora of flashbacks would be just.

    Disappointed in One Tree Hill that after such a long hiatus this is what they return with.
  • Good episode with memories from past seasons intertwined.

    I don't know why this episode has gotten bad reviews, it was a good episode in my opinion. I LOVED the flashbacks to previous episodes. My favorite ones were from back in season 1, and my favorite scene with Haley and Nathan's first kiss while Switchfoot's "Dare You to Move" plays in the background. The scenes with Haley slapping people were funny, you really don't want to mess with that girl. I was happy for Nathan and Haley when they finally got to meet their daughter. It sucked though that Brooke and Julian didn't end up being parents. Can't Brooke just get her family now writers, come on.
  • Jamie is worried about his mom while waiting for his sister, Quin and Clay keep him enternained Chloe also goes into labor but Brooke unfortunaly doesn't get her happy ending with the baby...

    Well I'm kinda disappointed with everyone else's reviews I don't know what everyone's problem is with this episode I don't know what show you guys were watching that night but I thought it was absoutely amazing... I loved the first flashback to wear Jamie was born that was just perfect I loved it... I loved all flashbacks from season 1.. it was amazing that was great.. in all it was a great episode.. I felt so bad for Brooke and Julian when they didnt get there happy ending I guess Brooke is the new Peyton in a way... anyways I thought it was a great episode...